The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian
Issue #11
April-May 1995

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Newsletter Purpose & Intent: This is an unusual newsletter. It is intended to be the voice of the militant Libertarian and the reasonable militia member.

200 years ago, this political newsletter would have been considered left of center. 100 years ago, the things stated herein would have been belaboring the obvious. Today, the concepts of limited government, personal freedom and responsibility make this newsletter seem radical. But since there are few other places available for the dissemination of these opinions, this newsletter is proud to make do. The views expressed in this newsletter are not those of the Missouri Libertarian party or of various militia groups. But they damn well should be.

Editor & Publisher: Martin Lindstedt



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The Government Did It

Last Kings, Chapter One

Where There is No Justice, Demand Freedom

*** Monologue ***

The Second Coming
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight, somewhere in the sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again, but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

"These people -- who do they think they are saying that their government has stamped out human freedom?" asked Blood-Slick Willie.

How about former citizens who don't want to be gassed, burned, bombed and murdered in their beds without putting up a bit of a fuss first?

BoobDole hopes the Republican Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings to "not to go after anyone, but to let the American people make their own judgment" about the Waco holocaust.

How very nice. Since none of the fully cooked and half-baked Branch Davidians were tried and found guilty of anything, the only legal conclusion to be drawn is whether it was first- or second-degree murder committed by the FBI and BATF bureaucrats who started the killing. If the hearings are "not to go after anyone," and not to provide whitewash, what then is the purpose for having them? To provide promotions, pay raises, medals, . . . bounties for murderous Federal police bureaucrats?

Some people, like BoobDole, will say and do anything to become President. That includes far too little, much too late.

The ruling elite was tired and decadent. They lost all legitimacy to rule after they were rightfully held responsible for the hyperinflation of 1923-1924. With financial collapse came social collapse as desperate people did anything to survive. These tired people were looking for a strong man, and soon one appeared.

Lest we forget, Chancellor Hitler came to power through democratic means, as the strongest coalition partner. Once senile President Hindenburg died, Goering became head of police, and some useful fool was found to torch the Reichstag Building. Hitler blamed the Communists and passed an Enabling Act that gave legal cover to the coming dictatorship.

Doubtless, the majority thought that their government could do no such thing, set fire to the chief legislative building. Every government, no matter how despotic, rules because the majority allows it. The majority refused to believe the government was responsible, because then they would have had to either do something about it or admit their moral and physical cowardice. Most people chose cowardice. They refused to see their government's basic criminality, to hear the cattle cars packed with suffering humanity, refused to smell the baked Jew in the nearby concentration camps. When enraged Allied soldiers dragged leading citizens by the scruff of the neck to Dachau, Buchenwald, Auchwitz, and scores of other death camps, these good folks protested, "We didn't know!"

Of course they didn't. They had taken great pains to not know anything, rather than admit their cowardice and lack of humanity.

As a country, Germany paid, and is still paying for their acts of collective moral blindness. But that doesn't let us Americans off the hook. A moral person should ask himself, "Could it happen here? What will I do about it if it does?"

The answers are not reassuring. Could it happen here? It already is. What will I do about it? I don't know.

This Act wasn't ruled unconstitutional because of the 2nd Amendment. No, rather the 10th Amendment came into play. It was figured out by a 5-4 majority that if Congress was allowed to make legislation and usurp jurisdiction under cover of the silly-putty "regulation of commerce" clause, then nothing would escape federal control. If so, what reason for states?

Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote the majority opinion. The school gun law, "is a criminal statute that by its terms has nothing to do with 'commerce' . . . however broadly one might define its terms." Under the Act's reasoning, "Congress could regulate any activity that it found was related to the economic productivity of individual citizens: family law . . ., for instance."

Nope, not ready to establish an overt dictatorship just yet. There's no money or power for lawyers, judges, cops, social workers, or other trough bottom-feeders in the criminal-justice system when you got a dictatorship of the majority. Just line the criminals up against the wall and shoot 'em dead, cheap. So will say the majority. The Court postponed that day until next time.

Of course, some political-trough bottom- feeders in Congress protested the scrapping of their handiwork. Such squeals are to be expected, but not noted.

So on April 29, he gave another lawyer, Attorney General Janet Reno, a week to come up with a way around the court ruling. After paying lip-service to the Constitution, the foresworn First Crook said, "I am determined to keep guns away from schools. We must reverse the practical impact of the Court's decision."

Isn't it wonderful to see the criminal mind at work? Inconvenient law in your way? Just ignore it and do whatever you want. It isn't so very difficult to chip away the remaining moral legitimacy of this rascal regime.

