We, the Libertarians of the State of Missouri, recognizing the need in this state for an authentic political alternative, and believing in the principles and philosophy of libertarianism, supporting a return to Constitutional government in these United States and Missouri, hereby organize and institute the Missouri Libertarian Party under this Constitution, in Springfield this 6th day of September, 1992.


1.1 The name of this organization shall be the "Missouri Libertarian Party", hereinafter referred to as the "MoLP".

1.2 The purpose of the MoLP shall be the promotion of Libertarian candidates for election to public office and the promotion of libertarian ideas and philosophy.

1.3 The MoLP shall be affiliated with the National Libertarian Party and shall comply with all of the applicable rules and bylaws affecting affiliate parties as promulgated by the Libertarian Party National Committee and the Libertarian Party National Convention.

1.4 When the MoLP or any part of it achieves status as an official political party in accordance with Missouri election laws, the Missouri election laws shall supersede those parts of this Constitution which conflict with said election laws.


2.1 The State Committee shall be constituted as nearly as feasible in accordance with Missouri statutes.

2.2 The State Committee shall have the authority to pass and amend bylaws, raise money, maintain bank accounts, expend necessary funds raised, form committees, assign duties to State Officers and appoint agents to act on its behalf.

2.3 The State Committee shall meet at least at each State Convention. The meeting at State Convention is the "first" meeting of the State Committee of the year.


3.1 The daily affairs of the MoLP shall be conducted by the Expediting Committee. The Expediting Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the MoLP, and district members from the various Congressional Districts, not to exceed two per District, chosen by the respective members of the State Committee residing in that District. All Expediting Committee members must be members of the MoLP.

3.2 Challenges to the selection of District members of the Expediting committee [representatives] may be presented by State Committee members from that district to the State Committee for resolution. In the event of such a challenge, no challenged member shall vote on the resolution of said challenge.

3.3 The Expediting Committee shall serve for a period of one year, beginning at the first State Committee meeting. Vacancies occurring during a term shall be filled by State Committee members residing in that district, or, failing that, by appointment of the Chair with the approval of the State Committee.

3.4 The Expediting Committee shall hold at least one meeting every three months. All members of the Expediting Committee shall be given reasonable notice of when and where each meeting is to be held.


4.1 The Officers of the MoLP shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

4.2 Except for the Provisional Party Organization, appointed under statute, State Officers shall be elected for a term of one year by the State Committee and shall take office immediately after Convention.

4.3 The Chair shall be responsible for calling meetings of the State Committee and the Expediting Committee, chairing all State Committee and Expediting Committee meetings, chairing the State Convention, serving as official spokesperson of the MoLP, and appointing persons and/or performing other functions as authorized by the State Committee. Some of these responsibilities may be delegated by the Chair.

4.4 The Vice chair shall act as Chair in the event of the Chair's inability or unwillingness to perform such action required by the State Constitution, bylaws of the State Committee, and/or Missouri election law. The Vice Chair shall also be responsible for coordinating outreach efforts and shall act as Public Relations officer of the MoLP, as directed by the State Committee and the State Chair. The Vice Chair must call a Expediting Committee meeting if the Chair has not done so within the three month period stated in Article 3.4. The Vice Chair may delegate some of these responsibilities.

4.5 The Secretary shall record the minutes of all State Committee and Expediting Committee meetings, correspond with government officials of the State of Missouri, and be responsible for the publication of a newsletter for the MoLP.

4.6 The Treasurer shall maintain the records of receipts and expenditures of party funds and shall be responsible for reporting such records to any federal or state agency or official as required by law.

4.7 The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report to be distributed at State Committee meetings to all members of the State Committee. The Treasurer shall prepare this report at least quarterly and distribute it by way to the State Chair. The Treasurer shall submit an annual financial report to the delegates attending the State Convention.

4.8 Should any Officer resign, that office shall be filled by appointment of the State Committee, except in the case that should the Chair resign, the Vice Chair shall become Chair and the State Committee shall appoint a new Vice Chair.


