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Issue #15
January - March 1996

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Newsletter Purpose & Intent: This is an unusual newsletter. It is intended to be the voice of the militant Libertarian and the reasonable militia member.

200 years ago, this political newsletter would have been considered left of center. 100 years ago, the things stated herein would have been belaboring the obvious. Today, the concepts of limited government, personal freedom and responsibility make this newsletter seem radical. But since there are few other places available for the dissemination of these opinions, this newsletter is proud to make do.

The views expressed in this newsletter are not those of the Missouri Libertarian party or of various militia groups. But they damn well should be.

Editor & Publisher:
Martin Lindstedt


Shots Heard Around the Immediate Vicinity
Practical Issues & Answers -- Tentacles of Power, Part II
UnCommon Sense -- The Revolution

*** Monologue ***

The 5-4 vote had Chief Judicial Thief William "H.-is-for-Hitler" Rehnquist pompously pontificating thus: "A long and unbroken line of cases holds that an owner's interest in property may be forfeited by reason of the use to which the property is put, even though the owner did not know that it was to be put to that use."

Yes, yes, a long line of cases wherein other power-mad rascals perverted and stretched the Constitution. Contrast this with the injunction against this practice contained in the 5th Amendment: "nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."

Property does not commit a crime, neither does an unwitting owner when a crime is committed by another.

This decision confirms the inherent dishonesty and viciousness of a corrupt judiciary acting under color of law expanding a government of, by, and for thieves.

True to form, the First Crook knew about the legal insurance policies he had purchased, but he bemoaned his financial difficulties and 'forgot' about the policies while lying.

The First Bitch got a book out. Don't buy it.

The found documents were an embarrassment as they put the lie to the First "Lady's" assertions as to what the documents would have contained if they had been found. Once found by 'construction workers' inside her quarters, they raised the question of who placed them there.

The First "Lady" used to be a lawyer for the Watergate investigation. She learned to burn the tapes. There will be no papers found in the future that make The First Couple of Crooks look bad. The concept of the Presidency will decay as the federal government loses moral force and relevancy.

Just as with the Hillary cattle-future deals, what happened was Corporate Amerika's buying of corrupt politicians. Hillary didn't speculate at all. If she made a profit, she made a profit. If Hillary lost the "gamble," Tyson Foods ended up with the slaughter cattle. When she had made her $100,000 kickback, the 'speculation' was over.

Same thing with Lamar Alexander. He made 620,000 from the sale of his $1 share of newspaper stock the old fashioned way -- he stole it. That is how he became a millionaire while governor of Tennessee, by selling himself and his office to all bidders.

Previously predicted was the election of the First Crook to a second term. The events of the primary season reinforce this prediction.

After to a rough start in Louisiana, Iowa, and New Hampshire, BoobDole has won the Republican't nomination thanks to wins brokered by the Republiwon't Establishment. But at quite a cost.

After 36 years of compromise, corruption and cowardice in service to himself in the U.S. House and Senate, the only vision BoobDole has, is, like George Wuss before him, is that "It's my turn to lead" Amerika into further decline. This nothing to get excited over.

On the other hand, Patrick Buchanan has made the race untenable for more than one moderate or conservative Republican. First Buchanan drove out Phil Gramm, and then marginalized between himself and Dole the rest of the pack. Keyes, Dornan, Taylor, Collins never had a realistic chance.

A natural-born fighter unwilling and unable to compromise, Buchanan has captured one-third of the social conservative Republicans. Being against abortion, homosexuals, and free trade is what a fearful-of-the-future population demands in a candidate. Every time Corporate Amerika lays off a worker, another Buchanan voter is created. BoobDole lives off of PAC money from the Republican Establishment. GoPatGoes' support comes from little people sending in 10 bucks. They are frantic and fanatic.

So the prediction stands. Klinton wins with 43%, BoobDole loses with 37%. The only question remaining is: Who will be the '96 Perot(s) with 20 percent remainder of the vote?

With them getting the blame for weakly begging for financial honesty, the members of the Stupid Party lost the financial kulturekampf and turned eunuchoid in time for campaigning in the all-important to them next election.
An excellent analysis is provided below by Joe Zychik, of the electronic magazine "The Zychik Chronicles" of Feb. 5, 1996:

From the folks who brought you crime:
Clinton's response to the death of Sgt. 1st Class Donald A. Dugan: "I was deeply saddened by the event." The media's response to Clinton's reaction can best be summed up by Rita Braver, a CBS News correspondent: "There's no mistaking his anguish."
Clinton and Braver are from the school of progressive thinking that puts more emphasis on how a person feels than what a person does, especially when it comes to crime. So, let's look at what Clinton did: He wouldn't let Bosnia arm itself and thus contributed to the death of 250,000 Bosnians, most of them unarmed civilians. When Serbia was about to overrun Bosnia -- and give Clinton a humiliation he probably wouldn't have recovered from -- he sent in the troops. Legally, he put the lives of 20,000 US soldiers at risk to save his political butt. Morally, it's murder, plain and simple.
Now, like most manipulative murderers Clinton moans and whines on cue -- so well he could teach OJ Simpson a thing or two. So, let me put this in terms that even a pinhead progressive might be able to comprehend: The Commander in Chief's real soulmate is OJ Simpson.

