Oct. 28, 2004 -- To Michael, Conditions in ZOG Gulags & How Like Soviet Gulags, SS and Wehrmacht Discipline, French Preferred Germans to American Occupation, Eric's Travels in France & Germany, Telegony

by Eric Thomson

28 OCT 04. Dear Michael:

Many thanks for your letter of OCT 25th which arrived in your envelope that had been torn open & resealed with Scotch tape.

As you say, “Low-intensity Conflict” keeps all inmates preoccupied, so as to avoid both harmony & possible boredom. This is what East-ZOG (the USSR) did to its inmates (Soviet citizens): By keeping all sorts of things scarce, but available on the kosher black market, people would stand in lines for hours in hopes of buying some scarce item, perhaps sugar or pepper, razorblades, anything you can imagine. We do not normally consider controlled scarcity a substitute for entertainment, recreation & consumer goods, but that’s how it functioned, as well as providing distractions from people’s discontent with the corrupt Soviet regime. In brief, controlled scarcity was a tool in support of tyranny. Obviously, your gulagniks know their Soviet-style tricks, ZOG love 'em. As I understood things, showers, tobacco & nude pictures were traditional prison & jailhouse pacifiers for the inmates, so it appears that the Dept. of Corruptions is actively agitating the inmates who have been known to riot over such measures in other institutions. Maybe Washington State inmates are ‘different’. Ha!

I wonder what is in store concerning all the weapons your gulagniks have been acquiring at public expense. It sounds as if they are becoming a paramilitary force. Maybe they’ll be sent to Iraq. Wouldn’t they be surprised.

I also compliment you on your legal skills. It’s quite an accomplishment to oppose the system while working within it. Outstanding! Congratulations on your success, so far.

It’s interesting to note that the ZOG deems Hispanics a ‘victim’ category, but not a per­petrator category in regard to “Hate Crimes”. Talk about having things both ways. Apparently, jews also have it both ways as “White” non-Whites.

I don’t think I’m in the running in regard to U.S. Forest Service jobs, since I’m White, male & 65. “Consolidation” sounds like getting rid of jobs to me, or at least getting rid of’ well-paying jobs, which is the norm for this land of ZOG.

I see no problem with universal recruiting for The Anti-Zionist Alliance, which is just what its name says it is. I used to tell Blacks about some jew-screw directed at them when the problem was immediate, such as a jew cattle-buyer jewing them out of money for their herd. They seemed to knew what I was talking about. They would say “yuda” & nod in agreement. They knew that I believed in playing fair. Parasites can be used against other parasites, and our propaganda can be directed toward their own interests, such as jews taking money out of the country which Blacks & rnestizos feel is ‘due’ them. Right now, most non-White invaders deem jews to be White, and the jews’ abuses are deemed the Whites’ abuses. Our approach to non-Whites is important so as to distinguish ourselves from the jews. It is dangerous for White victims of Zionism to be hated & identified with the perpetrators thereof. That alone would justify the existence of The Anti-Zionist Alliance. If jews can use ‘diversity’ as a weapon, so can Whites! It’s the jews’ pockets which are best picked, not ours!

Yes, I’d wager that Mr. Frank is a kike. I have rio other evidence that the badly decomposed baby’s body was NOT that of the Lindbergh baby. Nowadays, a DNA test would be made if a body were otherwise unidentifiable, which was my understanding in regard to the baby’s condition following its exhumation. I don’t recall how the body was discovered nor who discovered it, but it was possible that it could have been someone else’s baby. I should have mentioned that Hauptmann was a skilled carpenter, and the “ladder” alleged used to take the baby from his second floor bedroom was a haphazard contraption which no carpenter would have made, even if he were drunk. It appeared ‘symbolic’, rather than sturdy enough to bear a man’s weight. Perhaps it was an afterthought in order to conceal an inside job, possibly the nanny.

You might be interested to know that the SS took a dim view of internment camp officers who stole prisoners’ parcels & other belongings. SS Judge Morgen, with whom my colleagues corresponded, sentenced such criminals to be hanged in front of the assembled prisoners. Himmler despised corruption & theft. SS barracks had no locks on the lockers, for they were not needed. German soldiers who stole from their comrades in the Wehrmacht were usually shot at the front where they served. Looting & raping were also explicitly forbidden & were summarily punished by execution in the German forces of World War I & II, along with homosexuality. Not only did the British & Americans kill at least 14 French civilians for every German killed in the ‘liberation’ of France, but the Americans also had a bad reputation for looting & raping. That was probably the reason that the French refused to speak English to me in 1964 when I visited Paris on my way by train to Copenhagen. I had to order my train ticket in German. After seeing all the Hebrewood propaganda movies, I thought they’d have killed me! On the contrary, the French were suddenly helpful & correct toward me when I turned into a “German”. The next time I passed through Paris on my way to Spain, I had learned sufficient French to avoid such problems.