5.1 A State Convention shall be held annually. The time and place of the State Convention shall be determined by the State Committee or a Convention Committee as appointed by the State Committee.

5.2 The purpose of the State Convention shall be to select delegates to the Libertarian Party National Convention (if applicable), amend the MoLP Constitution and State Committee bylaws, and propose the MoLP Platform to the State Committee.

5.3 The State Officers shall serve as officers of the State Convention.


6.1 The rules governing the State Committee, the Expediting Committee, and the State Convention shall be Robert's Rules of Order.

6.2 A quorum at State Committee meetings shall exist if 51% of the membership of the State Committee is present in person or via telecommunications.


7.1 Amendments to this Constitution should be submitted in writing to be considered at the State Convention. The State Committee will set the deadline for submissions. However, this Constitution will be amended between Conventions to change those provisions which are not in accordance with Missouri and Federal law. Such changes should be proposed by the MoLP Secretary to the State Committee members for consideration in writing.



1.1 A person is a member or the Missouri Libertarian Party if he or she submits a membership application to the MoLP and pays dues each year. Dues are to be determined by the State Committee.

1.2 A member may be censured and/or disavowed by the State Committee if he/she: while purporting to represent to the public the MoLP states positions which are contrary to Libertarian principles, and/or is found to have committed acts of fraud and/or violence. Upon fair notice to appear or be represented before the State Committee to be heard on the charge(s) levied, censure or disavowal shall be only upon approval of three-quarters of the whole membership of the State Committee.


2.1 Whenever four or more residents of Missouri desire to form an affiliate of the MoLP, they may do so by submitting to the State Committee, in wiring or be representation to the Committee in person, the new affiliate's name and intention of affiliation. The State Committee shall then approve or reject the affiliation by majority vote.

2.2 Within two months after receiving recognition as being an affiliate of the MoLP, the new affiliate should submit to the Secretary a Constitution and/or bylaws of the affiliate and provide that membership of said affiliate shall be open to all Libertarians otherwise qualifying, along with a list of names, address and phone numbers of the officers of said affiliate.

2.3 Recognition of an affiliation may be revoked by the State Committee only if one or more of the following applies:

A) The affiliate is, as a group, participating in activities that are grounds for censure and/or disavowal for individuals (see Bylaws Article 1.2). The State Committee may only revoke recognition in this case if they follow the following procedure:

1) Written warning to the officers of said affiliate notifying them that a revocation is being considered.

2) If such activities continue despite the warning, the State Committee must notify the affiliate that a vote will be taken on revocation of affiliation and invite them to attend and defend themselves in person or by proxy.

3) Revocation of an affiliation must be passed by a three-fourths majority of the whole membership of the State Committee.

B) The affiliate is disbanded by the members of said affiliate. In this case, the State Committee should revoke recognition by majority vote.

C) The affiliate merges with another, forming a new affiliate.

2.4 Each affiliate shall be represented on the State Committee as outlined in Article 2 of the MoLP Constitution.


3.1 The State Committee must approve in advance the expenditure of any party funds. The State Committee may, but is not obligated to, reimburse funds expended by a member without prior authorization.


4.1 The State Committee will insure that there are enough funds to publish and mail a State newsletter.

4.2 The State Secretary, being responsible for the newsletter, will submit a budget to the State Committee for its publication at least once every six months.

4.3 The Secretary may appoint someone else to edit and publish the newsletter with the approval of the State Committee. The will not in any way absolve the Secretary from being responsible for the newsletter.

4.4 Decisions regarding trequency of publication will be made by the State Committee, upon recommendation by the Secretary.


5.1 Amendments to these bylaws should be made at the State Convention. Between Conventions, amendments may be made by the State Committee by the following procedure:

A) The proposed amendment shall be sent to all State Committee members in writing at least one week prior to the State Committee meeting.

B) The amendment should pass with a three-fourths majority of the whole membership of the State Committee in favor.