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		 Issue #10          January-March 1995

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Newsletter Purpose & Intent: To Educate, inform, and keep in touch
with members and sympathizers of the Libertarian Party.  The views
expressed herein are those of the editor and writers of this 
newsletter, not necessarily those of the Libertarian Party.
  Now that "Show Me Freedom," the official Mo LP paper is back up 
and kicking, this newsletter will devote full time to pursuing 
Libertarian ideology. This paper has never been "objective" and I 
don't intend to start now. The dirty truth is good enough for me. 
  If anyone out there is able to string words together well enough
to avoid embarrassment to both themselves and this paper, their
contributions will certainly be welcomed by the editor.

Martin Lindstedt



Liberty's Calendar
Shots Heard Around the Immediate Vicinity
Practical Issues & Answers -- In a Just Society... Welfare for All or None
My Disclosure At The Deputy AIDS Czar Confirmation Hearings


		       **  Monologue  **

* What Newtie's Mom told Connie "Just between us" Chung wasn't 
really that much of a secret.

*  Surgeon General Elders was in her finest form when answering a 
foreign socialist's pandering query concerning the advisability of 
teaching masturbation in public schools. A fine idea, she opined. We 
agree as to the appropriateness of location.
  Where else but in public schools can and should such things be 
taught?  "Every ..." masturbation "a planned and wanted ..." 
masturbation.  Though some reactionaries might observe that formal 
teaching in masturbation is certainly not really necessary in this 
country, we couldn't avoid diddling over some of the public policy 
questions involved:
  (a) What about the self-esteem of any nipper flunking Basic 
Masturbation 101?
  (b) Will tax dollars be involved? If so, what will be do with 
religious fanatics bombing masturbation clinics?
 (c) Will Penthouse and Hustler achieve textbook status? Will the
writers of formula letters detailing highly improbable sexual 
equipment and situations to the above magazines be formally 
recognized for their valuable contributions to society?  
   No more amusement from that quarter. The First Coward promptly 
threw poor Joycelyn to the wolves, thus ending the service of his 
only follower too loud and too stupid to effectively steal.

*   The First Crook's nominee for Surgeon General was a 
melanin-enhanced clone in the truthfulness department named Foster. 
Foster initially called abortion a "failure," said he "abhors 
abortion" and had only performed "fewer than a dozen" in his long 
career as an ob/gyn.  But then the truth came out, like it always 
does with this administration. Foster had performed 39 abortions, 
then possibly hundreds. He supervised a drug test that led to 55 
'failures,' with a hope for more and he served on the board of 
Planned Parenthood in 1979-80. Somehow he got over his professed 
abhorrence. Finally, he served on a health board that was made aware 
of the infamous Tuskegee Project in 1969, although he says he didn't 
know of this study until 1972. (The Tuskegee Project was the code 
name for the U.S. Public Health Service using poor black Alabama 
sharecroppers as guinea pigs to study the long-term effects of 
  The litmus test for Clinton Administration appointees is mendacity
and/or blackmail. Can you lie as much as the First Crook or do you
have the full dirt? Joycelyn Elders got the nod because she covered
up for the First Crook's mother incompetently killing a number of
her nursing patients. Foster can't tell the truth. Excellent Clinton
  Does America really need a Surgeon General. No? Then let the office
die or kill it until it is dead.

*  The First Crook bored the nation sillier the evening of Jan. 24
with his hour and a half State of the Union Address, trying to unveil
the New New New . . . New Bill Clinton. "We didn't hear America singing.
We heard America shouting. Now we must say: (Something you might be
stupid enough to fall for???)  We hear you. We will work together
to earn your trust." (Fat chance.) 
  The First Crook pandered and sleezed, trying to make people think
he's a New Republican, but nobody bought it. The funniest moment came
when he mentioned that some Democrats were not there because they
had "dared to help the American people" by supporting "their crime
bill" and banning assault weapons or some such deceitful drivel and
a few Republicans clapped at the notion of them being gone. Speaker
Gingrich shot them a look usually given mischievous children. The
press had made much of the fact that Republicans were cautioned not
to boo the First Crook and this applause when the First Crook had
left no applause moment in his speech was their way of getting around
the ban.
  New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman gave a short  "Before I 
begin, let me assure you I am not going to ask for equal time," 
speech informing the First Crook that the "people want less government, 
lower taxes and less spending from the Federal Government."
  In summary, the First Crook lied, sleezed, and tried to pull a fast
one, the Republicans listened far too respectfully, and the rest of
the country didn't bother.

