Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt -- Libertarian Candidate 4 Presiding Commissioner -- 2002


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I am running on the Libertarian Party ballot for Newton County Presiding Commissioner as Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt. There is no political opposition to one-party rule in Newton County and this area unless I start it.

Presently this area is rated #1 in the #1 state for meth production in the empire. This is no accident. This area rates .89 for living expenses and .77 for income, which means that this area has the greatest inherent mental, moral, and physical poverty and the most corrupt and rapacious police and government designed to squeeze out any excess health in what is essentially degenerate idiotic inbred white trash. Corporations are importing thousands of mestizo latrinos for cheap labor, and such bring with them their Turd-World ways of disease and corruption. Expect not only West Nile, but all the plagues indigenous to these alien vermin to soon infest us all.

Well within a decade, Newton County shall be uninhabitable for Whites, provided that the moronic Deserter- In-Thief hasn’t gotten Amerikwa all biowarred to death in his ‘Christian’ Zionist crusade to destroy the Muslims and steal their oil.

If [s]elected, I promise to hold open meetings, name names of those fully responsible, and to gloat. (200 words)

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner of Newton County -- 2002

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