As such, it allows any person to become a publisher and a programmer. It can be used to entertain and inform. The use of fast, inexpensive, secure e-mail will hasten the decline of paper-based institutions such as the Post Office and fax machines. The graphical allure and power of WWW pages will drain away the intelligent TV viewer.

The new electronic press does not have the same 1st Amendment protections as does paper. The government wishes to rule content by pretending that the Internet is a broadcasting medium like television and radio instead of acknowledging its true nature as an electronic interactive printing press. Count upon persecution from the government of content deemed objectionable, much like what happened to William Tyndale, who printed the first English Bible.

I advise electronic publishers of materials deemed "offensive" to somebody in power to always make sure that you slap a masthead to your electronic content, print it out and send it to at least one print "subscriber." This way if you get prosecuted, you can point out at trial that you are being prosecuted for electronically "printing" the exact same thing that you have protections for when printed upon paper.
Included at this WWW site will be old issues of this newsletter, advice on how to protect yourself legally, political campaign material, and the starting of a Libertarian-oriented electronic college, with the largest library in the world: the masses of electronic folders and files of the Internet system.

So get an inexpensive IBM type computer, a modem, and an Internet account and get ready to explore the high seas of knowledge on a voyage of discovery for your mind.

She ventured into describing the "great ideological battles of the century" -- the defeat of Nazism and Fascism and the victory over Communism and asserted that the Russian people should have been helped more. ". . . it is not easy to go from a dictatorship to free enterprise." The audience ate it up.

True. It is far more easy and unforgivable to go from freedom to fascism however, as an incident that happened outside that evening goes to show.

Two Fascist Joplin policemen arrested the 1994 LaRouchite Democrat 7th district candidate for Congress. He was carrying a sign outside, probably with some LaRouchite foolishness about how the Queen of England is a drug-runner. And LaRouchites favor a bigger Fascist government ruled over by one Lyndon LaRouche. Libertarians and LaRouche kooks hold nothing in common, ideologically.

But the LaRouchite arrested, doubtless for "obstruction," is a decent man. Besides, the editor has a $5 million federal civil-rights lawsuit out against the City of Joplin and their renegade police force because of his arrest under similar circumstances two years ago at Missouri Southern State College.

Perhaps, for one time only, a coalition tag-team lawsuit to battle fascism can be arranged. The only way to protect human rights is for honorable men to utterly destroy those evil people who would infringe upon, deny, and violate those hard-won human freedoms under color of law.

The Democrats elected another lawyer Democrat to take the place of the old one. If the Republican't-and-won'ts gain power next year, they will elect another lawyer who likes to drink and drive and get away with it named Mark Richardson. Truly, the only difference is in the color and size of the reptile. Red vs. pinkish-blue.
Right now, the State government can only violate the Hancock Amendment to the tune of $12 million annually. If you foolishly amend the Missouri Constitution to allow the legislature to take $50 million under guise of tax limitation proposed under Proposition 4, you deserve to be well and truly screwed out of the remaining $38 million each year.

It also provides political cover and concealment for Governor Mel 'How-can-I-screw-them-fools-now' Carnahan. He promised when he ran as governor in 1992 to "let the people decide" when to raise taxes. Instead, using a ruling by a circuit judge that the current method of funding schools was 'unconstitutional,' Carnahan rammed through Senate Bill 380, raising property taxes to $2.75 per $100 assessed valuation and threatening to close down school districts that did not comply with the higher taxes. Then when Hancock II threatened in 1994 true tax limitation, Carnahan used every trick in the book, including use of state tax money, to defeat it.

Vote "NO" on Proposition 4 on April 2. Wait for true tax limitation to take place by signing the 39 word constitutional initiative petition called Hancock III.

The Missouri Libertarian Party is not a Saks Fifth Avenue department store. We must not discriminate against a candidate on the basis of creed or poverty.

There WILL be 'loans' made and forgiven upon filing fees or there WILL be an embarrassing lawsuit filed. Libertarian is as Libertarian does.

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Springfield Meeting: Every third Saturday of the month, at 3:00 p.m. at either Kickapoo or Kearney Public Branch libraries. Call (417)-725-1830.

Joplin Meeting: 1st Friday of the month at PraisePlace church, 602 South Moffett, Joplin Missouri at 7:30 p.m.

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And a column in Freedom's Home Page Gazette, Tom Knapp, E-Publisher

*** Shots Heard 'Round the Immediate Vicinity ***

** Social Security unfair **

Currently, Congress is considering a bill that would increase the Social Security earnings limit from $11,280 a year to $14,000 a year immediately, and to $30,000 a year by 2002. This bill will almost certainly become law.

I am 25 years old. My annual income before taxes is about $9,000. I work hard just to get by. So, would somebody please explain to me why I should have to pay into Social Security to subsidize the incomes of senior citizens when they make more money than I do?

Not only is this unfair, it's not right. [It is time for the young people of America to take a stand against this highway robbery.]

