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Issue #14
November-December 1995

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Newsletter Purpose & Intent: This is an unusual newsletter. It is intended to be the voice of the militant Libertarian and the reasonable militia member. 200 years ago, this political newsletter would have been considered left of center. 100 years ago, the things stated herein would have been belaboring the obvious. Today, the concepts of limited government, personal freedom and responsibility make this newsletter seem radical. But since there are few other places available for the dissemination of these opinions, this newsletter is proud to make do. The views expressed in this newsletter are not those of the Missouri Libertarian party or of various militia groups. But they damn well should be.

Editor: Martin Lindstedt



Shots Heard Around the Immediate Vicinity

Practical Issues & Answers -- What Should We Want?

UnCommon Sense -- The Combatants of Revolution

The Kuriatnyk Incidents

Now Ain't That Just Like A Friend

*** Monologue ***

To be sure, the Republicans were on sounder ground Constitutionally, for it is Congress that taxes and appropriates. To their credit, they did try, in their own mushy way, to rein in Medicare by revoking a monthly payment decrease from $53.50 to $42.50, a decreased Medicare subsidy of $7.40. The First Crook took his chance to demagogue the issue by vetoing all Congressional debt-reduction resolutions. The Republicans couldn't override the vetoes.

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin kept the shebang running by looting the pension funds of civil servants. Boo hoo! More ominously, Secretary Rubin has been paying kickbacks to the big Japanese banks who lost billions by buying T-bills. The stock market soared as investors sought a safe place to park their money. And Newt felt that he had been snubbed by the First Crook on a public airplane.

Finally a truce was declared by the losing Republicans. They would pay the bills for another month of fighting in return for the assurance that the budget deficit would be "solved" in seven years or someday when they are gone. The month is over and the government is shut down again. We have gotten used to financial crisis and hardly look up while Sodom burns and DemoPublicans diddle.

Lest we become overfoolish after our victory in George Bush's war in Iraq, remember: There are substantial differences in both the terrain and the quality of combatants we face. Iraq was flat; perfect air-strike and tank country. So was Somalia, but the inhabitants were more than armed rabbits. Haiti was hilly and cramped, but the inhabitants are used to being terrorized by their governments. Bosnia is mountainous and the people on all sides are warlike. This will soon become a ground war worse than Vietnam. The spectacle of U.S. transport planes circling for days waiting to land in bad weather will become a nightmare when we must quickly bug-out.

The Republican Congress defaulted on their responsibilities to declare war or disband armies to be used for foreign adventures. Instead they will use body-bag counts for political gain, whining that the First Crook is Commander-in-Chief as per the Constitution's overblown, windy language written when a hero and demigod like George Washington was available. Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton . . . . Hah! Call him First REMF instead.

There was much weeping and wailing for this former soldier and so-called man of peace. Even Yasir Arafat managed to squeeze out a few crocodile tears for his collaborator of "peace." A peace of Gaza, a piece of Jericho, a peace of Hebron. Not unnoticed is that Rabin wasn't put to ground by an A-rab, but by an Israeli, and that Israel is divided.

The young gunman doesn't shed a single hypocritical tear for his action. He smiles, grins, and waves at his trial. This action is frowned upon as it drains legitimacy from governments steeped in blood.

We salute Yitzhak Rabin, a live politician who became a dead statesman. This world needs more statesmen.

Admiral Richard C. Macke, commander of the Pacific military forces, went the way of other brave commanding officers who dared to tell the truth -- into retirement -- for the following remark: "I think it was absolutely stupid, I've said several times. For the price they paid to rent the car, they could have had a girl."

In other words, rather than give the Japanese a chance to kick the Navy from Okinawa, serve years in a Japanese prison and ruin a young girl's life, it would have been cheaper for everybody if the servicemen had merely rented a whore.

Such spoken common sense did not go unrewarded. Admiral Macke, 57, joined the ranks of the retired generals and admirals who have spoken inconvenient truths to power. The Japanese, originators of geishas and forced W.W.II Korean prostitution, whined about how the Admiral's words were disrespectful of Japanese and Japanese women, how they lived in fear of sex-crazed American sailors, and how they want the Americans out of the territory conquered in W.W.II. Doubtless the First REMF will find some mealy-mouthed Rear-Echelon Desk Jockey (REDJ) to replace Admiral Macke.

This is the New World Order Multi-Jurisdictional Military Police Force desperately seeking some peace to keep.

In the interests of saving taxpayer money, The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian hereby announces its continual and ever growing hostility to the maladministration of the First Crook, his lackeys, hangers-on, public-purse parasites and Socialist quislings. However, we do make claim to the PR money since the middleman was unnecessary. Now send five bucks to the address in back, Hazel.

The latest event was much like the Nixonian Constitutional crisis wherein the First Crook claimed executive privilege to keep certain of his papers from getting out. The Senate had to threaten a lawsuit before the First Crook relented, with conditions.

This administration lurches from scandal to scandal as the public watches and the Democrats get more and more hysterical.

Media Bypass, an alternative news magazine, has announced that there is a patriotic cabal in Washington consisting of counter-renegade IRS, CIA, and FBI agents raiding the Swiss bank accounts of a number of Congress-critters, making them disgorge what they have stolen and announce their retirement.

