Anthrax Sniping


Para Last week (in mid-October 2001) someone claiming to work for the Reuters news-bureau in the District of Corruption called me at my home in Granby Missouri asking me for "expert information" concerning the militia/Resistance Movement and the anthrax attacks based upon my July 20, 1997, Issue #7-97 of "The Modern Militia’s Internet Gazette."


Para This particular article was written during what I called the ‘Anthrax Summer’ of 1997 when Larry Wayne Harris and sundry fools and agents provocateur were scaring the FiBbIes by their antics in Las Vegas. In effect, I had advocated that deep-underground Resistance Active Service Unit cells and lone wolves develop their own biological weaponry in order to carry out a Resistance Revolutionary policy of total civil warfare when CivilWar2 is well in its middle phase of CivilWar2 combatants proceeding to mercilessly slaughter anyone and everyone who is not on their side. For both Resistance and criminal-regimeist combatants alike there simply are no such thing as "innocents," merely sides. And in such a biowar setting, having herds of undefended and indefensible hue-man herd animals is no protection, the opposite in fact because the Evil Empire will take the loss of power and prestige because of the Imperial forces’ inability to protect anyone. In fact, biowar, regardless of who initiated it, means destruction of a declining social order because there is no system-wide means of defense, only a survival of the fittest, who will then insist upon governing themselves, if they are governed at all. Like shall be ruled only by like, as the late multi- culti dem[on]ocratic Evil Empire is remembered with disgust and hatred. Para Naturally enough, some talmudic Khazar mamzers and gliberal whiggers saw that article and got it banned from the Patriot Coalition ‘free’ WWW page on Geocities, so it was transferred to my paid WWW page. Then a number of Resistance people saw the article and reprinted sections of it. One JJ Johnson, professional regimeist Uncle Tom, phony “False Opposition” militia leader, and current publisher of an Internet rag popular with paytriot whiggers guardedly praised it back in 1997 when he was pretending to be a “Black Nationalist” in the mold of Marcus Garvey, saying that the Resistance needed the same weaponry as the Regimeists. One Carol Moore, professional LibberToon from the District of Congoids, frothed at the mouth in 1998 saying that a “Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate from Ohio” advocated using biological weapons as a Resistance Officer. To which I countered that I was running as a Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri and if the stupid bitch and the rest of the LibberToons wanted the jewsmedia to print headlines saying, “Libertarian Candidate Advocates Biological Terrorism” than that was fine by me. The LibberToons backed off and JJ Johnson, who was feuding with the professional LibberToons at the moment, gloated a bit.

Para But the article and the entire issue remained for over five years up on the Internet, and only the hardcore Resistance and the criminal regimeist element noticed it or commented upon this prophetic article written in July 1997 after my 1998 primary loss, although for around an entire year I was known within the Patriot Movement ( which includes both the Regimeist Paytriots and Resistance [Racial Nationalist] Patriots ) as “Anthrax Lindstedt.”

Para However, I knew that within a specific audience of the people who mattered, both Regimeist and Resistance, that this article from 1997 (which I knew was close to the ‘line’ and was loath to cross further for fear of adverse consequences personally), would be remembered, and that upon the first of the recent anthrax attacks, would result in some sort of further inquiry. After all, as a Revolutionary Resistance political officer, I am able to “think out of the box” – to think like a ‘terrorist’ -- as the Imperial Corporate Criminal Regime calls all those opposed to its satanic 'New' World Order, originally planned by Nimrod and Semiramis back when the system of dominion called ‘Babylon’ was just a pup. So it did not matter whether the person calling me was actually a journalist, someone concerned only for their personal safety wanting information from this prophet, or a FiBbIe lying like criminal-regimeist praetorians are wont to do. Anything and everything I had to say to this person is something which should be said, written, and posted before a world audience. It is not as anything can be done to change reality. This Evil Empire is determined, as previous evil empires like Nineveh, Tyre, Babylon and Rome, to seek out its own personal destruction and extinction, regardless of the warning signs posted before the ash-heap of history which claimed all its deceased predecessors. So too, it shall seek, and find, its destruction in destroying its founding peoples deluged within an uncivilized misceginated slave rabble seeking its jungle roots.


Whose Anthrax Is This?

