Oct. 23, 2004 -- To Tom, October Surprises, Fraudulent Elections, Bankster Government, Native American Mestizos as Oriental Sadists

by Eric Thomson

23 OCT 04. Dear Tom:

Many thanks for your insightful, delightful rural tour & observations of OCT l5th! Yes, Nature is always worthy of our attention, and jewsmedia distractions must always be seen in their proper perspective as distractions for the bemusement of the Goyim, as stated in The Protocols of Zion. Some writers on the Internet predict an “October Surprise” on the part of the ZOG, which will likely enhance Bushy’s power in the Land of Amerizog, possibly a state of emergency, for which Osama & Co. may be blamed. It is notable that kosher pundits on NPR jewsradio express the dangerous idea that the American voters whom the jewsmedia have inflamed over the presidential election will be all bent out of shape if the popular vote is very close. It may be that people will once again proclaim “Fraud at the polls”, as they did on the last election. The same radio station carried an interview with an international election monitor who stated that U.S. elections are poorly monitored, as compared to those of Canada & Mexico, and that international election monitors could preclude the public outcry over “rigged elections” in the U.S.A., were they allowed to participate. Even Red China, he said, was quite co-operative in insuring open elections, as compared to the U.S.A.

Of course, even if the popular election is not rigged, the infamous Electoral College has the final say in who gets elected, were that important. It is not, because our real rulers, the jew banksters, determine the policy which their elected frontmen follow, regardless, or else! As I’ve noted over years of research: invisible government is irresponsible government, and those who rule from behind the curtains want no publicity. As I recall, the founders of The Bank of England wished to be anonymous, and only the name of Rothschild came to the surface. The rest of the kosher Freemasons remained unknown, as they are today. The same applies to the U.S. Federal Reserve Racket. Of course, the titular Governor or Chairman of these banks are known, but not the actual owners thereof. It is not the state which governs the banks, but the banks which govern the state.

The role of the crocodiles in Africa is that of a final authority in political & economic matters. Idi Amin smiled as he remarked offhand that the crocodiles took care of his opponents. I can imagine the crazy, self-hating Whites trying to trap a crocodile to save the goats and the pickanins. The word is interesting in its origin: “pickanin” is Kitchen Kaffir for “small”. In the U.S. South, it seems to relate to ninnies who picked cotton, although that leaves the origin of “ninnies” in doubt. The word for outhouse in Southern Africa was “pickanin kia” or “little hut”. There was no hint of a connection with cotton-picking. In regard to that work, the best comment thereon appeared on a bumper sticker: “If I’d known the trouble it’d cause, I’d have picked the cotton myself!”

You are wise to exercise diplomacy in regard to non-Whites. Injun often speak with forked tongue. In fact, the so-called American Indian or “Native American” is virtually ignored by ZOG & blightwing alike. I suspect that many blighters are themselves mestizos, so they may treat Indians as "almost White." So does the ZOG, as you can see by reading its Wanted Posters. Mexicans are also deemed “White”, but they get special favors because they are “Hispanic”. If I spoke Gaelic, would I get special favors because I was “Keltic”? Stay tuned! The Indians are certainly more numerous than they were before the Whites came in large numbers to this continent. Right now, they take Whitey’s handouts as their due, while they multiply at tax-payers’ expense and get into the tribal casino business. Sure, they are anti-White, and local sources say they are working on an arrangement with the Mexican invaders to be implemented when the ZOG wraps up its wigwam & steals away in the night.

They remind me of the anti-White Coloureds or mongrels of Southern Africa who supported Black Misrule. The result was that the Coloureds are worse off under Blacks than they were under Whites. The Blacks are certainly worse off! As you note, the Eternal, Infernal jew does his characteristic thing: grovelling to those he thinks will have power when Whitey fades to Black. They did the same antics in Africa, and jews would call us, "You White people!” Funny how they weren’t Black enough to satisfy our successors, so they have fled to Germany & Australia, as well as Britain, but not noticeably to Israel, for Ben Franklin correctly observed that “vampires do not live off vampires”.

Although the judeo-liberals try to erase the oriental sadism of the so-called Indians, enough knowledge still remains to reveal their true nature. I have worked with several tribes when I worked for the U.S. Forest Service, and I was struck by the murderous savagery they would inflict upon one another when they were drunk. As always, firewater is the the Injun’s un­doing. As I understand, The Yakama Nation forbids alcohol on their reservation. Imagine the outcry on their part if the White government had forbidden it! The jewsmedia would be out­raged at “racist discrimination”, and 'do-gooders’ would be donating carloads of whiskey to the “victims of White racism”, even if it killed them. All reservations appear to have sweat lodges & detox centers. Yes, race goes with culture & vice versa.

Cheers! DOWZ! & ORION!


2004 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.martinlindstedt.org.



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