*  What does Orange County, Joplin Missouri, and Barings Bank have in
common? They allowed employees to play fast and loose with their money
by investing in derivatives, a risky form of investment equivalent
to betting which housefly will buzz off a lump of manure first. As
a result, these entities lost most of the money entrusted them by
foolish people.
  In a  60 Minutes  piece, it was predicted by one analyst that you
could "throw darts at a map of the United States" and find someone
who will be burnt by derivatives.  Since private companies tend to
invest in capital goods, and the Feds sell T-bills, it will be local
government entities and pension funds that get hurt most. 
  There are more bankruptcies than ever before and wages are stagnant.
Banks are not lending money to expand businesses. Instead, they are
paying their depositors three percent and loaning money at high rates
to speculate, and much of this speculation is in derivatives. This
so-called economic recovery is not really invested in real growth,
it is paper chasing paper. The prudent expect collapse in the stock

*  The First Crook is for eliminating the Glass-Steagal Act, a 1930's
act passed forbidding banks to get into investment services. This
was passed in reaction to big banks like Chase Manhattan and City
Bank selling their worthless stocks to depositors. But this is the
era of government bailouts for socialist governments and big banks;
it's about time that small-time depositors join taxpayers in getting

*  Fight-Like-A-Dog-For-You Department: Newt Gingrich said  that the
Republicans were "trying to be very, very helpful" in helping the
First Crook get $40 billion in funding to prop up the Mexican Peso,
the $18 billion already allotted to rathole restoration not having
  The Republicans couldn't get it through, so the First Crook signed
an Executive Order and gave Mexico $20 billion directly, with the
International Monetary Fund to help "co-sign" the other $20 billion.
U.S. taxpayers fund the majority of IMF and World Bank loans.
  The Executive Order tapped funds related to propping up the dollar.
Since then, the Fed tried to prop up the dollar against the German
mark and Japanese yen, but the attempt didn't work. So the dollar
is falling in value to every honest currency except for the Canadian
dollar and Mexican peso, which are falling in tandem with the dollar.
One of the benefits of NAFTA.

*  Judy Moriarty was finally removed from office Dec. 12, 1994 after
the Missouri Supreme Court found her guilty of impeachable misconduct
by back dating her son's election paper work. Ms. Moriarty claimed
her son had filed before the deadline, and that employees out
to destroy her had delayed the paperwork, so she was just setting
matters right. In any case, she was not available to prevent state
legislators from improperly adding words to the Hancock II petition.
Your editor, who has listened to Ms. Moriarty tell her side of the
story, believes that her ouster for such a minor misdemeanor was
planned to get her out of the way so that Hancock II, with its 
implications in curtailing cancerous state and local government 
growth, would fail.
  On the very first day of the new session, Jan 4, Moriarty's
governor-appointed successor, Rebecca Cook, stifled a Democrat 
rebellion to finish Bob Griffin's chances to be re-elected House 
Speaker by holding voting open for over three hours until Bob 
Griffin and his cronies twisted enough Democrat arms to ensure a 
tie. The next day, Griffin had a chance to gather in an additional 
stray Democrat, so he gets to serve an additional term as Speaker, 
unless he is convicted for corruption.
  One bitter Republican legislator said "Judy Moriarty would have
been more honest."  Yes, she would have. So why didn't you support

*  How not to write a legal motion or plea for justice in a Southwest
Missouri court:
   "Yah's (God's) judgment . . . for the crime committed by those
who are responsible for stealing Robert Joos Jr., as son of Yah ...
shall surely come on them in haste. That demandant shall not be 
responsible for their blood but their blood shall come upon them when 
the saints of Yah arise! This warning I am commanded to give in hopes 
that those judges who prolong this theft without redemption, will 
repent and see the righteous of Yah's law. "
  Mr. Bob Joos was charged for tampering with a judicial officer as
a result of writing the above motion. His accomplices Yah and his
 Saints were not held or indicted, however. Toward the end of the
year, Prosecutor Schoeberl wanted to railroad the charge on through
before he became a Joplin judge. He was quite annoyed when the upcoming
prosecutor decided to drop the charges at the belated request of the
"victim" judge. So he fired the assistant prosecutor, refiled the
charges, then got huffy when his term ended and the new prosecutor
dismissed the charges again. Meanwhile the judicial rats are running
for cover. Mr. Joos is counterattacking by suing Benton County Ark. for
$30,000 and McDonald  County, Mo. for $2 million in Federal court for 
human rights abuses. He has nothing else better to do, as he sits in 
jail on a misdemeanor conviction for serving a false restraining order 
and awaiting felony trials for resisting arrest, and unlawful weapon 
charges arising from a raid on his farm.
  Some may call Mr. Joos a religious nut, but as long as people like
Mr. Joos continue to fight the corrupt system in place, he buys time
for patriots to get organized and ready. When Mr. Joos falls, then
the government will come after us.

*   At the January state meeting, Bill Johnson's request to become 
Executive Director of the Missouri Libertarian Party became a reality. 
He did not get everything he wanted, like the overt moral support to 
bring forward the 10th Amendment Coalition under the Libertarian 
banner, but he got enough authority to act, and that is all that is 
necessary for a strong man. 
  One delegate was overheard to say, "The earth has moved," meaning
that the jealous party barons have given up some of their power. An
accurate assessment.
  There is a split, a growing away, between the intellectuals who
founded  the Party and the militants who found militias and want their
freedoms -- NOW -- and will do whatever it takes to get them. In the
Springfield area, the intellectuals call the militant faction the
"Shooters" and the Shooters call the intellectual faction the
  The Editor of this seditious rag is a Shooter.

