J. Mark Oglesby

Leftist "Libertarian" Mattoid for Governor

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Jaymark Speaks! And For Himself!!
His Tenure as ExpCom Delegate to the 7th Congressional District or Stupid Fascist Pet Tricks
Favorable Press for Jaymark -- and Hostile Commentary
Jaymark, The Great Master Debater
How Jaymark Views Me

Give my regards to Jaymark.
Ask him about his up-coming WWW page. (Now everyone will know about Jaymark. )

Jaymark's "Libertarianism" in Akkktion

1. Sunday, August 20, 1996. At MoLP Expediting Committee meeting Jaymark "demands that you do something about this," pointing to "The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian, Issue #12, July-Aug. 1995" detailing the Shooter--Pud-Puller faction fight and the leaving of Bill Johnson, 1994 MoLP Senatorial Candidate. The "something" Jaymark wants is a gag order from the ExpCom. He is denied.
Upon not getting his way, Jaymark promises to be my "worthy opponent."
"Opponent in any case," is my reply.

2. Jaymark votes to disallow proxy voting and thus disenfranchises eight party members, five of them from the 7th District at the Platform Convention, Sept. 17, 1996.

3. Jaymark votes against allowing the Platform to be put up for a vote by the general membership, ExpCom meeting, Nov. 19, 1996.

4. Jaymark announces plans to run for governor, ExpCom meeting, January 22, 1996.

5. Lindstedt announces plans to run for governor, ExpCom meeting Feb. 18, 1996. Jaymark announces opposition to waiving filing fees for indigent Libertarian candidates.

6. Jaymark is one of the gang of seven who vote against return of candidate filing fees, thus precipitating a lawsuit.

7. Jaymark votes to place in the MoLP Constitution a provision disallowing proxy voting from any member not present, disenfranchising 210+ general members in principle, eight general members who submitted proxies that day, six of them from his 7th Congressional district on May 25, 1996.

8. At the election of ExpCom delegates, Jaymark and Phil Horrass use voter fraud to disenfranchise six memberss from the 7th Congressional district and get elected to the Expediting Committee from the 7th District on May 25, 1996.

9. On May 26, 1996, Jaymark threatened to call cops on me for some reason.

10.At the July 21, 1996 Expediting Committee, Jaymark refused to debate me at any time, necessitating the letter to Taxman Carnahan excusing him from debating The Great Master Debater in the general election.

Jaymark, The Great Master Debater



To: Governor Mel Carnahan, Springfield News-Leader
From: Martin Lindstedt
Subject: Debate only them willing to take on all challengers.
Time: 8:54 p.m. 7/25/96

Governor Carnahan:

  The Monday, July 22d issue of the Springfield News Leader carried
a profile of all the gubernatorial candidates. I am one of them, and I
think that I was portrayed relatively accurately. It contains valuable
opposition research on all the candidates.

  On Monday I was coming back from a wasted Sunday trip to Columbia to 
the Missouri Libertarian Party Expediting Committee to impeach my 
"Libertarian" opponent J. Mark Oglesby for vote fraud and for 
disenfranchising LP party members from the 32d Senatorial District. On
the way back home, I stopped by to file a federal lawsuit against the Mo 
"Libertarian" party, Rebecca Cook and the State of Missouri regarding
the constitutionality of RSMo 115.357 and ballot access for indigent 
candidates. When I got to Springfield, I was told by a friend that I was 
in the paper, so I bought a few copies.

  The following paragraph attributed to J. Mark Oglesby made me laugh:

        Oglesby has previously run for state representative and said he 
      jumped into the governor's race because the party needs an 
      experienced debater to promote its ideas. "(Libertarians) can't 
      win the race for governor until we win the debates for governor." 

  Well, on Sunday, July 21, at the Expediting Committee meeting, when I
offered to debate Jaymark "anywhere, anytime, anyplace, any rules or 
none," The Great Master Debater refused to debate me -- ever.

  I'll admit that Jaymark is quite the master debater. He reads through
all his speeches, glances up once per minute without making eye-contact, 
minces his hips, then it's back to reading in that high-pitched effeminate
whine until time mercifully runs out.
  Truck drivers and allegedly homo-cidal psychotic militiamen like myself
are not able to fully and truly appreciate The Great Master Debater's 
efforts because our little minds shut down that overload to our ears
after 15-20, 30 seconds tops. I only was able to summon the strength to 
observe The Jaymark Mince because I'm his opposition politician.

  He used to lecture on how drugs are good for the high skrule nippers, 
but now he is frothing at the mouth concerning your unconstitutional
executive order concerning School-to-Work for the kiddies. (Admittedly,
a good thing to get mad about.)

  Now you and Margaret Kelly can include the Libertarian candidate in
the debate or not. I'm saying that you have an excuse to not debate 
Jaymark the Master Debater because he in turn refused to debate the 
competition for his primary bid.

