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1. ... This Issue's Editorial Commentary -- The White Revolution Christmas Coup (That Failed) Against Traitor Glenn Miller At VNN

2. ... White Revolution .. Speaks Out on Glenn Miller



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WR Speaks out Against the Rat Miller

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Date: 12 Dec 2004 20:37:04 -0000
Subject: WR Speaks out Against the Rat Miller
From: "" 
X-Mailer: vBulletin Mail via PHP (Thread re-named and re-numbered by VNN)

An Intervention . . . .

When a cancer is first diagnosed, sometimes the first impulse is denial. Itís not cancer, itís only a mole. Itís just a rough patch of dry skin. Itís just a lump. Maybe the tumor is benign.

Then . . . . Okay, itís cancer, but maybe it wonít spread. Maybe it wonít metastasize. Maybe it will go into remission by itself. It doesnít seem to be spreading.

Then, remaining silent isnít enough. It becomes obvious that the problem isnít going to go away by itself.

So, I wrote a private, personal e-mail letter to Glenn Miller, advising him in cordial and regretful terms that due to White Revolutionís previous position on informants and those who testify against White Nationalists, regardless of the extenuating circumstances, in order to remain consistent, we had to hold him to the same standard. We could not endorse or participate in any of his projects, nor could we support his reemergence as a leader and an activist. I told him that the best he could hope for was for us to not attack him publicly.

That was the chemotherapy phase of treatment. It failed to produce the results we wanted, which was the disappearance of the cancer. So, we had to adopt a more aggressive method of treatment, a few weeks later, when I told Alex Linder himself directly that we couldnít endorse or support any projects sponsored by Miller, or joint VNN/Miller activities. Linder had already requested that we remove the White Revolution and PanzerFaust banners from the VNN Forum, which we had done. He had already insinuated to VNN moderators that they censor and ban those who questioned or criticized Miller, and adopted him as an ally. He refused to answer any questions from WR Moderators about this new policy, or discuss his new allegiance to Miller. So, my personal letter to him was the next step, the radiation treatment, if you will, to stop the cancer . . . . but it didnít encounter success, either.

Since then, it has become obvious to us that just remaining silent and not endorsing Miller was not enough. Working behind the scenes to influence Linder was not enough. Expressing our opinion and policy to members and supporters alone, was not enough. A radical intervention was necessary. The Oncologist gave up, and the surgeons had to step in.

We realize that Linder and others will see this as a hostile move, and that irreparable damage will be done to our working relationship with VNN, and with others who have publicly supported Miller. Frankly, we donít care, at this point. We want to remove Miller from influence in the movement, hopefully while removing as little healthy flesh from around the festering cancer as is possible. However, if we cannot remove the cancer, at least we have done the right thing by trying. Alex Linder may well take VNN and the VNN Forum to another server as soon as he can arrange such a transfer. Thatís of course his prerogative, and weíll help provide him with whatever information, codes, or other technical assistance we can to allow him to move. Itís not our intention to hold either the VNN Forum or VNN hostage, or at all interfere with his ownership or control of them. Our intention was to make a statement, and to make our position on Miller and others who testify against White Nation!alists crystal clear. Does anyone still have any confusion as to White Revolutionís positions on traitors, witnesses, and informants? Anyone?

Yes, itís a bold move, a controversial move, a polarizing move. Thatís what we specialize in. Alex and whomever else wishes to can call us names and rant and rave for months on websites and all over the net, but we have taken our stand and made our position clear. Thatís all that matters. Am I willing to sacrifice alliances and piss off supporters and throw away resources in order to take what I consider to be the principled and necessary stand? Absolutely. Just hide and watch, time and again.

Billy Roper
Chairman, White Revolution



"Anyone supporting Traitor Glenn Miller is either a fool or a traitor or both."

Originally Posted by Alex Linder
I don't know what you should do. My question is why Miller is held to a different standard than the Order. Miller did plenty time in jail, and on probation. He's not even allowed to live in half the country.

Isn't it like a jew to answer a question with a question?

