Agenda Item to Granby City Council Regarding Police Misconduct -- Oct. 23, 2001



October 23, 2001

Granby City Council,
City Hall, 302 North Main Street
Granby, Missouri 64844

Re: Item Agenda, Complaint against Police Department

The gravimen of my complaint concerns Acting Police Chief and Sgt. Jason Burns improper actions of Oct. 9, 2001 in delivering corporate correspondence from the Granby Telephone Company to myself severing my local dial-up Internet ‘service.’

It is one of the hypocritical pretenses that the corporate regime-enforcers called police are there to "protect and serve" the general public, when in fact the real reason that these mercenary thugs are hired by such criminal regimes is to enforce their will or ‘law’ upon the poor and weak and powerless of any social order and to protect them from the inevitable insurrection and revolution which shall cost such criminal-regimeist social parasites their power, their loot, and their lives. Jason Burn’s activities as acting as the uniformed police delivering a corporate message was to lend an air of spurious civil and criminal authority to a local corporation, which should have used either its own rent-a-pig security forces as a courier, or simply mailed or telephoned their corporate rigmarole. In short, Jason Burn’s crime was to violate the necessary pretenses and hypocrisies under which the corporate criminal regimes rule under color or pretense of law.

The fact of the matter is that the Stouffers, along with other corrupt businessmen feeding and parasiting off of the People of Granby regard the Granby Police Department as "their" police department, with the sole purpose of protecting their interests. In this estimation they are correct. When I got down to the Granby Telephone Company to protest their misconduct in cutting me off from their deliberate illegal criminal-conspiracy monopoly, they called 911, and then Sgt. Burns, obviously not only content to be their little messenger boy, decided to act as their lawyer in counseling the Granby Telephone Company to not provide me with the reasons for their curtailment of monopoly Internet ‘service.’ As a result, it shall have to be upon litigation and the discovery process that the truth shall have to come out, although some of the participants making the false complaints against myself have bragged over the Internet as to how they "got Martin Lindstedt kicked off the Internet." Thus if any discovery is ‘missing’ then it shall go hard on the defendants in a civil rights and monopolistic practices federal lawsuit.

My complaint with the Granby Telephone Company involves the manner in which they have tried to set up an illegal monopoly as a Public Service Utility and enriched themselves at the public expense of the People of Granby and Diamond. Not only in terms of Internet service, but also in not allowing calling plans, preventing Southwestern Bell from competing, and in assorted and various ways conspiring to defraud and cheat the captive customers of their local telephone monopoly in Granby and Diamond. It is my intention of getting the corporate charter of the Granby Telephone Company revoked, and this lawless and parasitic monopoly sold to an outside corporation and that money from the forced sale distributed to reimburse with interest the People of Granby and Diamond for over the past 40 years for their unjustly high telephone bills.

In fact, as can be easily proven, the Stouffers for several years used the JANICS Internet system, paid for in part by the tax dollars of the Missouri General Assembly for the purpose of establishing inexpensive and widespread Internet use, to enrich themselves at three times the cost of a JANICS subscriber in Neosho and Joplin. The Stouffers illegally leveraged their local telephone monopoly to prevent any other Internet Service Providers from coming to Granby so that they could charge $25-$30 per month on the same service provided by JANICS for $100 per year or $8 per month, thus making an illegal profit of $17-$22 per month on what was supposed to be a taxpayer-supported effort to make the Internet in the Newton County area affordable to hard- working taxpaying Granby people.

The fact of the matter is that Granby is behind economically because parasites like the Stouffers, Tony Grantham, Barry Flint, the Styrons, the Ramey’s management have determined that no outsiders shall come into Granby and interfere with their gouging the People of Granby for as much as the market will bear. To protect themselves from the poor and working-class citizens these social parasites lived off of, such criminal-regimeist social offal determined in the late 1980s and early 1990s to do away with an elected city marshal, i.e. Dewey Beaver, who was elected by the citizenry to uphold the very minimum of city ordinances necessary for the People of Granby to live in peace. This parasitic treasonous criminal element was determined to overthrow by deceit and deception the elected institutions by which they were held in check by an elected city marshal out to act responsibly and decently. After years of scheming, these treasonous parasitic regime- criminals succeeded in getting a police department established and themselves appointed as ‘oversight’ in selecting the most idiotic, thieving and murderous ill-paid mercenary thugs possible as a "Police Board" designed to cover-up the atrocities of these uniformed and badged thugs they hired.

Thugs like ex-Police Chief George Chandler, a mestizo thug hired specifically to intimidate the local working-class and poor White population of Granby. I allege that I was falsely arrested and beaten up while handcuffed by Chandler, with the assistance of another officer named Keller, and that the rest of the Granby Police Department colluded in an effort to have me murdered while in custody. Some Newton County Sheriff’s deputies took me into custody. However, Sheriff Ron Doerge promulgated the "Doerge Doctrine" by which no private citizen gets to file a criminal complaint to be investigated by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department against local ‘law-enforcement.’ It was not until the "Mestizo Bandidto" started roughing up a cousin of one of the Granby Police Board members that Chandler was ‘caught’ illegally wiretapping his supposed ‘oversight’ review board.

The fact of the matter is that Chandler, a known Mexican thug was hired specifically for the purpose of assaulting and intimidating the People of Granby by the City Council and police board. And thus his crimes are upon the heads of those regime criminals who knowingly hired this thug to act like the thug he was.