Now consider this. The dollar has weakened so much that it only requires 80 some of them to buy a dollar. Remember the caterwauling when the dollar went below 100 yen? "Not since MacArthur made the Japs sign for peace on the battleship Missouri, has the dollar been so weak," was the outcry. Now it's less.

The Japanese save the most money in the industrialized world. Somalis and Haitians are not big savers, and neither are Americans. People usually save money because they think they will get it back. Since the yen was 127 to the dollar when First Wuss Bush was president, the Japanese have seen their investment in Treasury bonds and bills, in dollar-denominated currency, decline by half or more. So why should they continue to buy American debt? And if they don't, how will we be able to roll over the debt we have no intention of repaying?

Access to U.S. markets is the overused bargaining chip the government uses to blackmail the Japs into buying our paper. But now the Clinton regime threatens to institute a trade war over the Japanese blocking the automotive spare-parts market.

Sooner or later, the Japanese will acquire the winning hand. They will call our bluff, then raise, and the game will be over.

So should we feel gratitude to Republican politicians for giving us back in limited form a right we always had? No.

The exception "but this shall not justify the wearing of concealed weapons" in Section 23, the Bill of Rights in the Missouri Constitution is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment clause, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Being grateful to a politician for "restoring" a right is equivalent to giving a joy-rider when he returns your car, all dinged up and only firing on two cylinders, a few bucks for gas money. But if you are going to be grateful to politicians, if you are going to suck, at least make sure you don't swallow. OK?

A line like that claiming to know all about the soldier-of-fortune mentality linking terrorists and private citizens concerned about their lives, liberty, and property reveals quite a bit about the police chief's mentality -- what little there is of it.

In the Springfield Area Contact: Bill Johnson, Executive Director Missouri Libertarian Party, 10th Amendment Coalition 2005-I East Kearney Springfield Missouri 65803 Office Phone (417) 889-1776 WATS Line 1-800-838-1776

In the Joplin Area contact: Martin Lindstedt, Editor Southwestern Missouri Libertarian Rt. 2, Box 2008 Granby, MO 64844 (417) 472-6901

The 7th Regional Missouri Militia needs YOU! contact: P.O. Box 527 Springfield, Missouri 65801 (417) 862-9777

Liberty's Calendar

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Coming: Patrick Henry's Debate Hall BBS -- Joplin. 2400 Baud, 24 hours a day. (417) 781-1432. Since May 15, 1995.

** Shots Heard 'Round the Immediate Vicinity **

* Tax Unnecessary *

The proposed half-cent sales tax increase for Newton County roads isn't needed, not yet.

The County Aid Road Tax (CART) -- that portion of the state gas tax allotted to counties -- will increase from 10 percent to 15 percent on the remaining 2 cent increase coming up next year, thus increasing county road revenues. When asked, one of the county commissioners allowed that failure of the voters to pass the tax wouldn't mean the road system's immediate decay. In fact, the increased CART revenues would mean a slight improvement in the future. So what's the rush?

The current total county sales tax is seven-eights of a cent. An increase of one-half cent is a 50 percent increase. When you consider Joplin has a 6.6-cent sales tax and Neosho has a 6.6-cent sales tax, an increase of one-half cent brings Newton County's sales tax up to 7.1 cents.

When you break the psycological barrier up to 7-something cents, just watch more shopping being done in Joplin. Is it really smart to encourage more driving as a result of increased road taxes?

A trial balloon was floated about this being a sunset tax of six years duration. Have you ever seen a temporary tax, once imposed going away?

Martin Lindstedt, Granby, Missouri

Published in The Joplin Globe, April 12, 1994


* Won't Sue *

An open letter to the Newton County Commissioners.

Gentlemen: I will not sue Newton County in my upcoming Federal Title 42 lawsuit if Newton County remains neutral. That is, if it refrains from giving aid and comfort to present and former county officials who have wronged me. Not a penny of taxpayer money, not a minute of official time, is to be spent in defending the conduct of present and past county officials who have wronged me. They and they alone are to be held responsible for their conduct, thus for their defense.

If these terms are agreeable, then I hereby pledge I will not sue Newton County, as a government organization, for the misconduct of its past and present officials in the past year.

Martin Lindstedt, Granby, Missouri

Published in The Neosho Daily News, April 12, 1995.


* Day of Infamy *

April 19, 1993, Patriot's Day in Massachusetts, marked the worst ever mass murder in the history of the United States. A rural group of citizens, innocent of any criminal activity, cleared by previous investigations, readily available to law enforcement and harming no one, were attacked, held siege and murdered with total disregard for their Constitutional rights.

