Hate Through The Tunnel of Love

By Tom Seaman



I recently had the unfortunate, and surprisingly fortunate, experience to see the venom and hate through which extreme federalists/socialists view this nation and the people in it. Oh, it is the same venom and hate through which neo-Nazi members see, just considerably more dishonest and subtle. I had mistakenly viewed the federal government push for "hate" crimes and, now, more "hate" crimes only as a ploy for more federalist power and control of the masses because there are already existing laws covering all these crimes, be those crimes committed with hate, anger, lust, greed, envy, passion, or any other emotion. But, now I understand there is more to it. Extreme federalists, especially the socialists, so very fond of expressing how much they "care" and how much more they "feel" and "love" than anyone else, view opposition to their fantasies of life through "tunnel vision" filled with every bit as much hate as their counterparts. It is hate through a delusional Tunnel of Love. They'll literally love you to death because it is, after all, your fault; you are not at their end of the tunnel.

Tunnel vision is a perception impairment which only allows someone to view life through one end of a tunnel; everything to the sides, above and below the tunnel is outside the viewing area. Unfortunately, this malady is frequently accompanied by the mental equivalent to no depth perception which has the effect of collapsing everything viewed through one end of the tunnel into one thing opposite the viewer. I didn't say this was sane. It is not. A socialist viewing the so-called conventional wisdom political spectrum "sees" it only from the left end of the tunnel. Anything some distance from his viewpoint is perceived as being in opposition to him. It is not only conservatives on the right of the spectrum in opposition to the socialist viewpoint. Even worse, Libertarians which are above this left vs right spectrum and Fascists which are below the left and right spectrum, get crammed onto the left vs right/liberal vs conservative spectrum and are, thus, in opposition to his socialist viewpoint.

This tunnel vision distortion is somewhat like the difference between two dimensional and three dimensional thinking, but a lot of people don't see it. They don't see it because they are stuck in the tunnel. And, everything between them and the other end(s) of the tunnel, whether above or below the tunnel, is collapsed into the tunnel. Therefore, everything which is not from their viewpoint is in opposition to them. (If you are lost in this concept or think I am lying, the Libertarians have a nifty little scored quiz; answer a series of simple questions with a numerical rating, total the numbers and plot the total on a graph with liberal on the left, Libertarian on the top, authoritarian on the bottom and conservative on the right. The results tell one if he is, or tends to be, a liberal, Libertarian, Fascist, conservative or something in the middle. This depiction of a political spectrum is tremendously more valid than the left vs right spectrum touted by "conventional wisdom". But, sheeple are more easily controlled using only a left vs right political spectrum.)

This collapse of the truer political spectrum into a flat, artifical left vs right one is all too often accompanied by the collapse of positions in opposition to the socialist position as being the same thing: a middle of the roader is a fascist is a conservative is a Libertarian is a constitutionalist is a patriot is a skin head is a Nazi is a white nationalist is a white separatist, etc., etc. If a socialist hates one or more of the elements in opposition to him, he tends to hate them all and will sacrifice all to, and for, his socialist dream. His "Tunnel of Love" becomes his "Tunnel of Hate" which results in other manifestations of insanities like hate crimes. Hey, a crime is a crime regardless of any emotion connected to it. But, not to the mentally handicapped.

This by no means lets conservatives off the hook. They view things from the other end of the tunnel with the same visual impairment. They, too, tend to collapse anything above or below this tunnel into the tunnel and ,thereby, to the left of them and as in opposition to them. Conservatives get to hate, too, in this Tunnel of Love; despite Christian "love". They get to hate anything to the left of them. They get to hate Jews, blacks, asians, homosexuals, Nazis, skinheads, etc., as well as liberals, socialists and communists.

Ummm, boy, isn't this love vs hate dichotomy great! What a glorious Tunnel of Love in which to live.

Safety in the middle? Hardly. This way you can catch hell from both ends, get to feel the less than glorious hate from both ends. So, the ones stuck in the middle of the tunnel pick one side this time, the other side next time; whipsawed, giving power first to one and then to the other. Is it better to be fleeced by the right or fleeced by the left? Thus, the insane game goes on and on and on. Being stuck in the middle is as bad as being stuck on either end. Stuck is stuck.

If one is tired of this no-win game and can't get out of it, why not rise above this construct? Choose liberty, choose justice in rule of law, choose the fundamental freedoms on which the United States of America was based rather than the adulteration it has become.

On the other hand, if you are a control freak, drop below and become a fascist/authoritarian; put even tighter controls on the sheeple, force them into compliance with the over-whelming power of your state and force; who needs freedom, the constitution or anything else but supreme control over those beneath you? Oh, you say we already have too much of this going on now in this hate through a Tunnel of Love. You know, you're right.

Maybe it is well past time to get out of it or above it.

Tom Seaman



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