Likewise with one Josh Beck. This idiotic thug arrested me in July 1998 for not showing him any identification, under color of "impeding government operations." Like in the Chandler case, these charges against myself were dismissed well before a Newton County grand jury decided to indict Beck for using his office to intimidate young girls and buying alcohol and making them drunk so as to have sex with them under threat of sending them to jail. The story goes that this behavior was OK, until Becker made the mistake of sexually assaulting Tony Grantham’s daughter, and Grantham pissed and moaned about it and was allowed to file a complaint. It seems that the only time the City of Granby regime criminals have a problem with their raping, thieving, murdering piglice is when it hits home to them. As it was, the then City Council is rumored to have told Beck to resign and flee the state before the grand jury indictment could be served, thus abusing the grand-jury secrecy provisions to try to give one of their criminals a chance to escape the law. As it was, eventually Beck was extradited from his fugitive hidey-hole in Washington State to plea-bargain with the Newton County Prosecutor to six-months probation and not being able to become a police officer ever again (and when he showed such an aptitude for criminal-regimeist 'enforcement’ too!). A pity. I think Beck should have been publicly castrated and made to eat his own testicles, along with the Police Board and City Council who made his misconduct possible and probably aided&abetted Beck’s interstate fugitive flight. Shame Beck wasn’t a nigger or a beaner, though. I’d have loved to see Tony Grantham with a pickaninny grandchild or two from piglice like Beck.

Earlier this year, I filed a complaint concerning one Kevin Stevenson for harassment of myself upon my own property. The Police Board was determined to make a cover- up of this matter, and after about a half-hour in which I wasted my time trying to explain why the Police Board needs to fire idiotic thugs like Stevenson as being unfit to wear a police uniform, the Police Board decided to take a lying affidavit from Fire Chief Kevin Johnson that Johnson had asked me to step away from a rubbish fire at my step-daughter’s and son-in-law's property when about 14 of these fools were right next to it doing nothing. This lying affidavit means nothing because Fire Chief Kevin Johnson has no more authority to order my harassment than Granby Police Officer Kevin Stevenson has to just decide to play a game of "Guess whose boss?" on private property. The recommendation of the Police Board was to justify Stevenson’s activities. I let the matter be because while Stevenson is an idiotic thug, he is a cowardly idiotic thug and I saw no reason to have him replaced with an aggressive idiotic thug.

And who can forget ex-police chief Kendall Brady? When I heard that he had been arrested last month, I thought it was because he had raped yet another poor White female like he allegedly did three or four years ago, and that this time the Granby City Council, Police Board, and Newton County Sheriff’s Department for some reason couldn’t or wouldn’t cover it up this time. I was surprised when I found out that Brady had instead surfed the Internet from the Granby Police Department computer, taken out a credit card in the name of some apparent relative of the Police Board, and then, noting having the basic criminal intelligence to commit credit-card fraud, went to the Fast-Trip in Granby, where he was known, and take out $200 in a cash advance there. (I suspect that I shall wait in vain for the Granby Telephone Company to shut off the criminal opportunities for wire fraud of the Granby Police Department under color of Terms of Service violation. But then again, the Granby Police Department supplies them with armed, dangerous, and idiotic criminal messenger service -- something I cannot and will not provide for them myself.) It is my great hope that Ken Brady gets prison time and is put in general population. I do so look forward to going to the Cameron or Fulton Missouri Department of Corrections and telling both the Aryan Nations and Nation of Islam about their new ex-cop inmate and making sure that they have a "real good time" with Brady as their ‘date.’

Well, I’d like to reminisce with you on the City Council and talk about the good old days some more, like the time you all had me put in jail at Jasper County for 30 days for ‘contempt of court’ for my refusal to pay fines and kort costs for an illegal prosecution for a headlight equipment violation, but reliving the criminal history of the City of Granby municipal corporate criminal regime is a job to be handled at length on my various and sundry WWW pages. I think I shall cut to the chase:

Frankly, I think that Sgt. Jason Burns is pretty much the best of an entirely sorry lot. A fat policeman learns discretion because he don’t like chasing fast young dangerous desperate men of the like that this Evil Empire is churning out by the millions each year. Sgt. Burns isn’t able to "think outside the box." To Sgt. Burns I am the dangerous menace out to overthrow the both the national and local criminal corporate regimes -- and Sgt. Burns is correct in that assessment. The problem is that I know the ‘law’ and insist upon it being enforced upon the parasitic treasonous regime-criminal element which made up this pretend legis-treason for their own benefit in the first place. Sgt. Burns has at least some elements of courage and decency, which are absolutely lacking in nine-tenths of the bottom-of-the-barrel offal coming out of the police academies which can’t find a job in the Joplin or Neosho police departments, and which the Granby Police Board routinely recommends and the Granby City Council hires.

I’m not going to make any specifications as to what you should do with Sgt. Burns. I would recommend that you take this opportunity to fire Stevenson as rumor has it that you are going to fire this fool anyway when you manage to re- organize the Granby Police Department. Yet again. My solution is to bring back the office of elected city marshal and hire a night watchman as a sort of security guard, and dismantle the cash-register municipal kort. But we all know that ain’t going to happen. You simply cannot change your inherent nature, and events shall take their due course.

Enclosed is communication already up on the Internet concerning the Granby Telephone Company. This communication shall also be posted upon the Internet as well, and distributed to various local media so that they can ‘pile on’ as they see fit.

Martin Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2002