The site was Mount Carmel outside of Waco, Texas. Ninety died, including four federal agents and 24 children. Pictures of these loving "families next door" should be in every paper, but the official cover-up has given you nothing but lies. Tanks, internationally banned gas and choppers were used against civilians in violation of federal law and international human-rights accords.

Clearly the purpose was an intimidating demonstration of government tyranny. There is nothing accidental about the selection of a fringe religious group on their private property with a normal household compliment of guns. Several surviving victims are serving 40 years in prison under "rule of men" grotesque miscarriages of justice. The perpetrators have not been punished. Instead the special forces involved have been strengthened.

This cowardly massacre, elaborately planned for nearly a year, was one more step in the decades-long irresolute path of gun control to genocide. That is the major plank in eliminating our national sovereignty under a one-world dictatorship. If you look at actions and results, not rhetoric, and remember from history what constitutes liberty, you would become focused in seeking an effective role in saving our country. Hopefully it can be done without bloodshed.

Joe Nix, Freistatt, Missouri

Editor's Note: This letter was published in The Joplin Globe of April 16, 1995.

Mr. Nix graduated from Harvard in 1954. One of his less distinguished classmates was Edward "Ted-the-Swimmer" Kennedy. After serving as a police captain and in private industry in the LA area, Mr. Nix chose to settle in Freistatt (population 200+). He banned TV from his house in 1988, using his spare time to write letters-to-the-editor and serve as geriatric activities director for the Lawrence County Republicans and Christian Coalitions. He attends Libertarian meetings for intellectual stimulation.


* Propaganda *

The government's psychological propaganda machine is in high gear. The Oklahoma City bombing has no connection, or little connection, to the militia or patriot movement. The government is determined to turn American citizens against the millions of patriots in the United States.

Why? Because they must. The patriot movement is gaining strength day by day and the government is fearful that this movement will deter its agenda to include the United States in the one-world government. As stated on television: "These people are paranoid in their belief that the U.S. government is in a conspiracy to turn over our government to the one-world order/government." They will do their best to turn the millions of brain-dead Americans away from what is really happening.

It isn't the "patriots" who have "dreamed" up this scenario. The evidence exists in the government's own documents and laws since the 1950s.

How in the world has what happened in Oklahoma City been turned toward the militia and patriot movement? There is little evidence there is any connection. There are radical individuals, with a myriad of beliefs, that are capable of extreme actions to further their cause, whether left or right. The actions of these few do not mean the whole movement is misinformed or to blame, unless it can be used to further the government's agenda. With the media geared to promote the government's agenda, there is little chance the "other side" will ever get its day in court.

The act of terrorism in Oklahoma City cannot be condoned by any patriot, but it is the incident that the government can use to further eliminate additional freedoms of the American people. It fits well into their plans to control and police the American people while they eliminate the Constitution, what is left of it, and Bill of Rights. It serves the government's agenda very well, as we will all find out over the next few months. The militia and the patriots are the last stand to keep our free country. Both political parties are moving us toward the one-world government. And there are those who truly believe that the one-world government is the only answer to the ills of the world. This requires a police state. Count me out!

Roger Kellermeyer, Carthage, Missouri

Editor's Note: Roger Kellermeyer was instrumental in forming a militia unit around the Joplin area. He dropped out after he was elected to the Carthage City Council on April 4, 1995. Roger is a member of the National Libertarian Party. This letter was printed in The Joplin Globe of May 2, the same day Roger showed up on TV to warn the one-worlders off. May 2 was also the day that John Doe Oswald #2 and a friend were arrested in Carthage and later released by the FBI.

I interviewed Roger on April 21, after I had to show up in Jasper County Circuit Court due to round #7 of the never-ending Granby-Lindstedt legal tussle.

Roger Kellermeyer, a seasoned old coot of 69 years, takes his elected responsibilities very seriously. He and his nine city council colleagues pretty much govern Carthage. Right now they are trying to figure out how to pay for city sewer improvements while at the same time rebuilding the city police station. Running a city may seem easy if you are playing SimCity on a computer, but real life challenges are far more immediate and personal. Do they go into debt for 20 years, risking a bond issue on both the sewer and police station, or risk only the sewer and rent to own a new jail? Such are the difficulties of governing, especially if you are of the Libertarian persuasion.

When I congratulated Roger on his victory without campaigning, he said that if he'd of known it was so much hard work, he might not of run. Well, perhaps.

Roger got cheap, effective name recognition from the literally hundreds of letters to the editor that he wrote, espousing well-managed, smaller government. The voters liked what they read. Roger patiently planted a number of literate seeds and he reaped a harvest of votes for public office. Can't the rest of us do the same? Of course, some of us don't follow excellent advice.

