Little Debbie and Dandy David

Jim Floyd



Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 17:02:23 -0600 (CST)
From: James Floyd (
Subject: Little Debbie and Dandy David


   World War II, the Holocausts, and Hitler remain topics of interest 
   to most people, with interest varying, by degree, from obsession to 
   mild curiosity.  We even have a TV channel devoted to killing Hitler, 
   daily -- sometimes two or three times a day.  I call it the "All 
   Hitler Channel,  All Hitler, All The Time." They call it 'The History 

                       Bridge Demolition 101

   This article is written in full compliance with the Floydian 
   sixty/forty rule.  I have pledged to support and not be publicly 
   critical of any person, manuscript, organization, activity, program, 
   or enterprise with which I am in agreement sixty percent of the time. 

   Also, I took the decision, years ago, to only burn those bridges 
   which lead nowhere or were incapable of affording safe passage to 
   both first time travelers and seasoned, fat, journeymen, like meself. 
   If a bridge won't hold yo weight you should burn the dangerous damn 

   Hundreds of times, I have watched self-worshipping, self-aggrandizing, 
   self-appointed, so-called leaders steal the hearts, minds and monies 
   of my good friends and I said nothing. I said nothing because I hoped, 
   prayed even, that someday these self-acclaimed champions would 
   stand and deliver.

   Well, they haven't and I see nothing promising on the horizon. I do, 
   however, see a clear and present danger resulting from the David 
   Irving, Debbie Lipstadt, so-called "trial of the century." 

   For those of you who read only bumper-stickers or essays of one 
   paragraph or less, and will not read this entirely,  I will say 
   upfront that the David vs Debbie trial is not, nor will it be, the 
   end-all, final, conclusive, "Great Holocaust Debate."

   I am sorry, but the truth or falsity of the holocaust does not rest 
   on the results of what I predict will be, simply, an expedition into 
   Yiddish theater-land. 

   Those of you who are waiting, with bated breath, for a powder-
   headed, London, judge to rule in disfavor of Holocaustalism or 
   world J-wry, please, people breathe, inhale - it ain't gonna happen!

   The unforturnate truth is that Little Debbie Lipstadt is an out and 
   out phony and nobody really likes David Irving, not even and least 
   of all, David Irving.  Guru, indeed!

            "Of course, Irving is a piece of sh.t, Jim.
            But he's our piece of sh.t"
                from the self-appointed,
                #1 revisionist of North Alabama

                      Ahh but, Ladies First

   La-dies and Gen-le-men, in this corner we have Deborah Lipstadt. 
   Ms. Lipstadt is wearing blue and white trunks with funny little 
   stars, over her large Askenazi, Khazaric, non-Hebrew hips and 
   weighing in at, well shall we say, enough to qualify her for a job 
   as a 'before girl' with Jenny Craig. 

   Deborah is sponsored by 'Gut Abe' Sassoon who, also, bought her 
   the Dorot Chair in Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory 
   University, in Atlanta.  Buying a Chair means you put enough money 
   in a trust to generate income sufficient to pay the teacher's salary 
   plus make it beneficial to the school.  If the transaction is sweet 
   enough any J-wish American Princess (JAP) can have a seat, regardless 
   of gray or white matter or the lack thereof.

   Emory was, at a bygone time, one of those Christian/Methodist/
   Southern schools which conducted itself like a Christian/Methodist/
   Southern school.  But not today, it is a very sick place and Debbie 
   is just one of their health problems.  Emory, like Patton, will, one 
   day, realize that they have opened their doors to the Christ-haters, 
   well, maybe.  Presently, Lipstadt runs about the campus unsupervised, 
   a real mistake.

   So, under Mo-Dees jurisprudence, (court rules of engagement), not 
   only is little Debbie guilty of libel but also Emory University 
   could and should be held financially responsible for her slanderous 
   book.  And while we are about it, we should hold the Atlanta Journal-
   Constitution, NY Times, Boston Globe, LA Times etc. culpable 
   because of their ridiculous endorsments;

         "Important, impassioned...illuminates with skill
         and clarity...Well-sourced and carefully argued.
         Brilliant, brave, consistent, careful, good, forceful."

   What hog-wash! This piece of trash of a book is nothing but another 
   infantile, warmed-over, shamefully transparent rehash of propaganda 
   tactics designed to intimidate and denigrate thinking, reading, people 
   and appeal to the shallow-minded. 

   I forced meself to read, no, 'wade through' this septic, twice. 
   Little Debbie didn't write this crap!  It was written by a gaggle 
   of beastly little people from the Hebrew (?) U. of Jerusalem, from 
   NYC, the ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal off-Center gang, the AJC etc. etc.  
   It is, at once, both good and original, unfortunately, the parts that 
   are good are not original, and the parts that are original are no 
   damn good!

   And the parts that p..s me off are not those criticisms of Dandy 
   David Erving for which she is being sued. The parts that infuriate 
   me are the redundant attacks on my friends who disagree with her 
   and her corpse-worshipping buddies. You see, if you disagree then 
   it logically follows that you are;
           one of those who believe "that women should 
           be kept barefoot and pregnant, that the moon 
           landing was staged in Nevada."  you are, "people 
           with no  redeeming social value...totally irrational." 
           Some of you may be "good-hearted but uneducated 
           people who will succumb to mental gyrations." The
           remainder are "the plaque bacillus...its rats." You are 
           "Nazi rats", and  carriers of "the plaque of hatred... the 
           bacillus of prejudice." You are "flat earth theorists", and
           "believe that Elvis is alive and well and living in Moscow."