Perhaps, but the retiring rascals' departing words are probably more correct. "Washington is no fun no more." Now that they have run the country -- right into the ground, they are going to get out while the getting is good and enjoy their retirement pelf provided by taxpayers.

Since Black Muslims believe that an evil black scientist named Dr. Yakub by selective breeding created the brown, yellow, and, his crowing achievement of infamy, the white-devil race, Jews first, usually Black Muslims castigate Black Political Reverends for worshipping the blue-eyed blond white devil known as Jesus Christ. But the more opportunistic of the bottom-feeders such as the Reverend Jessie Jackson, the Reverend Al Sharpton, former NAACP director Benjamin Chavis, and Marion Barry showed up, ready for political pimpery.

Many of the gripes were legitimate. One-third of black males are in trouble with the law. The black social order has decayed. Black men kill one another like flies. Most black births are illegitimate. Blacks live in abject poverty in inner-city slums. Drug-dealing is one of the most common black occupations. Minister Farrakhan spoke sense when he urged black men to take charge of their lives, to respect themselves and their brothers and sisters of color, and to not trust the white man for welfare handouts. But some of Mr. Farrakhan's speech was the same old demonology of the pernicious effects of white racism on black society. Another foolish idea floated was the idea of a black homeland in Amerika. The black man already has enclaves in Amerika. These enclaves are the slums and ghettos of inner-city Amerika and to a lesser extent smaller towns and cities that are big enough to have a welfare office, where blacks maintain a precarious existence unloved by the white neighbors. This idea won't fly.

The editor has often been approached during his political adventures by nervous white people and warned that "Them niggers are going to rise up with guns and come flooding into the countryside raping white women and stealing our food." I usually blow it off by assuring them that the ones in Kansas City are sure to run out of steam by the time they hit Harrisonville and is it really such a bad deal if they murder a whole bunch of liberal Democratic government workers and country-club Republicans living in the suburbs?

So what did Louis Farrakhan's not-quite Million Man March accomplish? Nothing, although Great White Gliberals were excluded and discomforted.

The Democrats have already nominated Sam Leake of Perry and they would be assured of winning 87-75 if they were not divided as a result of last year's re-election of Griffin. Griffin intends to preside over his successor's election and make it a sure thing. The Republicans hope to exploit a divided Democrat delegation so they can elect Mark Richardson, who, like Griffin, enjoys drinking and driving.

Instead, Webster was imprisoned for using state personnel and equipment for his own personal use, and scapegoated for the misdemeanors politicians commit while in search of political power. Webster denied that that these things were illegal. A federal judge called Webster a "good man who had stubbed his toe," then gave this 'good man' a sterner slap on the wrist of 2 years instead of the one year term asked for by Webster and the 18 months demanded by the prosecution. The felony looting of the treasury was ignored, as all politicians do it for re-election.

Why do lawyers create legal-guild monopolies in order to sell themselves to the government in return for a monopoly license to steal?

Why do judges rule to destroy the Constitution and enhance big-government rule?

Why do prosecutors send innocent people to prison or to their deaths under cover of law? Why do FBI agents destroy evidence of their massacres?

Why do U.S. Marshals shoot kids in the back or women in the head?

Why do cops write up bogus tickets, conduct illegal searches, lie on the witness stand, handcuff suspects, and beat the crap out of blacks? (Otherwise known as "niggers" by above cops.)

Why do politicians make evil laws and vote in higher taxes?

Why do Democrats always try to steal from the rich and middle-class to give to themselves and the poor?

Why do Republicans always try to steal from the poor and middle-class to give to themselves and the rich?

(And for Missouri Libertarian Party members only:) Why do Pud-Pullers disenfranchise Shooters?

And lastly: Why do dogs lick their nuts?

Answer at the back of this issue.

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** Shots Heard 'Round the Immediate Vicinity **

* Courts of Law, not Courts of Justice *

This letter is in response to the foolish and misleading article that appeared on Oct. 3, 1995 in this newspaper.

On July 27, 1995 I was found guilty by a jury of my "white-chicken" peers of violating an Granby City ordinance concerning vehicular equipment on US 60. Chastened by my realization that we don't have courts of justice, only courts of law ruled by men, I hastened to learn the law.

I found out that no city whatsoever in the state of Missouri can enact, enforce or prosecute any ordinance regarding anything other than traffic flow on a state or federal highway. Don't believe me? Study Constitution of Missouri Article 4, Section 29 & 31, and Revised Statute of Missouri 304.120. Then go down to the Highway Department and ask to see the contract signed between it and the city. Study the "Police Powers" provision, then chortle at the "Withholding of Funds" provision.

Breathless with anticipation, I wrote up motions for judgement of acquittal and new trial and presented it to Judge Schoeberl. Did it work? Nooooo. Schoeberl and City Prosecutor Ward had stolen that verdict fair and square. Schoeberl said it was a matter of appellate review. So I filed a notice of appeal and a pauper's affidavit to take it to the Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District.

Schoeberl and Ward denied my pauper's affidavit because I was a "voluntary" poor person. I could be rich if I didn't have such a bad attitude towards the government. So this "voluntary" pauper is supposed to come up with a $50 docket fee, $250 fine, and $91 court costs, $391 total, for a down payment on a little hunk of justice.

Undaunted, I filed as a pauper a petition for a writ of mandamus with the Court of Appeals against Schoeberl to cut the crap and allow me to file an appeal as a pauper. On Sept. 6, the Appeals Court agreed I was a pauper and let me file my petition for free. Then they read the petition, figured out all its implications, and unanimously voted to deny it without telling me why on Sept. 22.