*  The "Contract with Amerika" that the Republicans bashed the Democrats
over the head with is bogged down. Their hundred days are nearly up.
They didn't get a Balanced Budget Amendment, they allowed GATT to
pass and Clinton to steal nearly $60 billion to prop up the big banks,
they are backing off from term limits now that they are the majority.
The Republicans saw the size of Social Security and the middle class
entitlements and they flinched, then tucked their tails between their
  There was a call, now a chorus, soon a shout for a new third party.
Why is this  upcoming political earthquake being dissipated upon the
likes of Ross Perot or Colin Powell? Why is it that when the media
talk about the movement for a third party the  libertarians are
not even mentioned? Could it be that us LIBERTARIANS  are not doing
our job? If we do the job, will we not harvest the reward?        

In the Springfield Area Contact:

Bill Johnson, Executive Director Missouri Libertarian Party,
				 10th Amendment Coalition
2005-I East Kearney
Springfield Missouri 65803 
Office Phone (417) 889-1776
WATS Line 1-800-838-1776

In the Joplin Area contact:

Martin Lindstedt, Editor Southwestern Missouri Libertarian
Rt. 2, Box 2008
Granby, MO 64844
(417) 472-6901

Liberty's Calendar

Springfield Meeting: Every third Tuesday of the month, at 7:30 p.m. 
at the Southwest Missouri Libertarian Party Headquarters, 2005-I 
East Kearney, Springfield, MO. 65803. Phone 417-889-1776. The Party 
headquarters is among a small suite of buildings next to a Walmart 
on Kearney Street.

Springfield Public Access Cable TV:   Liberty This Week shows a variety
of Libertarian oriented shows at the following times each week.
   Sunday on Channel 18 at 9:00 p.m.
   Tuesday on Channel 19 at 10:30 p.m.
   Thursday an Channel 19 at 5:30 p.m.

Prematurely Arrived: Freedom Board BBS, 2400 Baud, 417-863-9449. 
Springfield Area. Since Feb. 1. Remember, the most productive 
attribute of a patriot is patience.     


	  **  Shots Heard 'Round the Immediate Vicinity  **

		   *  Wealth of  nations  *

    First Orange County, then Mexico, yesterday Joplin, tomorrow . . .
    Government agencies have limited choices of where to invest public
moneys -- either in government securities or in private hands, maybe
some mixture of both. In the long term, and, increasingly in the short
term, both investments are doomed.  What backs all government
securities is the conceit that if the government must, it can confiscate
private property using legal cover of higher taxation.  But all such
schemes come to an end. If the populace knuckles under, eventually it is
rewarded with the abject poverty it deserves and there is nothing left
worth stealing.  Or the populace rises up and lynches the tax-collectors
and those who spurred them on.
   Private companies produce things.  But if they are successful they
won't be allowed to keep what they produce. While some government
money may be invested in private hands, another unit of the same or
a different government will gobble down the proceeds first. Eventually
those who struggle to produce for themselves face the choice of being
overwhelmed by public demands, or of trying to shelter more of what
they earn, either by creative accounting or by producing less so the
government takes its unwanted attentions elsewhere.
   There can be no security for government funds unless the government
remembers that the true "Wealth of Nations" is in the freedom and
prosperity of its private citizens.

Martin Lindstedt
Granby, Missouri  64844

Editor's note: This Letter to the Editor was published in the Jan.
23 issue of The Joplin Globe after it was revealed that the financial
officer had lost over $15 out of $23 million in surplus funds invested
in derivatives. Since then, the City of Joplin has been looking  for

		       *  Foolhardy city  *

  The elderly are always cautioned to be careful with their money,
not to invest in get-rich schemes.
   I cannot believe our city officials would be stupid enough to invest
our  money so foolishly. I knew they were greedy but couldn't believe
that greedy.
   Why are they always wanting more money and still have $23 million
to play around with?
   Why didn't they use Joplin banks? At least our money would be safe.
   If our officials can't do better, then it is time for a change.

Beulah Chinn
Joplin, MO,  printed Feb. 1 in The Joplin Globe

		      *  Remember  Waco  *

   The two federal officers who were fired for ordering the April
19, 1993 premeditated murder of the Branch Davidians near Waco must
feel like they have been on extended vacation. The two were quietly
rehired on Dec. 21, 1994, and will receive 16 months back pay and
all benefits. Any involvement with Waco has been forever erased from
their personnel file.
   The 86 men, women, children and babies inside the compound did
not fare so well. Those not killed by the unlawful use of CS gas were
cremated by the fire that destroyed the building. The Waco Fire 
Department was held back several miles when they tried to get to the 
   If the stated purpose was to serve a search warrant, why were body
bags ordered two weeks in advance? Why were area hospitals called
and told to receive burn victims even before the raid began? Why did
it take nine months of planning and training just to serve a warrant?
Wasn't this a job for the local sheriff, who had served a warrant
there two years before? Why did it take ATF, FBI, Texas Rangers, Delta
Forces, U.S. Marshalls, U.S. Customs Service employees, Waco Police
Department, McLennan County Sheriff's office, and 131 members of the 
Texas Department of Public Safety? Why were attack helicopters, 
flame-throwing tanks, and so many agents used just to serve a warrant?