Para As I remarked to one of my temporary friends whose computer I was using to access the Internet after two Genesis 3:15-enmity driven spawn-of-Satan and agents provocateur had gotten by their false complaints the local Granby Telephone Company, (aka jscomm.net – John Stouffer Communications) to disconnect my local dial-up Internet account (which these professional corpsorate parasites and bloodsuckers have illegally conspired to maintain a monopoly upon their captive audience in Granby and Diamond Missouri), the source of this ‘anthrax sniping’ is one of three possibilities:

1. Osama Bin-Laden anthrax. Very low probability.

2. FiBbIe anthrax. Very high probability, but limited to ‘controlled situations’ such as Brokaw-anthrax and Daschle- anthrax ‘attacks.’

3. Some ‘Domestic terrorist(s)’ who are taking this chance for payback while the time is ripe. This situation is even more dangerous for the Evil Empire as it could be anyone striking anytime anywhere, furthermore showing that such can be done, easily, routinely, and safely by non-criminal- regimeist actors.

Para Right now the probability is low that the source of the present ‘anthrax sniping’ is the Bin Laden network, at least directly. Why? Because if Bin Laden had any biowar capability, then it is likely that it would be something more extensive and effective than this mere sniping, which the Evil Empire is able to control, even engage in, as in the case of the initial media and congress-critter anthrax sniping against pre-warned targets such as Brokaw, Rather, and Daschle, targets which might have even requested such attentions in order to gain publicity. The present anthrax attacks haven’t been very effective other than in keeping some of ZOG’s herd of regimeist-lemmings running scared. Nobody except jewsmedia and regimeist offal have been harmed by these anthrax pinpricks. The only apparent strategic effect has been to panic the idiot element present in all social orders, but especially rampant in ZOG’s decayed social order of moral degenerates happy enough that they at last have a criminal regime just as evil, if not more so, than they are to let them off the moral and mental hook by telling them what to think and do. The daring, effective, efficient acts of war of Sept. 11 against ZOG’s financial and military centers sent the message to anyone able to think that the Muslim world considers itself at war only against the Zionists of the Zionist Occupational Government, i.e. ZOG, not the American People -- yet.

Para Yet this current Imperial Corporate Criminal Regime’s War of Hegemony against the Muslim world on behalf of talmudic Khazar Zionists shall inevitably escalate to the point where a hard-pressed and alienated core of Islamic freedom-fighters shall grow tired of being bombed and take this war to ZOG’s heartland of imperial whigger herd animals. After all, it is but a recent convention, often violated, that imperial wars of aggression shall not spill over into overt genocide by the weaker side. ZOG’s conventional military might, demonstrated in the First Gulf War against the Iraqis claiming an errant province foolishly gulled by Bush the Elder, showed that it is foolish to fight against ZOG’s overwhelming air power. The current War of ZOG Hegemony against the Afghan People uses nothing other than air power against someone unable to fight against ZOG using ZOG’s favorite tactics and weaponry.

Para The myth of Strategic Bombing has proven ineffective since Guernica, Spain showed that it is not military forces which suffer, but rather that the purpose of ‘strategic bombing’ is to massacre the civilian population, as happened at Guernica, London, Dresden, Hiroshima. Thus the only effective counter to strategic bombing is for the ‘loser’ to retaliate against the civilian population of the aggressor nation, destroying its population and threatening the imperial criminal regime’s power and control. Thus, just as the thread of morality which since the Thirty Year’s War in Germany said that a “just war” was not waged against the civilian population has been abraided by Sherman’s March to the Sea, England’s concentration camps during the Boer War, the Allied bombings of Dresden and Hiroshima, the Gulf-War Coalition starving well over 1 million Iraqi civilians since 1991, and now the policy of deliberate starvation and bombing of Afghan refugees, it is but a matter of time before the Muslim jihad mudjaheen discover that it is not morally verboten but eminently feasible to use biological weaponry against the Western homelands, already compromised with their religious and racial fifth-columnists, courtesy of corporate ZOG-hogs. When this thread of public morality has been cut through by ZOG, in its effort to win a war of aggression that it cannot win other than by a cowardly bombing of Muslim civilians, then it is but a matter of time before millions of Western civilians pay with their lives for the war-crimes of their Imperialist criminal parasitic regimes.