EVERYONE knows that Traitor Glenn Miller got into the Federal Witness Protection Program, and was a ZOG informant. It's been admitted to by Traitor Glenn Miller. This Standard is that no federal informant is allowed even within the Movement and ANYONE giving the traitor aid and comfort is to be adjudged a traitor himself.

David Lane and the rest of the Order are still rotting away in prison. Whereas Traitor Glenn Miller is running wild. From my interaction with Traitor Glenn Miller, Miller is scared to death to be alone with any White Man for fear of being executed and it being claimed that the action was in 'self defense.' I'll never forget Traitor Glenn Miller's sitting in my cluttered office in late August of 2000, his gasping, after giving me a copy of his book and video, "I was in the federal witness protection program but nobody I testified against ever went to prison." Then he literally ran out my office door and to his little car. I wondered at the time, what the hell that was all about. Miller was still gasping like a carp out of water when I went out to his car in the driveway, as if he was suffering from asthema. Upon conferring with Louis Beam and Katya Lane, it was clear to me that Traitor Glenn Miller was scared for his life whenever he is alone with anyone in the Movement he is trying to catch.

In my mom's trailer he asked, several times, "You're just into politics, aren't you Martin? You're not doing anything violent, are you?" I thought it was a stupid question. I am an aboveground legal and take care to maintain a 'chinese wall' between the aboveground and underground activists. I can't very well tell anything that I take care to know nothing about. Miller seemed relieved and disappointed at the same time.

I tell this story because I want everyone within the Movement to know that Traitor Glenn Miller is a contemptable coward who lives every single moment of his life when narking for ZOG in fear that the next moment will be the end of his wretched existence. Everyone should fear becoming another dirty rat afraid that its life will soon be over, and scared, yet resigned as to what will happen to the rat's spawn after ZOG falls. Today Traitor Glenn Miller is known as a dirty rat -- tomorrow, nothing will remain to show that this cowardly rat ever existed except dog shit.

After hearing from the Old Resistance, i.e. Louis Beam and Katya Lane, I made it quite clear to White Nationalists in Missouri that I knew of that I was not going to have anything to do with Miller except as a moral lesson in what cowardice can do for you. I was not going to rehabilitate Traitor Glenn Miller. However, Miller's cowardice was a valuable object lesson in that while the Movement can use everyone White, even cowards, that cowards and degenerates had no place of responsibility within the Movement. I proposed to Louis Beam and Katya Lane that I publish Traitor Glenn Miller's book over the Internet to show that Miller was as well a victim of ZOG due to his cowardice, which was evident as early as Greensboro in 1979, when Traitor Glenn Miller ran out on his comrades to save his skin.

The question remains as to when Traitor Glenn Miller started out as a rat. I think it was even before Miller got involved with the Movement. Miller was in the ZOG Army, and showed himself weak even then, thus was guided to infiltraite and set up as a 'leader' even before the Order allegedly gave him $250,000.

This is what gets me. Where do the lies begin? How can anyone know? Did even the Order rob an armored car and get 3 million ZOG-bux? Did they give $250,000 to Traitor Glenn Miller? Did David Lane commit kikecide on some dirty jew named Berg? Even more to the point, why believe ANYTHING said by ZOG, ZOG agents, or ZOGlings? Especially when it goes against your own interests?

Alex Linder chooses not to believe what is past history known to all, yet willing to believe Traitor Glenn Miller and ZOG sources. What is perceived as Truth usually depends upon what side you are on. Linder has shown, repeatedly, that he is on Alex Linder's side and that side happens to be congruent with Traitor Glenn Miller. Solipsism and the ZOG regime Under Satan's Administration work together. Fine, Lindermiller. You are judged by the company you keep. Live with it.

The Movement complaint with Traitor Glenn Miller isn't that he isn't allowed to live in half the country, but that he is allowed to live at all. The Movement problem with Traitor Glenn Miller isn't that he allegedly served six years, but that he wasn't killed in prison, whether by ZOG discarding a worn-out tool, or by the Resistance killing some rats.

