July 23, 1996

Martin Lindstedt
Route 2, Box 2008
Grandy, MO 64844

Dear Martin,

   On behalf of the National Rifle Association of America Political 
Victory Fund and our members in the state of Missouri, I am proud to
inform you of your rating of "A", for Missouri Governor.

   In politics today, when so many candidates and elected officials 
opt for easy solutions to difficult problems, your strong stand in 
defense of the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms
is admirable.  Your public statements and answers to our candidate 
questionnaire show that you possess the courage to wage a real war 
on violent crime if you are elected.  Clearly, you have shown that 
you understand the difference between the failed proposals of those
who offer more "gun control" and the proven, tough-on-crime remedies 
that can make the streets of Missouri safe again.

   I will not only inform all NRA members in the state of your grade, 
but also all citizens concerned about preserving and promoting their 
fundamental liberties and building a better Missouri.  Good Luck!

                                     John A. Hosford
                                     Missouri State Liason

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