A Race Traitor Returns

by Luke LaVellian

..... I was channel-surfing ZOG-TV the other night and finally decided to listen to Hannity & Combs. I was interested in seeing what that lying sack of crap, Patrick J.(udeophile) Buchanan had to say. The promo promised that "our" hero was going to address the latest race crimes being committed by the intellectual flat-liner some call the president/CEO of this Imperial Corporate Regime. Well anyway, after suffering through forty-five minutes of various guests pretending to care about what has become of Chandra Levy, out comes "firebrand" Pat! "Pitchfork" Patty to the rescue! Fraud Blesses this RePubic!

..... As per usual, empty platitudes, tired cliches, and references to erstwhile "Cold Warrior" Ronnie Reagan, were the order of the day. You have to give it to this guy! He gets payed the big bucks because he is truly one of the better disinformationists the right-wing has ever produced. He is pretty good at feigning "moral" outrage and dropping enough "code-words" to make it seem as though he's really "bucking" the system that pays his bills. Listening to this seasoned liar, I could just imagine thousands of White "newbies" falling prey to this bastard and his "band-aid for a gut-shot" prescriptions for what ails us. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that REAL anti-semites don't work for CNN and Fox! REAL White racists don't sign lucrative book-deals with St. Martins Press! We understand this and transparent ass-clowns like Buchanan are for the most part seen for what they are in White Resistance circles.

..... It is not "us" that he attempts to "reach" with his right-wing "America First" rubbish, it's the millions of white Americans who are starting to become a little alarmed about what they're seeing happening to "their" country. It is Pat's job, like dozens of "Great White Hopes" before him, to grab hold of these people with the vile message of "One America", so they will pose no future threat to the system that is murdering our race. I know it's a cliche, but I truly don't understand how garbage like this sleeps at night.

..... Just like the rest of "mainstream" CONservatism, Buchannan's is a "Nothing personal, It's just business" approach to White genocide. Unlike the typically rabid hate-mongering kike that one might expect to find on the "left-wing" of the jewish vulture, most CONservatives are White Genocide Proponents because they are convinced that a "One-World" economy with "free-trade" and "open borders" is the most profitable arrangement for them and theirs. Personally, I harbor far more animosity towards the "wholesome" judeo-christian pigs that are found on the "right-wing" of the jewish vulture than I do the cruds on the left. Our non-white enemies are "princes" compared to the scum-froths of our own genotype who live for nothing higher than the accumulation of more and more wealth. At least kikes, niggers, spics, etc., act in furtherance of what they perceive to be in their race's best interests. White Race Traitor "elites" attempt to curry favor with our racial adversaries by making life more and more unbearable for the White worker. By robbing him of the fruits of his labor, by exposing his children to danger and degeneracy in "integrated" schools and neighborhoods, the "old money" Whites hope to "win over" the mud races and keep them "in line". There is truly no lower group of individuals on the planet, then these CONservative piles of dog-vomit, who continue to re-define "americanism" to suit their entirely self-serving purposes.

..... If you still support the Trent Lott and Pat Buchanan-types, then please do me a small favor: Take a look at what these "men?" are actually SAYING and forget about the "way" that they are saying it. One doesn't have to shout "Death to the White Race" while holding hands with sweaty nigger animals, in order to be a race traitor. No, all one must do to qualify as a race criminal is to embrace the judeo-masonic vision of America's (ZOG's) "place in the World". One doesn't have to support "multi-culturalism", it is more than sufficient if one supports "English-first" initiatives designed to help "assimilate" the last 30 million non-white immigrants. To hell with style! Start paying attention to the SUBSTANCE of what sons-of-bitches like Buchanan are saying! Once you get your thinking cleared up, you'll agree with me that to know a right-winger is to loathe a right-winger.

..... In closing, Patty announced that he has a new White Genocide Manual coming out soon, tentatively titled "The Death of the West." I recommend that you flip through it in the bookstore to gain further insight into how the enemy works, BUT please don't put your hard-earned money in this bastards pocket. Enough of our money goes to fund the war against our race, don't volunteer a single penny that you don't have to.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL

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