On Oct. 10, I filed another petition for writ of mandamus along with a pauper's affidavit to the Missouri Supreme Court. I haven't got to the federal level yet.

On Oct. 11, I filed a petition for a writ of prohibition restraining City of Granby from collecting the $250 fine and $91 court costs in Granby's own municipal court. This is the first "Lindstedt vs. Fill-in-corrupt-government-organization lawsuit." It won't be the last.

Martin Lindstedt, Granby

Editor's Note: This letter to the Editor was submitted to the "Neosho Daily News" on October 13. It was not published. This case offered the Missouri Court of Appeals and Supreme Court numerous opportunities to commit a fraud by the court upon itself. First they recognize my Forma Pauperis Affidavit, then they agree with Schoeberl that I am a "voluntary" pauper in violation of Revised Statutes of Missouri, the Missouri Constitution, and federal and state case law. Both Courts made sure not to give/publish their reasons.

Why have they done this? To save Schoeberl?

Partly, but the real reason is this: Granby vs. Lindstedt, if overturned, could be used by real smart drug-lawyers to get their clients out of prison. Consider: If city police only have the authority to make traffic stops due to a "traffic flow" violation and the profiled drug smuggler didn't speed or run a traffic light, then most drug cases must be thrown out because the municipal police don't have jurisdiction to make the stop in the first place! Can you imagine all the released drug felons suing the police and courts under Title 42 section 1983 U.S. Code for deprivation of civil rights under color of law? Both the Missouri Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court (on Nov. 21, 1995) ran for the tall grass on this issue.

As did the Granby Municipal Court. After stalling for a month or so, the judge that defeated me in the April 1995 election scrawled "dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction" on my drafted order for prohibition. For now I'll interpret it as I see fit.

On Nov. 2, 1995 I filed my first Title 42 Federal lawsuit against Missouri Southern State College and the City of Joplin for my arrest on Nov. 2, 1993 for the misdemeanor of asking questions concerning Waco at a police academy sponsored lecture concerning serial killers. See Issue #2, The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian for details.


* New Math? *

I am too old to have taken the new math. That probably explains why I fail to understand the new budget promoted by the Republicans which is supposed to save Medicare and balance the budget by the year 2002.

If I am correct with their proposed figures, by reducing Medicare by $270 billion the budget would be balanced in the next seven years.

An additional provision of this proposal would give tax decreases of more than $240 billion during the same time period, mostly to the wealthy. It seems to me the net gain for the budget in reducing Medicare by $270 billion dollars is actually about $30 billion dollars.

Therefore, I believe, by reducing Medicare by less than $30 billion we could save Medicare. Since we are using most of the money saved from Medicare for a tax decrease how are we going to balance the budget?

My math is probably wrong since I haven't had the new math. I know, if I believed in supply-side economics, it would probably all work out. But I haven't believed in the bunny rabbit, Santa Claus or snake oil salesmen for a long time.

Stephen Kyrias, Baxter Springs, Kansas

Published in "The Joplin Globe" November 9, 1995


* Justice Department 'rats' on sinking ship *

It was with sardonic amusement that I read The Chart's Sept. 21 article "Justice majors flood College." So swarms of rats are swimming towards that foundering ship, USS Amerika, formerly a constitutional republic, are they?

Right now this former sweet land of liberty imprisons more people than any country in the world, per capita and total. Six tenths of one percent. 1.5 million. It stands to reason that the security and decency of a civilization is measured by how many failures it produces and how they are treated. But we prefer to cage our fellow citizens and pat ourselves on the back for our humanity.

Crime does indeed pay -- for cops, lawyers, judges, jailers, and politicians. They need a high crime rate. There is job security in it for them. Ever wonder why the crime rate is always rising in spite of all these jail sentences and "justice" infrastructure?

Nor has it escaped my attention that this huge standing army can be easily used for purposes of oppression. I have been kidnapped and detained under color of law three times in the past two years by byproducts of the MSSC Police Academy.

The first time was in November 1993 on this sixth-rate college with fourth-rate pretensions for the misdemeanor of asking too many questions concerning the Waco Massacre of the retired FBI agent (who wrote a pompous "serial-killer" book) invited by the MSSC Police Academy. The second time was in August 1994 after I was assaulted by a Granby city councilman. The third time was on June 30, 1995 by the Jasper County Sheriff's Department for "safekeeping" for 12 hours on the whim of a court officer, whose name has been deliberately concealed. Afterwards, I have had the most interesting and evasive interviews with the heads of the police departments in question, each one trying to assure me that it was an honest mistake, and that civil charges against these officers are unnecessary, if not impossible.

So what is the present and future face of law government enforcement? It is the face of Mark Furman, not of Wyatt Earp. There is no valid excuse for "mistakes were made." No. It is part of their inherent nature.

Martin Lindstedt, Granby

The above letter was published in Missouri Southern State College's student newspaper "The Chart" on Sept. 26, 1995. It drew the most interesting outraged responses.


* Nation of Sheep? *

Have we become a nation of mindless sheep who follow where we are led without question? A nation who chooses selective memory instead of facing reality?

How dare that man sit in the White House and speak of American values and national interest, of peace keeping and duty when he turned tail and ran for cover 25 years ago and took part in a protest march condemning the actions of his own country!