Mark Sanders, Joplin Editor's Note: The above was published, except for [strikethrough,] by "The Joplin Globe" on Dec. 27, 1995. Mark Sanders is Secretary of the Jasper County Libertarian Party Committee.


** Mr. Rodger's neighborhood **

Some people complain about the O.J. Simpson verdict and whine about how "There is no justice," especially in L.A. Let's look at a recent Joplin case tried in Springfield, and see if our area has a claim to self-righteousness.

The more honorable brother of a criminal named Marques Rodgers was killed by a police informer and wanna-be cop after an indictment over drug-dealing. Figuring out, correctly, that he would not get a fair trial, Mr. Rodgers cravenly fled his neighborhood; leaving his dying brother shot in the back of the head with his murderer, the local authorities' trained-to-squeal pet criminal. The Brits, squeamish about sending Rodgers back to Jasper County "justice," washed their hands of the matter by getting a guarantee that Rodgers wouldn't be tried for the murder of his brother, as he wasn't the one who shot his brother three times, once in the back of the head. They deported Mr. Rodgers from their neighborhood.

So the local authorities had a year to get their case together. They have had excellent practice in suborning perjury from professional informants as witness the Doyle Kelley matter. They managed to cut deals with informants and obfuscate the issue of who killed and sold drugs to whom. They subtly packed the jury and framed the procedures and issues of debate for trial. The jury came back with the desired conviction. The murderous, cowardly informant and his 'criminal handlers' are safe, now.

Mr. Rodgers says that the government murdered his brother and used the trial as a cover-up. Perhaps, but the government is not on trial here, now, or ever. Mr. Rodgers says that because he is a poor black, he didn't get a fair trial. Nonsense; a poor white would have fared no better.

It is 'just' what you get when you live in Mr. Rodger's neighborhood and you are at the bottom of the criminal food-chain.

Martin Lindstedt, Granby

Editor's Note: This letter was offered to and refused by "The Joplin Globe" and "The Neosho Daily News" after the aforementioned trial Jan. 8-12, 1996.


** S.B.A. sucks hind tit **

Hi Martin:

I was wondering if you chould write a piece and the way the goverment treats the small business comunity in America. They set up a national program called the SBA or Small Business Administration but this agency only helps businesses after there third year not in the critical first stage by the end of the third year nobody needs them. Oh they set aside programs for the so called enterpeurner but how can you really help someone start a business by telling them how to have a financial spead sheet.

But most of the Goverment so called start up programs are aimed at the Minorities of America. The chance of me having a successfull company next to a immigrant Chinesse or a Mexican or even a woman is next to zero. They dont have programs for strong white males yet that is who always ends up footing the bill for this programs. We can't get welfare unless we are married we cant get minority status we cant be promoted in our job unless we are ten to fifteen times better than the flunky minority next to us on the assembly line because Congress pays companies to promote the minorities first. They even have programs for minorities to have house at the tax payers expense. What's wrong with this picture? To get on a goverment bidders list you must be a minority company. To obtain goverment aid you must be a minority. To borrow money from a bank you have to have well over what you intend to borrow and at least three years of financial records to prove your success.

The sad thing is that the white American male is truley the minority. About 60% of Americans today are women. 30% are minority entitled men that leaves about 10% for the truley hard working tax paying white non-minority male. This really sucks hind tit. I would be truely honored if you would write a peice in your MO lib about this subject.

A Voice of the People, via e-mail, Feb. 6, 1996
Name Withheld by Editor
Editor's Reply:
Voice, I will print your letter, as is, and then simply restate the Libertarian position against the SBA.
The SBA is a subsidy program that funnels money to the politically connected.
The Libertarian position is rather than having politicians and bureaucrats choose which businesses to favor, whether it be in favor of white males or black females, is to rather simply not have such programs in the first place. Let the taxpayers and businesses keep their own money by not taxing them for such nonsense.
This less government, no government favors for special interests, and less taxes philosophy was what this country was founded on and what the Libertarian Party is all about.
I will print your letter because, while it does have grammatical errors and is written in stream-of-consciousness style, it makes your points effectively and explains your viewpoint succinctly. That is the essence of good communication. It resonates the voice of the young.
By the way, a former administrator of the SBA and hind-tit sucker in good form, one Gary Nodler, is running for Congress as a Republican from the Missouri 7th District.
You do know who not to vote for now, don't you? Vote Libertarian instead.


** Get Involved **

Missouri will not have a Presidential primary this year. The DemoPublican establishment saw to that. Instead, they keep putting on new tax increases onto the ballot.

Are you tired of voting for only the political slop dished out into your ballet trough? Don't try reforming the DemoPublican establishment. Throw it out and replace it! Here's how:

Between Feb. 27 to March 26, in addition to filing candidacies for public office, the future of both Parties, DemoPublican and Libertarian, are established for two years by having citizens go down to their courthouse and sign on as a precinct, ward or township committeeman/committeewoman. All you need to qualify is to be a registered voter for one year in your voting precinct. No filing fee is required outside cities under 900,000 population.

