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Boss Verney Decides to Squeal

                          Russell J. Verney
                            Reform Party
                          Founding Chairman
Phone 972-383-1693           PO Box 9            Fax 972-383-1695
                          Dallas, TX 75221

June 23, 2000

Patrick J. Buchanan
Buchanan Reform
PO Box 1919
Merrifield, VA  22116-1919

Via Fax

Dear Mr. Buchanan:

I am writing to ask for your assistance.  As a person who is seeking the 
presidential nomination of the Reform Party you share the burden of 
representing to the public the principles of the members of the Reform 

It has recently come to my attention that there are candidates seeking 
elective office through the Reform Party whom have publicly expressed 
views that are absolutely contrary to the principles of the Reform Party.

I have enclosed printouts from world-wide-web sites expressing the personal 
views of two candidates.  Martin Lindstedt is a candidate in the August 
primary election for Reform Party nominee for U.S. Senate and Richard 
Masker is a candidate in the general election on the Reform Party ballot 
line in Idaho for a seat in the state legislature.

The laws in many states may permit individuals with hate in their heart to 
seek public office under the name of Reform without recourse to state party 
leaders.  However, as national leaders we have a solemn responsibility to 
reject these expressions of hatred and to alert the public about candidates 
who try to use the good name of the Reform Party to promote their bigoted 
and intolerant views.

Each state provides a method for "independent" candidates to seek the 
opportunity to participate in electorial politics.  Haters do not represent 
the views of the Reform Party and should be asked to pursue their electorial 
politics "independent" from the Reform Party.

Hate filled candidates have a first amendment right to freedom of speech but 
we have a first amendment right to freedom of association.  We, the Reform 
Party, must stand united against intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry, 
inciting of violence and all forms of hate speech.  Our silence could be 
construed as tacit approval.



The Tantric F_Liar Kicks In . . . (June 24, 2000)

Hagelin 2000

P.O. Box 1900 * Fairfield, Iowa 52556 * 515-472-2040

News Flash

John Hagelin Denounces
White Supremacist Candidates
in Reform Party

Reform Party presidential candidate John Hagelin called today for Reform Party leaders to reject "hate candidates" vying for the Reform Party ballot.

"The Reform Party's good name and ballot access are being abused by candidates advocating white supremacy and other messenges of bigotry and intolerance," Hagelin said.

Richard Masker, Reform Party candidate for the Idaho state legislature, and Martin Lindstedt, competing in the Missouri Reform Party primary for U.S. Senate, are both running on a white Aryan Christian supremacist platform.

"The Reform Party supports the First Amendment right of all Americans to voice their political views -- but the Party does not intend to be their megaphone," Hagelin said.

"The Reform Party, founded by Ross Perot, honors and upholds the racial, cultural, and religious diversity of our natural heritage. We must stand firm against bigotry, racism, or intolerance of any kind. Those looking for a platform to promote messages of hate and intolerance should look elsewhere," he said.

Hagelin also called upon rival Reform Party presidential contender Pat Buchanan to "tone down" his social rhetoric, which "may be construed as an open invitation to bigots of all kinds to join the Reform Party."

Hagelin, a Harvard-trained quantum physicist, is expecting to defeat Buchanan in the national mail-in presidential primary. Participation in the primary is open to all registered voters, independent of party affiliation. Ballots must be requested by June 30th, and can be obtained at www.ReasonToVote.com


# # #


Patsy Buckwheat pisses down his leg & runs for the tall grass



                                                       June 27, 2000

Mr. Gerry Moan
2901 East Elvira Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85---

Dear Gerry:

I just received Russ Verney's letter, with the attachments about two 
Reform Party candidates -- one running for the U.S. Senate.  I must 
say I agree with him 100%.

Unless that statement, allegedly made by the Senate candidate, is a 
forgery, the Party must disassociate itself from his candidacy, in a 
very public way.  The terms used in that statement were crude, obscene, 
vile and bigoted in the extreme.  Speaking as a long-time member of 
the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I find profoundly offensive his 
equation of that banner of bravery with a Nazi Swastica.

We have a broad, open, new, independent party which has a wonderful 
opportunity to appeal to a broad spectrum of Americans this fall.  Not 
addressing this issue directly and early will only lend currency to 
our foes, who would use a failure by us to repudiate such filth, as a 
way to tarnish us.  Again, if these remarks were made by that candidate, 
and he should become the Party nominee, I could not endorse him, indeed, 
I will gladly stand beside the Party Chair and renounce him and his 
support in the fall.

The document, supposedly from the candidate for a local office, contains 
equally offensive material.  And, again, public separation from such 
candidates and campaigns is imperative.  If I am the Reform Party nominee, 
and these individuals are on the ballot with me -- and those statements 
were indeed accurately attributed to them -- I will indeed separate my 
campaign from theirs on entering their state.  And I would appreciate 
you and Mr. Verney keeping me informed of any other such out-croppings.



Patrick J. Buchanan

cc: Russell Verney

  8233 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 200 * Vienna, VA 22182-8816
           HQ: 703-734-2700  *  Fax 703-734-2705
1-800-GO-PAT-GO * Website: www.buchananreform.com * Email: hq@buchananreform.com



Notes & Commentary:
Folks, PatsyBuckwheat was scheming way back in June of this year to betray the White Nationalists and the small-town and rural working-class White voters. All it took was for a pro-White politician to go to a Perobot Dallas-Faction feeb Reform Party function and openly be in favor of Buchanan's ostensible freeze on non-White immigration and the Dallas-Facton perobot feebs were having a cow about my racism. Of course, none of these whiggers are all for living next to the mulattos and mestizos they pretend to love so awfully much, but then again, they have the notion that they can finish off White America and that it will never affect them in their gated communities.

