Death to the System

by Steve Stein


"We do not wish for law and order, for law and order means the continued existence of this rotten, rip-off, capitalist Jew System. We wish for anarchy and chaos which will enable us to attack the System while her Big Brother pigs are trying to keep the pieces from falling apart. We wish for a situation so confused and mixed-up that we can go after those bastards responsible for the anti-white policies and attacks against our people which now exist. Such chaos would allow us to so intensify our assaults that we could very well plunge the entire System to its death."
Joe Tommasi

". . . . We want the people so terrified by crime that they'll be ready to accept anything which promises to lead them to safety. We want them sullen and disgruntled and not happily participating in the 'democratic process'. Above all we don't want a police state with our worst enemies at the top pulling the strings. We don't want a 'business as usual' atmosphere. We want an atmosphere conducive to REVOLUTION spilling over into the streets."
Joe Tommasi

. . . . . There is only one enemy: the System. Everything else is peripheral. Corporate crime, non-white violence, high taxes, pollution, illegal immigration, and a thousand other things are very real concerns-but they're all symptoms. The System is responsible for every single one of these problems and none of them can be resolved until the monster is dead.

. . . . . That being true, the next question is obvious: how can this be accomplished? Needless to say, the answer changes depending on who you're talking to. Many think this is an impossible task, so they attack the issues in order to avoid the actual fight. You see, the government is much too powerful, it's supported by overwhelming military force, and it is controlled by aliens from outer space (who naturally cannot be killed by human weapons). Any damn excuse will do just fine, assuming it keeps these 'heroes' from having to take risks. Granted, this type of human material won't get a lot done, but thankfully not everyone is burdened with a limp wrist. Still, the job ahead won't be easy, which is why we need to rid our heads of tactical delusions.

. . . . . In movement circles it's basically believed that we should do one of two things: fight for every inch of ground or run and hide. In other words, you can be an urban guerilla or a rural revolutionary. Should anyone choose the former option, their life expectancy will be drastically reduced. Suppose chaotic conditions were upon us, and you found yourself in the middle of a riot. The city is burning, and no one in their right mind would give two cents for your chances. If we want chaos, that's what it amounts to.

. . . . . Of course there are those who would call such views defeatism, as they want nothing more than an opportunity to go out in a blaze of glory -- regardless of whether or not doing so accomplishes anything beneficial. We don't particularly believe that such people are sincere, since there's no shortage of targets to hit right now if they were of a mind to -- but even if we give them the benefit of the doubt it's obvious that such an opinion is based on the idea that victory is impossible. That's how these big talkers see things, so they settle for the next best thing: getting their faces on TV! This is the exact same mentality that motivates a Hollywood starlet to drop down on her knees in hopes of getting a close-up in the next blockbuster. Concede: We have bigger worries than preventing fools from committing suicide, but it is important to keep our young comrades from being infected with this disease.

. . . . . Fleeing to the countryside, which you'll recall was the other suggested alternative, is also flawed -- mainly because it assumes the System will fall on its own. The movement has been predicting just that since at least the early 1970s, generally stating that this will result from an economic collapse. During these thirty years the Fed has continued to produce money out of thin air, and we suspect that Big Brother can probably keep the dog and pony show running long enough to make our job considerably more difficult. In truth, it's the System's racial policies that have the potential to cause a collapse. This is what needs to be exploited, as "our" leaders have unleashed a force that they can't completely control.

. . . . . But this certainly doesn't mean that we can afford to sit back, remain on the defensive, and hope that things magically work out for the best. Yet that is what it would amount to if we all moved to small towns, assuming nothing else was being done. Furthermore, the middle of nowhere ain't what it used to be. This country is being flooded with non-whites who possess extremely high birth rates, and many rural areas are beginning to show the same demographic trends that have caused so many problems in the cities. The entire concept of "digging in" becomes ridiculous if this gets too advanced.

. . . . . Look, let's be honest with ourselves: white people (for the most part) aren't in a revolutionary state of mind. The blacks learn to passionately hate the System early in life. They know that they're not part of the establishment, but it's not like that with whites. Even those who agree with us to the tune of 90% don't want to hear about illegality. If we say that a fight is the prerequisite for a cure, they say good-bye.