Maybe I should have been a spy, after all. It’s funny that some people jump to that erroneous conclusion in my case. I merely reply that I have been both a journalist & a traveller. Some tourists are even known to keep diaries. Many places I’ve been were quite strict in regard to picture-taking, and tourists’ cameras were also attractive to local bandits, so I never travelled with a camera, myself, although the jew head of the East German Stasi, Marcus Wolf, believed that I had one, which they couldn’t find, so they escorted me to the train at the Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse in Berlin. My German escorts from the Interior Min­istry shook my hand & told me that I “was the nicest spy they’d ever met.” As the train chugged out of the station, I was still declaring in German that I was not a spy: "Ich bin kein Spion!” What’s even funnier is that nobody ever believes you if you say you’re not a spy.

I think it would be a ‘hoot’ if you could subscribe to Corrections Magazine. That way you’d be getting the words right out of the gulagniks’ apparatchiks, so to speak. In regard to the prevalence of TB, which is often an HIV symptom, The New York Times ran an article which I do not have, unfortunately, in regard to Asians’ & Eurastans’ predominant TB infections, which are resistant to treatment with the normal TB drugs. The article mentioned that Whites respond favorably to this treatment, but Chinese, American Indians, Mexicans et al. do not. Worst of all, they are the major carriers of the disease, & they like to spit in public, which is still illegal in many U.S. cities, because it is known to transmit TB. Embracing diversity is a bit like embracing a porcupine. ZOG knows!

Thanks, as always for your enquiries on my behalf.

As I understand it, a civil wedding means that a marriage is recognized by the state for the purposes of taxation, inheritance & children’s identification. A marriage license, as I understand, is insufficient to prove marriage, without which, there is no “notice to the world" as must appear in one’s local newspaper, along with notices of births & deaths.I have no other source which alleges that stressed moms tend to produce homosexual children congenitally. I do know that stressed moms tend to produce premature babies, which are often liabilities to themselves. If homosexuality has a genetic basis, a solution is possible, but I tend to think it is a chosen lifestyle, which is a matter of personal responsibility, rather than one’s genes. In the film, “The Eternal Jew”, the narrator says that the jews wish to blame the victim for the perpetrator’s crime, and absolve the criminal by attributing his behavior to his ‘environment’, thereby wheedling society’s sympathy for the villain, rather than his victim. This kosher propaganda was exemplified in the Weimar movie, “14”, in which the jew, Peter Lorre, is the ‘unfortunate’ child-killer, who claims that the children “made him do it.”

Thanks for the info on the Everett ghetto! There are other such ‘enclosures' throughout North America.

I’m not sure which came first, Dynasophy or “The Eugenic Manifesto”.

Like you, I’m in favor of a White Studies program which would make sense of the mess we’ve got ourselves in, as well as to reveal our strengths and any virtues we may still possess. As far as I know, Harold Covington was the author of The Northwest Imperative, although there was a fellow in Oregon who also advocated it.

I enclose a copy of my “Proposed Structure for an Aryan National State” as well as my essay on co-nationalist co-operation.

Telegony is real, according to animal breeders, but to those who believe that man is exempt from natural laws, it “does not exist”. I believe that we are members of the animal kingdom ­so we are not exempt. Robert Frens’ article on telegony refers. One writer’s book or essay was described as “Man versus the Planet Earth”, & Monte Python quipped that it was "Man’s Struggle Against Reality.” In such a struggle, Man can only lose. One wonders if the fate of Mars foretells the fate of Earth.

Keep up the great work. The Struggle itself is the Victory.


P.S.: Please tell your correspondents on the outside that my websites are www.FAEM.com & www.DOWZ.net, so they can download my articles. I don’t know how long either of these websites will be functional, so the sooner, the better.

P.P.S.: I’ve sent you the photocopy of this letter because it is superior to the original faded ribbon version.

2004 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.martinlindstedt.org.



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