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>Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 00:25:36 -0800
>From: Jon Roland  (
>Subject: Re: The State of the Resistance on the 5th Anniversary of Waco 
>To: Martin Lindstedt  (
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>Martin, I congratulate you on a well-written historical review of the 

   OK, I'll take the congradulations on my writing of the militia 
movement.  However, I was primarily concerned with showing the 
facts such that my conclusion could be reached.  This conclusion 
is at odds with your preferred conclusion, however.

>However, I disagree with your assessment that the time of the public 
>militias is over. Henceforth, any gathering of people to protest some 
>abuse or to accomplish some reform or make some defense, most of whose 
>members lean toward the use of armed force to protect their rights 
>and those of others, will be perceived as a "militia" in the public 
>mind, and they will be.  There is no way the political arm can 
>function without holding open public meetings and demonstrations, 
>even if they don't display arms or engage in military or law 
>enforcement training.

   You yourself have just admitted that the time of the public 
militias is over.  Any military arm of the movement will be perceived 
as "militia."  Therefore, there cannot be separate arms, political 
and military of the militia movement, or if there is the distinction 
it be a distinction without difference, perceived or actual.
   The militia movement has never been interested in pursuing any such 
distinctions.  All it has ever been interested in is protesting abuses 
by the displaying of arms.  However, upon its bluff being called, this
militia movement has not been "effective" except in filling regime 
   There comes a time when protest for a series of continuing 
greviances has no longer a place in Resistance activity.  There 
comes a time to for payback.  Before that time, comes planning for 
that time to activate the final resolution of grievances.

>And, as I pointed out back in March, 1994, the only way to meet 
>the threat from infiltration is to recruit such vast numbers that 
>infiltration is overwhelmed. This has been the ways infiltration 
>has been overcome by every other successful political reform 
>movement throughout American history, almost all of which were 

  This is akin to saying that police fists can be overcome by 
providing enough patriot noses and heads to bust. 

   First of all, let it be understood that there will never ever 
be such vast numbers in the patriot movement that we will outnumber 
the vast mass of people who are perfectly happy with corruption 
or so cowardly that they will do anything about it until it is 
much too little much too late.  
   The only majority that us in the political minority will ever 
have is by making ourselves into a Revolutionary Majority, to use 
the phrase in an essay of that name by the Old Resistance chieftain 
Louis Beam.

   There has never been any such thing as a "successful reform 
movement" and certainly not by the process of majority rule unless 
you wish to count the actions of the Clinton regime as being a 
"successful reform movement."

   As I have pointed out in my article, the "only way" to meet the 
reality of infiltration is through making the Resistance immune to 
such tactics.  This is through a process of creating "Leaderless 
Resistance" cells which are only open to blood-kin or people of 
long friendship.  Thus even if the cell is compromised, the 
infiltration stops at the cell level.  The open Political Front 
becomes Resistant to infiltration because of Resistance scrutiny. 
If anyone ever sees me telling them that the criminal regime is 
our "friend," then of course anyone is free to say that I've been 
   As a practical matter of experience, it wasn't until the various 
smaller Missouri militias decided to break up into cells and head 
underground that two Missouri State Trooper parasites who had been 
feeding upon them decided to come clean.  They did quite a bit of 
damage to the local militias and common-law movement before they 
confessed to a 3CC delegate.
   This illustrates that the militia movement is not only incapable 
of detecting infiltraitors, it usually lacks the basic intelligence 
to even take precautions to give infiltraitors nothing to report.

>Another of the responses I expect and have long encouraged is 
>for the character of militia training to shift from military 
>combat toward law enforcement and emergency response. 

   Should we become a fire department?  
   Will we be allowed in "law-enforcement" to enforce the laws of 
the regime?
   The patriot movement is the natural enemy of the ruling criminal 
regime.  Therefore, we will not be allowed to become the enforcement 
arm of the criminal regime.

>We need to put more emphasis on intelligence, which is similar 
>to the detective work needed in law enforcement, and which we need 
>to pull out the nails of the Establishment by exposing their 
>wrongdoing, and perhaps place our own infiltrators within the 
>agencies and corporations where they can do the most good.

  Really?  The Establishment corrupt?  How you do go on.

   Do we need to waste limited intelligence assets in order to find 
yet another pimple in the decayed corpse of the body poly-tick?  
Isn't it far more efficient to simply brand the Establisment as 
thoroughly corrupt and deal with them accordingly?

>What we can expect is for fewer activities to call themselves 
>"militias" openly, while at the same time more and more of them 
>privately recognize that they really are militias, if only at a 
>low level. This would include, for example, all neighborhood 
>watch and citizens on patrol operations.

   The reason fewer people call themselves "militias" openly is 
because people are at least beginning to understand how very 
much hated we are.
   You don't think the vast majority know full well about the 
loss of freedom and rapidly growing corruption of the regime?  
And yet they begrudge anyone who would live for a minute more 
free then they in their self-induced slavery.

>All of this is proceeding according to the scenario I foresaw in 
>early 1994.


   I think you are absolutely clueless.

   There is not going to be any salvation for any of us unless we 
make it for ourselves.
   This means we do not wait for mass-Amerika to suddenly discover 
the merits of freedom after having pursued a course of mass 
enslavement for the past 60, 80, 100, 200 years.  After all, we were 
born in a condition of freedom which has been diminished every day. 
It is with the collaboration of mass-Amerika that this present reality 
holds true.

   Therefore, it behooves us to see reality every single day as 
we work our own way to survival and freedom.
      The purpose of the Resistance is not to expend itself providing 
salvation and freedom for people who do not want any such thing. 
We are not interested in restoring a unified CONstitutional government 
to people who did not appreciate it in the first place.
   Our job is rather that of revolt on behalf of the Revolutionary 
majorities who have earned freedom by their own efforts.  Only those 
who have earned freedom and planned for survival shall both survive 
and be free.

--Martin Lindstedt

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A Fifth of Waco

Nice write!  Could have been titled:

"Trial of the Resistance Movement or Taking the Fifth on the Fifth
Anniversary of Waco" OR
"Resistance Movement On Trial, Takes the Fifth After Waco"  OR  
"Resistance Movement After Waco Drinks a Fifth"  OR
"The State of the Resistance Is the State of Confusion" OR
"The De Facto State of the Resistance Is Non-existant"   OR
"Resistance Drinks a Fifth then Takes the Fifth On the Fifth 
Anniversary of Waco"   OR
"The Regime Wins Another Round, Five In A Row After Waco"  OR
"Mao Was Right, You Have To Have the Support of the People to Win"

Enough of this banter...  Like I said, Nice write!

--Any Mouse


   I think I'll put your response in the letters page, but without 
an address -- or with one if you wish to do it that way.

   In any case, we do not have the support of the people.  Not right 
now.  So should we give up and wait for our extermination?  No? 

  I think that in these days of false prosperity that now is the time 
to build up Resistance cadre for the time ahead.  Nobody is going to 
be in a good mood for the time to come, and we should make appropriate 
plans for the future. 

--Martin Lindstedt



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