March 3, 2005 -- To Michael: Prison Proceedings, UN Convention on Genocide, Eric as an expert witness, Eric's Internet writings

by Eric Thomson

3-3-05 Dear Michael:

It was great to receive your letter of FEB 25th & the informative enclosures. Most of all, it is great to know you have not been sent to the torture chambers of Guantanamo. Thanks, also, for your new address. Some folks say that "a change is as good as a rest." I hope that is so in your case.

Thanks for letting me know that my mailings, such as are allowed to pass censorship, are of educational value. That is, after all, my intention. Truth belongs to everyone. It can be shared, & no one loses it by doing so, except in Africa, where Whitey is accused of stealing all the Blacks' inventiveness, as well as 'their' inventions.

As per your instructions, I return the materials you sent, after making photocopies of them, including the two editorial columns from The Wenatchee World. I hope Mr. Woods publishes "The Cult of Victimhood." Incidentally, Carla Schettler sounds like one of the tribe, but I only know what I read about her.

Re American Renaissance and J. Taylor: I note a good quote about the Afrikaners of South Africa: "There is no White nation in South Africa, only the Afrikaner nation." The reason for that is th Boers' exclusivity. They did not want White immigrants, becaues they feared their fellow Whites far more than they did 'their' Blacks. Hence, there will be no Afrikaner nation in due course. I also note that Taylor deems jews as well as 'hispanics' to be "White." Obviously, he has more money than knowledge. Too bad!

As you say, it is annoying that the gulag-zoggies would seize material required for your legal proceedings. That would constitute an obstruction of justice on their part, so you may have grounds for another case.

Ms. Weigand is certainly welcome to depose me, as I will enjoy deposing her, in my capacity as expert witness, researcher & journalist. Since both of us will perform this function at the cost to the tax-payers, I shall require payment of my usual fee: US $300 per hour. I expect that Ms. Weigand will receive her regular salary in these proceedings. For purposes of taking the oath to "tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth," I shall require the presence of a copy of the Kol Nidre, in Hebrew, upon which I shall swear. The ZOG wants its due & I want mine.

As expert witness, I need to know the racial context of these proceedings, which I shall learn from Ms. Weigand, in her official capacity. I need to know whom she would deem White, such as jews, hispanics, mulattos, etc. Since Whites are "an identifiable group" in terms of The Genocide Convention, I need to know if she is aware that The Convention prohibits the persecution of any identifiable group, including racial, ethnic & religious groups. Persecution includes the defamation of the identifiable group, as well as doing physical & mental harm to it, by WORD as well as deed. Such acts comprise "genocide" in terms of The Convention. Nowhere in The Convention are Whites exempted, one way or the other. Since The Convention has been signed by the president & ratified by Congress, it has the full force of The U.S. Constitution, in terms of The Constitution itself (Article VI, paragraph 2), for The Convention is a treaty. I further need to know who, exactly, is author of your "behavior modification" courses & their cost to the tax-payers. This information from Ms. Weigand will greatly assist me in my duties as expert witness, on behalf of Truth, Freedom & Justice. Naturally, I shall requires the presence of the press at my deposition. All I need to know is date, place & time.

It is par for the course that the gulag-zoggies would employ scum to further their anti-White prison policies, as well as to use against specific White targets. The Anti-Humans by D. Bacu describes prison conditions similar to yours during the Soviet occupation of Romania. Unfortunately I have no copy, so I must rely on memory: the Red gulag-meisters enlisted gangs of criminals in their brutal brainwashing programs. It seems that Initiative 200 (RCW 49.60) implements the text of The Genocide Convention in regard to the prohibition of special treatment or mistreatment of identifiable groups designated by The Convention, so we have a very strong case in your favor. I need to know if Ms. Weigand is aware of this, also, & if she is willing to justify the anti-White bias of your "courses" in terms of RCW 49.60.

I'm glad you have noted the increased publication of my writings. That is my normal output. It's just that other correspondents have resumed putting them on the Internet.

Well, off to the post office. The other materials I shall return to you under separate cover. All the best, as always.


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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