Where was his sense of duty then?

Oh, yes, he will send our children out to be shot at and killed while he plays politics, but as our commander in chief would he lead our forces?

Would he endanger his fancy hairdo by dodging a bullet? . . . I don't think so, and as horrifying as it is to admit, much of public opinion is the same.

My son is in the military. He has already been to Somalia, to Haiti and Bosnia, and he will go again if ordered because of an oath of loyalty to this nation.

He flies a 30-year-old aircraft, he had to eject out of another 30-year-old aircraft before it crashed, and has just returned from being in the Far East stranded by yet another piece of broken equipment while the powermongers sit in their offices and play with his life!

It is time to get real.

The only thing we have left behind in Somalia were dead American troops and billions of American dollars, and only in America can a draft dodger be given the power to order someone else's children to the firing line while pounding himself on the chest and saying how compassionate he is.

Tudy Brumley, Powell

The above letter was printed in "The Joplin Globe" on Dec. 8, 1995

*** Practical Issues & Answers ***

Part Eleven of a continuing series. This column intends to give Libertarians running for office a practical guide on issues to bring up and exploit to the dismay of Demo-Publicans, who have no idea of how to solve the problems they have created.

** What Should We Want? **

AS THE OLD SAW GOES, "BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WANT" -- you just might get it. So what should the Missouri Libertarian Party want? Who will determine what we want and how we go about getting it? And what internal opposition can be expected in both the setting and implementation of those goals? Now let's explore the what, where, when, who, why and how behind figuring out what we want and how to go about getting it.

THE PURPOSE OF A POLITICAL PARTY IS TO IMPLEMENT ITS POLICIES by gaining political power. We should want to implement our policies.

An effective political party is not a place to drink beer and bitch about what the Republicans and Democrats are doing and how their policies are ruining this country. There has never been a single instance in recorded history wherein anybody "bitched their way to success." In fact, allowing simple bitching is a useful tool of repression, as it drains off steam better channeled into a political boiler explosion.

An effective political party is not a place wherein ego-driven nitwits with supposedly high IQ's and nil common sense gather to establish little cults of personality. Such people are the greatest threats to getting anything done. When they "win," the Party loses.

An effective political party never allows itself to be become senile because of inability to change mentally. All living organisms survive by riding a middle path between chaotic change and reactionary stasis.

SO HOW DO WE GO ABOUT IMPLEMENTING OUR POLICIES? First, we should figure out what is possible, then proceed to get it done, taking advantage of any mistakes or opportunities which come your way.

For example, here is how I will proceed next year in my congressional campaign:

First, I've figured out that I have no realistic chance of winning. However, there are a bunch of pissed-off, scared people in the 7th Congressional District. I think that they number about 9-10 percent. So I will demagogue against fat, stupid, crooked politicians and the system they have created for all its worth. I'll file as a pauper, thus making a statement against the Republicans buying their seat for $600,000 with money given them by special interests. I will not accept any Federal Election Campaign money, thus kicking state and federal Democrat (and Republican) candidates who will be feeding at the public trough. I will content myself with driving to every place which has a debate and always taking advantage of free publicity whenever possible.

Every chance possible I will run to the right of the Republican candidates on economic freedom issues and to the left of the Democrats on social freedom issues. I've collected dirt on one of the declared Republican candidates, which I'll use. The strongest Democrat candidate presently expressing an interest in my district is a LaRouchite. I'll portray him as a bigger kook than I am, while proudly affirming that I am a militiaman.

So what does that accomplish, running with no expectation of winning?

First of all, it makes the DemoPublican candidates drift towards Libertarian positions. They want every vote they can get. So they will try to sit their butts upon the politically mythical center and try grabbing non-voting or hostile voters by mouthing some "liber-what?" principles of less taxation and government. Few people except the most stupid liberal Democrats or fanatical LaRouchites are publicly in favor of more taxes and bigger government. When those hogs stretch their necks to get more slop, then is the smart time to slit throats by asking when they got on the sawdust trail of less government and lower taxes.

Secondly, whenever you run an aggressive campaign the winning candidate respects you more. I ran as hard as I could for state representative in 1994, got only 4% of the vote, but the winning Republican probably is more wary of me than she was of the Democrat who stayed at his bar and got 27% of the vote. After speaking and asking hard questions before the Christian Coalition, enemy territory, wherein she is the vice-president, she was afraid to debate me in the 132d district. Also I hear that the Newton County Republican Committee foams at the mouth and pisses down their collective legs whenever my name is mentioned.


A political candidate needs to be able to confidently answer without hesitation the question, "What do you stand for?" For most of us this means having a good platform upon which a candidate may confidently stand. This is especially true for Libertarians, as very few of us can point to our political record, successes, or experience. Also, Libertarians sound louder and more harmonious when we are singing from the same hymnal. Running without a platform denotes lack of organization, which implies stupidity or carelessness in the eyes of voters. Freedom from any organization is chaos.

The next platform must be short enough to stick on one piece of paper. Anything more will not be read. But it must conclusively answer both the whys and wherefores that a voter will ask.

James Givens, Missouri Libertarian Party Chairman, a man respected by both factions within the MoLP, once allowed that the Platform should consist of a listing of principles, a listing of specific planks, and a program of what we will implement first. With all due respect to Jim, what is needed is on one side a Statement of General Principles, stating what we as a political Party believe. On the other side, a Statement of Specific Planks stating what we as a political Party will implement.

