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Missouri Libertarian

Issue #13
September-October 1995

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Newsletter Purpose & Intent: This is an unusual newsletter. It is intended to be the voice of the militant Libertarian and the reasonable militia member.

200 years ago, this political newsletter would have been considered left of center. 100 years ago, the things stated herein would have been belaboring the obvious. Today, the concepts of limited government, personal freedom and responsibility make this newsletter seem radical. But since there are few other places available for the dissemination of these opinions, this newsletter is proud to make do.

The views expressed in this newsletter are not those of the Missouri Libertarian party or of various militia groups. But they damn well should be.

Editor:Martin Lindstedt


Shots Heard Around the Immediate Vicinity
Incredible Associations by Tom Seaman
Practical Issues & Answers -- Tentacles of Power
UnCommon Sense -- The Need for Revolution
The UnHung Guerrilla

** Monologue **

But don't worry, partisans of big government! We will get worse.


Yes, Militiamen for Komrade Klinton PAC. But to keep him from feeding too deep at this particular trough, we must limit all political contributions to a nickel. The First Krook will take it. He's not too proud to beg. Any check over 5 cents will be burned.

To prevent all manner of fools, nitwits, political degenerates, Ku Kluckers, white trash, redneck-peckerwoods and other assorted riff-raff from joining, Militiamen for Komrade Klinton PAC requires a sworn statement or affidavit that the would-be PAC contributor will not vote DemoPublican for President. Otherwise your check will be burned.

So send your 5-, 4-, 3-, 2-, or 1-cent check or money order addressed to Militiamen for Komrade Klinton PAC, care of The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian, and we shall see that the sneaking rascal gets it. Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards or cash.

Now let's look at the losers.

1. Policemen. The faces of modern law (government) enforcement are those of Mark Fuhrman, Lon Horouchi, and other criminals in uniform. Not those of Wyatt Earp or Rooster Cogburn. The police can develop the most marvelous technological advances. But it won't matter when people figure out the average policeman is a liar, thief, murderer, or coward; a bully with a badge.

2. The "justice" system. It's no secret that if Simpson had been a poor, unknown black who murdered his white wife and her Jewish boyfriend, he'd be on death row by now. It is because Mr. Simpson had enough money and celebrity that he got a fair trial. It's not a justice system. It's a legal system, which only respects money and power.

3. The Brown and Goldman families. Short shrift for them. Somebody killed their kin. Watch prosecutors insist they were right in going after Simpson. They won't admit otherwise, so nobody will ever pay for the murders. All the Browns and Goldmans have left is their hated and contempt for both System and Simpson.

Only three good things came out of this trial:

1. Los Angeles won't burn -- tonight.

2. The next white Mrs. Simpson will be more faithful -- or discreet.

3. Mr. Simpson will better control his temper -- in public.

(Printed in The Joplin Globe, Oct. 5, 1995)

Both Bradley and Nunn have hinted at plans to run for President. After years of misrule in the most powerful men's club in the world, they believe they have what it takes to become First Crook.

Both Bradley and Nunn only had eighteen and twenty-four years, respectively, to get their agendas enacted. They succeeded. Now they are sneaking off before they reap the consequences.

The oxy-moronically named Senate Ethics Committee voted unanimously on Sept. 6 that it "strenuously urges, and fully expects" the full Senate to expel Packwood. They said Packwood acted like a sexual predator between 1969 to 1990, obstructed justice by "withholding, altering, and destroying" his diaries, and stole everything in sight by trying to get his estranged wife a job from special interests. All in a day's work for SuperSenator.

Packwood called the vote of a committee of his peers "totally and absolutely outrageous." Turning on him like that after years of fellow skulduggery.

The next day Packwood gave a tearful farewell to his "friends" and colleagues in the Senate and announced his resignation. Since he wasn't expelled, Packwood gets to keep his retirement pay, health care, and Senatorial privileges, courtesy of the taxpayer.

"I'm just a voice crying in the wilderness," piously intoned Danforth, an ordained Episcopal minister.

He may well sound off with all the enthusiasm of a converted whore in church now. He only had eighteen years in the Senate, taxing and spending with the best of them to repent of. He didn't come into the faith until recently, and some of us greatly doubt the validity of his conversion.

Democrats clinched by trying to put the National Rifle Association on trial. Janet Reno opined that internationally banned poison gas wasn't so bad for children and that if she hasn't taken the steps that led to the Waco Holocaust, she would have been blamed for dereliction of duty. The Republicans backed down. The media ate it all up.

