July 6, 2004 -- To Johnathan: Aryan India, Race-mixing, Earnest Sevier Cox's 'White America', jew Communism vs. jew Capitalism fraud, Rudolf Hess

by Eric Thomson

Hail Johnathan:

. . . . Many thanks for your letter of June 24th. Congratulations on your knowledge of history, and for your outstanding program to educate the poor little zoglings who wanted to learn your great Hitler quote. Just imagine how many people you are teaching: they should pay you for educating them about Hitler. I suspect their 'ZOG-ninja' raid was means of their educating themselves without paying you tuition. Ha! Boy, do they have lots to learn.

. . . . Here's a good quote from the Hindus' Bhagavad Gita, the supreme devotional scripture of India: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and from this, all evil." The Aryan conquerors of India left the wogs their framework of religion, which they encrusted with all sorts of mumbo-jumbo, for they are race-mixed and have therefore lost their understanding. The Aryans also tried to avoid race-mixing by assigning jobs to people of darker color. These varying shades of Black & White are called castes, and each caste was assigned its particular jobs, the least desirable being reserved for the darkest, that is, the Harijans or Untouchables. This racial hierarchy was written in The Code of Manu, which equated caste with varna (color). That's where our word, varnish, comes from, as do lots of words in English, one of the Indo-European languages. Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic (Jesus' language) are not Indo-European. That should tell us something about our racial differences.

. . . . According to Earnest Sevier Cox, in his book, "White America", if I recall its title correctly, the Aryan conquerors of India's mud people tried to avoid race-mixing, but they failed because they lived intimately with the huge masses of non-Whites. Cox taught us that geographical separation is the only way race-mixing can be avoided. He said of White-ruled South Africa, where I have been, that a White civilization cannot be maintained without a White working class, and the White worker must earn sufficient to feed himself and his children. Now we see how we are coming to resemble India, before it went brown. Of course, race-mixing does not produce peace, and the brown wogs are divided according to caste privileges and religions, so they live under an uneasy truce at the best of times. They are multi­cultural mongrels. Patel, for example, is used as a surname, but it is really the name of the trading caste, just as Singh (lion) is the name of a religious group, the Sikhs, who are the military caste of India. We don't have to go to India any more, for the Indians are pouring into North America, along with the Chinese. For this 'privilege' we are exporting our jobs to India and China. Such a deal!

. . . . That's what the jews want, so that's what they get, at our expense. The jobs which remain are being taken by the mestizos (Eurasians) of hispanic origins. The ZOG deems them to be "White", as we can see on ZOG Wanted Posters, so the jews' war against Whites is being waged on all fronts and on every level, especially by the jewsmedia of information, entertainment and education, along with religions which preach inclusive tolerance and race-mixing. Whites don't even know they are the chief targets in a war of genocide, although many things being done to us are explicitly listed in The Genocide Convention which if a treaty ratified by the U.S. Congress, and as such, has the same force and effect as The U.S. CONstitution, according to the CONstitution. That's why we live in a hypocrisy, not a democracy.

. . . . "Prisoner of Peace" by Skrewdriver is indeed excellent, but we must understand that the evil Empire of the East, the Soviet Jewion, was founded, funded, fostered and fed by Judeo­capitalist banksters of the U.S.A. and Britain, where the jew, "Karl Marx" lies buried. The sheeple of the West fought two World Wars to make the world safe for kosher communism and to extend its tyranny over defenceless peoples, after which, the Cold War was an Orwellian hoax, The truth was that the USA and USSR governments (ZOGs) blamed one another for the tyranny and privations they forced upon their respective governed. There was never any intention of a World War III between jew-ruled America and jew-ruled Russia.

. . . . Shortly before Gorbachev wound up the Red Russian Empire, which the Jews abandoned in favor of Israel, The USSR offered to free Rudolf Hess from Spandan Prison during their watch. The West German ZOG informed the British, who sent in a hit team and murdered Hess. Britzog also has the Hess Files locked up for another 40 years, so they have lots to hide.

I must be out of town for two weeks on July, so my correspondence will be delayed. All the best.




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