Martin Lindstedt

Reform Party Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2000

338 Rabbit Track Road
Granby, Missouri

Why Should You Choose Me In The Reform Primary Election?

I am a Pat Buchanan supporter, have recruited other Reform Party candidates, have set up a Reform Party county committee, and support the Reform Party Platform in all respects.

I have a good deal of experience in running as a minor party candidate, and have the ability and time to run a good campaign based upon the issues important to the Reform Party. My intention is for the Reform Party to take enough suburban and rural White votes so that the Republican Party will either have to become the [Reform Party] political party of White, middle-class America, and stop selling out our interests to Corporate America and its New World Order, or become irrelevant.

What is the purpose of this folder?

As a third party candidate with little chance of getting elected, Iím not receiving massive amounts money from the special interests to purchase advertising telling you, the voter, what a great man of integrity, vision and purpose I am. So I am making this inexpensive folder and handing it out to Missourians as I meet you. This folderís purpose is to tell you who I am, what I stand for, and my stand on the issues. If you agree with me, then you know who to vote for. And if you donít, then you know who to vote against. Itís that simple.

What Should A Reform Candidate Want?

A Reform Party Candidate believes in limited, smaller Constitutional government. We want to cut social programs, regulations, bureaucracy and taxes and restore liberty to our nation.

There may be some people who say that our dream canít work. We tell them that when it was tried, during the early years of our country, that it did work. It was our heroic age. Socialism has failed in every nation where itís been imposed, and our country is no exception. If present government policies continue, our country is finished.

The Republican and Democratic Parties are two sides of the same counterfeit coin. They both want to run your lives, run this nation into the ground, and waste your money. Reformers believe honest men should mind their own business and keep almost all of their earnings.

What are your qualifications?

I am relatively intelligent and have read the Constitution many times. I am 42 years old and support myself. What I want is the return of this country to those who should own it -- the Founding People who built it for their children.

So What Is Most Important?

What is most important is that White America will become a minority in our own homeland well within 50 years. We are being displaced by immigration at the rate of 1/2 of 1% every year since the immigration limits were overturned in 1965. Since then Whites have gone from 90% to 70% of the nation. We are being displaced at the rate of 3,000 people every day. Whites may well be extinct as a race within 200 years. So what we must do is to secure our borders, expel illegal aliens, and deport from our midst those who cannot and will not assimilate with White America. Otherwise, we will never get back our Republic, and we must revolt against what is a multi-racial Evil Empire which is destroying all the balkanized racially homogenous sovereign states which comprise it now. We live under an Empire, not a Republic. We must restore our Republic. Most importantly, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

My Tax Policies

I believe that the income tax should be abolished and replaced by by a consumption (sales) tax. All taxes are really consumption taxes because the ultimate consumer of a good or service has no way to pass the taxes onto someone else. A national sales tax would reveal all hidden taxes and make the current level of taxation and spending politically indefensible. I estimate the average American spends 65% of his income on taxes, direct and hidden. You just donít know itís so much. Youíve been lied to for so long.

The working poor are poor because they have to pay such a large portion of their income on the hidden taxes for their necessities. Let them file a simple request for a sales-tax refund if they and their families are below the poverty level.

I support property taxes to fund local concerns like schools, police, libraries, etc. Those who benefit most from society should support it the most. Common sense says that if you donít have anything, the government wonít be able to take it away.

Funding For Public Schools

It is no secret that paying for lavish ďmagnet schoolsĒ to promote desegregation in Kansas City has both failed to promote racial harmony and has beggered downstate rural schools. All that education money in the state coffers attracted the Federal Judicial thief, and now it has been looted.

It is time to bring local schools back to local control. By all means, have a small state ďbaseĒ to equally help both poor and rich school districts, but the funding and control needs to be returned to the local level.

Computer-based and Internet education is about to grow out of its infancy. In the security of your own home, children will be able to get a collegiate-level liberal arts education. For dedicated parents, there are more home-schooling options available now than ever before. Private and religious schools should be allowed to flourish. So I support a voucher plan where parents receive from 50-75 percent of what it costs to send their kids to a public school, provided their children maintain equal or better academic standards compared with their public-school-educated peers. This is a good deal all-around for taxpayers, parents and schoolchildren.

Now these proposals will be fought tooth and nail by the educational establishment and their lackey politicians. Ignore them. It is stupid to expect educational reform from the same bunch who screwed the system up in the first place. These brain-dead dinosaurs just want your money and more power.

The same criticisms and solutions hold true at the collegiate level. It isnít smart to pay so much for a piece of paper that doesnít guarantee a job. Iím not going to raise taxes in order to pour any more concrete.

The Two-Party System Sold Us Out

The Republicans and Democrats have sold us out. The Democrats are the open enemies of White Christian America, as they support bigger government and higher taxes to support their special interests of minorities, foreign governments like China and Israel, the UN, trial lawyers, homosexuals, gun control, the New World Order, etc. But it is the Republicans who have really betrayed White Christian America, as they have pretended to be for us, while at the same time they have stabbed us in the back and sold us out. We cannot do anything against our open enemies like the Democrats for now. But we can finish off our false friends before they finish us off.

John Ashcroft hasn't done anything other than to sell out White Christian America since he got into office. Him and his fellow Republican fat cats have sat by idly while a majority Republican Congress have raised taxes, imposed more gun-control legistreason, let the big corporations ship out our manufacturing base overseas, let immigration proceed to the point where millions of Third-World immigrunts invade us every year, refused to make their corporate friends who give them millions in PAC contributions and soft money obey the laws of the United States, let bureaucrats and special interests run wild, and in general pass more and legistreason which further curtails what little freedom we have left. When Ashcroft and the other Republicans ran in 1994, they announced a Contract With America, making promises that they did not keep. Instead, they delivered a Contract ON America, for their own selfish purposes.

Well, we cannot do anything against our open enemies the Democrats. But we can finish off our false friends, the Republicans, by sending them back to the People until such time that they learn that they will not prosper by betraying White Christian America with a judas-kiss.

If we refuse to reward the Republicans for their betrayal of us, then the Republicans will have to come over to the America First! principles of the Reform Party. Either that, or they will be the first to suffer under the legistreason they allowed the Democrats to pass and voted for.

If Mel Carnahan becomes U.S. Senator because Reform Party voters refused to re-elect John Ashcroft, then Mel Carnahan will be beholden to the Reform Party, not the fake Republican opposition. With no false Republican opposition then Mel Carnahan will have no choice other than to restrain himself from Democrat policies lest there be an economic collapse that he and his fellow Democrats cannot blame the fake opposition for. If Mel Carnahan wins because rural and suburban White Christian Reform Party voters stayed home or voted for Reform Party candidates who are openly nationalist in our Platform, then the U.S. Federal regime cannot help but become aware that "business as usual" means all-out revolutionary civil war.

If you want reform, then you must vote Reform. Our Reform Party, from our Presidential nominee Pat Buchanan through to our U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, and state-wide government candidates have created a nationalist, pro-White America First! political platform and agenda. To carry this agenda of American renewal out to battle the New World Order, you must choose primary candidates who will fight this battle to you and carry it out. Primary candidates like myself for U.S. Senate, Joe Keller for Governor, and Marvelene Pankey for Secretary of State.

We would like your vote.

We [Lindstedt, Keller, Pankey] need to win the Reform primary on August 8, 2000 to do this agenda you want done. Please go out and vote for necessary Reform on that day.

This political folder has been written, designed, and paid for by me, Martin Lindstedt, from my own pocket.


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