And the Program? Ahh, the Program. It does not belong on the Platform because it is enunciated and carried out by a successful candidate. Who am I to tell Kevin Goodwin, the Libertarian who got elected to the Columbia Board of Education, exactly how he should oppose Outcome Based Education? And if I win my election to Congress, who is Kevin Goodwin to tell me how to go about cutting taxes? No, a Program is a compilation of the various bits and pieces taken from the Platform which the candidate wants to stress or highlight while running for office. A candidate's Program isn't something to be voted upon by a MoLP committee. It is chosen by the candidate and voted upon by the primary or general election voters.

SO SHOULD THE MISSOURI LIBERTARIAN PARTY PLATFORM BE DECIDED BY ten or twelve Libertarians on the Expediting Committee? Can it, and still have relevancy?

No. What ten or twelve people acting alone decide for the rest of the MoLP has no relevancy. It means as little as a fart in a whirlwind.

A committee of ten or twelve can offer options or choices for which way the MoLP goes. But it cannot speak with any degree of certainty as to what 200 paid members will approve or 80,000 voters will decide.

The German Panther, the best tank of WWII, was designed by scientists after input from tank crews was solicited. Peterbilt asks truckers how to improve their big rigs' comfort every year. So the MoLP Platform should be primarily drafted by people who are running for office next year.

Those foolish people who say that the Platform should only cover Missouri State issues are denying Congressional and County candidates the general-purpose weapons needed to fight their battles against bloated, corrupt government. An infantryman's definition of a good weapon is usually far different than that of a procurement general's.

Lastly, the MoLP Platform will have to be ratified by the general membership. Ten or twelve string-pullers is NOT the general membership, and if you can count on anything, it is that they will ALWAYS vote for their parochial, selfish interests every time. The only present way to tap into the wishes of the MoLP general membership is through the official newsletter of the MoLP, "Show Me Freedom." We need to get it done quickly enough so any glaring mistakes can be remedied at the May Convention. Therefore, the Platform should be submitted to an up or down vote by the January-February printing of Show Me Freedom.

By the way, the Editor of this rag is the MoLP Platform Committee Chairman. If you have any suggestions or gripes about the Platform, send them to me.

SO WHAT SHOULD WE WANT? To gain political power by either getting our candidates elected or by framing the terms of political debate. We gain political power by running candidates and drafting an excellent platform. Now that we know what we want, let's go out and get it done.

*** UnCommon Sense ***

Between the Revolutionary War's opening shots fired at Concord & Lexington on April 19, 1775 and the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, the Founding Fathers and the citizenry had to make a decision as to whether they would negotiate with King George to restore their rights as Englishmen or seek to found a new nation. A man called Thomas Paine published on January 10, 1776 a small pamphlet called Common Sense. Colonists up and down the seaboard read his stirring call to action. George Washington himself said it turned doubt into decision -- for independence.

This is the third part of a series. Its goal is to also turn doubt into decision -- to restore a Constitutional Republic -- by all and any means necessary.

** The Combatants of Revolution **

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ...
And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."
-- Thomas Jefferson, Nov. 13, 1787

THOMAS JEFFERSON WAS WRONG BY 200 YEARS, but what he says is still relevant today because human nature has not changed at all since 1787. There are still many people who believe that the vast majority of mankind exists to serve their wants, needs, and whims, a militant minority who refuse to see their lives gobbled up by human hogs, and a vast majority who simply don't give a shit.

There is a Revolutionary war coming up -- there cannot help but be one. Here are the combatants and their motivations:

THE COMBATANTS: THE BIG-GOVERNMENT TORIES. Approximately 40 percent, Bill Clinton's majority, can be trusted to always vote for greater welfare benefits and entitlements at the expense of the productive. In 1996, Bill Clinton will win the Presidency of the United States by 42% against 37% for Bob Dole. The remaining 20% will be split among the right-wing Fascist and libertarian-oriented elements of the population. Bill Clinton's majority can always be counted upon to vote for bigger and bigger government, as they are born-and-bred barbarian eaters-up of the efforts of the productive.

Bob Dole supporters are much the same. The only difference between them and the Clinton supporters is in the packaging. Most of them are also proponents of moral cannibalism, believing in the transfer of wealth from others to themselves. The difference between the Clinton supporters and the Dole supporters is that the Dole supporters know how to add, having figured out that it is easier, hence better, to live off the efforts of a tractable majority rather than the hard-gotten tribute of an angry, disgusted, hostile, fierce minority of desperate, hard-pressed producers. Also, they are more dishonest.

The limitations of the above big-government Tories is mental and moral. Both straight-party Democrats and Republicans have no problem in stealing the lives, liberties, and property of their fellow Americans -- provided they don't have to take the risks of ordinary thieves. They even think they are acting morally when they are doing so. So in their own self-righteous way, they will foolishly vote to take more and more away from the productive until the flash-point of Revolution is lit and burning. They won't stop doing this until they too scared not to.

Their mental and moral limitations make them militarily ineffective except during two phases of the next Revolution. In the early stages, they will use their policemen and courts to try to keep a lid on. Then, much like the British did, they will muddle along, one minute trying to negotiate a peace wherein they will offer to ameliorate some grievances they caused, the next using terror as a weapon. Even the most virulent parasite knows that if the host dies, so does the parasite. In the last stages of the Revolution, about to be won by the Rebels, Tories might well attempt using biological and nuclear weapons in a last suicidal throw of the dice.

