Work Within the System?

by Luke LaVellian

..... One thing that is still heard quite a bit in our circles is that we should "get realistic" and see the "wisdom" of "working within the system". I oppose this for one reason and one reason only: IT WON'T WORK. If we could "infiltrate" the political process and "take it back" (as if the White working class was ever in possession of 'it' to begin with), I would be all in favor of it. The above is a silly pipe-dream. It has been tried time and time again and has failed to produce ANYTHING that even "slowed down" the process of racial/cultural obliteration, let alone put a stop to any of it. The reality is that the advocates of a "messianic Zion", kikes and the judeophilic "white" filth that collaborate with them, own this shell-game of "democracy". The judeo-mason "house" always wins.

..... A cursory examination of the policies and programs of the various scum-froths who have sat in the (off)White House will tell you all you need to know. It makes absolutely NO difference which would-be Global Plantation Overseer gets to steer the "Good Ship" Zion for the next four or eight years. It makes no difference to the owners of the "ship", so long as they stay "on course". FDR, LBJ, Ronnie Reagan -- Criminal bootlicks all! Every single one of them payed obscene homage to the murderer's of the White race. Each and every one of them knowingly furthered the cause of a "One-World" brothel, peopled by a "global" labor pool of drooling drones and degenerate mongrels. The stuttering ass-clown who currently stinks up the Oval Office is just as dedicated to White genocide as the most rabid tolerance-huckstering kike is. I wouldn't even be writing this article today, if it weren't for all the reactionary drivel I am sent that calls for racially-aware Whites to "get involved", write your congressWhore, etc.

..... Adolf Hitler wrote that, "...only the jew could praise a system (not-so representative democracy) as dirty and false as he himself is." Were truer words ever written?

..... Don't even get me started on the so-called "promise" of third parties. This is a sad joke. In my opinion, it is highly unlikely that unmixed Aryans amount to 50% of the population of the United Snakes. Assuming for the moment that half of AmeReeka IS Aryan, what percentage of these folks would EVER support a White racist candidate for ANYTHING? I hereby challenge any right-wing types reading this to show me ONE single "victory" that made ANY difference whatsoever for the White working class. Just show me a single solitary instance where passing whiney petitions around, "getting out the vote", or any other safe, "civilized" attempt to affect change has EVER even slowed down the US governments campaign of murder against our people. Trust me, I am not holding my breath!

..... I'm certainly not proud of it, but I used to be a "right-winger" in my thinking. I bought into the Pat Pukeanan types and lied to myself that "victory" was right around the corner. I used to rationalize the lying that I witnessed these CONservative pseudo-"racialists" engage in. I'd tell myself that that was part of the "game". I fell for one of the oldest tricks in the ZOG book- "_______ (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite double-speaking CON) is really one of us." It wasn't long before I got wise to the games that these Imperial Corporate assets were playing. Suddenly it became painfully obvious that these men were selling the same genocidal line that their "opponents" on the left were. I grew to be ashamed of the fact that I had been taken in by race criminals and vowed to do all in my power to show them up for what they are now and at all times have been.

..... I ceased to be "conservative" the moment I accepted that there was nothing about the current arrangement that any rational White person could possibly wish to see "conserved". At this late stage in the game there can be no excuses made for liars, double-talkers and system sycophants of ANY kind. Assume that ANYONE who is selling ideological snake-oil is a conscious agent of the ZOG and you will never be disappointed. To me it is simple. If a White person is honorable they will tell the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT the truth. "Code-Speak", "Weasel Language" and "Spin" are all beneath the dignity of anyone truly deserving of the title, Aryan.

..... I am not telling you what to think. What I AM doing is asking you to read up on this stuff. Find out for yourself what your favorite RepubLickan or Turd-Party Perot type is all about. Read the words of Pat Pukeanan. Learn to "read between the lies" of tripe like Ross Perot's "United We Stand" and Pukeanan's "A RePUBIC not an Empire". What you will find is that ANYONE who truly opposes the Imperial Corporate Regime, is never given a TV show in which to express their views, or a book contract with St. Martin's Press. Martin Lindstedt isn't going to be co-hosting "Crossfire" any time soon! It isn't rocket science. It's just common sense. Men like Pukeanan are "gifts" given to us by our zio-masonic masters to allow us to blow off a little steam. Barry Goldwater, George Wallace and a few others, have served the same purpose. This crap is designed to keep the White man from "going postal" and behaving in the manner that our not-so-distant ancestors would have.

..... Don't be reduced to where you think that a choice between the "Chair"(Democrats) or "Lethal injection"(RepubLickans) is all that you can expect. There is a "Third Position" that calls for White racial renewal and a final settling of accounts with our enemies. Revolution is inevitable. The Corporate Regime has "sown the seeds" and left the "reaping" to whoever steps up to the plate at the right time. Let that be us and not some "Rainbow Coalition" of muds and cruds.

..... In closing, the only legitimate reason for a White racist revolutionary to be involved in politics, in my opinion, would be for purposes of sabotage/showing up of the system's crooked games. A good example of what I am talking about would be the "numbers" that Martin Lindstedt has done, and continues to do, on various whigger ass-clowns engaged in pulling the wool over the eyes of the White working class. I am very encouraged by the increased number of radical, extreme "haters" that I am talking to every day. The one thing that they ALL have in common is that they KNOW that the solution to what and who ails us is in the mirror -- not in the enemies' voting booth.

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs".--LL



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