  Those lucky enough to survive the murderous raid went through a
sham trial and many were given 40-year prison terms. Each and every
one must pay $1.2 million in restitution plus thousands in fines?
For what? I believe they fired in self-defense.
   Newt Gingrich now says there should be an investigation.  I 
definitely remember Bill Clinton and Janet Reno saying they took 
full responsibility. That might be a good place to start.  Ms. Reno 
was concerned about child abuse.  She later admitted the information 
was wrong. But it's too late for all those who were shot, gassed or 
burned to death.
   The remains of 29 of the Davidians were finally buried last October
in a pauper's grave, in a pouring rain, without benefit of a prayer.
   You may or may not agree with their lifestyle or their religion,
but Mount Carmel was their home. Mount Carmel was their church. And
they were Americans who were murdered by the U.S. government. Will
your church be next?

Evelyn Sims
Carthage, MO

Editor's note: This Letter to the Editor of The Joplin Globe was 
printed on Feb. 2, 1995. Mrs. Sims is one of four libertarian-oriented  
letter writers to this paper. Once in a while the mainstream press 
screws up, is caught napping, and prints something so true like this.

	*  Clinton had no right to stick it to taxpayers  *

  Article I (Legislative Branch) Section 9 of the United States 
Constitution says, "No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but 
in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law."
  Note that the U.S. Constitution says nothing about Executive Order
being sufficient to send billions of dollars to foreign countries
or "co-signing" loans to Mexico, even if cowardly congressmen and
senators allow this.
  For it is Congressional cowardice that allows another $40 billion
to be tossed into the Mexican rathole. None of them, Republican or
Democrat, have the courage to appropriate the money to "save" Mexico
or to just let Mexico slide into economic collapse. They don't have
the courage to impeach Clinton for violating the Treasury and the
Constitution -- not yet. Instead they'll safely sit on the "I told
him so" sidelines.
  So who benefits from the $18 billion already invested and the $40
billion co-signed and the billions more to come? Fat, stupid, rich
bankers and corporations who have already invested in Mexico and fear
default and loss of market share. Mexican politicians.  Swiss banks.
  So who loses from this deal? Let's see. $58 billion divided by
260 million people equals $223.08 each -- your share so far. Doesn't
it give you a warm feeling? No? Well, perhaps we can all pay for it
if we'll only harden our hearts and gas the welfare moms and their
grubby little kids first.

Martin Lindstedt      231 words
Granby, Missouri

  Printed Feb 6 in the Springfield News Leader. The Joplin Globe got
first chance, promised to publish, then wussed out.

		  *  Clinton's End Run  *

   Any of you concerned by the end run President Clinton made around
Congress for the bailout of Mexico? Sort of smells of a dictatorship,
doesn't it? Unbeknownst to most American citizens, we do have a 
dictatorship and this recent end run around Congress is just another 
example of the dictatorial powers of the president.
   It all began March 4, 1993, with the War Powers act allowing the
president to "declare war" on an internal emergency. The War Powers
Act eliminates the Constitution and Bill of Rights and gives total
control to the president.
  If one remembers, or has read about it, this power was given to
President Roosevelt to deal with the run on the banks, where the 
citizens were trying to reclaim the money and gold they had deposited 
in the banks. The gold and money were not there and created the need 
for this emergency power.
   This law is the "rule of necessity" and necessity knows no law.
Since 1933 the War Powers Act has been in effect; consequently, since
then we have been existing without the protection of the Constitution 
or Bill of Rights. Sort of makes all the discussions regarding 
constitutionality nebulous, doesn't it, as well as the need for a 
  By law, only the President can rescind the War Powers Act and none
of the presidents since 1933 has rescinded these dictatorial powers.
Based on the War Powers Act we have been in a state of emergency for
62 years. Many of the laws we are currently operating under emanate 
from the "Trading With the Enemy Act" of 1917. The foreign enemy in 
that act was changed to include the citizens of the United States as 
the enemy in 1933.

