Springfield News-Leader
Sunday, July 25, 2004, Ozarks Section
by James Goodwin

Self-described racist says Republicans sold out

. . . . Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt is angry enough that he's gone from bark to bite.

. . . . The Granby resident, a Republican candidate for governor and self-described racist, filed a federal suit this week seeking to right a wrong he claims Secretary of State Matt Blunt committed against him in 2002 and again this year.

. . . . Lindstedt is gunning for Blunt, another candidate in the Aug. 3 Republican gubernatorial primary.

. . . . But Lindstedt's real target is the party. Republicans have sold out people such as him, he said, by supporting policies that send blue-collar jobs out of the country.

. . . . "My goal is to take the overtly racist, small-town, rural, working-class white vote (and) say the Republicans have done nothing but betray us," Lindstedt said. "And in November (those voters should) either stay home or . . . hold their nose and vote Democrat."

. . . . Lindstedt filed the suit Wednesday in the U.S. District Court in Springfield.

. . . . Spence Jackson, spokesman for the secretary of state's office, said the court action "is baseless and obviously politically motivated."

. . . . Lindstedt claims Blunt, the state's highest elections official, should have included Lindstedt's "Mad Dog" moniker on Aug. 3 primary ballots. He also said his Web site address should be added to the roster of gubernatorial candidates and Web sites on the secretary of state's Web site.

. . . . Lindstedt, a regular candidate for various offices, said Blunt should have done the same in 2002, when Lindstedt ran in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Jim Talent won the race and went on to defeat Democratic incumbent Sen. Jean Carnahan.

. . . . Lindstedt also ran as a Libertarian in the 1996 gubernatorial primary and 1998 U.S. Senate primary and in the 2000 U.S. Senate primary for the Reform Party nomination, according to Jackson.

. . . . The proper punishment, Lindstedt said, is, if Blunt wins the Aug. 3 Republican primary, that his name appear on the November general election ballot as Matt "Runt" Blunt.

. . . . "It rhymes," Lindstedt said. "But most importantly, it points out the political reality that if it wasn't for his daddy, he probably wouldn't be on the ballot."

. . . . Blunt is the son of Congressman Roy Blunt of Springfield.

. . . . Jackson said the secretary of state's office reserves the right not to include Web addresses if the sites contain "obscene or offensive language, which (Lindstedt's) clearly does."

. . . . The candidate signed a form acknowledging the policy, Jackson said.

. . . . Lindstedt's nickname wasn't added to the ballot, Jackson said, based on an attorney general's opinion issued in the 1940s. It says nicknames aren't to be listed unless two candidates have the same name or if a candidate demonstrates that voters wouldn't recognize them without the nickname.

. . . . In Lindstedt's previous elections he was named on ballots as "Martin Lindstedt," Jackson said.

. . . . Lindstedt said he nicknamed himself "Mad Dog" in 2002, specially for the Senate primary.

. . . . "It just popped (into) my head," he said. "... I thought an unusual name like that would send a few more votes my way, get me a little publicity."



Notes & Commentary

. . . . There is no such thing as 'bad publicity' for a White Nationalist politician being interviewed by the jewsmedia. As long as they spell your name right, the jewsmedia lackeys can say that you suck the dirty dicks of dead dogs, and it will still be a plus. The trick of the matter is to have your own media, such as this web page, and allied WN web pages available to put your own 'spin' on the news, and to remember, while the jewsmedia is interviewing you, you are at the same time interviewing it. Take the hit, as necessary, and be prepared to dish it out as well. Polytricks sometimes is nothing more than hammering on the foe toe-to-toe as necessary. The reporter can give you 'bad' publicity or 'neutral' publicity and sometimes even 'good' publicity. But their main task is the report the news -- which one as a Resistance political activist creates, in this case a federal lawsuit.

. . . . This reporter was young. This was an advantage in my case because in his own way, he doesn't understand firsthand what has been taught to him as 'racism' being something bad. Hence the term for myself as being a 'self-described racist.' What does he think us racists come from -- were we raised like mushrooms in a tank and taught in a seminary/diploma-mill to be 'racists'? Or unless we get a piece of paper from the Adolf Hitler Prep School for Hitler Youth or ordination document from the Aryan Nations, we are merely deluding ourselves concerning our basic racist credentials? This guy is young. He's probably never met an open 'racist' before, and thus the terminology from j-skrule. I'm a self-proclaimed 'racist' just as Jesus Christ was a self-proclaimed Christian Messiah and Socrates a self-proclaimed philosopher. The first in line must always self-credential theysselfs.

. . . . That said, this James Goodwin did a competent honest job. I was not misquoted. My basic motivations came out clearly. I am out to destroy the Missouri Republican Party because it is bad for White People, and RuntBlunt's crookedness, stupidity, and misuse of power made RuntBlunt vulnerable to my lawsuit. RuntBlunt's 'communication director,' doubtless a young pup who graduated from the bottom of j-skrule, came across as arrogant, clueless, and as the best available in RuntBlunt's 'Council of Rehoboam' -- young feebs thinking that they are entitled to power simply because they are riding on the coat-tails of SkunkBlunt, RuntBlunt's daddy the Korporat-Kongress-Kritter from Southwest Moronsouri. I met RuntBlunt and his 'Council of Rehoboam' -- six or seven faggy-looking wusses pomaded in empty suits all looking like RuntBlunt clones. I was not impressed. Neither shall many White Christian heterosexual men who work with their hands or are self-employed in rural downstate Missouri be impressed by RuntBlunt & RuntBlunt's six or seven faggy dwarfs. RuntBlunt has nothing to gain (and much to lose), by being seen in public before a White Man audience.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004


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