Man Is Part of Nature

by Eric Thomson

. . . . Man is part of Nature, and he must govern himself according to Nature's laws, which are the same for him as for other living creatures. The fact that Man thinks he has exceptional intelligence does not exempt him from the rules that bind other creatures. If Man pollutes his environmennt, he poisons other creatures and himself. Just ask the canary in the mineshaft. In the domestic world, Man controls the quality and quantity of his livestock, and since Man is also a domestic, social animal, he must control his own quality and numbers. If Man is remiss in his duties, Nature is not.

. . . . Man can vanish, along with the dinosaurs, if he offends Nature's laws sufficiently.

. . . . The white man is like a lion killing off his own race and like a lamb when non-whites invade his living space. We have become decadent savages, lacking the virility and stamina of the savage and having lost the cultural refinements of civilized people.

. . . . Civilization and decadence are the outgrowths of surplus production. It is hard to have the one without the other. In good times and in bad, a survival-oriented ethos must be maintained to preserve the group, be it a family, clan, tribe or race. The whites have erred in thinking that such an ethos is outdated and irrelevant. Not so! The Chechens are the fierce warrior-survivors we can study to see the ethos of the future, if there is to be a future. Chechen men are being killed in huge numbers, so Chechen women are having as many babies as they can sustain in conditions of war and hardship. Whites can only gape in awe at such fierce national loyalty or recoil in horror with the thought: "Why do these people exert themselves so much to live, when it is so much easier to die without a fight?"

. . . . The death of the largest portions of fit, white youth of breeding age in World Wars I and II were disasters, in view of the rapid growth of non-white populations under white colonial rule. In Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), for example, there were approximately 300,000 semi-nomadic blacks in the territory when the first white settlers arrived in 1890, but there were over 7 million in the territory when white rule ended in 1980. The same occurred throughout colonial Africa, both north and south. Now that black rule is back, we may see a reduction in the black population. The dearth of whites of breeding age caused by the world wars accelerated the colored invasion of white living space, and deprived our race of a generation of leaders in each war of the 20th century.

. . . . Civilized warfare is dysgenic as well as genocidal, unlike barbaric warfare, which pits man against man in close combat. How strong must a man be to pull a trigger or drop a bomb from an aircraft? How much stamina and agility are required to operate a laptop? The white man's technology can be used to kill the fittest warriors on earth, while being operated by cripples. As our technology improves, our population quality gets worse. This is correlation, not causation, but the end will occur when sophisticated technology is used by semi-simians to achieve their monkey-business. This trend is also accelerating, and will assure greater disasters in the near future.

. . . . Quality of populations is of utmost importance. The most obvious illustrations are Japan and any black African country, where crowding is relative. In Japan, crowding produces conformity and co-operation. In black Africa, it results in chaos and carnage. What we see in black Africa is the population reclaiming its pre-colonial optimum numbers within the blacks' means to exploit one another and their environment.

. . . . American jobs continue to go to China, and the Chinese et al. continue to pour into North America, rather as the air went out of the Titanic and the water flowed in. The inundation of North America is happening so fast that most people are numbed by the shock.



2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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