I ran for Municipal Judge of the Granby Police State, campaigning hard to demolish same. I knocked on over 500 doors, over 90% of Granby, stating my principles, and the voters decided that I was a dangerous radical and voted in the mediocrity. So we take victories where/when ever possible.


* Need cool heads *

Is the office of the president seeking to increase its power or is the man holding that office at this time making another mistake as to the power it gives him?

The Oklahoma tragedy was the act of a coward who puts no value on human life nor has a conscience to direct him, but it cannot be allowed to be used as a political platform from which to launch a campaign for the coming elections when the entire country is being led by its emotions rather than common sense.

When the president gives a direct order to one of his selected office holders to find a way around a ruling given by the highest court in the nation, is he not usurping his authority by refusing to accept that same ruling?

This man is not a dictator, or a supreme ruler -- he is an elected official and governed by the same laws as the rest of the country. How can he think otherwise? His job is to uphold the laws of the land, not try and find a way around them when they don't suit his purpose.

This is a traumatic time for this nation, an emotional time, when every citizen feels something must be done to prevent such a thing ever happening again as happened in the heart of this country.

But decisions that will affect those same citizens in decades to come must be made by cool heads and not by fired-up emotions that could prove disastrous in the long run. If one man is allowed to ignore or overturn a court ruling just because it interferes with his plans, what will become of this nation? What will become of our legal system? Will anything mean anything ever again? It is something to think about.

Tudy Brumley, Powell, Missouri

published in The Joplin Globe May 9, 1995.

*** Practical Issues & Answers ***

Part Seven of a continuing series. This column intends to give Libertarians running for office a practical guide on issues to bring up and exploit to the dismay of Demo-Publicans, who have no idea of how to solve the problems they have created.

** The Real Third Party **

"If this just degenerates . . . back to the usual balony of politics in Washington, then the American people . . . will move towards a third party in a massive way." Newt Gingrich, Nov. 9, 1994.

* The Current Reality *

THE TWO-PARTY SYSTEM IS DEAD. George Wallace was right in 1968 when he said that there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Look at what they connived together to bring us:

All this courtesy of the Democrats and Republicans, who have been granted the right to run this country right into the ground. Now we have a stark set of alternatives: Either the King must die or the People must be enslaved.

Out of the DemoPublican wreckage arises two new third parties. One party will exalt the State and abase the Individual; an "-ism" to be named after the successful strongman, be he President Cromwell, Napoleon, Hitler, or Stalin. The other Party has opposite values and is Libertarian. These two new third parties won't peacefully co-exist, although they'll both despise the Republocrat whore who breech-birthed them.

The New Fascism might very well be Amerika's wave of the future. After the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked what sort of government the Founding Fathers had created. His reply, "A Republic, gentlemen, if you can keep it," warns us that when a majority of people no longer deserve to live in a Republic, then soon they won't. Our Constitutional Republic died a long time ago, when the voters figured out they could vote themselves rich at some else's expense. Now we live in a decaying democracy and we rightfully fear the future because we are no longer strong, good, or decent enough to keep our birthright.

Every great empire emulates the human body cycle of birth, strength, decline, and death. The people first have character, with character comes success, success leaches out the character, success blows away, and then the populace has neither success nor character. The people become incapable of choosing their great men wisely, nor are there any great men available. For the fish has rotted from the head down. The basics of good government are shunned. The solutions which once worked are deemed no longer valid. Every great empire's history has nexus points where it could have chosen renewal and rebirth, but it didn't or couldn't. Is our empire, our noble experiment, any different?

* The Libertarian Way *

WHAT ARE THE LIBERTARIAN SOLUTIONS? We do have solutions, mind you, although it is easier (and far more fun) to criticise the Rumpeldum's quagmire. These solutions are means toward the Libertarian end of limited, constitutional government. Let's do it by the numbers.

The younger generation does not owe their parents a retirement. No human being asked to be born, he arrives at the pleasure of his parents, who thus have a duty to support him. The way a younger generation repays their parents is to be better parents to their children, thus ensuring human progress. Just because the older generation allowed their earnings to be stolen by the government, us Baby-Boomers have no obligation to allow the thefts to continue, especially when Generation X won't be able to support us. There is no generational contract, only conflict.

Now us Libertarians can be glib about it and say, "Let's privatize the system and have current retirees be supported by the trust fund," and then when the elderly say, "But there is no trust fund," then say "The Democrats and Republicans must have stole it." Even though there never was a trust fund. Only an assumption that the next generation would allow itself to be yoked and chained. But they can't and they won't.

In the interim, let every Social Security check state whether a given individual account has a surplus or a deficit. This will end all pretense as to it being an Federal insurance scheme and reveal it as a welfare program. People over 45 can file to get what they put in back and the rest of us get emancipation. The alternative is two generations getting robbed and cheated by their elders. No society can endure such intergenerational theft.

