Jan. 30, 2005 -- To Tom: ZOG war against Syria & Iran, Neutron Bomb, Grabbing Trinkets, USS Titanic, Rudyard Kipling Poem

by Eric Thomson

30 JAN 05. Dear Tom:

Your welcome letter finds me in a torrent of correspondence, which I always enjoy. One writer advised us to watch the jewsmedia for its emphasis, for we know that this is the kikes’ ‘weapon of mass-distraction’. As you say, if the jewsmedia is concentrating on ‘human interest’ stories, there is likely something big afoot. Unlike the ZOG’s build up before its Iraq attack, I think Israel & its puppet state will launch a sudden surprise attack on Iran & possibly Syria, since those countries have long been on Israel’s hit-list, accord­ing to former Mossadnik Victor Ostrovsky; Iraq having been foremost on the list. I doubt that the ZOG will use nukes against people who sit on valuable oilfields, where nuclear contamination may be a deterrent.

My question is what became of the famous, but never used “neutron bomb”, which its alleged inventor, Dr. Cohen, claimed it to be 'safe' for invaders to occupy the targetted areas as soon as it went off. The explosion would, supposedly, generate a shower of neutrons which would kill all higher forms of life, such as people, other mammals, birds, etc. But it would leave no toxic nor radioactive residue. According to my research, it was claimed that the food on the victims’ plates would be edible, as long as the invader did not mind shoving the previous diner’s body aside. No damage would accrue to factories, buildings & all other things desired by a conqueror. The most immediate jobs would likely be putting out fires which had started when people keeled over at their stoves while cooking their meals. The next big task would be removal of the uncontaminated corpses, before they began to rot. I was told that one could defend against a neutron bomb attack by shielding oneself with 5 to 10 feet of plain water. One would therefore build bomb shelters under swimming pools, etc. I’ve heard nothing about neutron bombs in decades since those announcements.

As you say, the denizens of “Usrael” seem to be grabbing trinkets which will likely prove useless in the oncoming demographic, economic & political crises. You conjured up that scene in the movie, “Lawrence of Arabia”, in which the Arab nomads are looting a Turkish freight train of all sorts of items useless & burdensome to desert nomads. At last, the Bedouin chief seizes a wall clock & hurls it to the ground in disgust, for it serves no purpose to him or his people. He asks Lawrence if there is not more manly stuff to steal from the Turks, & Lawrence obliges by stopping a trainload of excellent horses.

One writer opined that it would be foolish for the U.S. to attack Iran, when U.S. troops are pinned down in Iraq. The Shia Iraqis & the Shia Iranians are too close for comfort, so the U.S. would likely have to use its weapons of mass-destruction, which are most likely nukes. As you say, the Iranians do not appear to be pushovers, & one also wonders what the Chinese may see as in their best interests. So far, the U.S. is exhausting itself, just as China wanted & stated almost a decade ago. Bush’s policies seem aimed directly at the destruction of the U.S.A., on behalf of Israel, & perhaps, China. Whoever does benefit from Bushy’s war crimes, I can safely say it won’t be the people of the U.S.A.

It would seem that a ‘pre-emptive’ surprise attack on Iran would be most likely to deter any congressional debates, now that we are already at war. The ZOG’s approach to events appears to be a two-pronged strategy: (1) Shoot the works & (2) Go for broke! Anything left over will go to Israel. Like you, I am confident that FEDZOGUSA would willingly incinerate the U.S. if Israel wanted them to do so. We not only have the best government jew money can buy; we also have a government we can trust -- to do Israel’s bidding, always.

We can also be proud of one thing: we have first class seats on The Titanic, so we should try to enjoy the spectacle to the best of our abilities.

All the best.


Eric Thomson

Without Free Speech

Without Free Speech, No Search for Truth is Possible.
Without Free Speech, No Discovery Of Truth is Useful.
Without Free Speech, Progress is Checked, and Nations,
No Longer March Forward, Toward The Nobler Life,
Which Future Holds for Men.

Rudyard Kipling

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.MartinLindstedt.org.



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