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ZOG's War Internet Gazette

March 19, 2003, Issue #1-2003

DOwn With ZOG! Anti Zionist Alliance


Purpose: Our purpose is to shit on ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) and gloat about ZOG losing ZOG's War that ZOG started..

Commentary is in regular format and is solely the opinions of the Editor and Staff of ZOG's War Internet Gazette

Editor Martin Lindstedt



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Copyright 2003. Anyone is at liberty to copy this newsletter in whole or in part for non-profit purposes provided they properly attribute copied portions to ZOG's War Internet Gazette and the Resistance author(s) properly credited. ZOGlings jewing ZOG-bux from this are expected to kike-cof up.

Fable of Contents

1. ... This Issue's Editorial Commentary
2. ...Monologue



. . . . So ZOG's 88-IQ, In-Flight, One-Term, Deserter-In-Thief Ass-Clown Sock-Puppet Jorge-the-Worst decided to engage in ZOG's War upon the entire world, starting first with the Muslims in general and the Iraqis in particular. Of course next targets are Syria, Iran, and maybe even North Korea -- the Purimfest hit-list drawn up by neo-com[munist] kikes and 'Christian' Zionist Crapture-Cultists out to personally jump-start Armageddon. An increasingly Third-World mighty Evil Empire decided to wage war with its First World military against a Third-World nation which gave birth to many former Evil Empires finding their ash-heap of history. ZOG will find its destruction as well in the Middle East, on behalf of the jews, spawn-of-Satan all.

. . . . In this Gazette are links to a variety of WWW pages, both Resistance and regimeist.

--Editor Martin Lindstedt





Para As could be expected, ZOG's War started with an attempted ritual murder of Saddam Haman Hussein & Sons on Purimfest, although it was expected that ZOG's murderous missiles wouldn't leave even a drop of mature mansblood for Satan's Master Chosen Race of Pe[s]ts to make a single Purimfest matzo-ball.

ZOG has set a precident in that assassinating any leader is permissable if retaliation can be forestalled. This way, if Saddam Hussein was able to send a 'smart pretzel' to do in Jorge-the-Worst, and had enough Weapoms of Ass Destruction to kill as many ZOGling herd animals as ZOG was able to kill of Saddam's sand-niggers, then all would be well and fine. Not that it matters, since ZOG's War is against a sovereign People, not any particular individual. Trust the moronic 88-IQ Sock-Puppet and other ZOGling whigger ass-clowns to personalize what is really a racial and religious war, stirred up by jews to exterminate A-rabs.

Saddam Hussein has led, after the typical Turd-Whirrld despotic fashion, a polyglot nation cobbled together of Sunni and Shia Muslims, Kurds, A-rabs, and assorted brown breeds, for over 30 years and two previous hard wars, one against ZOG, the other against Iran. As long as there is any possibility that Hussein or his sons or his officers are alive, the Iraqis shall go with the regime they were born under and have grown used to, a regime that all have lived under for so long that a 'regime-change' is unthinkable, alien, -- and forcibly imposed upon them by jews and ZOG. They shall not willingly submit to alien Zionist/jew rule. While ZOG can beat its way into the Iraqi House, ZOG cannot rest easily, not with under 300,000 ZOG troops 9,000 miles away trying to 'liberate' 24 million Iraqis. As Imperial Brit-ZOG found out the hard way, all sorts of useful thangs can be done with bayonets -- except sitting on and safely ruling with them. The jews in Isn'tReal number around four million trying to keep the lid on two million A-rabs, which isn't easy or cheap. ZOG isn't going to be able to keep a lid on 24 million Iraqis, and doing away with Saddam Hussein merely guarantees further anarchy, not 'liberation.' Now ZOG is threatening to expand its war to over 1.2 billion Muslims, many of them unruly invading immigrunts within US-ZOG and Brit-ZOG. ZOG's War is a jew conflict waged not only against Muslim 'civilization,' but a war upon all civilization and order itself, started for the temporary benefit of [d]ruling-ZOG jews and whiggers. ZOG's War was already lost even before it was started, which is why the thinking Resistance supported ZOG's War -- not that we were consulted.

Para Operation Iraqi Free-dumb indeed! Not even the stupidest ZOGling whigger ass-clown should believe such ZOGs-wallop, although most do -- or pretend to. Give an Iraqi urban-rabble critter a jewmanitarian ration after killing its daddy, brother, and/or husband serving in the local militia and all the increased saliva flow shall do is to ensure that such have at least enough to spit the moment the ZOGstruppen turn their backs. Operation Iraqi Occupation, or Operation Iraqi Extermination or Operation Iraqi Exploitation would be far more honest -- but since when is ZOG honest concerning its motivation? Jews and oil -- that's all ZOG's latest war is about, and the entire world knows it. All ZOG intends to 'liberate' is whatever isn't red-hot or nailed down, just like all of ZOG's Wars of 'Liberation.'