Most people in prison now are not in prison for the traditional common-law transgressions like rape, theft, or murder. Most people are in prison for political crimes against the state, such as drug smuggling or not obeying the government. The government became powerful by making common cause with busybodies who feel they have a right to dictate how other persons live, for their own good. As they look at it, prison and confiscatory fines are preferable to people making mistakes exercising free will.

Such people should be confined to one area, where they can morally cannibalize each other to their heart's content. As for the rest of us, if we unshackle our brother's ankle, he might free us from our slave collar.

Since the debt will be repudiated sooner or later anyway, why not be honest about the whole thing? Why not print up some "Dollar Bill's" with Slick Willie's face on it and declare those dollar bills legal tender for public debt? Put other crooked DemoPublican Presidents and Congressmen on other bills and to keep those "Dollar Bill's" from becoming absolutely worthless, mandate that taxes can be paid with the otherwise worthless currency.

Of course it would be a while before anyone trusted the "full faith and credit" of the Federal government, so no money could be borrowed, and the government would have to stay small for a long time to come.

Countries like Iran and North Korea are developing nuclear weapons and they despise us. We don't dare push them around now. We won't be able to push around smaller weaker countries like Iraq or Syria for much longer. They are not scared of total nuclear, biological, or chemical warfare. They have a whole lot less to lose than we do, so they won't back down.

Fundamentalist Islam is no longer going to sit still while we funnel money and guns to Israel as we piously proclaim our neutrality. They will deal with us like enraged settlers did with the rascals who sold guns and whiskey to the Indians.

It's time for us to become truly neutral as a nation. No more foreign aid. Let those cowardly foreign-policy pointy-head wuss elitists whining about "isolationism" buy their own fully automatic assault rifle and go fight in the foreign wars they like so much and leave us urban black and rural white young men at home with unshot-off gonads.

A small professional military force concerned with maintaining strategic nuclear offense and defense will keep us out of foreign adventures. The rest of the young men can learn military tactics in militia units, thus defending us from tyrants foreign and domestic.

The Two-party Statists will say that these solutions won't work. That is because their solutions brought us where we are now. They are not about to admit their guilt and stupidity because it would mean stepping down from power, money, influence, and privilege. I challenge the readers: Name a single great problem of national survival that doesn't have its roots in Republocrat government "solutions."

* The Third American Revolutionary or Civil War *

THE FIRST AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE (1775-1781) was fought over basic governmental matters such as "Who gets to rule?" and "Have you ever seen such high taxes?" It could be viewed as a civil war. The war started because some agitators wanted to rule. These Patriots talked about freedom and lower taxes to the lower-middle class and poor, convincing them to fight against the upper-crust King-loving Tories, who had prime government jobs. Since the Rebels won, this war was called the Revolutionary War.

The American Civil War was fought over such matters as "Who gets to Rule?" Would it be a Federal government or a Confederation of independent States? Also bandied about was what to do about some people imported to do hard manual labor, and it added mightily to the nastiness of the issue, which was finally decided after over 600,000 deaths brought the weaker belligerent to its knees. Since the Rebels lost, this war was called the Civil War.

So what is our next King vs. People war going to be called? No one knows who will win, but it sure is gonna be a nasty, bloody, mean war. With good luck, history will call it the Third American Revolutionary War.

THIS WAR WILL COME SOON. There is no chance for reform through democratic means. Twenty-six million Americans are bought off by food stamps. Forty-six million others are bought off by Social Security and Medicaid. Millions more get VA benefits, AFDC, farm subsidies, you name it. Ninety-five percent of all American families get more from the government than they pay in taxes. The deal seems to be, "You pick my pocket, and I'll pick yours." What happens when there are no more pockets worth picking? It no longer pays for the average citizen to be responsible, honest or hard working, as he will be preyed upon by whichever gang rules in the name of the majority.

The rest of the population is utterly apathetic. Some of them see the grim results of DemoPublican rule, but the attitude is, "They will do what they want to anyway. There is no way of changing it." Left unsaid is, "Why bother?" Why bother indeed! These people have neither the energy or inclination to change anything.

This coming war could be avoided by the return of a Constitutional Republic and true rule of law. The disciplining force would be letting rebels opt out of a despised system. In an age of computers, some of us could get a second-class citizenship card stating that we can't vote, run for office, or collect welfare, but in return we don't have to pay taxes for anything we don't use or obey government rules. Or simply let rebels in Western states form majorities by grouping together and seceding, forming a loose confederation, leaving the Federal government with only its enumerated Constitutional powers and responsibilities. For the sake of peace, let a militant minority separate themselves from a corrupt and apathetic majority which allows themselves to be ruled by the old, tired, corrupt elites.

