ZOG's War, Part 1

The First Casualties of ZOG's War




Cheney also disclosed that Bush had authorized shooting down commercial jetliners if they appeared to be threats last Tuesday in the hours after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Cheney said that had been the president’s toughest decision was on the day of the attacks. Bush accepted the advice, Cheney noted, adding, however, that it was not a standing order.

The vice president noted that in all the terrorism drills before the attacks, U.S. military pilots had never been trained to shoot down commercial airlines. “Now we’ve got to think about that,” he said.

Cheney said that while military strikes are an option in any U.S. assault to come, intelligence activities would play a key role as well.


..... As I figured out when I first heard it, the airline flight over Pennsylvania was shot down by ZOG's Armed Farces when some whigger sheeple infected with the idiotic notion that ZOG always has their best interests at heart because they are such wonderful little slaves were stupid enough to call 911 and tell the Imperial piglice that they had been hijacked. They were the last jumbo jet hijacked at least a good 45 minutes after the Pentagon (now called the 'Quartergone') was hit. Well, for their 'reward' they got whacked&stacked, albeit in bite-sized pieces, by ZOG's Armed & Extremely Dangerous (to unarmed civilians) Farces.

..... It certainly doesn't pay well to be a ZOG-hog and to serve the Evil Empire. The only reward will likely be a body-bag, if that. And doubtless a bunch of insurance companies will pack their bags and depart like thieves in the night, as such compensation is only for the professional Chosenites indulging in professional 'jew lightning.'

..... But for those of us who are professional ZOG-watchers, it is so funny watching ZOG's professional state-god baal-priesthood pro-offer their little trial balloons. Offer a little teeny 'admission' that perhaps of course Big Brother ZOG wouldn't allow those trapped like whigger rats to live a half-hour longer if it meant that thousands of professional ZOGites 'working' in the District of Corruption toiling in their whitened sepulchers would have to die like rats in the Penta, er, Quartergon, especially if it meant that the next name for the 'head' of ZOG's Armed Farces might have been 'Allgon.'

..... Of course this means yet another 'urban legend' in which whiggers around the water-cooler in dilbertized ZOG can scare each other with horrified stories about the amoral virility of 'our' beloved Evil Empire. Perhaps in five or six years Senaturd Jerk Danforth can investigate and then whitewash this matter concerning how ZOG loves all of his multi-racial children who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and thus just had to be wacoized as yet another speed-bump to Imperial Hegemony. This dishonest little trial balloon may be all that is ever offered in apologia, as being ZOG means never having to say that ZOG is sorry.

..... Now of course Cheney didn't allow that any mistakes were made. Not right off. Saying "mistakes were made" is reserved when wacoization is known to proceeded, and a bootless and dishonest question of motive, is thought to be necessary. Such as "I didn't really mean to kill 'em all. My pyrotechnic flare jumped up, set fire to the compound and the resulting fireball took down a federal building in Oklahoma and a jet full of whiggers in Pennsylvania."

..... Or, "Yes, 'our' One-Term Fearless 91-IQ Sock-Puppet authorized shooting down the jet over Pennsylvania but it wasn't necessary because a ruptured fuel line brought it down."

..... Today it is not at all important or even relevant as to what is said by ZOG. Rather it is a matter of loyalty. ZOG's children believe EVERYTHING Big Brother tells them, no matter how absurd. The Resistance Forces believe NOTHING that ZOG says, no matter whether or not it makes sense or is mundane. Thus propaganda today is a matter of loyalty, and has little to do with whether or not it is believable to the non-existent neutral.

..... ZOGites, better remember to NOT call 911 if you are in an air-jacked 757 headed for Jew Dork Shitty or the District of Corruption. The half-hour left of life remaining shouldn't be spent worrying about missiles from the Imperial Armed Farces, but rather how you shall have an entire eternity of nothingness to spend when the jet crashes into the Quartergon or J. Edgar Hoover Building in 30 minutes or so. Don't sully your splendid service serving Satan by pleading for forgiveness as God knows that you are only sorry that soon your entire miserable misbegotten existence shall end and that the entire world is really much better off as a result of it.

..... Likewise, when you think that you and your entire family is dying of some biological pathogen, don't just stand there waiting for a nuclear warhead as 'friendly fire' to burn off yourself and the pathogen. Rather, get your lazy ass in gear and see if you can't give the pathogen to the rest of your worthless family and maybe a few niggers and beaners before you croak. Remember, misery loves company and that is why hell is full.

..... Things will never get any better as long as there are millions of whigger and soccer-mom herd animals left on the fruited plain as a food source for ZOG. Phil Sheridan (of "The only good Indians I ever seen were dead" fame) got it right. Kill off the food animals, like the buffalo, and the redskins would have to either starve or get on the reservation. Likewise as well when Babylon falls.