The Secretary of 'Defense' Rumsfelt claimed that if the Iraqi government sabotaged its own oil wells that such was a 'war crime' against the Iraqi People, many of which ZOG premeditatedly intended to murder under color of ZOG's War. Since when is it a 'crime' for any person or People to destroy their own property, if for no other reason than to make aggression by alien thieves and murderers unprofitable? ZOG claiming that Iraq destroying its oil is a 'war crime' means that ZOG intends to be jewdge, jury, and, most importantly, the executioner of ZOG's victims. USSR-ZOG deliberately practiced a 'scortched-earth' policy to keep Germany from succeeding in its pre-emptive invasion of 1941, called in those more honest times Operation Barbarossa, as opposed to ZOGs-speak Operation Russian Freedom.

ZOG already has made it clear that it intends to exploit Iraq's oil and other resources for the benefit of paying for ZOG's War and enriching Bush's Bandits. Punishing France, Germany, Russia, and China -- the entire world still able to protest against ZOG's War of Imperial Banditry -- is also a notion promoted by neo-con Jews and Crapture Zionists. Thus making ZOG's Iraq Attack into truly a global war of all against ZOG and Isn'tReal, the real war against ZOG's corpsorate and neo-colonial globalonyial fascism. The entire world must destroy this Beast Power run by jews, Satan's kids, before ZOG destroys, enslaves, and robs the entire world. The Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive warfare is correct -- this Beast Power must die or the Beast Power will kill all before killing itself.

Para There are many Inferial ZOGlings assuming that IraqAttack has been won and now is the time to push Zionism on to Syria and Iran. One war at a time seems to never enter the greedy mamzerized noggins of them who have never had to fight in a war, but rather harbor visions of greed everlasting.

Not understood is that ZOG's War has created yet another West Bank/Gaza in which ZOG's Armed Farces of muds&cruds have destroyed any legitimate government which simply cannot be ruled over from inside an M1 Abrams tank. ZOG's Armed Farces shall have to eventually get out of their tanks and weapons systems and try to police an alien Turd-Whirrrld collection of misceginated peoples unable to live at peace with themselves, much less outsiders. Unlike the situation in Isn'tReal where the jews occupying the Palestinian homeland have supply lines of less than 30 miles, outnumber those occupied, and have 50 years of experienced racist/colonial state-imposed despotism and terrorism over nearby occupied territories, ZOG is outnumbered by over 100-1, with supply lines subject to disruption 10,000 miles long, and unable to disrupt Iraqi Resistance suicide-bombers within the urban areas they would police. Unless the Baath Party minor functionaries assist, chaos and disorder shall remain perpetual. Simply pulling out the ZOGling mercs and bombing with B-52s, or machinegunning from a tank isn't going to 'win' any peace anytime soon. ZOG is now morally responsible for feeding an alien collection of non-white misceginated fanatics as a colony for the benefit of "Greater Israel" -- Khazaristan writ large. It would be far easier, and no less destructive for what remains of the White remnant in USrael, ZOG, USSA if ZOG were to invade and 'conquer' Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina and try to impose jew ways upon the mestizos and mullatos of Central and South America -- as if 'conquest' over misceginated witlings unable and unwilling to feed themselves or do anything other than breed is any sort of 'victory' for a diminishing and vanishing minority of White Americans. Yes, ZOG and its [d]ruling ZOGlings shall make out like frito banditos -- but our People shall be destroyed given any more such 'victories.'

Of course the good news is that long before the last White man is destroyed, parasitic ZOG and its millions of ZOGlings shall be destroyed as well. Civilization is about creating a surplus and maintaining its existence. Such a surplus can only be created and maintained by Superior Man -- the White Man. Feeding for purposes of endless breeding of parasites and predators such as jews, non-whites, and whiggers means that soon enough there shall be no surplus, nor even the minimum necessary to sustain ZOG. ZOG's daze are numbered. Before there could be a Renaissance, there had to be a Black Plague exterminating the mindless ZOGlings of the Medieval day. Today's Black Plague is GAIDS, SARS, TSEs and doubtless some recombatant gene-spliced biowar Weapom of Ass Destruction or merely something 'natural' getting out of control now that there are no more effective antibiotics or resistant populations. Such too shall destroy both the mamzerized and the idiotic -- and all unable or unwilling to impose an effective quarantine around themselves.

Since there is nothing the Resistance can do about such justice coming to bite ZOG in its collective ass, best keep both yourself and your loved ones out of the way.


Copyright 2003. ZOG's War Internet Gazette



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