March 23, 2005 -- Dear Michael: Covington; German POWs; Denial of Race by ZOG; Takaki's "A Different Mirror" & Multi-Racialism/Culturalism; Inevitable Balkanization

by Eric Thomson

23 MAR 05. Dear Michael:

Thanks for your letter of MAR 19th & the 'virtual' prison visit via Rufus Woods of The Wenatchee World. His description of your 'accommodations' sounds like a submariner's life at close quarters within confined spaces. It would appear that the fewest differences amongst inmates who share their cells would be a necessity for harmony as well as reduced violence. ZOG must know that, but it probably doesn't care, as it keeps trying to make oil & water stay mixed. Poor zoggies! I return your original, now that I've made a photocopy thereof.

Oops! I see that I have neglected my scanner spacing, for I want our correspondence to go on the Internet more easily. Publicity is our best protection. ZOG knows!

Re Taylor et al.: One blightwinger opined that "we must learn to crawl (ideologically) before we can learn to walk," so he thought that a soft approach is good to introduce people to the major issues. Of course, this approach appeals to people who prefer to crawl, instead of walk. It is also more profitable, for people who pay to hear warm-fuzzy evasions & illusions, rather than the cold, hard facts. That's why kosher televangelists rake in the zogbucks from their multitudes of Gentile suckers. I guess they were too busy earning money to do much thinking, so now they lose their money by not thinking. "My kingdom is not of this earth, so gimme your dough!" Well, as one preacher-for-profit admitted: "Sheep are meant to be shorn." The same has been applied to politics (people-power).

I think that Harold Covington & I were introduced in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, in 1975, if I recall correctly. I know for sure that we were introduced by an acquaintance of mine in the Rhodesian Special Branch, which is the Brit equivalent of the U.S. FBI. Soon thereafter, we helped to establish The Rhodesian White People's Party. Our Chairman was Ken Rodger; I was treasurer & I believe that Harold was secretary. As I was told by my female friend who also worked for Rhodesia Railways, our political involvement would get us deported. I said that I had nothing to lose, since Ian Smith was about to betray us to the Blacks, anyway. As it turned out, we both were right. I was deported in March 1976 & Harold was deported shortly thereafter. We resumed our association as assistant editors of White Power Report, in collaboration with George Dietz & Ernst Zundel, who used his middle names of Christof Friedrich, while I wrote under the pen name of "Campbell," which was previously used when I wrote for Canada's Western Guard Party. All told, I think I may have associated with Harold Covington for a total of 2 years, although we have corresponded for decades. Unlike Harold, I was never allowed into South Africa, since my U.S. passport had expired while I was in Rhodesia. Harold has real talent as a writer, as you probably agree.

I have received no word about the inheritors of the now defunct Thule Publications. Rick Cooper wrote that they had conked out for lack of financial support. That's all I know. Re settlement of former German World War II P.O.W.s in the U.S.A. & Canada, I'm ignorant as to the numbers, although I've known several of them in my thought-crime research up in Soviet Canuckistan alias "China-duh." I am unsure of your spelling of the surname "Reiger." Are you sure it's not "Rieger"? I know a German attorney named Rieger, but I've never heard of any Reigers. I doubt very much that a U-boat would have a name, especially "Scharnhorst." U-boats just had numbers, as far as I know, although their crews might have given them nicknames. One out of every 3 whites in North America is of German descent, as I gather. When my family moved from Bakersfield, CA, to San Fernando, CA, in 1944, I'd watch th truckloads of German P.O.W.s in their Wehrmacht uniforms on their way to work in the fields nearby. When some waved tome, I'd wave back. None of them ever looked or behaved like the Hollywood (hebrewood) "Nazis" who were scary & were usually played by ugly jews. I'd seen those movies before I saw real German soldiers, & I did not associate them with the Hebrewood villains at all! You are fortunate to know some real Germans, too.

I note that the ZOG wants to pretend that "race does not exist," while using racial grounds against Whites. This is similar, as you might point out, to giving hispanio-mestizos a 'dual' racial status as "Whites" or "non-Whites" for ZOG criminal purposes. If "White" is merely a "social convention," Messrs. Ignatiev & "Ashley Montagu" (real jew name: Israel Ehrenberg) touted, then you should be able to avoid a "White" classification by insisting that ZOG prove that Ignatiev & "Montagu" are wrong. "Montagu's" trash is required reading in many university anthropology courses, so he's definitely kosher & therefore promoted by the ZOG. We shall bring out the fact that the ZOG wants racial issues both ways on a "heads they win, tails we lose" basis. Either Whites exist or they don't, so which will it be, zoggies? A court case will require that a decision be made, one way or the other. This will be a victory in itself. I shall make damned sure that I read the transcripts of all these proceedings, & I'll let the press know of any & all relevant discrepancies therein. Naturally, they will be cordially invited to attend. I am the one person they would not like to review their documents, for I have been a long-time copy-writer, proofreader & typesetter. Unlike a spell-checker, I also know English, & I can quickly spot the wrong word in a text, even when it is properly spelt.

