Jan. 28, 2005 -- To Rudy: U.N is U.S., Religion emphasised over race, Take-over of Christianity, Khazar jews, jews resemble Satan

by Eric Thomson

28 JAN 05. Dear Rudy:

Many thanks for your letter of JAN 17th & your outstanding enclosures! I shall comment on vatious issues you have raised in your latest mailing:

(1) You keep up the old kosher-conservative line about the U.N., which serves to distract & dissipate the time & resources of patriots who need to direct their thoughts toward the idea of a White nationstate, regardless of location. In fact, you are pushing against an open door in regard to the U.N. issue, for the U.N. is the result of The Protocols of Zion, just like the former League of Nations. The eventual U.N. Headquarters is to be Jerusalem, after the U.S.A. has served its purpose on behalf of the Jew World Ordure. If the U.N. were to leave Jew York City (or Shitty, as some pronounce it), we would continue to fund it & kow-tow to it, just as we do now, but to a lesser degree, since we are now an Israeli province, & we are governed as such by our Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG), THE MOST VISIBLE PART OF WHICH resides in The District of Corruption.

(2) One can emphasize religion to the detriment of one’s race, if one wishes to do so. I knew such people in Rhodesia. Perhaps Yahweh or Jesus ben Yahweh advised them to leave in time, or perhaps Yahweh & Co. ‘beamed them up” to his Big Pawnshop in the Sky by means of Blacks’ machetes or pangas, as occurred with two friends of mine who were hacked to bits en route to ‘their’ farm near Bulawayo, where I used to live.

So-called Christianity has obviously been taken over by those who wish to destroy its adherents, Whites in particular. This is a classic example of subversion in which the facade & the label remain & the purpose changes. As you know, I never believed that Christianity was in any way designed to save Whites, but was rather, anti-White, by seeking non-White converts. Not only does Christianity do this, but its adherents see themselves, for the most part, as servants of Israel’s Satan in disguise. As Dr. Oliver wrote: “The good in Christianity was not new, & the new was not good.” He wrote that Aryans already knew that things listed in the Ten Commandments, such as murder, theft, adultery (race-mixing) & chasing others’ wives were wrong, not merely because some jew-god said they were wrong! Of course, what that led to was ‘interpretations’: Did Yahweh mean that in that era or in that case? Did Jesus ben Yahweh say something different? When I asked a Black preacher about the incest committed by Lot’s daughters, he said, “That was O.K. then, but not now!” Nietzsche admired Christ-insanity because “it made men more clever”, because they had to go through all sorts of biblical interpretation in order to do what they were going to do, anyway.

I noted the same thing with the Communist regime in Moscow: Everything they did had to be couched in Marxist terms, & thereby ‘justified’. People marked for extermination were deemed to be “class enemies”, & some members of “the working class” were “more equal” than others. The jew, "Lenin", even stood Marxism on its head by declaring “Those who do not work shall not eat!” Then he had the effrontery to call his new creed “Marxism-Leninism” (a total contradiction!). This is what so-called Christians do when they combine the Old Testament with the New, & dub it “Judeo-Christianity”. One is EITHER a Christian OR a jew, in religious terms, but one cannot be both. Otherwise, we could speak of Satan-Yahweh as ‘one person’. For that matter, many knowledgeable people do equate Satan with Yahweh, for Satan was created by Yahweh in full knowledge of his future role in human affairs, & Yahweh behaves much like Satan, if we refer to the Old Testament.

In reference to ‘prophecy’, one bible-banger repeated the statement that “Russia & China” would invade Israel in the “end times”. I said that prophecy has already been fulfilled, for the asiatic Khazars from China & Russia invaded Palestine after World War II, calling themselves “jews”.

Here’s a question of lineage: Nowhere does the Bible record Mary’s ancestry, as it does for Joseph, who was not Jesus’ father! Another biblical blooper, eh?

A church-goer asked his preacher if he could say anything good about the Devil. The preacher said, “Well, he’s persistent.” That’s why jews resemble Satan so much. Ha! As you say, we achieve nothing by bemoaning our situation. Rommel used to tell his soldiers that he did not wish to hear any complaint, unless the complainer could offer at least three possible solutions to the problem about which he complained. My old sergeant used to say: “If they aren’t griping, they aren’t happy.” The blightwing must be a happy gang, indeed!

I am of Scottish-Norwegian descent. My nation is “White”, & resides in no particular country, although I have lived in many countries. Nation is biology, not geography, the jew Boas to the contrary. For visa purposes, the U.S.A. deems jews to be of the ‘jewish nation’, regardless of their place of birth outside the U.S.A. If we are willing & able to think straight, we might find a straight path to our survival. That is why I declare ORION!



2005 Public Domain -- provided credit given to Eric Thompson and www.martinlindstedt.org.



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