L. Roger Kellermeyer
Carthage, MO
Editor's Note: This letter was printed in The Joplin Globe on Feb. 8.
Roger is one of the libertarian/conservative letter writers to the 

		      *  Jeff City Saga  *

  I have been reading, listening and watching the news coverage of
Jefferson City concerning election of the General Assembly's Speaker
of the House of Representatives.  To hear Bob Griffin claim his 
innocence in working for the gambling interests -- that he has done 
nothing wrong and has nothing to hide -- suggests the same thing we 
heard from Bill Webster and Judy Moriarty.
  For any legislator to take on a gambling client in their private
law practice, as regulated as gambling is, to me doesn't make good
sense. It strikes me as someone who is totally out of touch with why
he was sent to Jefferson City in the first place.
  After watching Secretary of State Judy Moriarty self-destruct before
our eyes -- having been forced out of office, Gov. Carnahan nominated
Ms. Cook to serve out the remainder of the term. We are then subjected
to watch Ms. Cook make a total joke out of the House elective process
when she opened the voting board with the initial vote 83-79 in favor
of the Republican candidate. She then kept it open for more than 3
hours while Mr. Griffin and his henchmen influenced enough people
to force a tie. She then promptly closed the voting. When the voting
resumed the next day with the vote in Griffin's favor, the polls were
promptly closed and everyone went on with life.
  It is clear the Democrats, scared that their old workhorse was 
about to be replaced, bent and wallowed around the rules to suit their 
needs.  Although no parliamentary rules may have been broken, it just 
seems to me that the wave of discontent this nation is experiencing 
with elected officials has run into a barrier just outside our state 
Capitol.  Our elected officials do not seem to be hearing what we are 
  Mr. Griffin says he will resign if indicted for conflict of interest.
It will be interesting to see what really happens.

Ron Dunaway,
Neosho, Missouri        printed Jan. 11, 1995, The Joplin Globe


		    **  Practical Issues & Answers  **

Part Six of a continuing series. This column intends to give 
Libertarians running for office a practical guide on issues to bring 
up and exploit to the dismay of Demo-Publicans, who have no idea of 
how to solve the problems they have created. 

      *   In A Just Society . . .                                  *
	*       Welfare for All -- or -- Welfare for None.       *

   French legislator and political writer Frederic Bastiat wrote in
The Law, that every republic or democracy must decide between three
   "This question of legal plunder must be settled once and for all,
    and there are only three ways to settle it:
	    1. The few plunder the many.
	    2. Everybody plunders everybody.
	    3. Nobody plunders anybody."
   These words held true in 1850 France and they are even more valid
in today's 1995 Amerika. In a nutshell, choice #1 is held by 
Republicans, #2 by Democrats, and #3 by Libertarians.

   The Republicans have won the latest Congressional elections and
are riding high in, on, and atop Amerika. Part of their so-called
"Contract with Amerika" entails dealing harshly with black and 
white-trash welfare queens and their grubby-faced, dirty-mouthed 
welfare spawn.  That'll teach 'em to put a carton of Popsickles atop 
their welfare steaks.  The few of them that did vote, voted Democrat, 
and the Democrats, no slouches in erecting the Welfare-Warfare State, 
would have profited from "Motor-Voter" legislation if only "the human 
debris from across the fruited plan" had hung tough and loyal. But 
they didn't and now is the Republican chance to cut them off, root 
and branch, from their share of legal plunder.

   What is legal plunder? Quite simple. It is using the government
and its laws to take from one person to give to another, more 
politically powerful citizen or group of citizens. Taxation, 
monopolies, subsidies, welfare, licences, Social Security, just to 
name a few, are all examples of legal plunder.  It is founded upon 
the human instinct to follow the easy way of taking from another 
person rather than working for what is desired.  Illegal plunder is 
stealing without benefit of society helping the thief and is 
universally despised.  But the greater grouping of human beings 
together called society or government isn't harmed by the individual 
solitary thief or murderer.  In fact, it gains greater power by 
trumpeting the existence of such men and the establishment of 
institutions to deal with such.  No.  Legal plunder is the acid that
corrodes and corrupts civilization and society.  Legal plunder was
constrained by the U.S. Constitution, but today nothing restrains
legal plunder in Amerika.

   Of course, the Republican argument for cutting the welfare moms
and their offspring off from the public tit to sink or swim, starve
or not is quite compelling at first glance.  This country is 
technically bankrupt, running up $200 billion deficits for the past 
decade and into the future as far as the eye can see, so there is no  
money to spare for all these non-productive mouths any more.  These 
welfare moms have produced a criminal underclass that
must be warehoused in prisons.  It is for their own good that we cut
them off.  If they only faced the choice of starvation or of being
obsequious, well-behaved working poor willing to work as cheaply as
third-world immigrants newly arrived to our shores, they would learn
character and job skills like how to pull the guts out of a chicken
or how to flip hamburgers.  The Republicans make a good point when
they say that we no longer  have the money or the inclination to buy
off the poor by giving them their share of legal plunder.

   So welfare reform consists of punishing the idle poor (that we
created) for acting in the way we have subsidized for 30 years or
in some cases, giving them publicly-funded job training for jobs 
that don't exist.
   Never mentioned or considered is political honesty that says: 
"There are too many of you, and now we can't support you as much as
we formerly did. So let's work on there being a lot less of you in
the future. Any woman of child-bearing age who applies for welfare
will have to get a Norplant birth-control implant, name the father,
and will get no money for over one child. The check is in the mail,
and we are cutting the number of social workers as they are no longer
needed. Where before only 28 cents of the welfare dollar went to you
welfare trash and 72 cents went to middle-class poverty-pimping social
workers, now 90% will go to buy social peace and only 10 cents on
the dollar for administrative overhead. On the other hand, we will
bring this back to the states to administer, and only devote half
as much money to welfare as we did formerly. We didn't mind so much
when the black illegitimacy rate soared from 25 to 70 percent. We
only got concerned when the white stock showed signs of doing the
same thing and one  in nine Americans were on food stamps. No, we
simply don't have the money or inclination to support you rabble as
much as what we used to."