THE APATHETIC MAJORITY. Both sides, Rebel and Tory, will appeal to the Apathetic Majority. The Tories will appeal to the Apathetics for moral and military support. The Rebels will merely ask for the Apathetics' neutrality.

In the initial phases of the Revolution, some of the Apathetics will support in their own lukewarm way the Tories. But as the war goes on, what few Apathetic "leaders" show up will demand "Peace at any Price!" Since the Rebels will have suffered the most in the initial phases, the price demanded for peace will be so high the Tories will refuse to negotiate. They will no longer get to live upon the efforts of others, and the Rebels will want revenge. As the Revolution heats up and winds down to its final conclusion, some of the Apathetics will get off the fence and turn in Tories.

Apathetics are by their very nature mentally and morally mediocre. Any leaders that spring up among them will by default be either a well-camouflaged Tory or Rebel. They can be driven, but not led, so they are militarily worthless.

THE REBELS. These people consist of the most productive and intelligent elements of society. Two-hundred-twenty years ago, exactly the same sort of people took stock of their government, hated what they saw, and decisively took action to destroy it and rebuild anew on those foundations deemed sound left over from the old regime. Men and women like these old and new Rebels know how to build civilizations. We also know how to destroy them when they become irrelevant. Woe betide the civilization at odds with its natural founders, sustainers and protectors!

The only charge with any validity that can be hurled at these new Rebels is this one: "Why did you not peacefully resolve the conflicts rather than take up arms against YOUR government?"

The answer will be the same as it was 220 years ago: "It is not OUR government. Rather it is something illegitimate foisted upon us, one corrupt piece at a time, while we, in the name of civil peace, slept and allowed it to happen. When we, having had enough, did try to change the government towards its original principles, the rest of you in the majority jailed and murdered us, in the name of 'law' and 'order.' We will no longer be ruled by a base majority acting under cover of the 'law' of the jungle and a Fascist New World Order. There is nothing in it, except slavery and death for us free men and women to live in a servile, cowardly peace with the rest of you moral cannibals. We will not have it!"

But the militia and patriot movement is split up and chaotic. How can they possibly win?

Granted, they are, right now. But what is seen is the rise of new "Rebel" type militias, as opposed to the old "racist" militias. The Michigan Militia dates from April 1994. The Missouri 51st Militia is one year old this month. Even when militias split among their ranks, what happens is the formation of a new militia organization. The feuding factions maintain contact among themselves, and each militia faction, be it "backpack" or "political," attracts new militiamen primarily interested in the activity of the militia organization they joined. Split-up? Chaotic? Of course. But growing like cancer in the decrepit body politic.

Recently, there has been more and more guarded cooperation between militia groups within the state of Missouri and nationally. Certainly there are pissfights a-plenty between these individualistic men and women. But never forgotten is the real enemy out there, beyond our meeting places. An increasingly corrupt and tyrannical government is the crucible upon which a steel Resistance shall be forged. When it becomes a matter of hanging together or hanging separate, the more intelligent Rebels will hang together for survival, then victory.

With intelligence and drive, the Rebels are militarily significant far beyond their 9-15%. What is most important in modern warfare, especially in a nuclear and biological age, is brainpower, not how many trigger-fingers you are able to muster. Besides, by rallying the losers the present social order has created and oppressed, there should be no shortage of trigger-fingers for us to use in the next American Revolution.

"The mere fact that the revolutionists are a minority is no safeguard, because it is determined minorities, not passive majorities, that get their way. The lesson of past revolutions, particularly the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, is that a small but resolute faction possesses the same decisive tactical advantage as a small but highly disciplined and enthusiastic army attacking a huge but ill-organized and spiritless foe. In such cases the assailants have the inestimable advantage of knowing what they want and exactly where they mean to make their attack. The defenders, on the contrary, not only do not know their own minds, but also usually fail to see precisely where, when and how the attack is coming. They stand, fearful and irresolute, waiting to be hit -- beaten before they are struck."
-- Lothrup Stoddard, AM, PhD (Harvard), "The Revolt Against Civilization," p. 230, (c) 1922.

THE REBELS SHALL WIN THE NEXT REVOLUTION, and by default. Even if all the producers were exterminated by the grabbers, takers, tyrannical rule makers, the winners would have to create new slaves among the weakest of the "winners." A producer can live without a consumer, but a consumer cannot live without a producer.


All of the following incidents and personalities are factual. Any conclusions drawn are those of Editor Martin Lindstedt.

ACCORDING TO LAURA KURIATNYK, on September 18, 1995, she and her family were terrorized by ninja-coated, machine-gun totin' McDonald County Sheriff's Department deputies. I believe her.

I am an open militiaman who lives in Newton County, 22 miles away from Mrs. Kuriatnyk's home in rural McDonald County. I had heard rumors about the incident for about a month, but on the last weekend of October, rumors started to fly throughout the militia movement about what had happened in mid-September. I was "ordered" by an officer of the 51st Missouri Militia to contact Mrs. Kuriatnyk and investigate what had happened and whether there was Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) involvement in the matter. Was this another Ruby Ridge or Waco in the offing?