Para It is known that a number of Muslim countries have biological weapons programs. In these laboratories a number of biological agents can be created, some with no effective counter because they have been created by means of gene- splicing techniques. There are also pathogens which can, maybe have already been, stolen from the biowar labs of Russia, Israel, and the U.S. by clever and fanatical agents. The very same techniques used by biotech companies can be used by others determined to apply practical lessons already used. So given that the means exist for practical biological warfare and that all that is missing is the will, which this latest war of ZOG’s shall provide, as it is but a matter of time before Islam figures out that a biowar exchange, in which all that is left are the rural populations of the entire world, shall be the most effective way in which to destroy the West. After all, the West didn’t eliminate the threat of aggressive Islam until the Renaissance gave the West the technical foundations for modern warfare that Islam couldn’t overcome. The Medieval Ages from 711 A.D. until the Ottoman collapse of 1918 provided the Muslim world with the capacity for attack against the West. The elimination of over 90% of the civilian population living in urban areas will impact an industrialized low-birthrate White Western world far more than it shall affect the fecund rural non-white Third World.

Para So, to summarize, it is doubtful that the present-day anthrax sniping is attributable to Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Quira Foundation, other than perhaps a few domestic terrorist cells which might be on the periphery of this Foundation, going its own way as an independent cell or two. However, due to the nature of this Imperial War of ZOG’s escalating, it is but a matter of time before all combatants are using crude biological weaponry in an effort to destroy the ability of both nation-states and the lone Evil Super- Empire to wage any warfare beyond their immediate borders.


FiBbIe Anthrax

Para This Evil Empire has been and is dabbling with biological weaponry to deal with both foreign and domestic threats to ZOG’s imperial [mis]rule. It has been admitted that even in the 1950’s and 60’s that ZOG would experiment on its unwilling and unknowing subjects in order to see how to apply biological warfare agents onto a Western population. These ‘revelations’ of past misconduct were done in order to lull an idiotic and largely mindless herd of lemmings that “See, we confessed, and if you believe this shit, why maybe, just maybe you will actually be stupid enough to believe that we ain’t doing it any more now that this criminal regime has gotten even more parasitic and corrupt.”

Para So it is most likely that the Evil Empire got its corrupt praetorians of Freeh’s Biowar Incorporated, i.e. FBI, to spread a little from its ample store of refined, non- weapons-grade anthrax to ZOG’s jewsmedia. First to the tabloids, then to the TalmudVision pukes. Probably Tom Brokaw whined that since NBC was a total suck-up during the Clinton years, that it wasn’t fair that the tabloids be the only one anthraxed. Couldn’t the FiBbIes anthrax Brokaw’s secretary? And then Dan Rather probably whined that since he really loved WhiggerWuss the Second, let’s forget about WhiggerWuss the Elder’s dustup with Rather before losing the 1992 [s]election, and couldn’t the FiBbIes anthrax his secretary too, pretty please? And then the rush for targeting jewsmedia peons for getting their own personal paytriotic cases of anthrax was on.

Para Senator Daschle wasn’t left out, although the FiBbIes were real quick to detect their own anthrax letter which they sent before this supportive congress-critter could even develop a pimple.

Para Of course, like many such black-bag operations, this FiBbIe anthrax spread to the peons at the Post Office, who were of course expendable. And now it seems that the exact same strain of FiBbIe anthrax which the FiBbIes originally claimed came from Ames, Iowa, is now in major post offices around the country, in Indiana and Missouri.

Para The #1 suspect in spreading this anthrax should be the Evil Empire. ZOG probably got a cup full of their own agricultural anthrax guaranteed to be easily treatable and mailed off a few envelopes to some high-profile state-god baal-priests, notifying them about the contents and instructing them to let their mail-room peons and secretaries come down with it. Just another something to lay at Osama Bin Laden’s door and get the lemmings whipped up into a frenzy.

Para Of course these moral and mental defectives of ZOG’s failed to figure out that a 1-5 micron FiBbIe anthrax spore could easily pass through a 100-micron envelope-paper pore, even if these fools bothered to seal up the envelope. Which is why this FiBbIe anthrax is spreading because the automatic sorters literally squeeze the envelopes, sending out clouds of FiBbIe anthrax from the envelopes that these criminal regimeists mailed out.