But if history is any guide, the majority won't allow us to secede, to take ourselves off somewhere to live in peace and justice. Among the old majority will arise a new minority, saying, "Those people get to live in freedom; why can't we?" The rulers of the majority will come after us, to take what we got for redistribution among themselves, to make us their slaves. The takers will take; there is nothing more left to give. No money, no credit, no good-will, no compromise, no peace. If faced with the choice between slavery or war, we will choose war. We would be master in our own house.

SO THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY IS UNDERGOING A DIVISION, a growing away between the older, founding intellectuals and the newly arrived militants. The founding intellectuals value intellectual pursuits, words over deeds. But it is the militants who are growing in influence. These are militant times.

Us militant Libertarians realize there is no way to win by majority rule in the few elections this country has left. We figured out that Neo-Fascism is majority rule, as the majority allows it to happen. So when we run for office, we polarize the electorate, draw lines in the sand, cast all issues as Government vs. People. We ask, "Whose side are you on?" We form 10th Amendment Coalitions, promoting State's rights and limiting the Federal government. We've founded citizen militia units open to all concerned citizens in Missouri, none of which are over five months old. We hope for the best. We prepare for the worst. It's too late for politics.

SO WHAT IS THE REAL THIRD PARTY WHICH WILL SOMEDAY RULE? It will be either the New Fascism or Libertarian, the strongest survivor of the days ahead. It is only the next world that the meek will inherit.


WHENEVER A CRIME IS COMMITTED, IT BECOMES necessary to find out who the culprits are if they are not caught in the act or provide a confession. Investigations center on the three factors that lead to a criminal suspect: ability, opportunity, and motivation to commit the crime.

The ability factor makes it unlikely a two-month-old infant strangled the thirty-five-year-old truck driver. Opportunity dictates that a deep-desert Australian Bushman didn't knife Mrs. Nicole Simpson. Mother Theresa lacks the motivation to shoot the Pope. Ability, opportunity, and motivation massively combined together reveal the prime suspect. In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing, the logical suspect is the Federal government, specifically the FBI.

Ability? The FBI is technically able to make one or a thousand crude fertilizer-and-diesel car bombs. Not that they'd need to, as they have access to TNT and plastic explosives. Those who say they'd never be able to murder kids, you're treading on motivational factors, but of course they are able to. Remember, on April 19, 1993, twenty-some Branch Davidian kids burned to death as a result of FBI activity. Have you heard of a single government official being punished, even those who professed responsibility? In fact, the FBI was allowed to investigate themselves, and they blamed it all on the victims. Eighty-six percent of Americans were able to live with the FBI's explanation, without a tear shed for the burnt children of citizens.

Opportunity? Who has more opportunity to place a bomb in a Federal building than a Federal agent?

Motivation? Here we come to the tricky part. So many people have motivation to kill Federal bureaucrats. Let's look at the suspects.

A-RABS. On day one of the bombing, A-rabs were the prime suspects. Supposedly they fire-bombed New York City with a car bomb. No less than eight foreign Palestinian and Moslem organizations immediately claimed credit on April 19th. It seems to be a popular social activity over there. But the problem was sorting out which A-rabs did it, so the Federal government could punish the real culprits.

One of Aesop's fables tells the story of when a stampeding herd of elephants trampled a leopard cub. The father leopard said, "A herd of goats trampled my son!" and he went out and killed the entire herd. Iran is getting the bomb and the Moslems are warlike. It's far safer and more convenient to maul some domestic scapegoats.

MILITIAS, PATRIOTS, RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, gun-lovers, tax-protesters, everybody else on big government's enemies list. Here we come to who the government will blame for the bombing.

NO PATRIOT would defile April 19th with the blood of innocent children. It is the 220th anniversary of the Shot Heard Around the World, the day this formerly great country was conceived by militiamen fighting government troops at Lexington and Concord. It is the 52nd anniversary of the Jewish uprising against German Nazis in Warsaw. It is the second anniversary of the Waco massacre. It is a sacred day to brave free men fighting tyranny.

Since we know we didn't do it, we will not tolerate or respect the government chasing Oswalds and blaming it on us. We agree, murderous terrorists should be hunted down and hung like dogs. We believe government agents are the mad dogs.


IS THERE ANY PROOF THE GOVERNMENT BOMBED the building? No, and there will be no proof forthcoming because government agents are doing the investigating.