BACKGROUND. McDonald County, Missouri's most southwestern county, abuts Oklahoma on the west and Arkansas on the south. Geographically, financially, and politically it is far closer to being a part of Arkansas than of Missouri or Oklahoma. It sits like a little third-world Mexico betwixt Canada and America, lying between well-off Newton County, Missouri and rich Benton County, Arkansas.

Newton County has a portion of Joplin within it. Benton County is the home and headquarters of Wal-mart, J.B. Hunt trucking, and Tyson Foods. Bella Vista, a rich retirement community, begins at the Arkansas border. McDonald County has two poultry plants, one of them unfavorably highlighted by 60 Minutes several years ago. McDonald County leads this area of the state in per-capita illegitimacy, welfare payments, and over-all poverty. However, lying as it does close to rich Arkansas, there are no shortage of rich lawyers and real-estate firms doing well living atop and upon a rural, restive hillbilly Scots-Irish, clannish population.

The most important cash crop in McDonald County is the cultivation of marijuana. The rolling forested hills and hollers supported moonshining until the 1970's when both natives and survivalists from California and Florida discovered an easier agricultural product to grow and produce for a new, expanding market. The most ruthless of the native criminal class found new ways to prosper by running for sheriff, then closing down the competition. One sheriff pretty much openly ran the main drug ring around here for two terms, until it was time to let the next pig run the trough. It is a well-utilized political gambit to "plant" (in more ways than one) marijuana seed on the political opposition's farm, and then railroad them to prison. Surrounding Newton, Jasper, and Barry Counties are part of a Joint-Task Force. McDonald County will not join for some reason.

The editor has lived around here for 30 years. I have fought with Judge Gordon and his cronies over a traffic ticket for the past year. On August 26, 1995, I was chosen common-law jury foreman and we acquitted two McDonald County chiropractors of the charges of selling vitamins without a business license and 'simulating legal process' right under the noses of the McDonald County legal establishment.

THE CONFLICT ARISES. The Kuriatnyks, devout Roman Catholics, bought a house and five acres for $31,000 from elderly Imogene Harriman in November 1994. They thought they were buying an inexpensive place to raise a family. They moved into trouble.

Imogene Harriman was only offered $11,000 for the old home place by her son, Joseph Harriman. She took the better price and moved in with a son she liked much better south of Kansas City. Joseph Harriman was not pleased. His mother had sold his birthright to foreigners. Part nigger foreigners.

According to Mrs. Kuriatnyk, Mr. Harriman's race-baiting started after Thanksgiving, 1994 when her father, a man with dark hair and eyes, visited her. Harriman, in his 60s, started speculating aloud as to how Mrs. Kuriatnyk's facial features implied negro descent. This, however, did not stop Mr. Harriman from suggesting improper sexual relations whenever Laura Kuriatnyk's husband, Michael, was away driving a 18-wheeler. All these and the following incidents happened whenever Michael Kuriatnyk was away.

According to Michael Kuriatnyk, the Harrimans kept quite an arsenal themselves and would make veiled threats about how they kept loaded guns in their vehicles. In February 1995, a McDonald County Deputy Sheriff came to the Kuriatnyk's and asked if the couple had dynamite on the place. The Kuriatnyks denied possession of any explosives.

The incidents and harassment kept escalating until August 3, 1995, when Joseph Harriman's daughter, Vanna, who lives on the other side of the Kuriatnyks, ran 12-year-old Jessica Kuriatnyk riding her bicycle off the road in front of the Kuriatnyk house. When Laura Kuriatnyk confronted Joseph Harriman, he said, "I've lived here all my life. I know the sheriff and we'll do whatever we want with you people and nobody'll help you. I'll burn that place to the ground." Vanna Harriman is supposed to have worked for the Sheriff's department as a dispatcher at one time.

On September 15th a man in a pickup truck parked in front of the Harriman's place came over claiming to work for the Soil & Conservation Agency and wanting onto the property. Upon Mrs. Kuriatnyk's refusal, he quickly left.

On September 16th, Mrs. Kuriatnyk's three daughters and nephew were playing in the back yard when Joseph Harriman started screaming about them allegedly throwing rocks at his cows. The children ran into the house. Soon Joseph Harriman and his daughter appeared in a pickup truck and parked it on the road outside the Kuriatnyk residence. Fearful for her children's safety, Laura grabbed her husband's trigger- locked revolver, then threw it into a chair when her son Jerimiah, 16, opened the door and went out to the porch to confront the Harrimans. Jerimiah asked them "What do you want?" and the Harrimans said, "Nothing." Then they left.

Michael was in Ohio visiting his father who had a heart attack. He contacted the Sheriff's office complaining about the Harriman's conduct, as did Laura. The Sheriff's office later denied receiving any complaints.

STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM. Sometime after 7:00 p.m., as the family was watching television, Jerimiah looked out the window and saw two AMC Eagle 4x4s park in front of the house and men in black uniforms with guns get out. Jerimiah opened the door and six men in black fatigue pants, black boots, black base-ball caps, mirror sunglasses and black M-16 assault rifles walked right in and held guns to the heads of Laura, Jerimiah, twelve-year-old fraternal twins Jessica and Michelle, and six-year-old Monica. Everyone was terrorized and screaming. When Monica tried to run to her mother, the men threatened to shoot and made her sit down. Finally the mother went over and picked up her youngest child.