In any case, Boss Verney got wind of some items on my WWW page from the Dallas Faction feebs and zeroed on my article of:


in which I predicted that a cowardly Southern whigger [bowel] movement unable to speak truthfully about the status of blacks in the Old South would find themselves outmaneuvered and outflanked by the NAACP quick enough. And, sure enough, as I predicted, some blacks burned the Stars& Bars alongside the National Socialist banner of Germany quick enough. I also pointed out that a People too cowardly and mentally and morally weak to protect their heritage, both "good" and "bad" would soon enough find themselves defeated and dispossessed in a political and military sense.

For speaking these words, Boss Verney made a big complaint, then the SpaceAlien Hagelin chimed in, and Patsy Buckwheat caved in like a wet sack of dogshit. A Missouri Reform Party apparatchik, a government 'worker' named Lewin and Patsy Buckwheat told the Kansas City [Red] Star in effect that even if I was elected in the primary by the rank-and-file working-class White base that the Reform Party pretends to champion, that they would disown me. Of course neither Patsy Buckwheat nor the other state party Reform Party perobot feebs chose to tell me this to my face. I had to learn this from a Kansas City Star reporter the day before this story appeared on the July 27, 2000 K.C. Star. This simply goes to show that Patsy Buckwheat is a coward and sneak as well as a liar. So much for their pretense towards love of democratic process when the results do not suit them:


Of course, like most liars and betrayers, Patsy Buckwheat didn't benefit from his double-dealing. All the thieves from Lenora Fulini to Boss Verney to Ross Perot ended up betraying Patsy Buckwheat. So, having nobody else to betray, Patsy Buckwheat decided to betray those pore dumb Whites who had supported him in favor of appeasing the gliberal whiggers and media by nominating a running [pri]mate to shield pore cowardly dishonest Patsy Buckwheat from being called a "racist." In all the confusion one thing certainly stood out: Patsy Buckwheat nominating Ebola GAIDS. I must admit, that for all the perversity of politicians, this is the first time I saw such an idiotic act of shitting all over one's core constituency. My jaw dropped in amazement when my suspicions as to what Patsy Buckwheat was doing with a negress came about. I immediately went to my car after the shock wore out and tore the Patsy Buckwheat bumper sticker off of my car. So it should be no wonder that Patsy Buckwheat went from 4% to less than 1% in Buckwheat-ville. Buckwheat showed that all of what he had wrote and promised over the years was a lie. Patsy Buckwheat was nothing more than a gliberal whigger with a guilt trip over having a white hide.

Well, I lost the primary on August 8th for U.S. Senate and my ally, Dr. Joseph Keller lost the primary for Governor of Missouri as well. However, this didn't prevent Boss Verney from getting to gloat about all of Buchanan's racists at his perobot rally on Aug. 11, 2000.

http://fos4.users3.50megs.com/ click "Reform.ram" link

Here in Missouri there are no less than the Reform, Constitutional, Natural Law (with the Tantric-F_Liar Hagelin), Libertarian and Green Parties as well as the Dems and Reps. I have no doubt that the Reform, Constitutional, and Natural Law, and perhaps Libertarian parties will be off statewide ballot status because there simply is not enough of the 5% protest vote to give each of them the 2% necessary to maintain ballot access. This is what comes from trying to chase after the gliberal-whigger centrist vote with all the other political parties. There may well be enough of a White vote to keep and gain 4-5%, but it shall likely never be the Reform Party which does this.

I support the MoRP candidates for Governor and Secretary of State, and my MoRP Congressional candidate, as well as my common-law wife who is running as a Reform candidate for Sheriff here in Newton County. Now that the Buckwheatites and Perobots have fallen out, if there is to be a Missouri Reform Party it shall have to be grown from the grassroots up by the Reform Nationalist faction. Patsy Buckwheat is going to take the $12.6 million in loot and run for the tall grass with it. Which goes to show the veracity about Christ's injunction to not be laying up [political] treasures upon this earth, where moth, fire, and [political] thief doth corrupt.

For all you White People out there, if you do vote, then I cannot recommend that you do any thing other than leave the Presidential vote blank. I was going to write in "David Duke" but I found out that here in Missouri the DemoPublican officials routinely throw out ballots which contain a "non-official" write-in candidate. In which case, you might as well boycott the Evil Empire's phony election farce altogether. So since I cannot recommend voting for anything other than the late, unlamented Minstrel-Show Mel Carnahan (And I would have never voted for the lying bastard if he hadn't crashed and died, and a vote for Minstrel- Show is a vote against a live Repub incumbent Senaturd who voted to import 2.5 million more Mexicans in 1998) and the Reform candidates Rich Kline for Governor and Marvelene Pankey for Secretary of State, and the Reform Congressional candidates, and voting "NO" on everything else, especially publik-skrule bond issues and higher taxes, you might want to leave large sections blank or just stay home and boycott the Evil Empire's phony elections.

Typical Reform Party candidate:

But the real point for this missive is that I wished to alert any racially aware White voters that Patsy Buckwheat is a sneak, a liar, and a betrayer of our racial interests. Those who vote for Patsy Buckwheat are Buckwheatites, not Nationalists.

Martin Lindstedt
Former Missouri Reform Party Candidate for U.S. Senate/2000
Chairman, Newton County (Missouri) Reform Party



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