Why is it that Alex Linder has loyalty to Traitor Glenn Miller, as opposed to Resistance heroes and martyrs?

Billy Roper did what he had to do. First he took a measured stance, hoping to keep the matter contained. First Roper said no support for Miller. Then Roper took away any appearance of support by withdrawing banners from VNN. And eventually, Roper decided to excise the spreading cancer from his organization by denouncing Traitor Glenn Miller and giving Linder-miller plenty of time to get new hosting elsewhere. This is a divorce long due. Roper understood that one cannot host David Lane and Pastor Richard Butler and serve Linder-miller at the same time. I think this announcement by Roper is long overdue. But better late than never.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder
White Revolution is willing to network with groups that won't weed out criminals, but it's afraid of Glenn Miller? That makes no sense.

White Revolution is unwilling to network with Lindermiller because Lindermiller supports regime criminals and agents provacateur. This makes perfect sense.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder
We're looking at it two different ways. You say that the Order was betrayed by Glenn Miller. I see it that the Order destroyed the White Patriot Party by poor decisions made by Robert Mathews and David Lane and others. That doesn't mean those guys are bad or evil or didn't have good intentions, but those are the facts of the situation.

I still haven't seen any denunciation of the Order men for implicating Miller in the first place. He DID go to jail solely because of their testimony. Again, all completely needless if they'd given him the money anonymously or even better just plain left him alone. He's the aggrieved party much more than the offending party.

Lindermiller admits to being double-minded. This when there is only one side to the issue which is acceptable. Lindermiller wants to blame The Order for their mistakes in tactics and pardon Traitor Glenn Miller for being a rat. There is no proof that The Order cut a deal. There are long prison terms to prove that they did not. Traitor Glenn Miller, like the rat who left the sinking ship is alone to tell what happened -- and Lindermiller so wants to believe in the Sanctity of the Rat. Linder is in the position of taking Judas's word against that of the Saints' dogma.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder
I wish I had a better knowledge of the cases, but I don't. What I know is what I've seen Miller post, and I haven't seen anybody dispute it. Is he wrong that a dozen people implicated him for accepting money before he ever said a word? If that's true, then how do you demand that he THEN display loyalty to them instead of his own wife and kids who stood by him the whole while he was, for one thing, hiding out David Lane, at the risk of his entire family's future?

You guys have the relationship with David Lane. Have you asked him whether he did in fact try to cut a deal? As Miller has claimed, and was reported in more than one paper? What is his answer?

What exactly could Miller have testified to anyway, beyond receiving money? He didn't know anything about these people, he had hardly met them.

For someone who doesn't know anything about the case, Linder wants to believe the rat.

The Order members have families as well. But they hung tough. Yet Linder wants to believe the jewspapers and the rat. Why? Because the rat gives financial support to Linder's tabloid?

Why should we question the integrity of Resistance martyrs and heroes simply because Linder doesn't have the moral courage to resist 30 pieces of ZOG-bux from a known ZOG traitor? The Resistance needs our heroes and martyrs. We dare not question how our dead lions died in order to facilitate the antics of live ZOG rats and traitors.

There can be and only is one policy when dealing with ZOG: Like Jesus Christ said, "Anyone not with us is against us." Christian Identity can get along with the non-Identity Resistance as long as they are White, against ZOG, and when we win this civil war as long as they act in a respectful manner in our communities which we set up for ourselves. I have been polite as necessary to non-Identity Whites, and have seen leaders like Louis Beam and Pastor Butler act that way as well. Traitor Glenn Miller didn't only testilie for ZOG against Christian Identity Resistance leadership, Miller lied on behalf of ZOG for the Wodenists and agnostics as well. Leadership from all fighting faiths in the Old Resistance were targetted by ZOG using Traitor Glenn Miller. Therefore there can be only one policy:

"Anyone supporting Traitor Glenn Miller is either a fool or a traitor or both."

That's another '14-Words' which cannot be overcome or denied, no matter how many Lindermillers pandering for ZOG-bux want to pretend otherwise.

--Martin Lindstedt






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