   Would such an honest and stern approach work? No. Because it isn't
the poor white or black trash that is eating out most of the present
and future of the country. It doesn't take much to buy off the poor.
Democrats kept power for sixty years by creating a grand coalition
that ensured choice #2, everyone plundering everybody.  It isn't all
their fault that the public-policy shoals behind such a choice have
become apparent. They did their best to hide it.  Republicans have
taken control of the boat, and they loudly assure the guilty, 
credulous, middle class that their new course is safe -- provided 
that the poor are thrown overboard first.
    Meanwhile the moral cannibalism continues.  We ensure that 
exporters, foreign and domestic, are well fed by passing a treaty that 
we didn't bother to read because of its sheer volume ensuring every 
little hog gets slopped called GATT.  Mexican peso about to go down 
because of a devaluation that spiraled out of control? Don't worry.  
We'll protect foolish banks and corporate profits from Mexican 
default, incidentally helping crooked Mexican politicians and Swiss 
Banks.  By throwing 40-60 billion, the cost of the AFDC program and 
food stamps down the rathole, we'll see that our fat friends get 
theirs.  We'll see that Social Security, legal plunder that flows from 
the young and our future to the old and our past, flows uninterrupted. 
And we will continue to lay burdens on the young and unborn by heaping 
trillions in debt upon their narrow shoulders.  What a bright future 
founded upon legal plunder this country has!

   So how are the proponents of choice #1, the Republicans, going to
honestly explain the morality of their choice to the proponents of
choice #2, the Democrats, much less to the followers of choice #3,
the Libertarians? The answer, of course, is that they cannot.

   Democrat and Republican, they are nothing more than competing gangs
of legalized plunderers who have together created our uneasy present
and dismal future. It is  extremely foolish to expect anything good
arising from the conniving of these competing gangs.
  When legalized plundering is allowed to exist, eventually it doesn't
pay to produce anymore. Why should someone sow when they have no 
reasonable expectation of reaping? Shortages arise, the means for 
survival diminish, civil warfare results.  This is the end result of 
choices  #1 and #2.
    Choice #3 is the only moral, thus the best, choice. 


	**      Chapter 34 -- My Disclosure at the      **
	**      Deputy AIDS Czar Confirmation Hearings  **

The following excerpt comes from the 2014 first edition of "The Very
Last Days of the Sweet Land of Liberty," the memoirs of  National
Police Commandant M. Francis Quarrels. Commandant Quarrels dedicated
this chapter to the "Fighting 103rd Congress." Thank God (and the
voters) that the bastards are long gone, but not forgotten, much less

   Yep, I remember it as if it was yesterday, instead of being back in
1994, in the midst of the Clinton Administration before the economic,
social, and political shitstorm descended and buried the former Sweet
Land of Liberty neck-deep, so to speak. And lest anyone accuse me
of me of making all this up, let me reiterate my pledge made at the
start of this book: I won't lie to the reader unless my best interests
demand it. As Commanding General of Police and Chief of the Interior
Department of the Directorate of Greater Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma,
and Eastern Texas, my kind of people, I don't need to lie much anymore.
But let me reacquaint those who have trouble remembering what was
happening then.

   It was well after President Clinton had packed the Supreme Court
with well-known liberals such as Mario Cuomo and Michael Dukakis,
but before Anita Hill got Clarence Thomas's seat. It was after he
had made Patsy Shroeder Defense Secretary and Jane Fonda Army Chief
of Staff until he figured out that the police forces wouldn't be able
to handle rioting arising from the new income and payroll taxes 
enacted, but before he made "Ross for Boss" Perot Tax Czar and gave 
him the Army to get things done. Those were the best days of my life. 
An animal is healthiest when he has to be fit and trim for survival.

   Bill Clinton made Magic Johnson AIDS Czar after he came out of
the closet. Magic took the job, although he said something about being
AIDS Czar wasn't enough for the problem to be solved, so he wanted
to be called AIDS God instead. But Bill Clinton didn't want to hear
charges of "Blasphemy" from Jerry Falwell supporters, many whom were
still well-armed and living in Virginia, not too far from D.C. After
Clinton told Magic that he would have to settle for the current title,
Slick Willie, having reimposed a figurehead, went on out to select
a subordinate with brains who could do equal time as a poster child.

   Rather than select a doctor or someone who might have a clue on
how to stop AIDS, Prez Billy chose a bisexual, crack-dealing (in all
senses of the word) and smoking, AIDS infected, Afro-American female
prostitute with the unfortunate name of Lena Lott-Lezard. (Ask any
truck driver what a lot-lizard is.) Slick Willy always knew enough
to do the politically correct right thing.

