Jan. 23, 2005 -- To Brian: jews advancing mud infestations in Yakima, France , Germany

by Eric Thomson

Dear Brian:

. . . . Many thanks for your letter & enclosures of Jan. 17th . The photos were truly terrible & they certainly reflect our degenerate times. I liked your cartoon of the Irishman kicking out "the blacks & tans. I have circulated copies of your song, & correspondents say they really like it. One fellow returned from his native Ireland to say that the Protestant/Masonic mafia of Northern Ireland & the IRA are both destroying the Irish people. The Prots love jews & the IRA loves muds. Neither love the Irish!

. . . . You seem to be surrounded by a sea of ‘diversity’ in France, most of it undesirable. I call that a ‘learning experience’, similar to that of falling into a muddy stream. Once is sufficient for me. Here in Yakima, "The Paris of Central Washington", we have 2 mosques at last count; otherwise the population is thoroughly mestizo, that is Eurasian. There are some blacks, but they are running scared, so they are fairly civil when they encounter the few ostensible Whites remaining here. Mexico has virtually taken over inland California, Oregon & Washington. The Asiatics are now occupying the coastal regions as the Whites flee, race-mix & die off. Sometimes I feel like Gordon of Khartoum in the final hours, before the Mad Mahdi's multitudes overwhelmed the city.

. . . . Isn't it odd tnat the jews of France favor the influx of muds, even when they are militant Moslems? The jews’ hatred of Whites knows no boundaries, as I witnessed in the former Rhodesia, where the jews addressed us with sneers as "you White neople". But, when the jew gets the non-White conquest he wants, he doesn’t like it, & leaves for another White country, to repeat his depredations. As Hitler said to Eckhardt, the jew does what is in his nature to do. As a parasite, he must destroy his host, even as he knows that the death of his host will result in his death, also. This is why the jew hates his host people. Go figure! The jews of formerly White-ruled Africa are going to Australia & New Zealand, & jews from all over are flooding into Zionist Occupied Germany, where they receive special privileges. Such a deal! Many of these invaders come from the former Soviet Jewnion. I hope they like all the Moslems they encounter in Germany. Just as Benjamin Franklin predicted in the 1700s, few Jews want to go to Israel, "for vampires do not live off vampires."

. . . . One item surfaced recently in the jewsmedia in regard to the reverse-assimilation of the first & second generation Moslems living in Europe. According to jewish thinking, which most Goyim cannot distinguish from their own thoughts, if they have any, the longer people live in a place, the more assimilated they become, jews being the purported exception of course. With the western adoption of "multi-culturalism", our countries are being colonized, racially and culturally, so assimilation is no longer practiced to a large extent, as in former times, in the jews’ "melting pot" era. Whites invaded & colonized other countries occupied by muds. After killing ourselves off in our internecine wars, White civilization retreated. The muds took over their countries, claiming that the White rulers ‘oppressed’ them by making them breed? Now, as we see, the muds are invading & colonizing formerly White countries. It’s a gigantic demographic pendulum process, but I do not foresee it swinging back. Right now, it looks as if China will inherit Africa, while also grabbing the Western Hemisphere, as I predicted in "The Chosen One", which appears on www.FAEM.com, I think, along with my short stories, "Return to Spring Island" & "The Awakening". Please download whatever you like on FAEM, for there is no guarantee it will not suddenly vanish, if it hasn’t already.

. . . . It is informative to know that Osama bin Laden has been nicknamed "The Bedouin" by his Moslem sympathizers. France is beginning to resemble the Algeria depicted in the old movie, "The Battle of Algiers", in which the Arabs resisted the French colonial regime. Now they resist the French in France! Would it be correct to call the Arabs "occupiers"?

. . . . What we are witnessing is the perverse practice of doing the opposite of everything Hitler advocated. The German masochists even smoke, because Hitler said it was unhealthy! Weimar Germany's policies were similar to those of today, albeit on a very limited scale. Now we see "Entartung Uber Alles!" (Degeneracy above All), worldwide. Will these policies result in a White Awakening? Stay tuned!

. . . . All the best & ORION!


2005 Public Domain -- provided credit given to Eric Thompson and www.martinlindstedt.org.



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