Jo Jorgenson -- Another Libbertoonian Tokin' Minority for V.P.

Jo Jorgenson -- Libbertoonian Tokin' Minority for V.P.

Table of Contents:

The Official Libertoonian Hagiography, Jo Jorgenson
Libbertoonian Tokenism InAction
Analysis of Jo Jorgenson Campaign
Don't Bother Me About Right or Wrong. .


Don't Bother Me About Right or Wrong


Subject: The courage of their convictions.

At 02:49 PM 8/3/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Please remove me from your bulk-mail list. Thank you, and good luck 
>in your race!
>LEAG Coordinator
>Mike Brinkman
  Strange behavior for a so-called "Libertarian" "Electronic Action" 

  But then again, maybe not.

  It shall be done as you ask.

--militiaman Martin Lindstedt, Head Shooter
Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri 


Subject: RE: The courage of their convictions

At 05:45 PM 8/4/96 -0400, you wrote:
>LEAG is dedicated to gaining attention from the national media for 
>the presidential election, and is done on my spare time.  Although 
>your postings are interesting, in addition to LEAG, I've got my own 
>State Rep campaign to run, and my own Libertarian County group.  I 
>simply do not have the time to read every letter put out by 
>distribution lists.  I do wish you well.
>Mike Brinkman
>LEAG Coordinator
  Thank you for your concern. 
  I think the name "Libertarian Electronic Action Group" is a bit 
overblown for your limited goals, time, interests, or competence.
  I shall pester you no more (if you'll let me have the last word).

--Martin Lindstedt

Then the chicken-shit really started rolling down-hill, once the flood-gates were lifted.


To: Jo Jorgensen <73140.2465@CompuServe.COM
From: Martin Lindstedt 
Subject: Re: The courage of their convictions. OR The future of the 
National LP parallels that of the State LPs.

At 08:11 PM 8/4/96 EDT, you wrote:
>Martin -
>I must have gotten on your list by mistake.  Your messages have 
>been mostly local issues with nothing concerning the Pres/VP 
>Please remove me from your list.
>- Jo Jorgensen

Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Nominee Jorgensen:

   I am sorry you lack interest in local trends in Missouri. It has 
been my observation that these state trends, like human nature 
itself, carry through at the National level. The future of the 
National Party mirrors that of the Libertarian parties in the 

   I think that the vast majority of "Libertarians" worship only 
themselves, they really have no great cause for which they fight, 
and that this attitude is becoming quite apparent to the local 
rank-and-file, who have nothing to gain from such foolishness on the 
part of the "leadership." 
   I can see the vanity. I can see the self-interest. But where is 
the vision? Are we to do nothing more than worship the LP founders?
   As a result the National Party will continue to attract, then lose new 
membership. A breakthrough will never be reached, and eventually the
cycle will come to an end.

   The Libertarian Party is now 25 years old. The Republican Party 
was only 6 years old when it elected its first President. In both 
1860 and 1996, the time was ripe for a streak of boldness to win all. 
  Do we have the boldness to seize the day?
  Or will we waste away, to become another footnote in the anals of 
political history?

  I have been the most critical voice against "business as usual" in 
the Missouri Libertarian Party. Possibly in the entire LP as a whole. 
Since your election will be based upon that of Harry Browne, and 
Mr. Browne is busy, might I ask what you intend to do in the next 90 
days, if not listen to the local concerns from those from whom you 
expect some degree of support?

   However, I have no right to force upon you a duty you choose not 
to assume, that of listening to criticism. I have no flattery to 
provide. Therefore, I shall honor your request and remove you from 
my e-mailing list. I am,

Sincerely yours,

--Martin Lindstedt, militiaman
Head, Shooter Faction
Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri


Send Jo some e-mail! Tell her how mean I am, insisting on that vision thing and on good behavior from fellow Libertarians.

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