. . . . . This is the main reason why the con-men in our ranks can still sell their "let's vote our way out of it" garbage. Like it or not, our people instinctively support law and order. This doesn't have to be a bad thing -- and it will definitely help us once in power -- but it's obviously a serious handicap today. You and I know that law and order no longer exists, as we've seen it replaced with a new reality: corrupt politicians, corrupt judges, corrupt business practices, etc., etc. Just the same, appearances are everything in this society -- and if it seems like the government is providing the little bit of order we have left, this will act as a strong incentive for many not to oppose it. We also need to consider a fundamental revolutionary truth: most people won't fight if they have food in the icebox, a roof over their heads, and a car in the driveway.

. . . . . Of course things shouldn't be this way, but they are -- and probably have been since the beginning of time. Instead of letting such facts depress us, it would be better to learn the lesson they teach. Since the status quo is murdering our race, and since no one other than exceptional individuals will fight until their backs are against the wall, it becomes clear that sensible tactics would be those designed to create chaos. This will force everyone to make a choice, as it's impossible to remain apathetic when conditions knock you right off the fence.

. . . . . How can this be done? Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. California is having trouble with blackouts? What would happen if a few well-placed explosions knocked the power out -- not just for a few days, but for weeks? Rioting is a very real possibility. They say that major cities can last two weeks without electricity. Maybe -- but not during a riot. Looters would have the stores empty in a matter of days, if not hours. The situation could be further exploited if someone was to hit the first relief convoy, which (at least initially) would follow obvious routes without massive protection. Then Big Brother would have to deal with this -- or risk losing control if it seemed like he couldn't -- but imagine if the government had to deal with multiple disorders simultaneously.

. . . . . It's not too difficult to figure out how to cause them. For example, we have never suggested wasting a single bullet (or a minute of your time) on a meaningless target -- and we continue to view such actions as self-defeating. However, suppose the situation in a given area was so tense that it was about to explode? The System would be working overtime to cool things down, while we could heat them right up to the boiling point with a few pulls of a trigger. This would only work in a situation where the tension was thick enough that you could cut it with a knife, but our entire point is that America has become like a tinderbox -- a few matches could start a blazing inferno.

. . . . . It should be mentioned that some serious consequences go hand in hand with this scenario. To begin with, suppose we were successful: what should be done when large crowds come out of the urban areas in search of food? If you're not prepared, say goodnight. This is another reason why the "head to the hills" mentality is absurd. Still regardless of what may happen, it will surely be better than watching our People die the slow death. As conditions worsen, the government will drop the mask and reveal its true face. The benevolent father figure will be gone, and everyone can get a good look at the blood-soaked tyrant that actually rules over us. Unfortunately, this won't be pretty and we can expect a considerable amount of damage -- especially since those in power are by no means impotent.

. . . . . It would be better if this could be avoided, and no one should desire chaos for its own sake, but the fact remains that most won't fight until their backs are to the wall. That being the case, our actions should be geared toward making this a sink or swim situation. Numbers won't matter once things reach that stage, as the non-whites will be killing each other (not just us), and the government will be forced to expend part of its energy dealing with threats from other quarters. It's also true that our race has spent all of history showing what a small minority can do against numerically superior foes. That spirit isn't dead yet, and when push comes to shove there could well be plenty of individuals regretting the day they ever sided against us.

. . . . . Reality check: We're not at all prepared to grapple with the conditions being described. Honestly, we never will be. If people can get away with playing games, a lot of them will. That's a fact. Fortunately, no one else is ready either. Instead of worrying constantly about things we can't change, our time would be better spent doing the preparatory work -- which will be a major factor in determining who's going to come out on top. This means getting our people out of the cities -- but not just leaving; no, building communities that are capable of surviving any eventuality including hostile aggression. This would take a lot of effort, but only fools believe that anything worthwhile comes easy. Keeping in mind that the run and hide mentality is tantamount to suicide, we reject any one-dimensional tactical approach. There is nothing wrong with getting out of the death traps, as long as we don't forget that the majority of crucial targets cannot be found in rural areas. Obviously our soldiers will have to operate where they can do the most good, and combining these two activities will prove to be an effective way of building a revolutionary vanguard.

. . . . . We're a long way from being in a position to capitalize on any collapse, but the clock is ticking and there are plenty of other racial and/or political groups that are busy preparing for the coming struggle. The competition will be fierce, and you can bet that whoever gets their act together first will have the best chance, and they will also have the honor of driving their daggers into the heart of the Beast, as well as the privilege of providing the rotten monster with the only kind of justice it deserves.


Steve Stein is currently an inmate on Death Row in Florida. He may be contacted at:

Steve Stein #122551
Union Correctional Institution
7819 NW 228th Street
Raiford, FL. 32026



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