Para Of course, an idiotic and criminal population of the sort which would support an even more evil and degenerate criminal regime than they are has millions of crazies, so well over 2,000 anthrax hoaxes (and counting) immediately took place. Millions of criminally insane people, some of them outside law-enforcement, said, “What besides a franking privilege and a supply of processed agricultural anthrax does the Evil Empire got that I ain’t got?” And so, hearing that anthrax spores were white in color, they got out their talcum powder and, hearing that the FiBbIes were doing DNA tests on licked stamps, bought post-paid envelopes and sent in a “surprise” to their boss or anyone else they had a grudge against. And it certainly kept the piglice hopping, especially the FiBbIes. After all, those FiBbIes in the know making light of all them hoaxers would tend to prove that the FiBbIes knew that the only real anthrax about is their agricultural-study anthrax, making its appointed rounds. And then the cat -- as well as FiBbIe spores -- would be out of the bag.

Para The Evil Empire is losing the propaganda war over this latest provocation of theirs, just as they have since the Kennedy assassination. Quite a few people think that the 9-11 attack is merely a Mossad/CIA operation in order to allow the talmudic Khazar mamzers in Isn’tReal to not only massacre the Palestinians, but to steal the oil from the Arabs at large. It is common knowledge that well over 4,000 Jews were warned in advance to not go to their regular jobs parasiting and thieving from the American goyim in the Twin Towers of Nuevo Babylon, and having been tipped off, stayed away. And now with this convenient pretend anthrax attack on ZOG’s jewsmedia and regime criminal congress-critters which didn’t pan out because the ZOG-hogs were warned, although it did kill a few disposable postal workers.

Para The question, as always, is “who benefits” from this anthrax attack. The answer is ZOG. ZOG has ample supplies of quality-manufactured agricultural-study anthrax it can get from its USDA-approved laboratories, plenty of reason to try to start a ‘controlled panic’ which benefits politically the spurious pretend ‘targets,’ control of the investigative whitewash, and the ample stupidity to never take into account the down side of public skepticism, i.e. crazed fools mailing out 10,000 hoaxes, Resistance politicals making propaganda of this matter, and most importantly, the admission that ZOG simply can’t protect the masses of human herd animals it needs to live off of. ZOG lives off of its food animal – the lemming – in a parasitic way that even the American redskin of the Plains couldn’t depend upon the buffalo. But once the American lemming figures out that it is every lemming for itself, the end result shall be that ZOG starves to death.


Resistance Anthrax

Para The person who called me wanted to know what was the chance that some Resistance Active Service Unit cell or lone-wolf had developed anthrax weaponry and was using it to spread panic. I replied that such a scenario was the most frightening for ZOG, and was definitely possible, with a few caveats.

Para First of all, any anthrax spread would be derived from natural spores, and not likely of weapons-grade potency. It would not likely be the FiBbIe-anthrax strain from the cultures grown for agricultural study in USDA labs, as that stuff is supposed to be watched over, and the last time this sort of thing happened was the regimeist-staged Larry Wayne Harris provocation of Summer 1997. It would likely be cultured by a lone- wolf, as opposed to a Resistance Active Service cell as there are precious few Resistance Active Service Units with from 3-5 microbiologists in them. Any contact with known aboveground Resistance political leaders, their listservers or WWW pages would be minimal to non-existent as any such person would have the ample intelligence to steer well clear of bottlenecks on the Internet where they could be detected by ZOG and its imperial piglice.

Para When asked if the ‘militia’ might have anything to do with it, I replied in the negative. The only so-called militia left are nothing other than cowardly pretend paytriot whiggers and their immense tail of agents provocateurs and snitches. However, ZOG and the jewsmedia will make accusations, as a result of which these cowardly moral and mental degenerates will spend much of their waking moments denying that they are a tenth as dangerous as they liked to pretend they were back in the glory days of 1994-95 and instead be pissing all over theysselves in denial while blaming any Revolutionary activity upon the Christian Identity and White Nationalist Resistance. Militia-mattoids are such goofy lying feeb bastards.

Para So in my opinion, some anthrax sniping may well be taking place by a lone-wolf who captured some spores from the ground of an “anthrax district” where a historical outbreak took place within the past hundred years. Any such anthrax spores would be natural, non-weapons grade anthrax easily defeated by agricultural antibiotics. Grinding and desiccating the resulting culture in order to make it more potent in its inhalation form could well be hit upon either by accident or design. The end result would owe its effectiveness due to the fact that the end result is known to not only be possible, but doable by anyone of high intelligence and moral determination.