However the "mistakes were made" firewall is wearing thin. More people are beginning to realize that such activity on the part of government-enforcement terrorists is not a mistake, but rather part of their inherent nature.

In return, the Weavers must drop the $200 million civil suit against the government, which is only fair because $3.1 million worth of justice is all they can get.

The three daughters receive $1 million apiece. Mr. Weaver receives $100,000. No mileage was paid because the Federal government is always willing to come to your home -- to murder you and burn down your house -- free of charge.

Author Kurt Saxon, a man who has by his own admission "joined every single right-wing organization except the KKK," wrote an essay called "Crime Pays" in his U.S. Militia magazine, Vol.1, No. 4.

"A right is a social privilege, usually recognized by the state. It can be violated or withheld at the whim of an individual, society or the state. Rights have to be stood up for, fought for and there must be a willingness to destroy anyone who consistently violates the rights of others, if rights are to have any meaning."

Although Malcolm X and Mr. Saxon have different color skins, they both speak in the same tongue. Both voices are those of Patriots and they speak the language of Freedom.

Now that Congressional hearings are over and done with, when will the trial be held and the Code-of-the-West-decreed hangings take place for back-shooters, murderers and wimmen-&-children killers?

There is really no telling who did this. Nobody trusts the truthfulness of government police agencies anymore. It's probably just another government atrocity staged to enhance government power. But there is such a legacy of hatred and fear engendered by government misconduct at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Oklahoma City, it's indeed possible, but unlikely, a patriot organization attacked a government train.

The alleged notes at the scene said this act was in retaliation for Waco and Ruby Ridge. But every militiaman and patriot takes as an article of faith that the government blew up the Oklahoma City Federal building. If it was a Patriot act, why didn't the notes say the derailment was in retaliation for Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Oklahoma City? And if it was a federally staged atrocity, wouldn't the mind-set of federal perpetrators create just such notes as were allegedly found? So the omission of OKC from the note brings up the feeling that this is another ham-handed staged government atrocity.

Chuck Harder on his "For the People" talk-radio show has for the past few months mentioned the Air Force's and Army's 1984 operational plans called "Roundup" and "Garden Plot." These plans call for rounding up dissenters and resisters in concentration camps and murdering them. Supposedly there is a Federal Death Camp in Terre Haute, Indiana.

With such heated feelings and paranoia on both the Patriot and government sides, it wouldn't take much to start a civil war, would it?

And who would that Presidential candidate be? Maybe himself if the voters call for him while he makes sure he is at the head of the parade.

One egomaniac does not a political party make.

The press announced he was a libertarian darling until his ghostwritten book came out and put the kibosh to that foolishness. He is a moderate with much to be moderate about with his wishy-washy wuss windbaggery concerning abortion, gun-control, immigration and other "sensible centrist" Rockefeller Republican big-government bullshit. If you suffer from a terminal case of liberal white-skinned noblesse oblige, vote for Alan Keyes, who at least sometimes talks sense.

"Democracy needs virtue, if it is not to turn against everything that it is meant to defend and encourage. Democracy stands or falls with the truths and values which it embodies and promotes."


Another man confessed to the murder and police transcripts indicate that co- ercion and deceit was used by police to gain the confession from a weak-minded Wilson. Wilson signed a confession and pled "no contest" at arraignment, thus not ever having had a trial. This coerced confession was upheld by every Missouri court up to and including the Missouri Supreme Court.

Carnahan showed political savvy in pardoning Wilson in Republican Lawrence County. The people who are most angry with the pardon never would have voted for him anyway.

The Editor collected eight proxies from the "Shooter" faction. Approximately twelve "Pud-Pullers," sensing the threat to their continued domination of the Missouri Libertarian Party, used majority rule to strip the militant faction of their votes and disenfranchise them by disallowing proxy voting at this meeting. The excuse? "We didn't think of it and we have the right to make up the rules as we go along." Only four other Libertarians kept the faith and voted to allow proxy voting.

The eight members disenfranchised consisted of former and present county and state officers. Two of them lived over 200 miles distant from Columbia.

After this vote was taken, "work" on the Platform commenced. As the general membership only had over three months to come up with something and failed to do so, four minutes were allotted for each individual plank to be proposed, debated, voted upon and passed or denied.

The result was chaos.

In the future, the MoLP will have to implement procedures for the orderly voting of a majority of the general membership. Otherwise, the MoLP will never become more than 10-15 Pud-Pullers playing at running a political party.