  If I win the primary, and am the Libertarian candidate for Governor,
it might be a good idea to debate me, as there is absolutely NO overlap
between our respective constituencies. None whatsoever. But as a right-
wing Libertarian, I can take votes away from Margaret Kelly, and perhaps 
attract a few votes from people who would have voted for neither of you.

  Just a little something for you and others to think upon.

--militiaman Martin Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri

How Jaymark Views Martin Lindstedt



To: Martin Lindstedt, Head Shooter
From: Nowa Pud-Puller
Subject: Saturday's Meeting
Time: 03:08 AM 1/21/96 


You probably won't read this until you return from the ExpCom meeting, 
so some of it may be old news.

1) Thanks for setting up the meeting on Saturday. I think things went 
well, as evidenced by the fact that you sweet-talked 100% of the 
attendees into joining the party.

2) I'm trying to get a handle on what the "pud-pullers" are up to. I
couldn't find Bxxxxx's number and Exxxx didn't answer the phone, so 
I went to Horras and Oglesby. Horras wasn't home, but I got a nice 
earful from Oglesby about what a  monster *you* are--until I informed 
him that I knew you, after which he settled down and just said that 
he thought you had "psychological problems." As a matter of fact, 
to paraphrase, it went something like the following;

NP-P: Hello, J. Mark Oglesby?
JMO: Yes?
NP-P: Is this the Oglesby who's with the LP?
JMO: Yes, well, uh, I am. We haven't been having meetings....
NP-P: That's why I'm calling--
JMO: You see, we were having meetings but this fucking axe-murderer
militiaman monster wildman bigfoot from hell named Martin Linstedt 
scared everyone, so we stopped.
NP-P: Oh. Well, the reason I'm calling is that I understand Bxxxxx 
is resigning the county chair...
JMO: I'm not sure. I think he may be. He still hasn't come out from 
hiding since the last meeting when this fucking axe-murderer militiaman
monster wildman bigfoot from hell named Martin Linstedt scared him so 
bad he pissed himself.
NP-P: Well, I know Martin, and that has a little to do with why I'm 

NP-P: It's okay. He's not here right now.  Anyway, he put forward my 
name as a possible county chair; I've talked it over with him and  
Exxxxxx, and I think I might like to do it. I wanted to talk to some 
of the local party members, yourself included, to see what's going on.
JMO: Well, I'm going to Columbia tomorrow--
NP-P: Expediting Committee?
JMO: Yes, if that  fucking axe-murderer militiaman monster wildman 
bigfoot from hell named Martin Linstedt doesn't tear up the place. 
Last time, he told us we needed to get our rifles and overthrow the 
government. I've tried to explain to him that we're non-violent. 

JMO:You said you know him? I think he has psychological problems he
needs to deal with. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or scare
them with our big guns or make them think that we want to legalize 
drugs or frighten them with talk of cutting their entitlements 
or---or anything! Anyway, some of us are going to get a local meeting 
together to reorganize. And that fucking axe-murderer militiaman 
monster wildman bigfoot from hell named Martin Linstedt will NOT BE AT 
THOSE MEETINGS. IF you know him, tell him if he hears about an LP 
meeting in Springfield, he's NOT WELCOME. I'll be standing at the 
door, and I'm a BIG GUY.
NP-P: Well, actually, we had a meeting today.
JMO: Oh?
NP-P: Yes, it wasn't official, as we know we can't set up a county 
chair, etc. without the committeepersons. But Martin signed up three 
new members.
JMO: OH? HE DID?  Well, I've gotta go now... 

I probably should have talked with you before I called Oglesby. I think
that three new members from one meeting caused him to prick up his 
ears. Could you do me a favor and figure out how many members are in 
Greene County, and sort by "faction" if possible.

If the pud-pullers want to be in the party, fine. But I want to have a
shooter majority and a ballot full of shooter committee candidates 

We're hobbled by the fact that the current committee members have to 
approve an interim chair--but that doesn't stop us from recruiting 
and working. If we can get one member who will "run" unopposed in all 
the presently unrepresented wards, we've got it tied down even if the 
present committee members win in their ward.

The above conversation is paraphrased. I will specify that three parts 
are exact and correct: 1) I didn't bring you up, Oglesby did--and he 
didn't recognize my name, so it wasn't because he knew we are somewhat 
associated; apparently, he is voicing his appraisals of you to everyone 
who will listen, some who won't, and maybe even to inanimate objects; 
2) He did specifically say that you would "not be welcome" and "not be 
allowed in" to Greene County LP meetings, and to let you know, and  
3) He did mumble something about waiting at the door for you and being 
a big guy.

I postured as someone who knows and likes you, but who is basically a
"reasonable" guy.
I don't know what authority these guys may have, nor do I know if I 
can get in there and accomplish anything by working with and around 
them.  What do you think?





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