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Edgar Steele, Defensive Racism, and Christian Identity


Interesting article despite blatant bias and being littered with factual
mistatements. (Article about Christian Identity as 'glue holding racialist 
right together')
Oh, by the way, recieved Edgar Steele's Defensive Racism several
days ago. Started to read it and then laid it down in disgust upon
finding this on page 14:
"Of course, many self-avowed racists hew to a religious basis for
their racial outlooks as well. Followers of Christian Identity, for
exaample, believe all non-Caucasian races to be the spawn either
of Satan or of creatures lesser than Man. These people cannot
rationally debate the concept of racism."



. . . . I read that very same passage in Steele's "Defensive Racism" in the Introduction, page 14. And like every other Identity Christian, particularly of the Dual-Seedline doxology, I was annoyed. Still am to a degree. But let's look at what Steele wrote:

"Of course, many self-avowed racists hew to a religious basis for their racial outlooks as well.

. . . . Us Identity Christians cannot help but be racists. After all, we know that while YHWH created all of the races, the only ones that concern YHWH are the White people, Sons of Adam, the only people really who matter. The only people who are 'people,' human beings. And the Bible, Christianity concerns the fight between good and evil as portrayed by one good Seedline, that from Adam through Seth through to Noah's middle son Shem to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel versus the evil Seedline from Satan's seduction of Eve resulting in Cain and infestations since through Ham's incest with Noah's wife producing Canaan, Canaan's interbreeding with the Cainites/Kenites, and Esau/Edom's displacement by marriage to two Canaanite females. The Patriarch Judah violated YHWH's law by spawning with a Canaanite female and producing three little mamzers, two directly destroyed for their wickedness by YHWH. Dual-Seedline is a dualistic religion going back to the very nature of all Western religions, through Zorastrianism to Moses to Christ. There is an eternal enmity and struggle between Dual Seedlines: one the sons of God, one the Spawn of Satan. The yellow and black races are barely mentioned in the Bible, if at all. Our religious position is that they have every right to live where YHWH placed them, in Asia and Africa according to their own customs and ways, but none whatsoever to live amongst us, to destroy us as a People.

. . . . Edgar Steele's book, 99% of it, takes the position of 'Defensive Racism.' Perhaps he views us Christian Identity types, with our religious zeal, as being 'Offensive Racists.' The adjective "self-avowed" does smart a bit.

. . . . But let's read the book as a whole, with Steele trying to tell his target audience -- which is not Christian Identity nor the Revolutionary Resistance -- that there is no 'superiority' nor 'supremacy' in 'Defensive Racism.' Methinks Edgar Steele doth protest too much. I've never met any White man who didn't think for a second that he was superior to any nigger. In my decade-long political career as a Resistance politician, once I could get the typical whigger to stop looking over his shoulder and have him confident that I would not repeat what they said, every single one of them want to ship non-whites back to whatever Turd-Whirrld shit-hole they crawled out of, or express fear of non-whites. (I've sometimes thought of writing an article entitled, "What the White Man Really thinks About Niggers" -- with the body of the article simply saying that the title says it all.)

. . . . Yet due to ZOG 'edjewcation' almost all of us were programmed in 'whigger supremacy' mode in which we all are 'equal' but some are more equal than others, and often we have to think to keep from reverting to our indoctrinated instincts of 'equality' equals reality. Steele is highly 'edjewcated' and reflects the jape against Ameri'Kwan kollidges -- American colleges in four years indoctrinate its inmates with programming which takes forty years, if ever, to overcome. In a book which is NOT targeted at the Resistance, but rather radical whiggers discontent in a State of Whiggerdumb, Edgar Steele must speak to them in a language that they can understand. The language of the Resistance is a second language to Edgar Steele. Should we be so inflexible in our thinking that we cannot forgive the momentary lapse into the old ways, especially since Steele is not talking to us, but rather those he came out of, voluntarily, and is now on our side?

. . . . Take a look at the old files on my web page sometime. I don't remove them because like Edgar Steele, I too am a work in progress, moulded by circumstance and hopefully growing, like we all should be. They can be embarrassing, as I put away the mental playthings of a child a decade ago. Edgar Steele has some things that he might be embarrassed about on his web page as well. Should we be annoyed at him because what Steele is embarrassed about are not what we think he should be embarrassed about?

