March 10, 2005 -- To Tom: Empty Idle Rich, jews claiming to be Russians, Americans, & Now Germans, Passengers on Spaceship Earth

by Eric Thomson

10 MAR 05. Dear Tom: Many thanks, as always, for your insights & observations! Mt. St. Helens is erupting, or I should say, belched some smoke & ash yesterday, & is now merely hiccuping. I actually live beneath the volcano, but not the one the alcoholic writer Malcolm Lowery lived under, which was in Mexico, as I understand. He studiously used alcohol as his inspiration for writing. My inspiration is coffee.

In regard to satisfaction, one man's satisfaction is another man's purgatory. My observations of people I consider rich preclude me from ever wanting to change places with them. They were miserable people, & their money did not do much to alleviate their misery. You may recall "La Dolce Vita": the life of the idle rich in Italy, who had nothing beyond self-indulgence with which to fill their empty lives, similar to the alleged life of Yahweh. How boring that would be!

Yes, as we live in the present, we need (within ourselves) to feel that we are also doing something for the future, specifically, for our own kind. I care to leave nothing behind for aliens who are unlikely to appreciate it & certainly don't deserve it.

As you observe, jews always like to claim that they are something different, the better to gull the Goyim. After killing many millions of Russians, the jews claim that they are "Russians." Oversease, many jews claimed to be "Americans." No wonder Americans got a bad name! Now, a lot of jews like to identify themselves with "Germans." Not only have they killed off millions of Germans, but they have defined "German" to suit themselves. If I recall the title of the movie correctly, which I've not seen, "The Talented Mr. Ripley" seems to address the subject of a young man who envies another privileged young man to the extent that he kills him & becomes the subject of his envy. That mirrors the real-life story of the creep who wanted to become John Lennon, by killing John Lennon. As one writer observed: Most White Americans would like to become jews or niggers, rather than remain 'mere' Whites. Poor babies! Imagine someone who wanted to 'be' Elvis so badly that he'd kill the real Elvis. Now imagine that person at an "Elvis Look-Alike Contest." Ha! Indeed, many Germans would prefer to be jews. It's called "ethno-masochism."

Yes, we are all passengers on Spaceship Earth, but too many are crooks who are out to scuttle the boat & the others are crazy accomplices. I heard some typical crooks & crazies on NPR jewsradio today: There are those who want to loot the North American continent as soon as possible for quick profit, leaving their pollution behind when they go to Israel or elsewhere, with their ill-gotten gains. Then there are the crazies who want to turn back the clock to 1400, in terms of exploiting the environment, BUT they see no problems with infinite population growth in a finite environment. Apparently, the more the merrier, as long as no one consumes. Hey, if you don't consume, you don't pollute, but most likely you'd be dead. Anyway, let's enjoy the ride.

All the best.


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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