Para Hitting upon anthrax dissemination by means of postal delivery was a no-brainer. If inhalation anthrax was water soluble, as many viruses are (as opposed to bacteria spores which need to be ‘seeded’ via dry conditions), then the most effective means of transmission would have been by means of dissolving the solution and applying it to paper currency. However, since effective spore transmission depends upon having the anthrax spores be easily airborne and small, the sloppy sealing of these spores in an envelope relying on mechanical sorting to squeeze and thus spew the contents of an anonymous envelope meant that transmission by the criminal regime’s postal service was the most effective means. Thus there is no effective counter -- not in a bureaucratized criminal regime which runs its tax- collection, judicial apparatus, commercial operations, records keeping infrastructure -- all the functions which enable ZOG to communicate, keep informed, grow and survive -- upon the smooth transfer and delivery of paper. Any sender of spores, if relatively careful and lucky, can with impunity send these envelopes of death to ZOG with a false address, and remain undetectable within the sheer volume of this necessary commercial and civic correspondence.

Para It is most likely that this hypothetical Resistance lone- wolf anthrax sniper created these spores well in advance of September 11th, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Upon the fear and chaos of a generation of vipers expecting earned divine retribution after that day of infamy, when all it took was one crazed Croat immigrunt bent on suicide to close down the Empire’s bus system used exclusively by the poor and working classes, for everyone to think it was terrorist inspired, this anthrax sniper chose the opportune moment to mail off some envelopes with his cargo. The resulting chaos and disruption caused by only a few anonymous letters meant that the transportation system, both airline and ground passenger service, ground to a halt. And this over a “threat” which is statistically much less probable than being struck by lightning or run over crossing the street.

Para There is no saying whether this hypothetical Resistance anthrax sniper brewed up less than a baggie’s worth of anthrax or a five-gallon bucket of it. Or that more can’t be brewed up given a month or so. It is most likely that any further anthrax sniping shall wait until this spring when ZOG is waiting for its imperial lemmings to send off their tribute to its tax-collection apparatus. Then, there shall be no other method for tens of millions of letters, any one of them which could contain a ‘special delivery’ that the tax-collection peons finds dangerous or deadly. Free Cipro or antibiotics won’t help, because few people will want to trust their lives to ‘medical science.’ And, like the postal workers, Imperial ZOG will consider its minimum-wage clerical help which does the bulk of the envelope opening expendable. So much so, that it is likely that rather than allow income-taxes to remain uncollected, that deaths from ‘respiratory infection’ which can be passed off as something other than anthrax shall be the order of the day, especially since there is no other option other than to sort and sift through each and every letter coming in. In addition, there is nothing to prevent any irate ‘tax- payer’ or, for that matter, one of the over 65 million people who no longer bother to file a return, from mailing off sundry powders along with a ‘hoax-note,’ causing any IRS workers to choose between risking their lives or proceeding full steam ahead. The one letter which actually contains anthrax might act as the ‘grand prize sweepstakes’ in reverse amongst the thousands, maybe millions, of anthrax hoax letters which come on in.

Para One hundred thousand such anthrax hoax letters, much less one million anthrax hoax letters, could be said to not be a crime against ‘our’ criminal regime at all, but rather a political protest. Can it be doubted that there would have been no need for a Boston Tea Party if the Founding Fathers could have brewed up an anthrax scare to obfuscate King George III’s illegal and immoral taxation without representation? So, rather than sending in the anachronistic tea bags as protest, far better to send in an anonymous anthrax hoax letter, as effective, principled political protestation against the fake oligarchic criminal- regimeist fake ‘representation’ us Imperial lemmings must suffer under today. Just as the IRS is no longer able to effectively criminally or civilly prosecute/persecute the over 65 millions of those subject to Imperial misrule who get their payback by not feeding the Beast, so too would ZOG be helpless in the face of a widespread anonymous tax revolt which contained in it the threat of effective, anonymous counter-terror and counter-violence veiled thinly by an overt political protest. Those of you who wish to play at ‘monkey-wrenching’ ZOG, take note.