Followers of Christian Identity, for exaample, believe all non-Caucasian races to be the spawn either of Satan or of creatures lesser than Man.

. . . . Is that not the central dogma of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, if not the One-Seedliners? Why get annoyed when an outsider baldly restates, without piety or agreement, what we do believe as a matter of fact?

. . . . Again, Edgar Steele is not Christian Identity. Neither are over 99% of ZOGling whiggerdumb. So how do we get from here to an "all of Israel shall be saved" there? Do we get annoyed and all bent out of shape when one of our allies baldly repeats exactly what he has been told by our leaders like Pastor Butler?

"These people cannot rationally debate the concept of racism."

. . . . Now the jolt. And it jolted me too. Can you identity the offending adverb?

. . . . But is this also not mainly the truth? If, as Dual-Seedline Identity Christians we say/believe/insist that the non-whites are Sixth-Day 'man' and the 'Beasts of the Field,' (items of Faith amply demonstrated by their behavior) and that the Cainite/Kenite/Canaanite/Edomite jews are the literal biological Spawn of Satan, then what exactly do we have to debate about with the unbelievers? Our Fighting Faith, what Richard Kelly Hoskins calls 'Second-Reformation Christianity,' simply says that "We are right and you unbelievers are wrong" and that there is absolutely nothing to debate about.

. . . . The perjorative adverb Steele used? 'Rationally' as in 'rationally debate.' And after it is logically understood that there is no debate possible.

. . . . Now I can live with a litttle bit of adverb jolt from a racial and political ally.

. . . . Several years ago, I listened via Internet radio to Pastor Dan Johns interview Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale. And throughout the hour-long show there was no fight on both sides given the vast theological gulf between the Christian and the Creator. No "dead jew on a stick" from Hale and no "mamzer-made self-idolatry posing as a religion" from Johns. The differences were simply not brought up, but rather the common good of White Nationalism emphasised. The differences were well understood, but such was the discipline of both parties that they never made it to the tongue.

. . . . As Henry IV is alleged to have said, "Paris is worth a mass." I've criticised Edgar Steele's book because I've read his columns. When I get done reading them, I usually observe, "Steele is so right at the same time he is so wrong." This is because what Steele writes is so right -- for his audience and so wrong -- to a Resistance audience.

. . . . Both Edgar Steele and Harold Covington have written 'Movement' books, each without pause or care as to how I, or others might take it. I am glad Covington didn't ask my advice, because his 'Hill of the Ravens' alienated so many Identity Christians repulsed by his refusal to understand us, as well as his openly planning to merely exploit us as cannon-fodder and give us third-rate citizenship as a 'reward' for our sacrifice beyond all others in the Movement. Honesty can have that effect. Edgar Steele doesn't understand us Identity Christians very much better, for all his being around Pastor Butler and being 'awakened' by taking his case. Yet having written on paper his beliefs, he is willing to take criticism for them.

. . . . I offered to buy a copy of Steele's "Defensive Racism." Instead Steele sent me a free copy, inscribed, "To Martin -- who proves that character counts -- For an honest review." I thank Edgar Steele for the kind words, but our agreement was for an honest review.

. . . . I've scanned over the front, back and middle of Steele's 'Defensive Racism.' It is an honest book which us Identity Christians can live with. It was not written for us. It was written for this phase of a great civil war, Civil War 2 (to paraphrase another great Movement book of great impact), in these pre-Revolutionary days when sides are being chosen. Right now we are at the tail end of the beginning. After the November [s]election all hell might well break loose, and what will be known as the war to end all wars will officially openly begin.

. . . . As an electronic publisher of Resistance writers, I know only Edgar Steele could have written this paper book to its target audience of ZOGling whiggers being awakened with a jolt caused by current events. Understand Steele's target audience and thus understand Steele's book, and why it is both timely, correct, and NECESSARY. "Defensive Racism" is not for meant for nor addressed to the Resistance, either Christian Identity nor the non- CI Resistance, or even the more radical of the Movement, who are going to be warlord chieftains practicing on behalf of our People some pretty nasty "Offensive Racism" against the enemies of our People.

. . . . The sooner we understand that, the sooner we can appreciate Edgar Steele's "Defensive Racism." And once we understand "Defensive Racism's" statements of the obvious, then more of us will say, "Is that enough?" "Is that all there is?" and more of us will be prepared to to do whatever it takes for us to "Secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt


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