The man and woman with the most votes goes on to become precinct committeeman and committeewoman. Then, on the third Tuesday in August after the primary, these committeepersons meet and form County Committees and elect officers. At later meetings, committees are elected by above committeepersons for representative, judicial and congressional districts. The most important of these are for the 34 state senatorial districts, as the resulting (68+4) 72 people will determine each political Party's future.

The DemoPublican establishment made up these rules for their own benefit. Wait until mid-March and one will only see local politicians, lawyers and their spouses filing for these crucial elections. If you wish to change the system and have a real choice in what comes down the pike, then file for committeeperson.

Of course, if you are really interested in less taxes and less government, don't waste your time with the DemoPublicans. File and vote Libertarian.

Martin Lindstedt, Granby

This letter was published in "The Neosho Daily News" of March 5, 1996 and possibly in "The Springfield News-Leader" of March 8, 1996.

*** Practical Issues & Answers ***

Part Twelve of a continuing series. This column intends to give Libertarians running for office a practical guide on issues to bring up and exploit to the dismay of Demo-Publicans, who have no idea of how to solve the problems they have created.

** Tentacles of Power, Part II **

BETWEEN FEB. 27 TO MARCH 26, 1996 IS A CRUCIAL time frame for the Missouri Libertarian Party. These days literally determine the future of our Party for the next two years.

Not only do candidates for partisan county and state office file in their respective counties or in Jefferson City during this time frame, but through the filing of the committee people at the various voting precincts, the composition and makeup of the various political parties are determined as well.

This article's purpose is to serve as a blasting cap for the formation of county committees, and political candidacies. When you finish reading this article; once you know what to do, go out and do it now, before it's too late. The Party, County, State, and Country you save through judicious, effective action may be your own!

FIRST, A COMMERCIAL MESSAGE. Let's say there is no County Committee at present in your district. Not even a precinct committeeperson from a polling place in one of the county precincts.

Do you have a membership in the Missouri Libertarian Party? No? Then buy one from myself for $15. I will keep for myself the $7.50 profit for selling new memberships, grant you one year's subscription to this newsletter, find out whether there is indeed a functioning county committee in your area. If I find out that there is no county committee in your area, I'll write up an impressive county charter for the Chairman and Secretary of the Missouri Libertarian Party to sign at the MoLP Expediting Committee on March 17 and send it back to you to give to your county clerk. Then you can be interim chairperson of your own county committee.

Want National Libertarian Party membership as well? Then send me $30 for both, I'll keep $10 of it profit and give the same services as proposed above.

Make all checks payable to the Missouri Libertarian Party.

Do you need a Missouri Libertarian Party membership? No, not unless you want to run for state office. But it does help both you, me, and the Missouri Libertarian Party to do so. Do you need to buy a membership from me? No. But it does pay for my services and postage. You are going to spend the same amount of money anyway. I might as well get some of it.

OK, now that the commercial message is over with . . . .

FORMING INTERIM COUNTY COMMITTEES. If there is a single precinct committeeperson in your county, current MoLP doxology, running in accordance with Missouri election law drafted by DemoPublicans, is that you will have to work with them, even if they are ineffective. But let's say that that person is willing to cooperate or there are no committee people in your county. The MoLP only has 200 paid members and 41 counties organized.

First, get yourself appointed county chairman and treasurer by the Missouri Libertarian Party. Again, paying me $15 dollars for a MoLP membership is the easiest way to do this.

Then go out and file the papers which show that the Missouri Libertarian Party has made you county chairman before March 26, 1996 at the county clerk's office and form an interim County Committee.

Find out how many fellow Libertarians you have in your county. Get in contact with them and find out if they wish to do a little bit of work and take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Your duties as a county committee chair will consist of:

a.) appointing election challengers and watchers. (Revised Statute of Missouri, hereafter referred to as RSMo., 115.105, 115.107) We cannot appoint election judges yet because we are not deemed a major party. The election challenger or watcher must have the same qualifications as an election judge. The most important qualifications are that you or a close relative are not running for office in that precinct and you have not been convicted of an election offense.

b.) recruiting candidates to run for county office or running yourself for elective office. The treasurer ultimately collects the $50 filing fee from county candidates running as Libertarians. (RSMo 115.357). This filing fee goes to the County Committee Treasury. This is why if you are the only Libertarian in the county, you must yourself fill both the office of chairman and treasurer first. There is nothing to prevent the waiving of these filing fees at the county level if the officers agree. This can save a lone libertarian in the county some money.

c.) finding someone else to run if a candidate dies, withdraws, or is disqualified within five working days. (RSMo 115.362)

d.) filling vacancies on the county committee. (RSMo 115.613 (3)). Make your spouse pull his or her own political weight. The officers of a county committee are supposed to be a chair & a vice-chair and a secretary & a treasurer. If the chair is a male, the vice-chair is supposed to be female. If the secretary is a female, the treasurer is supposed to be a male. In fact, for Libertarian committee positions up and down the line, these offices are supposed to be divided by gender. Unless, of course, there simply are no persons of differing gender to fill the position or the organization's constitution takes care of the situation and you know how and are willing to fight legally with election snoops.

e.) presiding until the next county chairman is chosen by the new county committee the third Tuesday of August immediately after the primary. (RSMo 115.615).

f.) acting as spokesperson of your local county committee.