*** Liberty's Calendar ***

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*** Shots Heard 'Round the Immediate Vicinity ***

** Money for favors **

Last November the voters of Missouri passed Proposition A, a measure limiting campaign contributions, by 74 percent. Immediately it went to the court system, which will eventually end up deciding that such measures violate First Amendment guarantees concerning free speech, and rightly so. How do you prevent someone from spending as much money as they want on their candidate and still stay within Constitutional guarantees of free and open political speech? You can't.

The governor appointed a bipartisan Commission for Fair Elections to ostensibly hear the voter's concerns and would-be solutions. Bipartisan because both Republicans and Democrats want the voters to think that the system is fair and honest, thus further securing the foundations of their two-party rule.

The DemoPublicans know Prop. A is doomed. So how do you deal with the desires for "reform" expressed by the voter peasantry? The Republicans are on top now. They are the ones dispensing largess, so they want the status-quo to continue, tossing out "reform" nuggets for the unwary to peck at. The Democrats are waning in power, the special interests aren't buying them off anymore, so they sponsor taxpayer-funded campaigns. Both "solutions" lead to continued crookedness and cynicism.

The truth of the matter is that special-interest pimps and politician whores will exchange money and favors no matter what. So let's just have one simple rule: Every single penny of campaign contributions must be accounted for by source. [Then the voter will know, if interested, who the political pimps and whores are.]

Martin Lindstedt

Granby, Missouri 64844

Editor's Note: All of the above except [bracketed] was published in The Joplin Globe on Sept. 20, 1995. The Editor attended a Commission for Fair Elections meeting Sept. 7 at the Main Library in Springfield,Mo. I was invited by the Secretary of State's office as a Missouri Libertarian Party observer. Nobody else attended except a bunch of United We Stand America people.

The Republicans preferred the status quo, with some "reform" packages to gull the unwary. The Democrats preferred taxpayer-financed campaigns. Since Governor Carnahan appointed the members, guess which side will prevail?

** Protection needed **

After the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascoes, along with numerous other outrageous incidents by our federal law enforcement agencies, many citizens are awakening to just what our federal government has the immoral capacity to do.

It is my understanding that several states have passed legislation that requires federal agencies to clear any mission, or act against any citizen with each county sheriff. The sheriff should be informed prior to any lawful, or unlawful action by the "feds." Not only should the sheriff be informed, but he should be present at any federal action to assure the legality of the action and that the rights of the citizen are not infringed.

It is the sorry state of affairs that measures of this type are required to protect the citizen from the government, which they theoretically "own." I would appreciate any action legislators can instigate to accomplish the above.

Roger Kellermeyer,

Carthage, Missouri

Editor's Note: Printed in The Joplin Globe, August 13, 1995. The Missouri Constitution Party is planning just such a ballot initiative in 1996 in tandem with their policy of running Sheriff candidates. The draft Platform of Specific Planks submitted to the MoLP Platform Convention Sept. 17 had a plank stating, "No federal or State law, statute, or regulation shall be enforced, or no arrest made outside of federal or State property without the supervision of the relevant County Sheriff's Department." Perhaps such a plank will pass before the May 1996 MoLP Convention.

** The final struggle **

3 October, 1995

Dear Martin Lindstedt:

The Libertarian Party is the only possible savior of American democracy. Real peace can only be built up from the grass roots -- by the people themselves with guns in their hands -- as was done two centuries ago. That is why our enemies want us to accept their kind of peace, with guns only in the hands of "Supermen" who of course know what is best for us.

So on we go towards the final struggle to decide the future of us all.

But the enemy is farther advanced towards their goal than I realized. They already have a working union of Church and State -- the clergy and our own beloved bureaucrats have gotten together far back in the woodwork to say that mental health must be based on the Bible.

I am very anxious to know how things are with you, and how your difficulties with the system are coming along. I have had food stamps coming and [it] made things very much better and easier for me. But now I have received notice that the food stamps will be discontinued unless I re-apply and conform to other not very clear requirements.

Bureaucracy is wonderfully clever -- but they cannot hide from me that fact -- they have made a union with the clergy.

Our only hope is the Libertarian Party -- to show the truth of these times -- and to arm the people.

Your old pen pal,

Name withheld by Editor

Editor's note: The 80+ year-old man who wrote me this letter is a good friend of mine.

When he was a younger man, a local politician's son decided to go to his house and beat him, taking a few of his daddy's cops along for "protection." The above letter writer, not deterred, shot the young thug dead on his front porch. Perplexed, the prosecutor put forward a plea bargain wherein our hero pled insanity and spent six years of his life in a mental institution. I have detected no trace of insanity in my conversations with him.

An excellent jack-leg gunsmith, the above letter writer has plans for making your own home-made revolver and believes the solution to government gun control is for everyone to make their own guns.