It will become an article of faith, with a majority thinking that nasty evil right-wing terrorists killed innocent bureaucrats and their kids or whatever else the government tells them. A minority will firmly believe the Federal government murdered their own so as to justify the coming police state. There will no longer be any peace between the two sides. The majority will rightfully suspect the minority of rebellion. The minority will rightfully suspect the majority of tyranny.

THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE STATES "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness), it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government."

George III didn't step aside when politely asked. We had to fight a war to get rid of him. How does a citizen peacefully obtain a bill of divorcement from a despised government? He can't. Force will decide the issue. New tyrannical, unconstitutional rules will knock off the fence-sitters and turn them into soldiers for one side or the other. Then we will have our Third American War of Independence or our Second American Civil War.

** Last Kings, Chapter 1 **

A LITTLE UNDER THREE MILLENIA AGO, A PROPHET named Elijah struggled, at God's behest, with the government of his day, one ruled openly by kings. These Israelite kings promoted the worship of a new god, the nature god Baal, to enhance their power. It wouldn't do for their people to attend the holy days at Solomon's temple in Jerusalem. They might want to reunite with their brothers, the Jews. So the new state god, Baal, was established, and woe unto anyone who followed the old ways. Worship of the LORD became synonymous with treason. What I am going to write about is Elijah's run-in with the King and the police forces of his day, as mentioned in II Kings, Chapter one.

IT MIGHT BE A PRETTY GOOD TALE, the reader might say. But what has that to do with today? Glad you asked.

In the best literary traditions of Geoffrey of Monmouth, Joseph Smith, Robert Graves, and Gary Jennings, I must, simply must, relate what happened to me the other day. I was turning up my garden to bury a duck when an angel appeared unto me and made me dig up a pot with a scroll inside. There, in the ancient Hebrew, which I was all of a sudden able to understand, was the expanded first chapter of II Kings. The angel commanded me to publish it. So I did, then the angel took off with the scroll and my understanding of ancient Hebrew. I'm going to put it in today's vernacular: Angry White Male Redneck-Peckerwoodese. Here goes:

Last Kings, Chapter 1

Verse 1 -- Then a whole bunch of pissed-off people called Moabites rebelled because they wouldn't put up with any more of the King's shit and they sure weren't scared of Ahab's boy.

Verse 2 -- And the King fell off the bed and through a lattice in the White Palace while screwing his latest whore, and his right and third leg just wouldn't heal. So he sent messengers and told them, "Go, ask Baalzebub, the Philistine State God of Healing at Ekron, if this is just another sore and when I'll get better. I sure feel my pain."

Verse 3 -- But the angel of the LORD said to Elijah the Tishbite, "Get up and go down to meet the messengers of the king and tell them, "What! There's no God in Israel that you gotta go down and lick the bronze butt of Baalzebub, Philistine State God of Healing in Ekron?"

Verse 4 -- "Now the LORD says this, "Your pecker will turn black and fall off. Then you will die of frustration because of no more bimbos and because you lie so much that nobody will bother to listen to you anymore. Plus the Queen will nag you to death." Elijah nodded, then left.

Verse 5 -- And when the King's messengers returned, the king asked, "Back so soon?"

Verse 6 -- They told him, "Some holy geezer pestered the shit out of us and he told us to come back and tell you this: "The LORD says, "Is there no God in Israel that you gotta kiss Baalzebub's bronze ass in Ekron? Your pecker will turn black and fall off. No more whores, everyone will ignore you because you lie so much. The queen will nag you to death. You will die of frustration."

Verse 7 -- "Who was that mean old holy geezer?" the king asked.

Verse 8 -- And they answered him, "He was a hairy guy, with a girdle of leather about his nuts." And the king said, "Elijah, the Tishbite!"

Verse 9 -- Then the king sent a captain of fifty with his fifty agents: the King's Bureau of Wine, Hashish, and Swords, the King's Bureau of Investigation, the King's Sneakret Service, the King's Marshalls, a whole alphabet soup of King's goons. The captain, a slick young thug, saw Elijah sitting atop a hill. Scattering his men in a circle around the hill, the captain held a pair of shackles as he climbed the hill saying, "Don't mess with me. I killed a whole bunch of weavers in their hut, speared them all in the back. My best man shot an arrow into the wife's head. We are the King's men and we will never be held to account." As he neared Elijah, the captain said, "Now you had better cooperate with me and the King, you smelly old man of God, or I'll slap a harelip on you faster than you can say "Police Brutality."

Verse 10 -- And Elijah rolled his eyes, shook his head, and said to the young police thug commanding fifty, "If I be a man of God, then let fire come down from heaven, and consume you and your fifty murderers." With a Whoosh!, fire came down from heaven, burning to death fifty-one murderous King's rascals.