   The Republicans were aghast, publicly. Privately, they were 
gleeful.  Most of them hadn't been rounded up yet and sent to 
re-education camps for tax cheats, the hopelessly homophobic, or the 
otherwise politically incorrect. They hoped to impeach Clinton with 
what they already had on him. But they wanted to collect a little 
more dirt, plus embarrass him politically by getting his nominees 
unconfirmed.  And that is how my name first come to light in what was 
then the United States of America.

   I could have stayed out of this, you know. But I was young, dumb,
and full of come, as they used to say. It was my own arrogance that
nearly got me killed as a result of all this. But I wanted to have
my name out under the sun and in public scrutiny. Someone Y and D
and F of C would have it no other way.

   I knew, in the non-Biblical sense, Ms. Lott-Lezard. I only avoided
knowing her in the Biblical sense by . . . ., well let my testimony
at her confirmation hearing speak for itself. What was important was 
that I knew her, and I let Senate Republicans know, Jesse Helms 
first. Now without further ado, let me go on to the C-SPAN transcripts 
of my testimony.

   "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth, so help you God?" intoned a bailiff in the Senate Judiciary

   Now someone who has the kind of friends that I have has been asked
this question before as a witness. I decided to screw them up by being
a thoroughly loose cannon. Let's just see how much truth you bastards

   "I will tell as much truth as I am allowed to speak," I said in
a level voice.

  The Honorable Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary 
Committee, decided to speak after a moment's silence. "What do you 
mean by that?" he asked, cautiously.

   I was more than willing to expound. "It has been my experience
that in a room full of lawyers that they only want as much truth 
revealed as what makes them or their cause look good. So in my opinion 
it isn't a good idea to exhaustively guarantee that the truth might 
altogether be told. At least not in the presence of lawyers and 

   A few people tittered. I love swinging a stick in a room full of

   "Are you questioning the integrity of the Senate?" Senator Biden

   Careful now! "It is far above my station to do any such thing.
I leave it to the Senate to answer such questions by individual public
example." Avoided the slash and pinked him with the reposte. When
dealing with a fool, insult him until he apologizes or better yet,
wishes that he had never started.

   "Why are you here, Mr. Quarrels?" Senator Biden asked.

    "I have come to accuse Lena Lott- Lezard of sexual harassment.
She is morally unfit to be Deputy AIDS Czar." A murmur, possibly of
amazement, greeted my announcement, along with a giggle or two. 
Continuing on, I said, "I brought this matter to the attention of 
Senator Helms, not a member of this committee. He said that I had the 
right to appear at this hearing and testify. Senator Specter of 
Pennsylvania has been briefed upon my general complaint against Ms. 

   Senator Specter spoke. "Mr. Quarrels has indeed told me his 
complaint against Ms. Lezard.  In the interests of getting to the 
heart of the matter, I would like to make a motion that Mr. Quarrels 
tell his story under oath and that my Honorable Colleagues have the 
opportunity to cross-examine.  Senators Biden, Kennedy, and 
Metzenbaum can do so also," he added with a nasty smile.

   I was relieved that Senator Specter wanted to fight with his 
liberal Democrat colleagues.  When eagles clash, they have no time 
for piss-ants.

   "I second that motion," Senator Hatch of Utah said. After a few
glares were exchanged between Democrats and Republicans, the motion

   "Go ahead, Mr. Quarrels," Senator Specter said.

    So I explained about when I was rookie truck driver in late 1988
and on my first solo trip to New Jersey. I was so new that I had gotten
on the Garden State Parkway in my attempt to make a delivery in Union,
N.J. I had dented in a tire rim on my trailer and had lost all the
air in that tire. The Garden State Parkway was closed to commercial
vehicles, especially tractor-trailer rigs over 60 foot long and over
13' 6" high, so I got off lucky. After a long day of wending my way
through New Jersey, I finally got unloaded after a few more mishaps.
Ordered to proceed to the closest available truckstop, the Jersey
City Truck Plaza, I did my best to comply.

  But I had heard all about the Jersey City Truck Plaza. It was 
reputed to be a dangerous place. My driver trainer, a Vietnam 
helicopter door-machinegunner, told me in all seriousness that he 
"didn't have a gun big enough to chance going to the Jersey City 
Truck Plaza." And I believed him.

   "So I tried to beg off and get permission to go someplace safe,
like Pennsylvania, and get the tire fixed. But I was ordered to go
to the JCTP. I proceeded with all the enthusiasm of a prisoner 
condemned to hang tomorrow.

   "I had gotten lost in the New Jersey rush hour traffic, so I 
holed up at the entrance to the Bergen, N.J. Post Office, where 
packages due for New York and overseas were bound.  In the wee hours 
of the morning, I headed back out to find the Jersey City Truck Plaza. 
Just as I was about to head for Pennsylvania, I found it. After about 
an hour trying to find a place to park, I came across a space large 
enough for two trucks to park. All would have been well then, except 
that I graduated at the bottom of my class at truck-driving school." 
Here I heard a few more giggles. Senator Simpson of Wyoming grinned.