*** Incredible Associations ***

by Tom Seaman

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and mainstream media has massed a campaign to link the Oklahoma City bombers to a wide variety of groups, lumping them all together in the public mind as either responsible or contributing to the act. If you'll pay attention you'll note that none of these groups are popular with either the media or federal government: militias in various states, survivalists, white supremacists, KKK, tax protesters, right-wingers, hate mongers on talk radio and other "anti-government" elements. All of them are the same according to the feds and press.

Boy, the Oak City Bombers really got around.

OF COURSE, there are plentiful left-wing "authority" figures not in the government or media to be quoted to lend weight to a fictional association of these groups. Or, is it hope? Or, is it just a golden opportunity to gore some favorite oxen in return for their fear that their adored socialist state championed for decades by out of control Democrats might be coming to an end?

These leftanoids should give-up their fear. The Republican politicians love big government almost as much as their Democrat bosom buddies giving us a one-party system of DemoPublicans. Mom used to tease me for calling myself a DemoPublican as a child. Maybe the nice lady had a deep cruel streak I didn't recognize until it dawned on me what was actually going on in Washington.

AMIDST THIS GUILT by unassociated association, the media is eager to broadcast the government's grab for more power called anti-terrorism. Why, of course we have to give-up some of our rights and freedoms. Why, of course we can trust the feds not to abuse their powers as they have up until now. Why, of course they need $1.5 billion more to do the job with 1,000 more federal agents to spy on this conglomeration of elements -- those guilty by unassociated association -- hated by socialists.

Of the tons of paper and ink used to propagandize these hated and feared individuals and groups, how many ounces of paper and ink have been expended even suggesting the government be accountable for past terrorist acts against honest citizens, that government agents and their mob bosses be punished for their crimes and that real changes in government policies, practices and laws be implemented to stop federal terrorism of those they are supposed to serve?

WANT TO CURB OR STOP DOMESTIC TERRORISM? Stop federal terrorism and punish those guilty of it.

Want to increase domestic terrorism? Give the federal government more opportunity to terrorize honest citizens. This course of action could well lead to guerrilla war against the federal government and its puppets, if it has not already begun. Only a cynic would say that the federal government wishes to escalate hostilities to maintain or increase their staffing to compensate for the demise of the USSR.

THEN WE'LL HAVE TO CHOOSE A SIDE. Freedom-loving Americans will choose opposition to the federal government. The federal government will ultimately lose not only because they are wrong, but because they can't win an urban/rural guerrilla war against us despite their costly power of arms. They should know that, but I doubt they can admit it. They haven't, yet. DemoPublicans have been royal too long. They think they can murder and terrorize us with impunity, if they think about it at all.

Therein lies the pity. Many of the royalists don't think their agents of terror are wrong. The objects of their terror are, after all, probably anti-government of one stripe or another. So, who cares?

BEING IN GOVERNMENT FOR TOO LONG, and loving government too much, can lead to incredible associations. And, too often, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Unassociates become associates, needlessly.

Tom Seaman

Seymour, MO 65746

May 5, 1995

*** Practical Issues & Answers ***

Part Ten of a continuing series. This column intends to give Libertarians running for office a practical guide on issues to bring up and exploit to the dismay of Demo-Publicans, who have no idea of how to solve the problems they have created.


WHAT STEPS SHOULD THE MISSOURI LIBERTARIAN Party take ensure victory in the 1996 elections?

Right now, we have a winning ideology, adequate leadership, and dedicated activists. There is a feeling of discontent in the land and people are expressing a willingness to vote for third-party candidates. The MoLP has ballot access, and the National Libertarian Party is the first of the minor parties. What will bring us up to major party status?

THE ANSWER IS THROUGH DEVELOPMENT OF county committees. County committees are the wetlands in which we will breed our candidate ducks and get them all lined up in a row come election day. If you do not have strong county committees, you will not have candidates and activists. Any natural leaders which spring up in the absence of county committees will be isolated, cut off and drowned in a DemoPublican sea of political gorp. So how do we develop and strengthen county committees?

The Vice-President's duties include the non-ceremonial task of recruitment and membership. We will elect one at the September 17, 1995 general membership Platform Convention. Also in the works is a "field organizer," most likely a MoLP employee serving at the pleasure of the Expediting Committee (ExpCom). Once this all is completed, the real work begins. Let's get to it.

THE FIELD ORGANIZER/VICE-PRESIDENT should work with the ExpCom delegates from the nine congressional districts. Most of the ExpCom delegates are the more energetic County Committee Chairs as it is now. These delegates know the political situation in the field.