Para Of course there shall not be one million or even 100,000 anthrax hoax letters sent to the IRS in the Spring of 2002. The American Imperial lemmings are a servile degenerate lot, loving, like the Children of Israel, their lives of sin and slavery in Egypt. However, there shall likely be thousands of anthrax hoax letters along with a genuine (likely suppressed) anthrax-sniping letter or two, probably the work of some new anthrax snipers who learned what was possible from this year. And the panic and confusion shall tax the criminal regime’s feeding system for as long as the Evil Empire exists.

Para The odds of the FiBbIes catching this initial anthrax sniper? Extremely low. After all, it wasn’t the FiBbIes or the rest of ZOG’s Alphabet-Soup Gang which ‘caught’ the alleged Unibomber, but rather the result of a traitorous brother who snitched out an alleged nut-case who had already provided an over 30,000-word clue or two. The Unibomber bombed in anonymous anonyminity for over 14 years before being snitched out by family. Perhaps, lacking snitching, the Unibomber would still be bombing today.

Para Contrary to what my caller from Reuters suggested, this possible Resistance anthrax sniper is not lurking on Resistance e-mail listservers or WWW pages. Rather, this person is likely to be the very last person to be suspected of such activity, smart enough to avoid criminal-regimeist piglice scrutiny by not ever appearing anywhere on-line or in communication with aboveground Resistance political activists such as myself. This anthrax sniper is a self- winding sleeper or mole with no ties which can be traced. Nothing like children under his care which would act as hostages to fortune either. Unlike a Manchurian Oswald like Timothy McVeigh, he or she doesn’t want to be caught, but rather wants to strike and strike again, as long as possible, hence is not bragging or causing attention to himself which could curtail the mission. Someone -- with the intelligence and drive to break Imperial programming and indoctrination, carefully design a process to create a crude biological weapon which would not affect himself, have the self-control necessary to not launch it until after Sept. 11th, when the moment was apt to cause the maximum amount of panic for what is really such an ineffective weapon easily treated by common antibiotics -- is neither a fool nor uncontrollable kook. As a result, while there is doubtless quite a bit of FiBbIe anthrax making the rounds, then ‘curtailed’ by ZOG, what is also likely happening is that there is an anthrax sniper, a lone-wolf, controllable by no one and thoroughly remorseless, sending off aimed biological warfare fire, which can, with copycats and hoaxers, amplify his or her effectiveness immeasurably and beyond all calculation.


Predicting the future in the muddied pool.

Para I’ve made a number of predictions already, based upon my experience as a judge of men and student of history. I shall now make a number of observations which shall doubtless further enrage the lemmings and regime criminals. Those of you reading this, the people who matter, both Regimeist and Resistance, are my intended audience.

Para The ‘victory’ over the Taliban means little. All that has been accomplished is that the Al-Qaeda network has been decentralized and that the survivors are now both determined and accomplished in avoiding detection and capture. All that was ‘destroyed’ was the capacity for Osama Bin Laden or Mullah Omar Muhammed to act as a brake upon the actions of the surviving cells, composed of Islamic fanatics ever more willing to do whatever it takes for revenge. These dragons’ teeth of Islamic jihad will grow in the fertilized soil created by the cowardly war of terror engaged in by ZOG. After all, fifty years of oppression and occupation by Zionist Khazar mamzers against the Palestinian People within an area one-thousandth the size of the Asian Islamic territories hasn’t succeeded in drying up the support for Hezbollah or Hamas, far more militant organizations than Arafat the Kapo’s Palestinian Liberation Organization. The present Imperial Zionist War of "Enduring Chutzpah" in which ZOG’s National Front of bandits and criminal mercenaries did all of the ground fighting means only that the Pashtuns and Taliban shall go home and spread out, relatively secure from the mass bombing of civilians for the moment. Whether the Osama- or Omar-hunt works out any better than the Eric Rudolph-hunt remains to be seen, and is irrelevant in any case. If not dead already, both are sufficient martyrs now.

Para Rather, the latest of the KhazarWarz against Islam merely showed the obvious -- that it is suicide and folly to wage openly defiant warfare against Imperial ZOG and its armed forces able to engage in cowardly, indefensible attacks via missile and bomber from several thousand miles away. Rather, the only targets which shall deter and stop Imperial aggression is counter-terrorism and guerrilla biological warfare against ZOG’s imperial subject population. Destroy ZOG’s human herd animals upon which ZOG feeds, then ZOG starves and dies for lack of food and support.

