Sep. 29, 2004 -- To Phil, Mestizo America & End of Aryan Enterprise, 'Trickle Down', Kerry Fumbling, No Real Third Partys, End of Rhodesia

by Eric Thomson

29 SEP 04. Dear Phil: Many thanks for your. letter of SEP 26th & the excellent enclosures!

It is strange to hear how Bush-lovers argue with every aspect of the ongoing collapse of “USreal”. Back in the Depression of the 1930s some fools said “prosperity’s just around the corner.” Well, the new fools insist that prosperity’s already here, and that Bush’s jew-screw of helping the rich to get richer will result in a "trickle down” of prosperity throughout the society. As I pointed out in my ancient article entitled “Mestizo America, the End of Aryan Enterprise”, the “trickle down" theory was tried in Mexico, and it resulted in the 1910 revolution, for the rich did not leak sufficient shekels to keep up with the mestizo birthrate. Nor will they do so today, especially when they are investing in China and India. Now all we need is to export our oil refining capacity, to guarantee that we will become an economic basket case. Such a deal! If one judges from the economic job-export news, it would appear that the U.S. population must be declining, for it otherwise makes no sense to get rid of jobs, especially those which pay well, or used to. But, worse yet, we are importing hordes of jobless aliens. The mystery remains: what has become of North America’s native born population? Did we just vanish?

I agree that Kerry seems to be fumbling intentionally. He supports the Basic Bush Policy in Iraq, but he claims he would do it “differently”, in nebulously unspecified ways, which do not inspire confidence. In brief, he is an uncertain trumpet, whereas Bush is a stubborn, unswerving Zionist-imperialist. Once again, the public appear to be attracted by an appearance of certainty, even if its purveyor is certainly mad and his unswerving, jew-serving course is headed toward certain disaster. The public seems to crave style, rather than substance, and, as you observe, none are willing to displease the jews, because they control the purse strings. Thus it is that we march toward the abyss with confidence, determination and self-righteousness, just like the fools we are. Do lemmings find safety in numbers? Stay tuned!

It is difficult to conceive of any third party gathering sufficient support to oust the two plutocratic parties. The U.S. experience with third parties usually proves favorable to one of the two major parties, as we saw in Woodrow Wilson’s election, in which the Republican vote was diminished by the Bull Moose Party, which was supported by the jews, along with the Democratic Party, whose candidate was already in their pockets. If Nader had a chance of winning, he’d probably be assassinated. Since he does not have that possibility, unless there were a massive write-in ballot, his plan to bring issues to the public’s attention would be better served if he were just to blog on the Internet.

Just because you have the public’s attention does not mean the public will react in any way to your message. There is a tendency with the public to treat all information as entertainment, rather than as a guide for action. One can imagine Florida denizens choosing to ignore hurricane warnings and change channels to watch a football game, at least until the lights go out and the roof blows off. Obviously, such cattle-like behavior will result in the fate accorded to cattle. Complacency reigns along with its partner, fantasy. Worries are eliminated by medication, rather than meaningful action. There is an inability to network on a person to person level, even if there are no language & cultural barriers to such communication, as there often are.

Right now, people of the same race & culture choose to see ongoing events in such diverse ways, as if they were living on different planets. I saw this insanity in Rhodesia when I was there, and when I attempted to warn them of Ian Smith’s plans to sell out his White supporters, on behalf of Black Marxist Misrule. There was either dumb incomprehension or angry denial of what was becoming obvious, and there were also some who accepted the sell out of White interests as ‘inevitable’. I never learned if such fatalists had their bags packed and their plane tickets booked in advance, as they should have! The complacency of those with property and children was even less comprehensible. Most of them seemed to believe that they would all right under Black Misrule, as long as they were not ‘racists’. I guess Nature has a way of eliminating such fools, and many who stayed got the ‘chop’, literally, just because they feared to acknowledge reality, which was for them “too terrible” to imagine. I tried to reason with such fools by saying that. there is no law which prevents terrible things from happening, just because they are terrible.

Another strange example of Rhodesian ‘reasoning’ was that things ‘could not happen if they had not happened before’. Before my stay in Central Africa, I had never encountered anyone who believed in such bizarre principles. I even asked such myth-mongers how the railways and cities were possible, since they had not existed in that part of Africa before the Whites came, and ‘what has not existed before cannot exist,’according to them.

Another ugly factor amongst Whites in Rhodesia was their indifference to the well-being of their own children: “The future’s their lookout,” said their ‘loving parents’, whose sins of omission and commission in the present made that future grim indeed, just as White Americans have been doing to their children & grandchildren economically, politically & demographically.


Eric Thomson

2004 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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