From their particular county strongholds, they will work on infiltrating their influence into neighboring counties. Once another new county committee is set up, that new county committee works with the founding county and the Field Organizer to form still another county committee on the borders of one or both. Thus the Libertarian frontier spreads and we form tentacles of power to squeeze the political life out of the weaker DemoPublican party in the area. If this is done with frequency and determination, eventually all 114 counties in Missouri will be Libertarian.

SO HOW IS A COUNTY COMMITTEE ORGANIZED? This is how it is done in rural Southwestern Missouri.

If you don't know anybody in the county fitting that description, ask the Treasurer/Vice President/Field Organizer to provide a list of dues-paying members of the MoLP for that county. Settle for dues paying members of the National Party, if necessary. Your third list will consist of people who have expressed Libertarian interest in the last six months. The preferred list are the MoLP members. These are the people who really put their hard-earned money where their mouths are. If you can't find such people, then you will have to develop them yourself.

Now you have a new County Committee. With a planned monthly meeting place and dates, they can set small dues for Party Expenses, run a small local newsletter, find candidates and election judges. The new county organization can join up with other counties and form state representative and senatorial districts.

SMALL BUT WELL-ORGANIZED COUNTY COMMITTEES will run rings around the local DemoPublican committees once they get their act together. The local media will be calling up the local county chairs, asking for the Libertarian position. DemoPublican politicians will live in fear that any taxes they propose will find organized opposition. Our Party will grow in power, influence, and respect in the minds of hard-pressed voters. Independent voter blocs will be coming to us, asking that we become coalition partners with them and we can name our price -- freedom and justice for all.

THE TIME IS RIGHT to form tentacles of power. Do it now.

*** UnCommon Sense ***

Between the Revolutionary War's opening shots fired at Concord & Lexington on April 19, 1775 and the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, the Founding Fathers and the citizenry had to make a decision as to whether they would negotiate with King George to restore their rights as Englishmen or seek to found a new nation. A man called Thomas Paine published on January 10, 1776 a small pamphlet called Common Sense. Colonists up and down the seaboard read his stirring call to action. George Washington himself said it turned doubt into decision -- for independence. This is the second part of a series. Its goal is to also turn doubt into decision -- to restore a Constitutional Republic -- by all and any means necessary.

** The Need for Revolution **

BEFORE THE QUESTION OF WHETHER THIS COUNTRY can be saved is answered, and in the negative, there is a more fundamental question to be queried. Should this country be saved?

First, let us define the meaning of "country." We are not talking about land or geography. The soil, dirt, rocks, hills and mountains are beyond humanity's feeble efforts to destroy. We can ruin the land's ability to support human beings, but we cannot destroy the earth; we can only till it or infest it.

Is country synonymous with "people?" No. The term "country" is a political, philosophical term, a figment of imagination. It is a political term used by ruling elites to induce blind nationalism over the people ruled, for their good or detriment, so that force can be cloaked within an appearance of legitimacy. 250 years ago, there was no such thing as a "Missouri" or a "United States of America." And if things keep on going the way they are now, there will be no such concepts in the future.

Now that "country" has been defined as a political system wherein a ruling class maintains its domination over the masses through the use of force and deceit, should a country, any country, be saved? No. Can a country be saved? No. A country which has to be "saved" is not worth saving.

A degenerate country inevitably decays into its basic building blocks of individual, family, tribe, kindred, and group. Once in a great while these blocks form their own new "country" with a chastened, humble, honest, new and uncompromised elite, and the "country" is renewed and reformed, although never as strong as before. Most of the time countries submerge underneath the view of history and are never noticed again. Heard anything lately about the Sumerians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Ostrogoths, Mongols, and their civilizations or empires?

THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED A CONSTITUTIONAL Republic. It was supposed to stay that way, but only if we could keep it. We haven't been able to keep it. A Constitutional Republic can exist only as long as the populace insists on making its own way without using government to steal from others. We are no longer moral, intelligent, educated, honest or decent. Now we uneasily coexist with others like us in a decaying democracy.

Every single one of us gets something from the government, paid for in large part by an anonymous someone else's tax dollars. We see our substance fed into the tax-maw of a bloated, ravenous, Molech state-god. So we grab, grab, grab, grab, grab, grab, grab for our "fair" share from our fellow moral cannibals and look on with hatred, anger, disgust, and guilt upon people we figure are getting anything more than us. People like welfare moms and greedy old geezers on Medicare(less) and Social (in)Security. This attitude does not bode well for the future.

A SOCIETY BASED UPON THEFT WORKS -- but only as long as there is something left to steal. This is the unnecessary tragedy facing the United States of America.