   Enough! Enough! Enough! These are just a few hate-mongering quotes 
   from the opening pages of this rambling rubbish that is the book, 
   "Denying The Holocaust."  It shouts at everyone, YOU DON'T WANT TO 
   LOW-LIFE, FAILURE OF A PERSON, and on and on! 

   Hell people! This ain't new! It was conceived in the dirty, Khazaric, 
   bastardized, backalleys of Cracow, Warsaw and Kiev and has served 
   these people well for centuries.

   However and conversely, you may believe that Elvis lives, that the 
   earth is flat, and all the rest of it, and still be a fine specimen 
   of a righteous Goy, just as long as you believe every jot coming out 
   of this "Research project of Vidal Sassoon International Center for 
   the Study of Antisemitism of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem." 

   Brothers and sisters, I want'a cuss, right here, real bad, but I 
   won't.  I'm damn tired of these beastly little people coming out of 
   the same hole with their slander against me friends.  Not the David 
   Ervings, no, no, I'm talking about the fine people out there who 
   will finally, one day soon, change this horrid situation.

   And who will change it? The mothers and fathers whose little girls 
   come home crying because the school showed them a horrific film of 
   fifty-year-old cadavers.  Who will change it?  The hundreds of 
   thousands of foot soldiers, out there, who by their own intellect and 
   devotion to truth, go about their own neighbrohoods, and churches 
   telling the truth and making it believable by the weight of their 
   good reputations and personalities. 


    Yes, Mr Hoffman the third, you sweet darling you, it will be the 
    plumbers, shade-tree auto mechanics and encylopedia-sellers.  It will 
    be those old, untrained, unprofessional journalists, scribbling on 
    the Inter-net who will change things.  Those unsung heroes of this 
    cause who read 700 page books and then run-up un-godly phone bills 
    passing the word around the world.

    It will be those people with money who focus on a project with 
    laser accuracy and bravely throw themselves and their own money 
    behind it.  Don't you know that patriots, dissidents, revisionist 
    et. al. are sick and fed-up with wanna-be-leaders telling them to 
    "drop all yo projects, forget what you are trying to do, bring yo 
    billfold, and come and join me."  They are sick of it Michael, you 
    better write and send-out an apology, now!  You whining...naw, that's 

                        Back at Ringside

    And in this corner we have Dandy David Erving, champion of free 
    speech rights, defender of academic liberties, but, but, but, he has 
    sued little Debbie for writting and talking.  It don't make a whole 
    hell of a lot of sense, does it?  Dam'it I'm old and I'm on medication 
    and I'm confused and tired of thinking about it.  And I don't know 
    that I want anyone to win against speech.

    Also, why would I support a guy who wrote 45m words with a grand 
    total of only 13 that "might be construed as anti-Jewish."  Hell.  I 
    do better than that before my morning bowel movement!

    Look, I still adore, worship even, the David Erving who dug around in 
    those dank, dusty archives and wrote masterpieces like Dresden, 
    Hitler's War, Churchill's War, etc. but he's gone.  If any of you see 
    him, again, send him back to us. 

    Sorry, I don't have a dog in this fight!

                                   Jim Floyd

    Oh,oh! I near forgot. Hiram Johnson died in 45. He said only one 
    thing that is worth remembering, "The first casualty when war comes 
    is the truth."    

    No, Hiram.  No, Deborah Lipstadt, the truth is not "fragile" nor must 
    it be "protected."  Truth is strong, truth is a heavy, hardened steel, 
    Celtic sword, cutting its path through weak, shaky lies.  Truth stands 
    tall on its own, alone.

    And in the final battle, truth wins.  



Advisory from Jim Floyd

Jim Floyd


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 10:43 AM
From: James Floyd (
Subject: Advisory from Jim Floyd

    If you don't send me some money I'll keep writing
    and posting me horrible essays . I'll even double-
    up on the muck-raking, gutter-snipping and latrine-
    wall scribblings.

    And when I get audio, by damn, I'll sing for you 
    and boy will you  be sorry!

    I go to court, again, the 24th.  I don't want to go 
    there broke!  I took a contract with my son and 
    we built a canopy at Arab Jr. High School but the
    return hasn't been enough.  That's why I've written
    less, lately, I've been trying to raise the money 
    without asking for help.

    Look, I love you guys and this is difficult for me 
    but I do need your help.

    Those of you whose money I returned or those 
    who tried to give me funds but were told to wait,
    well, now is the time.

   And to those, who post my articles on your web 
   pages and have volunteered to ask your list to help,
   thank you,  sincerely.

   My law-breaking has been and will be crimes involving 
   civil disobedience.  Serious enough to bring attention to
   our causes but not serious enough for a long jail term,

   And I have plans for some real capers, if and when I
   can afford it.

   You owe me nothing.  All these years I have written each
   article with the idea that I was writing to a friend, for my
   friend's enjoyment. 

                                         Jim Floyd
                                         185 Co. Rd. 254
                                         Cullman, Al. 35057



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