A seventh man, Deputy Sheriff Greg Sweeten finally came in. He was the only one in proper uniform and who produced identification. He took Laura Kuriatnyk outside and read the search warrant allowing the search for "illegal weapons, explosives and chemicals used for the manufacture of such, a shiny or nickel-plated handgun." This warrant was not physically backed up by a sworn statement or affidavit as demanded by the 4th Amendment US Constitution. This warrant was signed by Judge Raymond Gordon at the request of County Prosecutor Duane Cooper.

Mrs. Kuriatnyk immediately produced the revolver. When asked for the key, she said that her husband has the only key. Deputy Sweeten said the lock had to go, so he broke the lock off, thus tampering with the evidence. The rest of the men kept on searching for several hours until they found some rifles that Michael, a former FFL dealer, had bought as an investment in the attic. They took the rifles and ammunition for them, shortchanging on the inventory sheets.

Mrs. Kuriatnyk had gotten to the portable phone, and called her sister to come get her children, upsetting Deputy Sweeten. The sister came over and recovered the children, but Mrs. Kuriatnyk was served with an arrest warrant for a class D felony for brandishing a dangerous weapon on Sept. 16.

Deputy Sweeten demanded that Mrs. Kuriatnyk leave the back door unlocked or else the BATF would kick it in. The editor in his initial report concluded that it was McDonald County BATF wannabes on the warpath, but since then the editor has received a FOIA request showing that BATF investigation # 33380-96-0001-B was conducted after the Kuriatnyks were out of their house at the request of the McDonald County Sheriff's department. They didn't find anything. Since Mrs. Kuriatnyk left her back door unlocked, at least her door is in fine shape.

After being jacked around at the Pineville County Jail, Mrs. Kuriatnyk finally was able to contact a bail-bondsman for her $10,000 bail. She was reunited with her children the next morning.

THE ASS-COVERING BEGINS. Mrs. Kuriatnyk began speaking over short-wave radio, soon becoming a patriot and militia movement celebrity. Judge Gordon immediately sealed the defective search warrant. On October 6, he "arraigned" her, although he refused to let her make a plea and denied her lawyer, Kevin Jamison, President of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance, his discovery motions.

Mrs. Kuriatnyk immediately started contacting politicians and most of them disclaimed responsibility while professing interest. On the advice of a governor's aide, she filed child-endangerment charges against Vanna Harriman on October 26th. Prosecutor Cooper ignored the complaint and refused to act upon it.

Michael Kuriatnyk had his rifles returned to him, fired. This made quite a dent in his pocketbook when he has to sell them as used to support his family. It also allowed the Sheriff's department to stick to their new alibi that automatic weapons fire was heard and that perhaps the weapons were changed back to semi-automatic after they were fired.

On Oct. 29, this editor visited the Kuriatnyks and made out a report for the benefit of the various Missouri militia groups.

On Nov. 27, Judge Gordon held a preliminary hearing. He did not recuse himself, even though he had an obvious interest in finding Mrs. Kuriatnyk guilty as he was the one who signed the defective search warrant and the arrest warrant. Prosecutor Cooper allowed both of his witnesses, Joe and Vanna Harriman, to hear the other's coached testimony. He did not mention Mrs. Kuriatnyk's complaint against Vanna Harriman.

Members of militia groups from all over Missouri came to that preliminary hearing. Colonel Mike McKinsey from the 51st out of Kansas City talked to TV cameras. The militia presence ensured that all three local TV stations aired stories concerning this matter. Don Schlessman, McDonald County Sheriff, denied all of Mrs. Kuriatnyk's allegations from his safe position of plausible deniability.

On December 19, the only militia members in attendance were this editor and two militiamen from Columbia, Bill Beeler and Don Allbright. Attorney Jamison asked for and received a change of venue to Greene County. Afterwards, both the pickup truck carrying us three militia members and Michael Kuriatnyk's car were followed by Missouri Highway Patrolman Brad Spicer. Michael Kuriatnyk was pulled over and interrogated about his political, religious, and militia beliefs for over one-half hour by Patrolman Spicer before Attorney Jamison was summoned to the rescue. This editor was threatened with arrest if he dared stay and tape record the interrogation. A report of this incident has been sent to various Missouri militia organizations.


*** Now Ain't That Just Like A Friend? ***

A teacher leads her second-grade class out to the playground for recess when they come across two dogs hung up together.

"Teacher, what are them dogs dooo-ing?" asks one little girl.

Now rather than give the short Anglo-Saxon monosyllable that explains exactly what the dogs are indeed doing, the teacher decides to punt.

"Well, uh, uh, you see, uh, uh, them dogs, are, uh, uh, uh, are, uh, uh, why, uh, they're friends! And uh, uh, you see, uh they've been traveling a long time together, that's right. And, uh, uh, the dog on top, his front paws got sore, yeah, yeah. And uh, uh, the dog on the bottom, she decided to back up under her friend so that he could rest his weary paws; yes!! And, uh, that's what friendship is all about." And with much relief and a little bit of triumph, the teacher closes her mouth and looks about.

Way in the back of the class, one little boy ain't exactly buying this story. So he says to one of his little buddies:

"Ain't that just like a friend? Now ain't that just like a friend! Try and help one of 'em out, and the next thing you know they're trying ta' screw 'ya."

ANSWER: Because they can.


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