This country was founded upon the principle that when an individual works for his own good, wealth is created, and capital will accrue for the good of all. By men being able to keep the fruits of their own labor, they create a surplus, and all can prosper together in a state of freedom and justice.

But when the principles of socialism were introduced by ambitious politicians with the collusion of voters, the end of this country was assured. Now we take from some to give to others based upon political calculation. This country is now bankrupt. It doesn't pay to work anymore. Not when the fruits of your efforts are stolen from you. Will men of good will be able to work together with socialized man to "save" this country? No. It is no longer in a productive person's best interests to do any such thing. Here are some cases in point:

The National Debt. There is no shortage of the hype and hysteria about how we are "robbing our grandchildren" by the use of deficit spending. Supposedly we are over $4.9 trillion in the hole, and we will have to close down the government before conservative congressmen vote to raise the debt ceiling a couple of hundred billion over the 5 trillion mark. Shut down the government! Is that supposed to be a threat -- or a promise?

Don't worry about it. The real figure when you add in private debt, unfunded liabilities, and off-budget government debt is closer to $30 trillion. We don't have over $2 trillion in Federal Reserve Notes. We will never pay off the debt. We can't. We won't. The central bankers who printed worthless paper money with the politicians' collaboration have long since stolen all the gold. They don't want the debt paid off. Instead, they want a whole nation of slave debtors to assume responsibility for the whole mess, and consent to be owned in bond for it. So when you see someone yammering about "our national debt" and how "We should pay it off," assume that person is a slave, a fool, a liar, or a thief.

A successful Revolution will put an end to the so-called national debt. Have you ever seen anyone in Mississippi or Alabama paying off old Confederate war bonds?

Entitlements. Many has been the time that some well-meaning (?) old coot told a younger me that Social Security will be bankrupt by the time I turn 65 (or 67 or 70). And by then they will hopefully be dead. With that attitude, yes, hopefully. Just not soon enough to do any good.

The whole idea of entitlements is based upon the notion of taking from one class of people to give to another, who are "entitled" to this transference under color of governmental force. It also implies a large, and docile enough bunch of slaves willing to put up with producing a surplus for other's consumption. This notion is immoral. It is also impractical.

There are fewer people able and willing to provide a surplus necessary to keep the entitlement system running. But the current government system doesn't dare curtail or end entitlements. Social security is rightfully called the third rail of American politics. Dare touch it and politically you die. So is there any possibility of reforming this system? Probably not.

Some people will insist on getting their "entitlements" from the government. Others will resent paying it, especially when they know that these "entitlements" won't be around for them. The possibilities for strife are endless. Eventually the entitlements will end. But not through the exercise of reason.

Taxes. Once called by its rightful name of tribute, taxes are collected by force and coercion by the government to benefit those who please and serve it. Now the effective taxation rate in the U.S. is close to 70 percent. It is hard to believe that the foundations of this country was based upon tax rebellion against government.

The most noxious of these taxes is the income tax. It is based upon the notion that a taxpayer "voluntarily complies" with a swollen tax code and must file his confession of taxable income to a bunch of bureaucrats. What a servile, slavish bunch we have become! It is no longer any secret that the government treats our property and our very lives as belonging to the ruling elite, with just enough left so that the hamster-like "human resources" will keep on running on the treadmill. A despicable, though accurate, notion.

The only way to cure this mess is to simply stop. Right now. If the government wants its money, let it collect it -- with a gun. They will need it. I will no longer hand it over voluntarily.

THERE IS A DESPERATE NEED ON THE PART OF THE producers, the people who matter, to wage a Third American War for Independence. This Revolutionary War, if successful, will eliminate the old system which benefits only the parasites and corrupt ruling elite. If this war is not soon waged and won, then the good people will be enslaved and eaten by their evil masters, who then will deservedly perish once there is nothing left to steal. By waging this just War at the soonest available opportunity, there will be more left of their own for good men to salvage and reclaim.

"But that would mean starting the War, and we are not aggressors!" some people will say. Wrong. The war has already started. We are in the middle, not at the start, of the beginning of this Revolutionary war. The need for revolution has been forced upon us! The greedy pigs who would rule us have so much power and money, but are they content with what they have stolen? No! We have so little left of our freedom and our productivity, but they would have it all! So in self-defense we must take back all of our own and to settle this matter we must leave them nothing, not even their lives. Those who would rule us for our own supposed good would have it no other way.

PATRICK HENRY HAD IT RIGHT. He faced and met a similar problem head-on with his most famous speech. Some of his fellow politicians thought he was a hothead. He was -- but he was right. The time for peace was over. War would decide the issue of slavery or death.