My Gestalt of Takaki's "A Different Mirror" is that it is both kosher (lots of jew sources) & Marxist in orientation. The U.S.A., as he describes it, is very much as I see it: a multi-racial, multi-national plutocratic empire, which former U.S. Marine Corps General Smedley Butler would define as a "racket": a scheme which benefits a minority at the expense of the majority, whoever they may be. This has been so on this continent since colonial times to the present. Takaki notes the pattern: whenever the U.S. people wants more pay, "immigrants" are brought in as strikebreakers to keep wages low. White slaves were apparently insufficient to satisfy the greed of American agribusinessmen, so Black slaves were brought in. In this manner, poor Whites were kept poor. What Takaki avoids mentioning is that slave owners included jews, Whites, "Indians" & Black freemen, all of whomo supported the Confederacy. In fact, the first Black troops of the Civil War wore Confederate uniforms, as invading Yankee troops reported in the newspapers of that time. Takaki also avoids describing The Civil War as 'a rich man's war & a poor man's fight." That is how people described it at the time, & that really describes all U.S. wars ever since, including the undeclared war in Iraq. Lincoln is a Marxist icon, rather than a president who wanted Blacks repatriated to Africa. That's kosher.

Takaki needs to update his kosher history in regard to the jews in his chapter "The Ashes of Dachau," which was declared NOT a "death camp" by the Zionist Occupation Government of West Germany in 1960. All "Death Camps" & their kosher gassees were 'miraculously' heaved over the border into a total of SIX camps in Poland: Kulmhof (Chelmo), Belzec, Sobibor, Lublin (Maidanek), Treblinka & Auschwitz. According to the current placque on the Dachau "gas chamber" which was built for an Allied propaganda film by the jew George Stevens' crew, it was "never used." Before 1960, around 250 to 300 thousand were allegedly "gassed" therein. I saw the Allied film myself. Those 'victims' were added to the incredible Auschwitz death figure of "4.2 million." Since the release of the Auschwitz death records from the former Soviet Union, that number has vanished, after it had been blessed by th present jew Pope (mother: Wanda Katz), but the infamous "Six Million" figure somehow remains, regardless of this subtraction. Jewish math is peculiar (pecu-LIAR) to say the least. All this information will be entered in my testimony if Takaki's book comes up. I have extensive archives on this topic which detail lots of jew-Nazi collaboration before & during World War II, mostly from Allied archives. The printed word remains to haunt the liars of today, & I am just the ghost who can rub their faces init. All I need is a jewdicial forum, by ZOG!

Further to Takaki's book, it is music to the ears of a White Nationalist, like myself, who would like to see the end of the evil empire now labelled "The U.S.A." What it is, in fact, is the latest version of The Tower of Babel. It is no secret that the jews control 'our' media of information, education & entertainment, as well as 'our' money. Such strategic points of control, plus jew supremacist exclusivity presently make them masters of all they survey. For the Whites & other members of the masses, they want lots of race-mixing, that is, biological Babelization of the population. However, by promoting the alien invasion of the U.S.A., these jew-supremacists or Zionists have smashed their genocidal 'melting pot' in favor of unassimilated 'diversity' (multi-culturalism). In Freemasonic fantasyland, people & other creatures which look differently are imagined to behave the same, even in close proximity. According to ZOGlings, we all live under the same law, but I see that the law is enforced selectively by ZOG. Statutory rape is really unenforceable in the so-called hispanic colonies, for it is not recognized in mestizo society. If a girl is old enough to breed, she is deemed an adult. In the 1960's I lived in San Francisco & saw how "the law" was enforced: Firecrackers were illegal, unless one were Chinese; public drunkenness was illegal, unless one was falling down drunk in the Irish part of town; pot was illegal, unless one smoked it in the "Hashbury District." Officially, we all lived under "one law" & we had "a government of laws, not of men." Well, whoever believes that Freemasonic b.s. would be a prospective buyer of The Brooklyn Bridge or some nice offshore real estate in Florida. I agree with Takaki that we are living in a multi-cultural society, but he does not make the logical conclusion: balkanization & racial turf war, coming to our neighborhoods soon! Race is reality. The U.S.A. is fiction, just like Greenspan's funny-money, er, Federal Reserve Notes.

In view of our currently fashionable multi-Culturalism, I shall ask Ms. Weigand to identify her racial & ethnic status, like a good little zoggie. "American" won't do!

Wherever I have lived, jews are outspoken in their advocacy of "majority rule," unless that majority is white or Arab. Their only consistency is that they are anti-White and anti-Arab.

IF THE SHOE FITS: Suppose we lived in Nazi Germany. Let's imagine that we had no love for Hitler, nor the war, BUT we still supported our troops who were carrying out Hitler's policies. Would this split-thinking on our parts exempt us from being treated as 'enemies' by our Allied opponents? Obviously not! THINKING is what Americans hate most of all.

Hail Victory!


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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