FILING FOR PRECINCT COMMITTEE POSITIONS: Between Feb. 27 and March 26, filing takes place at the county clerk's office for the various precinct committeeman/woman positions. The only qualifications are that you be a registered voter with one year residence in that voting precinct. A precinct is the political boundaries determining wherein you vote. Where you vote is your precinct.

Unless you live in Kansas City ($25) or St. Louis ($100), you don't need to pay a filing fee to the Libertarian county committee treasury. Even if you are running for another political office, you may run for precinct committeeperson, as a political parties are legally defined as quasi-private organizations by the DemoPublican rule-making establishment.

So go to your county clerk if you are a resistered voter before March 26 and tell the clerk you wish to file for precinct committeeperson for the your precinct. Then do it.

You will get your name printed on the ballot for your particular precinct. Then kick back and probably enjoy an uncontested win at the primary on the first Tuesday of August (the 6th). The man and woman with the highest totals will go on to become committeeman/woman for that particular precinct.

For those of you who enjoy mischief for its own sake, you might wish to file as a DemoPublican for your precinct as well. There doesn't seem to be a law against it.

ON THE THIRD TUESDAY OF AUGUST (the 20th), under the direction of the incumbent county chairman, the elected precinct committeepeople will meet in the county seat somewhere. There they will reorganize and elect a chair & a vice-chair, and a secretary & a treasurer, as has been discussed above. Vacancies are filled by election of a majority.

The county chair and vice chair become members of the party state legislative, congressional, judicial, and state senatorial committee districts of which their county is a part. (RSMo 115.615)

As delegates, the county chair and vice-chair get together and elect chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer for these districts. The judicial committee is determined by the county committee chairs & vice chairs on the first Tuesday of September. The house committee is determined by the county committees which make it up on the Wednesday after the third Tuesday of August (the 21st). These judicial and state house committees are vermiform appendixes, not worth a whole awful lot, but it does keep people busy and acts like a farm team and provides a power base for a growing Libertarian county committee.

The senatorial district is the most important. The chair and vice chair of the County committees get together on the third Saturday in August and elect senatorial committee officers. These state senatorial district members get together on the third Saturday of November after the general election, and elect two registered voters, one a man and one a woman, to the State Committee.

The State Committee makes the rules, establishes the platform, and sets MoLP Constitution and Bylaws. There are 34 senatorial districts in Missouri. This makes for (68+4 officers) 72 people who will determine the future of the Missouri Libertarian Party.

These 72 people, especially the chairperson of the Missouri Libertarian Party, have enormous political clout as they represent a political party.

Semi-important is the selection of the U.S. Congressional District Committee on the last Tuesday of August. Why? Because according to the Missouri Libertarian Constitution, Article 3.1, two delegates from the Congressional district are chosen by members of the State Committee living within that district to the Missouri Libertarian Expediting Committee. It is the Missouri ExpCom which currently runs the monthly affairs of the Missouri LP, through the mechanism of 11 separate monthly meetings on the third Sunday of the month.

The Editor of this newsletter is a member of the ExpCom and is highly disgusted with the actions of his colleagues. It is the ExpCom which in effect currently rules the MoLP in the absence of the State Committee. The interests of getting an effective State Committee to ride herd on the ExpCom is one of the motivating forces behind this article.

FILING FOR POLITICAL OFFICE: Candidates for county office file with the county clerk on or before March 26, 1996. As mentioned before, the presence of a sympathetic interim or de jure county committee can save you a $50 filing fee.

When you file, you will doubtless be handed a financial disclosure form from the Missouri Ethics Commission which you will have to fill in and send off to Jeff City and/or the county clerk. Fill it out.

There are doubtless rules governing campaign contributions. Since you will probably not get very much money from the Libertarian Party or anybody else for that matter, file "exempt" for forming a campaign committee whenever possible.

The best office to file for on the county level is either County Commissioner or County Sheriff.

The County Commissioner is one of three executive officers which determine financial and administrative policy for the entire county. By cutting the budget for the sheriff's department and prosecuting attorney to minimum levels, you could easily make it impossible for them to get into Fascist mischief.

The County Sheriff is the highest ranking law-enforcement officer in the county (and militia people say the entire nation). Let's say that there are some laws you don't wish to enforce very hard. Can you imagine some victimless crimes that you would just as soon turn a blind eye to? (Hint: Puff, puff, inhale, inhale.) You are not responsible for enforcing victimless crimes on any property except county lands. You can challenge State and Federal jurisdiction to enforce their idiotic decrees. If anyone asks what are your qualifications to run as sheriff, just tell them that you are honest.

IF YOU WISH TO RUN FOR A STATE OFFICE, such as state representative, senator, or statewide office (I am reserving governor for myself) then you will have to journey to the office of the Secretary of State in Jefferson City and file. In addition, if you don't have a receipt from the Treasurer of the MoLP confirming payment of the filing fee, you will have to pay it via check or money order made out to the MoLP at the Secretary of State's office.