Verse 11 -- Then the King sent out another chief goon of fifty with his fifty. The captain, a grizzled old killer, looked at the remains of the previous fifty-one and said, "Funny, I thought we were the only ones allowed to besiege people on private property, then burn them to death. No matter," he said as he drew his sword. 'The King wanted you two hours ago, so get your nasty old man-of-God ass right down here -- now!"

Verse 12 -- And Elijah answered and said unto them, "You murderous pigs won't learn, will you? Very well then, if I be a man of God, let fire come down from heaven, and consume you and your fifty." And the fire of God came down from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty.

Verse 13 -- And the king sent again a captain of the third fifty with his fifty. And the third captain of fifty saw the damage about the hill. He soiled his armor. So did the rest of the King's men. It's a whole lot more fun to kill unarmed civilians than to be killed yourself. The captain crawled up the hill like a scared snake, and came and fell on his knees before Elijah, and besought him, and said unto him, "Oh man of God, I pray you, please, please, please let my life, and the life of these fifty of your servants, be precious in thy sight." Then the king's bureaucrat peed in his armor again.

Verse 14 -- "I see that there came fire down from heaven, and burnt up the two captains of the former fifties with their fifties: therefore let my life now be precious in thy sight. To hell with the rest. Even though I set fire to the King's tower the other day and roasted some of the King's men and serving women and their babies, and blamed it on a Moabite in a speeding oxcart carrying a load of manure, an unregistered dagger, and no road tax license from the King. It's not all my fault. I had the help of the scribes and town criers, S.O.B.s (Sons of Belial) all, who helped me put the blame onto the rebellious Moabites. The common people didn't want to find out any different, because they lack the physical and moral courage to do anything about it. It ain't fair that I should burn without all my crooked buddies getting the same as well. Everyone knows that the King can do whatever he wants."

Verse 15 -- Elijah wanted to call down fire on this rapscallion and his lot. But the angel of the LORD said unto Elijah, "Go down with him: be not afraid of him. He and his fifty will get the same fate on earth as the King and his family -- serving as dog and bird food." So Elijah arose, and went down with him unto the king, keeping a twenty pace margin upwind.

Verse 16 -- And Elijah said unto the King, "Thus saith the LORD, forasmuch as you have sent messengers to brown-nose to Baalzebub, Philistine State God of Healing in Ekron, is it not because there is no God in Israel to inquire of his word? Therefore you shall not come down off that bed you lie on and every place else for that matter. Your pecker will turn black and fall off. You will die of frustration because there will be no more whores for you. Nobody will listen to anything you say, especially after today, and the Queen will help nag you to death. I've had enough of you." Then Elijah left the White Palace.

Verse 17 -- So the king died according to the word of the LORD which Elijah had spoken. Nobody missed him except the whores and other Sons of Belial, (S.O.B.s) and even them not too much.

AND THAT'S PRETTY MUCH THE WAY IT WAS. Ahab's line came to an end when a rebellious general named Jehu killed Jehoram. Jehu ordered Queen Jezebel thrown out of a window, and before he got around to burying her, the dogs ate all of her except her head, hands and feet. Jehu killed all of Ahab's children, Ahab's State-God Priests, and Ahab's Kingsmen, at least all that he could find. Since Jehu did such an efficient job of it, God promised him that his dynasty would last four generations. God kept his word. Regrettably, Jehu soon turned out to be as wicked as Ahab's bunch. God got tired of the Israelites and he allowed the Assyrians to take them away in captivity, where they were scattered and never heard of again.

THREE THOUSAND YEARS HAVE PASSED, and people still remain the same.

** When There is No Justice, Demand Freedom! **

We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic, where the majority governs, while respecting the rights of the minority. It is quite apparent to any thinking person that the political and judicial process in this country has degenerated to the point where people who wish to live by their own efforts while minding their own business will not be allowed to do so in peace. The quantitative majority no longer self-governs, it rules, and on very harsh terms over the qualitative minority.

When this happens, the minority has two self-preservation options left:

1.) Become the ruling majority. The usual way this has been done is through warfare and genocide. If you kill enough of them, the majority no longer has enough quantity to rule. Quality minorities have historically used a genius for violence to rule. Regardless of all the present hysteria generated by terrorists, free-lance or governmental, somewhere somebody is brewing up a virus or a bomb that will make OKC look like a firecracker. This option is currently unacceptable for moral reasons by Libertarians and militia groups.

2.) Split away and form their own new majority. In this era of computer dossiers on citizens, it should be relatively easy for individuals registered as opponents of the government to be allowed to secede. These individuals wouldn't be allowed to rule over or be ruled by the majority. No benefits, but no taxes either. This option, with all of its ramifications, should be actively pursued by Libertarians and militiamen.

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