Jan. 21, 05 -- To Johnathan, Bio-Patriots vs. Geo-Paytriots, FBI Corruption, 9-11 Coverup, Bush Wanting Armaggeddon

by Eric Thomson

21 JAN 05. Hail Johnathan!

It was great to receive your letter & enclosures of JAN l3th. As always, I enjoy your information & insights thereon. James Hart does sound almost too good to be true, but some have said the same of Commander Rockwell. I’d give him a chance to show us what he can do. If I knew him, I might support him. After being sucked in by good writing on several occasions, only to be disappointed by the writer, I have grown both patient & cautious. Once burned, twice shy, as they say. If he is as good as his flier, I wish him the best of luck in downing the ZOG.

I was disappointed by Jared Taylor of The American Renaissance, who apparently believes that jews are White, when they are not. He appears to be a ‘territorial patriot’, rather than a bio-patriot. Maybe he thinks ‘our’ Mexicans are ‘better’ than those who have not yet come across the (joke) border.

Decades ago, the blightwing protested the “give away” of The Panama Canal. I replied that we were already giving our country away to illegal immigrants, so the Canal was small potatoes. I even argued that CLOSING the Canal would stimulate the U.S. economy, for east-west bound goods would have to he off-loaded in such ports as New York & San Francisco, as previously, & U.S. roads & railroads would see much more business, as well as creating more domestic jobs. But the blightwing never lets go of a bad idea. There are financial reports which prove I was right, back in the 1970s: ships are too big for the Canal, so U.S. harbors on the east & west coast are being improved to accommodate the huge Chinese cargo ships which bring in goods as they take our jobs. Such a deal!

The Detroit News article on the FBI getting stung in its own sting operation was truly entertaining. It takes lots of cleverness & courage to trick the ZOG’s merc-thugs, & I would not be surprised to read that the author of the FBI’s embarrassment has a fatal ‘accident’. There is no difference between the FBI & the Mafia in terms of behavior, & the same can be said of other ZOG agencies. I look forward to more information on this matter, but I won’t hold my breath. It’s like the Indian stock trader who was arrested, along with his 2 FBI agent buddies who tipped him off to sell short on 9-10. The news article refers. The Globe & Mail is Canada’s ‘national’ newspaper, so it’s a few notches up from The National Enquirer which reports the latest Elvis sightings. So far, no follow-up on The Globe & Mail story.

The flap over the 9-1l event is really a cover up, on par with the Pearl Harbor cover up of FDR’s complicity & fore-knowledge. The Japs were just patsies in Roosevelt’s war to make the world safe for Soviet Communism, & the “Pearl Harbor Investigation” was really a cover up, in which Admiral Kimmel & General Short were the scapegoats. As we see in the case of the 9-11 Commission, the ‘solution’ invoked to ‘prevent’ the reoccurrence of another ‘surprise attack’ is the establishment of yet another intelligence agency. You may recall that the CIA was supposed to prevent “another Pearl Harbor”, by centralizing all intelligence, as its name implies. Well, maybe the idea worked, for Jew York City is not Pearl Harbor, after all, but the game is just the same, & the U.S. sheeple lost again.

The U.S. Government has killed more Americans than any foreign government in U.S. history, but then, the U.S. Government was always run on behalf of aliens & not Americans. That’s why I call it the ZOG which was established with the founding of the U.S.A. in 1776. We fought to gain our independence from British tyranny, only to fail under the Bank of England’s tyranny & jewish enslavement, which also rules Britain. Thanks to half- jew, Alexander Hamilton, we were back under the British Empire as soon as he got the First U.S. Bank incorporated, just as General Cornwallis had predicted to George Washington, to whom he surrendered at Yorktown. America’s abundance of natural wealth has brought forth an abundance of thoughtless fatheads who are pushovers for predators & parasites. We shall see whether scarcity will stimulate our idle brain cells any more than did The Great Depression. We seem less capable of thinking now than we did then, but stay tuned!

Bush, his kosher cronies & Christian kooks all crave Armageddon on behalf of jew-supremacy (Zionism), & he is doing his best to bring it about, as captain of the USS Titanic. No wonder I have this sinking feeling in my guts, & I also wonder what the U.S. sheeple may be thinking, if that is possible for them. Ordinary sheep seem able to recognize danger, unlike us. One of my college professors told us, back in 1956, that we were very ‘lucky’, for we would never be bored by foreign & domestic events in our lifetimes. That’s because we were living in 'interesting times’, as the Chinese curse says. He was entirely correct. Since we are being invaded & taken over by Chinese, we might consider the Chinese ideogram for “crisis”, which is composed of the characters for “danger” &. “Opportunity”. These attributes of crisis are irivitations to the smart & the brave among us, if such types still exist. We shall see, if we keep our eyes open & our brains in gear.

All the best. DOWZ! STAR! & ORION!


2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.martinlindstedt.org.



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