The filing fee for statewide office is $200, for Congress or state senator is $100, or for state representative is $50. So it can be expensive in terms of both money and time to make a sacrifice for the MoLP.

If you don't have the filing fee because you are poor, then for all practical purposes you are screwed. In addition to a pauper's affidavit, you must get petition signatures, one percent of voters who voted for that state office in the last election, one-half percent for statewide office. Coming up with the filing fee is far easier than getting on average 110 valid petition signatures for state representative, 600 for state senator, 2000 for congress, and 8,000 for statewide office.

Using cover provided by the DemoPublican incumbent protection act wherein campaign contributions cannot be made to state candidates while the legislature is in session between Jan. through May, the MoLP ExpCom refused to waive the filing fees in order to maintain "Establishment" dominance at last month's meeting.

At the next meeting this editor will force the issue and get the MoLP to issue loans to candidates for office or face a pauper's lawsuit that will humiliate some libertarians and finish their pretensions. Our Party is not a Wal-Mart wherein ballot access is not offered to people who do not conform to "Establishment" standards and wherein the poor have no business inside as they cannot afford the price of attendance.

When you file at the secretary of states office, you will be given a big packet from the Missouri Ethics Commission containing a financial disclosure statement, a whole bunch of election laws, and a campaign committee statement.

Since most of you are not going to get 1,000 total or $250 from any one source in either the primary or general election, it is wise to not form a campaign committee. File this form as exempt. This will keep the paperwork and campaign reporting requirements to a minimum. If later you get more than the above-mentioned amounts of money, then you can form a campaign committee and fill out paperwork.

So now you are a state candidate. Figure out exactly what you will do as an officeholder and explain your positions via every free bit of publicity as to why you should be elected. Go to debates, grant newspaper and radio interviews, attend candidate forums.

You learn how to campaign by doing.

Summary: So now you have been instructed in the rudiments of initiating political activity in where you live in Missouri. If you do nothing else, join, then stand for election as your local precinct committeeperson. But if you wish to do more for our Libertarian Party, which stands for freedom and justice for all, then please run for political office at either the county or statewide level where you can afford to spend a little time and a bit of money. Thank you.

*** UnCommon Sense ***

Between the Revolutionary War's opening shots fired at Concord & Lexington on April 19, 1775 and the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, the Founding Fathers and the citizenry had to make a decision as to whether they would negotiate with King George to restore their rights as Englishmen or seek to found a new nation. A man called Thomas Paine published on January 10, 1776 a small pamphlet called Common Sense. Colonists up and down the seaboard read his stirring call to action. George Washington himself said it turned doubt into decision -- for independence.

This is the fourth part of a series. Its goal is to also turn doubt into decision -- to restore a Constitutional Republic -- by all and any means necessary.

** The Revolution **

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it."

-- Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861.
FOR ALL THE FINE WORDS, the last time America was at civil war with itself, over 600,000 Americans lost their lives. Over 500,000 Americans were wounded. This in two separate tribes of 23 and 10 million. If you were a Northern male of military age, you had a one in ten chance of becoming killed or seriously wounded; a Southerner, one in four. The last American war of independence left hatreds and divisions that have only scarred over within the past generation or so.

Revolutions don't come cheap. The next one will be the most expensive one yet.

Every revolution has certain stages and progressions, that seem so clear in retrospect, but terrifying as it eventuates. The goal of this article is to explain the wherefores and the whys and to make basic predictions concerning the upcoming Third American Revolution.

** The Causes of Revolution. **

Revolution is a purely human activity. Like all human organisms, it has two parents. The father of revolution is injustice. The mother of revolution is change. When a corrupt government becomes unable to cope with change, expect a revolution to be born.

Injustice weakens the current social order. More importantly, it engenders the revolutionaries who will first resist, then actively oppose, the weakened government and it creates the social conditions necessary for revolutionaries to prosper. Even when a government is unable to cope with change, if the rulers and ruled live under conditions wherein justice is done, the society, sensing no affront or offense, will exist harmoniously together while new solutions to the current crises are explored together. Injustice is the spark that sets fire to the decaying tinder; the quickening seed of revolution.

Everything human experiences change, and the body politic is no exception. Just as a person unable to grow or cope with change starts to die, so does a government. History is a graveyard littered with civilizations that refused to change -- that couldn't, that wouldn't.

But unlike human flesh, a civilization has the potential of becoming immortal. A person can't become immortal by receiving new DNA, but a social order can become immortal by receiving and implementing new ideas to resist destructive change. Revolutions are new infusions of political DNA. The question remains: Is this new political DNA a rebirth or a cancer? And if a society is indeed dying, isn't it wiser to take its chances over the sure thing of decline and death?

When society bottles up change, becomes inflexible, refuses to make the evolutionary changes necessary to cope with the change, that society becomes a womb of revolution. Some of her revolutionary children will become evil grabbers of everything stealable in anticipation of the dark age ahead. Some gifted ones will try to "reform" the system, and fail, leading the implacable remainder to conclude that nothing other than destruction and replacement of the system will suffice.

** The Phases of Revolution: **

* Phase 1: The Destruction of Legitimacy. *

The very first phase in revolutionary activity is the destruction of that government's right to rule, or as the Chinese put it, in the withdrawal of the mandate of heaven.

