It's Too Quite Out There

Jim Floyd



Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 07:26:57 -0600 (CST)
From: James Floyd (
Subject: It's Too Quite Out There

     What the hell is wrong with you terrorists? You are a
     disgusting, disappointing, lethargic, motley gaggle of
     old ladies. 

     Just look at the frustration on the pinched faces of our
     TV news reporters, with nothing to report.  How would
     you like it if you had to jabber on and on with nothing
     to say?

    And then there is the FBI - did you let them down or 
    what?  Just think of all that money that they paid to 
    Abe Foxman (ADL) and Mo Dees (SPLC) to sniff-out
    and report on you do-nothing, CI, militias, Nazis, 
    immigration resisters, dissidents, rebels, radical racist, 
     extremist, wacko right wing Christians etc. etc. And all 
    for naught!  I hope you are proud of yoself.

    The press and the FBI have wasted years suggesting, 
    predicting, prodding and goading even, doing their 
    damnest to get you to help justify their continuing 
    existence.  All these years they prepared and  salivated 
    over what you would do, last night. 

    And what did you do? Nothing!

    If these contemptibly mundane circumstances persist 
    you may, once again, force our great and wonderful 
    government into having to perform both terrorism 
    and counter-terrorism.

    I hope you're happy with yo'self. You have, really, 
    displeased our masters and  have given terrorism a 
    bad name.  

                                 Jim Lonewolf Floyd 



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