Para An Evil Empire’s subject population, if destroyed or demoralized by having total warfare brought to its homeland, isn’t able to produce the bombs, missiles, aircraft carriers, attack aircraft, tanks, divisions, or any of the other weapons of modern warfare which can destroy the lives of those living halfway across the planet. In fact, no Evil Empire has ever been able to project armed aggression to its prospective colonies when its own homeland lies in ruins and its own population are either dead or in rebellion. Destroy an Evil Empire’s subject population, and the Evil Empire is destroyed as well.

Para Previously, a long period of internal decay and decline as an Evil Empire’s Founding People’s were scattered, subjugated, and misceginated away in favor of imported slaves of different races brought in to serve a rotten oligarchy was necessary. Today, ‘our’ Evil Empire has reduced the Anglo-Saxon and Western European Founding People to less than two-thirds of its total subject population, with eventual extermination planned within a century by its regime-criminal oligarchy-of-the-base consisting of Khazar jew mamzers and whigger supremacists with a few token minorities for spurious legitimacy. Their NWO/ZOG ‘plan’ is a feudalistic global plantation with darkie slaves unable to even contemplate revolution working happily in the fields of subsistence agriculture once the White race has been destroyed through warfare and miscegenation. If things were left to the NWO/ZOG plan, then the only solution of White Revolution would only take place when it was too late to really matter in a non-white world, and give the ruling multi-culti, multi-racial ZOG imperialists an excuse to finish what they had started, the final extermination of the White Race.

Para Which is why biological warfare against ZOG and its Imperial lemming herds is an altogether good thing. Such total biological warfare, regardless of who amongst ZOG’s numerous enemies, both foreign or domestic, would have the effect of destroying over ninety percent of the Evil Empire’s subject population, concentrated in urban and suburban areas, populated by niggers, whiggers, muds, and talmudic Khazar mamzer cruds. The clawing by these [w]hordes seeking survival, and the necessity for rural Whites to set up roadblocks and machine-gun nests in order to keep from being overwhelmed, will mean that the NWO/ZOG Imperial Criminal Regime would lose all power to enforce its will upon others, in fact be destroyed in the clawing by its dying subjects. Babylon is fallen, is fallen.

Para It means nothing, rather less than nothing, if 150 million whiggers and 100 million turd-world mamzers are destroyed, providing that 10-30 million rural Whites survive and as their first order of business exterminate both the remaining non-whites and the regime criminals and their families still surviving amongst them. Let there be a wailing and gnashing of teeth as the dysgenic elements are ruthlessly eugenicised, and White Western Civilization can come back, be refounded, well within a half-century of the Evil Empire’s deserved collapse. Then the non-white peoples of the world can live, each in their own place, without oppression or colonialization from Whites, with all living in peace in their own appointed place.

Para The Gospel, or ‘Good-News’ of Jesus Christ concerns a Great Tribulation, a winnowing away, a separation of the wheat and the tares, the salvation of the wheat and damnation for the tares. There is no such thing as ‘Rapture/Crapture,’ as ". . . this train don’t pull no sleepers, don’t pull nothing but righteousness keepers." Jesus Christ isn’t going to let anyone but those who have passed the test through to the Kingdom of God. So, as the Resistance, we have the duty and honor of not forestalling Christ’s [destructive] testing, but rather to bow down to the inevitable, to let YHWH’s Will be done, on this Earth as it is in Heaven, to prepare for and overcome the Great Tribulation, and in doing so, be accounted worthy to escape, on our own doing, exercising our own free will. See Psalm 91.

Para Let us fulfill our Christian Destiny of destroying Babylon, and interfere not with our distant cousins of the House of Ishmael from their duties and responsibilities to destroy Babylonian oppression as well. Do not worry about the inevitable, about the destruction of Man’s rule and Satan’s dominion. Do not show an iota of the "Idolatry of Fear" worrying about what Satan’s servants and their criminal regimes might do to you, but rather worship God in fear, trembling, due subjection, and love, confident of what Christ shall provide for your Eternal well-being.

Martin Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2002