In its initial stages, the loss of legitimacy is altogether the fault of the government. It puts certain corrupt officials in charge and they do not wish to disturb the status quo. So both the need for gradual change and the duty to pursue justice are denied. Feedback from the affected social sectors is either denied or stifled, so that no correction of the problem is possible.

In this increasingly poisonous atmosphere, revolutionary elements are bred, and they add to the confusion by criticizing the authorities harshly. Ordinary people begin to distrust the character of the authorities, and place their trust and allegiance in different organizations, in themselves, or in no one or nothing. Panicked, the authorities crack down harshly, too little, too late, with a minimum of common sense, and a full-scale civil war is launched.

This phase has already happened in Amerika, and is well on its way to termination. Politicians and lawyers are held in universal contempt as corrupt thieves interested only in feathering their own nests. Judges and policemen are increasingly portrayed, and with good reason, as brutal thugs and fascists out to incarcerate increasing numbers of political prisoners.

The latest, most egregious examples, were the murders committed by government agencies at Ruby Ridge and at Waco. The government refuses to prosecute the murdererous government agencies and bring those responsible to justice, engaging in cover-ups and whitewashes to the point where there simply is no trust left between the rulers and the ruled. With the lack of trust, conspiracy theories wherein the government is allowing United Nations troops into this country to brutalize potential political opposition, setting up extermination concentration camps, and blowing up federal buildings in an effort to justify its tyranny, are widely believed. (These are the more believable of the rumors making the rounds.) And, what should be even more unsettling to the government, is the fact that confident revolutionaries will use these fears to further drive a wedge between the rulers and the ruled, regardless of whether the revolutionaries believe these conspiracy theories or not.

As the social order continues to decay, society is breaking up into its constituent elements of friendship and blood relationships, kin and clan. Numerous militia groups have sprung up within the past 18 months. Some survivalists don't even form militias, instead forming mutual protection leagues of several families as society further atomizes into distrustful warring factions.

With the lack of legitimacy, government will have to rely more upon naked, brutal aggression to get its will enforced. People will no longer pay their taxes or obey the government voluntarily. In some instances, there will be calculation as to whether they will be caught. In some instances, there will be determination to kill or die before obedience. The rub is that the government won't know who and what situation they are dealing with until it is too late. The police enforcers will become scared, more stupid and brutal. As the hatred between the rulers and ruled increases, this country will become effectively ungovernable. Like at Concord and Lexington, once shots have been fired and bodies are bleeding on the ground, there will be no going back.

The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. . . . This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.
--President John Adams, Letter, 13 Feb. 1818.

** Phase 2. Setting Revolutionary Objectives. **

Phase One found the sides chosen and the moral foundations of the government weakened, even though with all its policemen and "justice" apparatus it never appeared stronger. Setting revolutionary objectives takes place in tandem with the Phase One, as the masses in the middle wish to know what will replace the current order. They will still prefer even a corrupt, dying establishment over guaranteed anarchy. So the practical revolutionary must be a builder as well as a wrecking crew.

Of course, the foundations for the new order will not be poured and new architectural plans fully drawn in while the old structure stands. The future is the unexplored country. But the future Concord will focus revolutionary thinking immeasurably.

Paradoxically, the chances of deferring revolution are increased the more policemen or government soldiers are lying dead on the 20th-Century Concord battlefield. Then the need for revenge against the government will be somewhat quenched and reason can possibly prevail over fury. Perhaps, shocked and frightened by the vistas of future violence, the government will undertake a program of justice and rapid evolutionary change.

But this is unlikely to happen. The odds are that like at Lexington, the government will kill the men who oppose its rule. And, like at Waco and Ruby Ridge, it will demonize the victims as the aggressors.

In any case, the revolutionaries will want revenge, justice and change, something the government cannot and will not give. An intelligent government would have long ago turned over the brutal and stupid element that committed the atrocities, but they dare not turn over their police and judges over for justice because they know that it is police muscle that keeps them in power -- and alive. On both sides, what moderates remain will lose power to the more radical elements, as peace seems more and more unlikely. At this time, the fence-sitters will find that there is no peaceful middle ground, no neutrality possible, and the war will continue.

A harsher ideology, if not already in place, will then be forged. The more utopian the ideology, the more bloody the revolution and counter-revolution. The American Revolution of 1775-1781 was initially over regaining their "rights as Englishmen." Then the ideology changed to become independence from Britain and the formation of a loose confederacy of individual states.

The American Revolution was the least bloody and most successful revolution in history. The French and Russian Revolutions, in contrast, started out as a revolution against a stupid and ossified monarchy, but their revolution's ideologies favored "liberty, fraternity, and equality" or "a classless dictatorship of the proletariat that would eventually wither away." Both ideologies went against human nature, and massive amounts of blood was shed in order to try to make these unrealistic ideologies work.

The current ideology of the militia and Patriot resistance movement is in restoring true Constitutional rule, less government and less taxes, rule of law, and the punishment of the guilty in government who have violated these objectives. Hopefully, there will be no utopian wild-goose chases financed by human suffering that will supplant the current ideology.