". . . it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it . . .
I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us! . . .
The war is inevitable -- and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come. . . .
It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace -- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"


*** The UnHung Guerrilla ***

(How To Be One)

ARTICLE 4a SECTION 2 Geneva Convention III of 1949 states:

"... captured persons must (a) be commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates (b) have a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance, (c) carry arms openly (d) conduct their operations in accordance with the laws of war."

The United States is a signatory to the above and the other two earlier Geneva Conventions.


Sooner or later, if things keep on going the way they have been, some of us will be fighting in the Second Revolutionary War. As such, some of us may very well be captured. Since civil wars are the most bloody, hate-filled, murderous conflicts ever engaged in by a nation, the recognized rules of warfare tend to become blurred and ignored during the struggle. However, for your own future sake, you better know your rights and duties as a guerrilla soldier.

Of course, a government never observes a single treaty or convention it signs whenever its interests are threatened. Just ask the Indians about that. The United States signed these conventions when the government was smugly condemning the colonial powers, never realizing its turn fighting its own citizens would arrive. Now it has. You might very well be shot or hung if you get captured. Keep that in mind before you surrender.

A GUERRILLA SOLDIER must be commanded by a person responsible for subordinates. This provision is to prevent ordinary criminals from claiming Prisoner of War status.

One thing that always amuses me about the militia movement is how everyone wants to be an officer. If you look around at one of these meetings, everyone has at a minimum a set of "railroad tracks" denoting a captain. At the top of the heap, a "chicken" full-bird colonel. Nobody got the humility to be a sergeant or even a 2nd lieutenant. Not a private to be seen. Nor does anyone got the balls to wear a general's stars. But that is to be expected in the present "political" militia.

Right now, there is not a single militia "fighting" organization. The militias are in "Don't tread on me!" mode, and are quite interested in 2nd Amendment rights. Which stands to reason, because most of the militias are not morally ready to take up arms against the Federal and State government -- yet. They hope by showing teeth, the government will relent and back off. This won't happen. Events and attitudes have gone too far. Sooner or later there will be a confrontation caused by government arrogance and stupidity, and things will get quickly out of hand.

Even the most militant militias are now only training for war at the squad level. There are no platoons, companies, battalions, regiments, or brigades -- yet. Hence there is no reason for majors, colonels, or generals -- yet.

When the fighting starts, the first militia units will be cells commanded by corporals. No more than five men, a half squad. When the beginning Resistance is weak, when it engages targets of opportunity, the guerrilla soldier will likely be treated as a criminal. Will the "political" militia "colonels" take moral and criminal responsibility for the "Provisional" fighting militia private? Can they? No, of course not. Some of the present militia leaders will become effective field commanders. But many of the be-ribboned and be-ranked PX officers are nothing more than windbags. Time will indeed tell.

So what legal advice do I have for the fighting Patriot?

Quite simple. Choose your targets carefully and when you shoot, shoot to kill, and kill all. You will not be firing full-metal-jacket bullets. You will be using soft or hollow hunting points. The enemy will be firing FMJ military rounds at you, and you might be wounded. You are not playing games anymore. You are dead serious.

If at all possible, you do not leave your dead or wounded behind. The fact that you have dead or wounded means you screwed up during planning or operations. If you must leave wounded behind, make sure they are not squealers. As a commander, if you cannot kill your wounded or recover your dead, you must deal with the fact your cover is blown and you will have to go into hiding or fight until you are dead or captured.

If you are captured, simply claim to be a Prisoner of War. Nothing more. You do not state your organization or commanding officer. Keep your mouth shut. If you get hung, you are hung. If planning is done correctly, there will be reprisal squads acting to make sure you are avenged tenfold.

A GUERRILLA SOLDIER must have a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance. This is a foolish stipulation which goes against the heart of guerrilla warfare. A true guerrilla blends in with the civilian population so very well that when a frustrated government terrorizes the population, the white-chicken element gets it first, and it rises up in rebellion. There are ways to get around this requirement.

Why do "political" militiamen wear expensive camouflage uniforms? In normal places and times they stick out like a dog turd in a punchbowl. A truly dangerous militiaman wears a suit and tie at such times and locations, knowing rank is determined by personality. Or he wears a tee-shirt. The last thing a true militiaman needs is to be hung wearing a fancy $100 uniform. A true fighting man is judged by how well he maintains his rifle, not his uniform.