--Martin Lindstedt



"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Senate is considering honoring the passengers and crew aboard United Airlines Flight 93 with a Congressional Gold Medal for taking "heroic and noble action" before the aircraft crashed in western Pennsylvania on September 11.

"The passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93," said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania, "recognizing the potential danger that the aircraft they were aboard posed to large numbers of innocent Americans, American institutions, and the symbols of American democracy, took heroic and noble action to ensure that the aircraft they were aboard could not be used as a weapon."

The bill says the passengers and crew aboard the Boeing 757 committed "the ultimate act of selfless courage and supreme sacrifice ... possibly saving countless lives in the nation's capital."

The Gold Medal is Congress' highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished achievements. The first Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to George Washington by the Continental Congress in 1776.

Other past recipients include Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Edison, Robert F. Kennedy and Pope John Paul II."


.... Can anyone believe this crap? These people were 'debating' whether or not to rush the hijackers and, like most self-serving 'democratic' Americans putting their very survival to a vote within the hearing of the hijackers? Why? Because thanks to our beloved Imperial indoctrination factories, there always has to be a vote whether or not it is 'permissible' to survive by attacking any authority figure, even hijackers usurping the executive authority of the pilot and co-pilot. (After all, their entire lives are spent in obeying regime criminals usurping the government functions such traitors pledged to 'protect, preserve, and defend.) They probably still were having a debate as to who should attack and who should go first, and deciding that since they had no straws to draw that the matter should be settled by referendum when they seen, allegedly their very last words, "A white puff of smoke headed towards the aircraft."

.... BOOM! And UAL Flight #93 is part of the Pennsylvanian countryside, courtesy of 'our' One-Term In-Flight Imperial Sock-Puppet giving permission to shoot the flying goyim-sheep-corral down lest it become a scapegoat-guided missile with sad tidings for ZOG.

.... And how, pray tell, did the "The passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93," recognize "the potential danger that the aircraft they were aboard posed to large numbers of innocent Americans, American institutions, and the symbols of American democracy," (doesn't this lying idiotic self-serving drivel make you want to puke?), "took heroic and noble action to ensure that the aircraft they were aboard could not be used as a weapon."????? Did the hijackers, 'armed' only with box-cutters, perhaps tell them that they were going to crash the jet with all aboard into Camp David (the very first ridiculous lie), the White House, or the Capital Rotunda? Why would any competent terrorists say any such thing, or allow any such theory be said right out of the blue, when all that needed to be said was the previous understanding that if nobody did anything stupid that almost all of them would live, as in previous hijackings?

Does Jewnited Snakes Senaturd & talmudic Khazar mamzer Arlen Specter know something that ordinary herd-goyim headed for the kosher slaughterhouse did not?

.... What we have is a Senaturd and a talmudic Khazar mamzer, i.e. Arlen Specter, simply telling a lie about something totally improbable in that it simply couldn't have been known except after the fact, in order to give medals to fools debating whether to do 'something stupid' or not who were killed by one of ZOG's air-to-air missiles launched from one of ZOG's fighter jets by one of ZOG's fighter pilots. After all, remember the weeping and wailing by ZOG about its competing "Evil Empire" when the Russians shot down a Japanese jet airliner which veered into Soviet airspace a dozen or so years ago? What hypocrisy. Every Evil Empire does whatever it takes, including lie, whenever a single smidgeon of its unaccountable power is threatened. More than likely, when foxes are digging burrows in the ruins of this Babylon, Tyre, and Nineveh, there shall be an encrypted document on a hard drive telling the real story of this sordid event, lost forever inside some forgotten archive.

.... But to paraphrase the novel Catch-22, the Military-Industrial Complex of ZOG/Nuevo Babylon understands that sometimes it is necessary to act as if an act of despicable cowardly depravity was rather something heroically commendable, and so ZOG is going to hand out some 'gongs' like they did in giving a Congressional Medal of Honor to Senator John Kerry, a liberal Democrat, for commanding a company of infantry in Vietnam in murdering and supervising the efficient execution of Vietnamese civilians in a lonely village. Why ZOG is actually going to give out a whole sheaf of medals to the little congress of pathetic mentally-crippled sheep voting as to whether or not to save their own pathetic little lives when they were blasted to bits a second or so later by one of ZOG's missiles from a brave intrepid F-16 pilot several miles away!

.... Why not give the pilots a Congressional Medal of 'Honor' too, while Congress is about it? -- as all of this blood was shed on behalf of 'our' Evil Empire?

.... These mentally and morally crippled pathetic cowardly ZOGite feebs on United Airlines Flight 93 -- along with Truth and Sanity -- were amongst the very first casualties of Apocalypse Now, of ZOG's war run amok. Don't let Imperial ZOG kongress-kritters make them even more pathetic patsies by giving them out fraudulent 'gongs.'

--Martin Lindstedt



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