Ride the Tiger

We live in a time of change, almost Revolutionary change. Change is like a tiger, which we dare not run away from lest it overtake, then devour us. What we must do is to fearlessly look it in the eye, then jump aboard its back and ride it fearlessly to where it takes us.

The mother of violent revolution is an inability to change. The father of revolution is injustice. As a revolutionary and as a militiaman, I know full well the conditions necessary for me to flourish, and then make my activity inevitable. Heed well my words!

To be able to cope with change, we must first be able to think our way to a solution towards less government and less taxation. The vast majority of the mischief caused has a governmental source. And we are creating our own barbarians to destroy our civilization via the government-run indoctrination program called the public school system.

Its failings are well known. Its appetite eats out over 50% of the state budget. It is the moral equivalent of a state religion with the government as the new Baal. It is a jealous state-god, wanting not Christ put before it. Like Elijah, we must put an end to it!

The first method of attack is through the elimination of educational bureaucracies. Then the issuance of vouchers not controlled by the terminated education bureaucrats. Then the exclusion of state taxes for education and the allowance of higher local taxes, and then finally the complete absence of all forms of government control and the complete privatization of education. This will lead to a golden age for true education, as opposed to mere indoctrination of the next generation. There are religious, computer, Internet, and home school alternatives available like never before -- if we have the courage to use them. When we are able to think, we will be able to change.

I have been kidnapped under color of law, and know injustice acts as a lash to spur vengeance. Here are my proposals to end the injustices created by an injustice system:

The current system benefits only lawyers; people who have knowingly sold themselves to the government for a monopoly license to steal. So why do we wonder at the rapacity of lawyers appointed to the bench by politicians? Or why policemen perjure themselves when they are increasingly nothing more than bullies needing a to wear a gun with a badge for legal cover and concealment?

So let us now pardon those who are imprisoned merely because their weaknesses caused them to engage in habits harmful only to themselves, and stop imprisoning those who have not transgressed against the life, liberty, person or property of another human being. Let only God judge them, and let us reserve jail space only for those who have maliciously harmed another. Let us open the courts to the election of local honest men and women who are not lawyers and let fully informed jurors of good character who are acquainted with the law of the commons keep an eye on the judges. Let us seek justice so that it may be found, and before injustice quickens the cause of violence and revolution.

Change is like a tiger. We dare not run. We cannot hide. We have not the strength to hold onto its tail forever. Who will volunteer to sacrifice themselves to assuage its hunger? Are there no volunteers? But yet we must do something!

So let us bravely, and with resolve, climb aboard the back of the tiger and ride it together to where it does go and make sure that no one, but no one, is eaten!

Martin Lindstedt, militiaman
Libertarian Candidate for Governor

The above was from a speech to be read at a Meet the Candidates forum at the Madison Christian Church 200 West Broadway, Madison, Missouri 65263 on Sunday, July 14, 1996 at 6:00 p.m.

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