    "So I got out of my truck to look around and make sure that I
didn't hit anything. And that was when I first met Ms. Lena Lott 
Lezard."  Silence enveloped the committee room.

   "I had seen her before," I continued. "She was sitting next to
a bonfire composed of trailer floor boards along with a couple of
other black people. Looked like the set for "48 Hours on Crack Street,"
but luckily no one seemed to take notice of me until she walked up
to me. I wondered what she wanted."

   I paused for a moment. "Soon, there was no doubt. She came up to
me, put a hand on my right shoulder, grabbed me by the nuts with the
other hand, and said, "Honey, you wanna date?" I was in shock."

   "You gotta realize that this sorta thing don't happen every day
where I come from, not even in downtown Joplin. I was in shock, panic,
even a bit aroused. All I could think of saying was, "Please, Sister,
let go of my nuts!" She was no lady, much less related to me, but
I didn't want to make her mad." A bunch of people laughed.

   Senator Biden interrupted. "Are you sure that this woman was indeed
the nominee? After all, the hour was dark and they all look alike
to redneck peckerwoods like yourself."

   I resented that, even though what he said had a good deal of truth
in it. It was dark, and they do sorta look alike to me, though not
as much as Chinese do. But I make it a point to always remember women
who grab my dick. And now was not the time to back off. It had gone
too far.

   "Yes, Senator. I am sure. The woman who grabbed me was Lena Lott
Lezard," I said confidently. Senator Biden looked disappointed. I

   "Ms. Lezard didn't let go. She stopped rubbing, though, and asked
me, "Why you wanna be like that?"

   "I told her that I was tired, cold, hungry, and all I had was 
fourteen bucks.  Ms. Lezard finally let go of me, for which I was 
grateful, and said, "A blowjob only costs ten bucks."

   "I was still polite. I said, "I will keep that in mind. Some other
time, perhaps." I was a long way from home and this was her turf.
And I knew it."

   "Suddenly a way to get out of my difficulty presented itself. I
said, "I'll give you two bucks if you help spot my trailer so I won't
hit anything." Then Ms. Lezard took off like a shot. Obviously honest
work didn't appeal to her."

   "That was uncalled for, Mr. Quarrels!" Senator Metzenbaum said
from his position to the left of Senator Kennedy. "We are not here
to discuss the Afro-American work ethic."

   I said nothing. There was not much more to say. After waiting for
the silence to extend to the point where it favored myself, where
it seemed that I gave Senator Metzenbaum's statement the silence that
it deserved, I spoke again.

   "The purpose of my being here is not to discuss my point of view
regarding the Afro-American community. I am here to accuse Ms. Lezard
of using sexual harassment and molestation to enrich herself. Now
if I had done this sort of thing, I would be put in jail. I have been
wronged; I demand justice. And true justice is best served when it
is truly neutral as to who the accused and the aggrieved are. Justice
is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways, gentlemen."

   All the Republican senators except for the wusses like Senator
Cohen of Maine were grinning. Senators Biden, Kennedy, and Heflin
turned off their microphones and made a huddle. Senator Metzenbaum
continued glaring at me. From where I sat, I couldn't hear much except
for Senator Heflin muttering something about "that bastard got us
by the short hairs." I did my best to refrain from gloating, a 
weakness of mine that detracts from whatever I have to say.

   "We will hold a recess, then ask Ms. Lezard what she has to say
regarding Mr. Quarrels's allegations. Meeting adjourned." Mr. Biden
rapped the gavel on his desk twice smartly. And thus ended my first
testimony in the Lezard hearings.

   Everyone has seen the tapes of my testimony in the Lott-Lezard
hearings. I think that I conducted myself well. According to polls
held after the confirmation, sixty-four percent of the American people
believed what I said and thought that Lena Lott-Lezard was lying.
But the Senate voted upon partisan lines to confirm Lena Lott-Lezard
Assistant AIDS Czar, 62-38. And that is how I became the Sexual 
Harassment Poster Boy of 1995.

   I went onto the lecture circuit for Republican fundraisers for
$10,000 a pop, even though I had claimed that I had nothing to gain
by stepping forward, only a desire that the truth come out. And it
didn't help when a bunch of white prostitutes that frequented other
truckstops come forward and said that I really wasn't adverse to a
bit of bought pleasure. That I was a racist, and a bunch of other
things. The lying strumpets!

  I was later prosecuted for income tax evasion, even though I have
always regarded the money that I got for speaking as reparations for
mental and psychic damage suffered from Ms. Lezard's sexual attack.
The judge was a Democratic hack appointed by Slick Willie and he had
scant sympathy for a kulak with an attitude such as myself. But that
is more a matter to be discussed in Chapter 35 of my memoirs where
I discuss my daring escape from Federal Prison and my refuge among
hillbillies and Ku-Kluxers in the heart of Arkansas. So turn the 
page, you nitwits!


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