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Letters to the Editor


>>Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 13:02:17 -0800
>>From: Frank Brady 
>>Subject: Re: Lead Editorial, Modern Militiaman, Issue #5.
>>To: Patricia Neill 
>>Reply-to: bradyco@sky.NET
>>Organization: Brady & Associates

An Organization of Lawyers or other deep-bottom trough feeders
of some kind or another.

>>References: <>
>>Patricia Neill wrote:

   No, Editor Lindstedt wrote:

>>>           The State of the Militia, April 19, 1997
>>> Whilemany of the open militias have degenerated into groups
>>> of "militia generals" commanding "units" of  4-5 lesser
>>> officers, yammering about the need to "restore" a piece of
>>> paper called "The Constitution," in the meantime modern
>>> militia units have, like icebergs, reacted to the heat by
>>> shielding well over nine-tenths of their bulk under the
>>> waterline.
>>> Any militia falsely founded upon a piece of paper over 200
>>> years old, which all pay lip service to but nobody obeys
>>> called "The Constitution," deserves sacrifice to the State-
>>> god upon their false altar. Rather, it is to be understood
>>> that a steadfast application to the personal liberty of
>>> yourselves and your friends, while taking full advantage of
>>> any opportunities to defeat the enemy (gubbnmint, NWO, ZOG,
>>> city hall) is the hallmark of a successful Resistance
>>> organization.
>>--Martin Lindstedt,
>>> Managing Editor of "The Modern Militiaman"

>>And with these words, Mr. Lindstedt stands revealed as a Jacobin
>>terrorist, a man who tells us that we rise up for nothing more 
>>noble than "the personal liberty of yourself and your friends." 
>>What a uniquely self-centered and hedonistic revolution he is 
>>urging. And upon what transcendental principles will his brave 
>>new world be based? Why on whatever pleases him (and his friends) 
>>at the moment, apparently.
>>The Constitution, Mr. Lindstedt, is more than "a piece of paper." 
>>It is among the cornerstone documents of Western Civilization, 
>>that through which a people established the moral and legal basis 
>>for government and defined the rights of man. That it has been 
>>sullied and assaulted is beyond question--but one doubts that your 
>>writings will improve upon it as a basis for self-government.
>>Frank Brady

   Usually I divide the Constitutional idolaters into two camps:
idiots and/or criminals. Due to Mr. Brady's skillful rationalizations 
and affiliation with what sounds like a law firm, I can in good 
faith assume the latter.

   Throughout the ages, cowardly criminals have erected false gods 
and doxologies in order to steal without fear of quick retaliation. 
If they were honest thieves, and got caught stealing freelance, they 
might be quickly killed by their "victims."  Hence, after forming a
thieves guild, it becomes necessary to pacify the would-be victims 
into thinking that their victimization is the natural order of 
things -- even 'legal'. 
   In modern times, the false god is gubbnmint, and its current 
doxology is "The Constitution."

   Now we live in a end time when everyone has been thoroughly 
looted by Brady & Associates, and other sundry thieves and there 
isn't much left to steal.  While I would normally have no problem 
with watching the last thief cannibalize the last fool, this is 
an imperfect world.  I might not be left alone while nature takes 
its course.  Hence, I must be armed and ready so as to be left in 
peace while the end result prevails: the last of the food animals 
are devoured by the predators, and then, in the interests of 
safety & hygene, eliminate the starving parasites and predators.

  No, the sun will rise tomorrow out of the east, even if I do not 
sacrifice my oldest child to Molech, lay down on the altar atop a 
pyramid and let the blood-encrusted high priest tear out my heart, 
or bellow some onanism to "The Constitution." 

   Go out and munch on some herd animals, Mr. Brady.  Your time 
will soon come.

--Martin Lindstedt,
Managing Editor, Modern Militiaman


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