So how does a fighting patriot get around this legal restriction? By carrying a patch of clothing and a black magic marker. If you want to get in good legal-wise, when you are ready to engage in militia activity, take out the magic marker and write MILITIA on the patch of cloth and wear that patch until you are ready to blend back into the civilian woodwork. Then get rid of marker and patch. Simple enough?

A GUERRILLA SOLDIER must carry arms openly. Of course. How do you conceal a rifle? When you are locked and loaded, the safety is off, you have aimed at the enemy's head and squeezed the trigger, even the stupidest policeman will know something is amiss, if not a hit.

Menachem Begin, the famous Israeli terrorist, commanded the Irgun Zvai Leumi in Palestine from 1943 to 1948. He had to fight both the British and sell-out Israelis. One of his iron-clad rules for Irgun activity was that nobody carried guns unless they were on a mission. The Stern Gang, a friendly rival terrorist faction, would always carry guns around with them in their vehicles. Then when they were caught by the British at checkpoints, a short firefight spelled the end to a promising terrorist career. After enough testosterone-brain-damaged Stern members had been killed, selection of the fittest, the rest followed Irgun's example. To prevent his freedom-fighters from getting hung, Begin hung some captured British soldiers and the executions stopped on both sides. Later the terrorist Menachem Begin became prime-minister of Israel.

So when militia leaders tell you not to carry guns around unless you are on a mission, they are talking sense. You take your rifle, with enough ammunition to meet any contingency, and commit your assigned task. When you are done, the rifle remains hidden, is exchanged with someone not associated with the mission, or is destroyed.

By the way, the perfect fighting rifle for the initial stages of the war are either bolt-action or semi-automatic large-caliber rifles. Not fully automatic assault rifles or machine pistols. The feds keep track of these type weapons very carefully. How can you fight the next war if you are already imprisoned for weapons violations? Not to mention the fact members of a militia unit cannot afford to shoot like soldiers because we don't have resupply for ammo wasters.

The Geneva Convention requirement that arms be carried openly is good sense for a guerrilla when you consider the only time a guerrilla soldier carries a gun is when he is about to or is actually using it. Then it is too late for the ambushed government thug to do anything about it except die.

GUERRILLA SOLDIERS MUST conduct their operations in accordance with the laws of war. The laws of war dictate that you find the enemy and destroy him with a minimum of collateral damage to the innocent. Again, it is in the patriot's best interests he do exactly that.

Who is the enemy and what are the permissible targets?

One enemy is the average policeman. He is a so-called law-enforcement officer. He protects the interests of those who make the laws and uses his gun to impose their will on the people. He wears the government's uniform, fires a government-authorized pistol, and draws a government salary. He has the rank of officer or corporal or sergeant or lieutenant or captain or sometimes even colonel. His job is to kill or jail or control the government's enemies. A patriot is the enemy of the government. Therefore logic dictates that a policeman is the enemy of the patriot and vice versa.

Self-righteous and running in packs, policemen will surround a lone-wolf patriot, and destroy your life in a minute. So when you carry out an effective ambush, make sure that you kill every single one of 'em. There is no changing them. They are the exact opposite of a patriot and there can be no quarter asked or granted in this struggle once commenced.

Lawyers, judges, and politicians made this struggle necessary. They are cowardly and ineffectual in a fight, but the patriot must keep in mind who they are and what they did, and in remembering, do what must be done. They are legitimate targets for justice. Besides, it is a hypocritical kindness which spares a bullet today to use a rope tomorrow.

An American soldier's life should be spared if possible. If they hand over their weapons, and give their parole not to fight against the patriot cause again, they should be treated with all possible courtesy. They are our countrymen, fighting in a bad cause against their interest. If treated kindly and firmly, they well might fight on our side and against the government.

United Nations troops are a different matter. If you see a New World Order Hessian, either shoot or subvert him. Shooting is easier.

Neutral civilians should be treated with respect and kindness whenever possible. The essence of guerrilla warfare is to get the civilian population on your side. Revolutionary, civil, and guerrilla warfare brings out madness on both sides. Obedience to the rules of land warfare ensures our side wins this upcoming war, if we keep our heads clear, our hearts pure and our eyes on target.

THE PURPOSE BEHIND EFFECTIVE WARFARE is to destroy the enemy while preserving your side, and bringing the uncommitted and neutral around to your point of view. The guerrilla patriot soldier, by following the above precepts of the Geneva Convention, will win the next war by default. Very few wars are won by the victors, instead they were lost by the losers.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "The Tree of Liberty is fertilized by the blood of Patriots and Tyrants." He was right, even though he never was a soldier. Now let's make sure the fertilizing blood is a jugular-full for the Tyrants and a pinprick for us Patriots.

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