Prediction: In the next year or so, look for common-law people's courts to change from being primarily defensive in nature as a means of ameliorating governmental injustice against free individuals into revolutionary peoples' courts holding trials against corrupt government functionaries. Eventually these courts will hold treason trials and fill out death warrants against government police and officials to be carried out at the opportunity of wronged individuals, militias; anybody with a grudge against the government. Government officials and the police will be held to be outside the law of the people and its protections, as they try to enforce their law against a hostile populace. This will effectively speed up the pace of revolution, engendering such fear, hatred, and suspicion between the governed and the ruled that no society can long endure.

** Phase 3. A Crescendo of Violence **

"You cannot make a revolution in white gloves."
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924), to Kropotkin, May 1919.

"A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another."
--Mao Zedong, Report, March 1927 (published in Selected Works, vol. 1, 1954)

So now the combatants have manned their positions about Battlefield Amerika. What happens next?

At first, there will be sporadic violence in certain spots across Amerika where the decay has corrupted the social order the most.

And what they most fear will happen . . . .

Violence will break out in the most corrupt areas first. Policemen will be ambushed and killed. Some judges will be lynched. The families of government workers will become refugees, fleeing from their burning homes to the civic fortresses, away from the people with long memories they wronged. The above-mentioned common-law decrees and death warrants are carried out.

And, of course, the government will try to put down the rebellion in those hotspots. Since the police will have lost all control over the local situation, the Army and National Guard will be called upon to restore order. At first, like in Los Angeles in 1991, they will stand by and watch honest people get robbed, raped, and looted by social brigands, but soon more violent means will be adjudged necessary and executed. But this time, it will not work. People will be firing back from their barricaded homes as New York, Los Angeles, Tulsa become civil-war Stalingrads and Berlins.

Meanwhile every single Guardsman and soldier will worry about what is happening at home while he is trying ineffectively to restore government order everywhere else. The soldier's superiors will lie to him about the situation at home, thus further eroding the necessary ties of honor and trust necessary for a military unit to function and exist. The soldier will begin to wonder if he is fighting on the wrong side of the unfolding civil war. There will be a few desertions, and if the deserter is not treated either as firmly or gently as the situation requires, the whole unit's morale will collapse. If the soldier's family is harmed by others while he is away dealing with government's enemies, that soldier can no longer be reliable to the government. What is the government to do when the men it relies upon to kill upon command join the rebels with their weaponry?

Then the government will try negotiation. This process fails because the militant surviving revolutionaries, maddened by hate and sensing victory, are not interested in peace; they are exclusively interested in revolution. Seeking to bypass these revolutionaries, the government will suddenly offer to return rights once stolen, but such will be the lack of trust that there will be no takers.

At this time there are no more fence-sitters and the guerrilla warfare escalates to where the rebels and government forces go toe to toe. While the government might win the first few battles, it will lose the war. The rebels will come back, time after time, and each time the government will be weaker and less able to continue the struggle.

Tanks require a crew and maintenance. Jet fighters and helicopters have to land sometime. There will be no safe havens for government forces to rest and recuperate. The declining economy and social structure will no longer be able to bring up gasoline and run electrical generators to keep the government and its army running. The new battlefield will favor the rebels. All they have to do is destroy the social order, and destruction is far easier than sustenance.

Every revolution which succeeded did so against seemingly overwhelmingly odds. Mohammed had to flee his enemies in Mecca, but he did return, dealing with the reactionaries harshly. The First American Revolution at first seemed suicidal, but closer scrutiny makes one wonder how the British ever thought they could maintain control over a hostile population 3,000 miles away. And history, looking back at the Third American Revolution, will wonder why Government, the Establishment, ever thought they could rule against the will and interests of the People.

Special Note: The above predictions make assumptions and the hope that it will be a conventionally fought Revolution. If nuclear, chemical, or the extremely deadly biological agents are used, the above Revolution will be even more deadly. Like the trends followed in every 20th Century war, it might well be far safer to be a combatant than a neutral "civilian."

This is the beginning of the biological age wherein the manipulation of DNA has taken its first tentative steps. Just like WWI introduced aviation, motorized warfare, machine-guns, and chemical warfare and WWII improved that weaponry and ushered in the atomic bomb, the 3rd American Revolution will introduce the use of crude, wide-spread biological warfare. No effective, selective triggers for the violent use of these weapons have been developed or even conceived of as yet. There is no possible defense against these weapons other than accident, genetic or otherwise.

Ricin, botulism, and anthrax pathogens are easily obtained and can be introduced into the water supplies of major cities or spread by other vectors. In today's complex, mobile and easily disrupted civilization, there is no possibly of isolation protecting humanity as was formerly done. Also, by removing if at all possible any potential George Washingtons, the government will ensure any effective control over rebels is absent. The most effective conspiracies are the work of only one or two persons and it only takes one determined intelligent madman to ensure disaster for all.

THE THIRD AMERICAN REVOLUTION WILL BE WON BY THE PEOPLE. Whether or not there will be a refounding of our civilization and on which terms it will happen will be discussed in the next issue.


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