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December 8, 1998

RT2 B0X 2008

PERMISSION IS REQUESTED to include the enclosed edition of Martin 
Lindstedt's July-August, 1995 article, "UnCommon Sense," as an article 
in Greenhaven Press's forthcoming anthology Terrorism, edited by 
Laura Egendorf.  The book will be a collection of pro and con
essays (we call them "viewpoints") on the subject and will be used in 
high school and college classrooms and by students researching papers 
or preparing for debates.  All volumes in our Opposing Viewpoints 
Series are intended to help teach critical thinking skills.

To help students more easily access the material, we retitle the 
articles, insert subheads, and, if necessary, do some minor editing 
(for style, to clarify time references and names, etc.; any 
deletions -- usually done because of our length requirements -- are 
indicated with ellipses), and insert an editorial cartoon, graphic, 
or quotation from another source, which will be identified and set so 
as to be obviously from another source.  We credit the original source 
on the first page of each article.

We ask for one-time, nonexclusive English-language rights in the U.S. 
and Canada, for 4,000 copies in papercover @ $12.95 and 3,000 in 
library binding @ $20.95, over 5 years, and running at about 200 
pages.  Publication is expected to be November 1999.  If we need 
someone else's permission, please tell us whom as soon as possible; 
otherwise, we will accept your grant of permission as confirmation 
that you are sole owner of the rights to the material referred to 
above and that you control reprint rights.  Please include a 
statement indicating that our proposed use and editing is approved 
or just sign this letter to so indicate.  Please contact me if you
have any questions.  Thank you!

Bob Anderson
PermissionsManager, xl38
Direct Fax: (619) 485-8019

Permission granted____________________________________/___Jan. 8, 1998__
	                authorized signature	           date



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