Hoffman's Beg-a-Thon



At 09:32 PM 01/11/2000 -0600, a former Hoffman supporter wrote:

>Nothing like putting one's foot in one's mouth, is there?  He can write 
>but he proves here he doesn't 'reason well' obviously from the use of 
>'platitudes', 'shibboleths', 'media images' and a false dichotomy of 
>'the resistance'. Jews are generous to jew causes and to promote 'their 
>cause'. It is the goyim and each other they love to cheat.  I don't need 
>Hoffman as much as he needs me and I do subscribe to his hardcopy and 
>have bought some books. I dont' give a shit about Irving, Lipstedt and 
>what the fuck the New York Times 'sez'.  Much of his stuff, excuse me, 
>is rehashed, 'been there, done that, said that' in many cases. 

    Another writer, Harold Covington, says that all these "Great White 
Leaders" start out the same way -- in first getting a check or so, and 
then thinking that they have "A RIGHT" to continued support so they no 
longer have to earn a real living.  In effect, these people are more like 
merchants and tradesmen putting a value on their wares that most other 
people do not -- hence Hoffman's snit about only a half-dozen or so 
"paying their fair share."

   How much does it cost to keep up an Internet account and a WWW page? 
How much does it cost to maintain a listserver?  Little or nothing!  
And yet these people seem to think that their primary job is to be 
well-fed like a tele-evangelist instead of serving the People of which 
they say that they serve. 

   I've printed up newsletters and I haven't made a dime from this 
activity.  I've put up WWW pages and set up free listservers, and haven't 
made the cost of ISP fees.  But was it for that reason I have done this?
NO!  Else I would have quit a long time ago.  I am pleased that I have 
an inheritance and know a trade so that I can support myself and my 
family.  But Resistance activity is not profitable in a monetary sense. 
This is why racial patriotism is so very hard to find in this day 
and time.

    Holohoaxianity has no evidence and nothing in the way of proof to 
sustain it.  Yet Revisionism seems to harp on the point that putting 
six million or 600,000 or 666 evil ashkenaz-gogsspawn to their just 
reward is a matter of concern.  Why?  Why not forthrightly say that 
six billion of these satanic brood was not nearly enough?

> I don't have money to send, PERIOD. finito, 'basta', I don't have time 
>for all the assholes around here who ask, 'where have you been?' or some 
>dumb insulting broad, 'why don't you call me some time?"  

    Tell them that you haven't been around them because you've had all 
you could stand of them to begin with.

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>Date sent:   	Tue, 11 Jan 2000 16:59:22 -0800
>Subject:  	Advisory from Hoffman
>From:   	"Independent History & Research" (hoffman@hoffman-info.com)
>To:         	hoffman@hoffman-info.com
>The Hoffman Wire
>Jan. 11, 2000
>Since I wrote last December concerning financial support for THE HOFFMAN
>WIRE, I have heard from a little more than a half-dozen contributors out
>of nearly 2,000 recipients of THE HOFFMAN WIRE.
>I cannot write this online bulletin for seven people.

    You should write this bulletin for one person -- yourself.  You 
have 2,000 direct recepients and untold thousands reading your stuff. 
Why you need to have more?

>Many of the others must imagine that pundits, commentators and analysts
>are a dime a dozen and while they "hate to see Hoffman go, someone else
>will soon arise to take his place."

   Hoffman didn't need to go.  Hoffman went off in a huff because he 
wasn't getting enough money.

>I do not doubt that. The amateur quality of the Internet is both endearing
>and distressing; endearing in that it provides opportunities for neophytes
>who may develop into journalists with a great deal of practice and
>patience, and distressing because a host of people who should stick to
>plumbing, shade-tree auto mechanics and encylopedia-selling, fancy the
>notion that journalism is neither a discipline nor an art, but something
>almost anyone can do and these "anyones" then flood the Internet with
>their two cents worth, which is usually worth slightly less than that.

    Journalism is akin to whoredom.  There are no shortage of whores 
about.  Pussy and opinions are akin to assholes -- everyone got at least 
one of these fungible commodities.  Hoffman is merely pissed because so 
many people told him what his commodities was worth by their actions.

>If memory serves me I am the only former establishment journalist working
>in hard-core World War Two revisionism and conspiracy research. 

    If memory serves you right, then you should remember that only six 
people were willing to give you some real money for your professional 

    If you have an audience of at least 2,000, then cutting it by that 
amount is not going to help you in your book-selling endeavors.  That's 
just it.  The Internet is a medium in which billions are being sunk and 
in which the level of 'programming' seeks the lowest common denominator. 
There is both good and bad on this new medium.  Whining about how you 
are not getting enough money is no way in which to run your business. 

   If you wish to be a paytriot merchant, then sell stuff to the suckers. 
If you wish to be a patriot, then understand that you are guaranteed 
nothing that will please the worshippers of mammon.

>I don't
>think other professional journalists are rushing to fill my shoes and
>contrary to Internet opinion, journalism is not akin to checkers; it is
>not something one merely picks up in a month or two of puttering. We would
>never imagine that a cabinet-maker could learn his craft without years of
>toil and study, yet we imagine that journalism is a hobby one readily
>acquires, rather like a sunburn.

    It is not that at all.  How many artists of genius were neglected in 
their day but never noticed until they were dead?  Quite a few.  They did 
not fit in to the money-grubbing culture of their day, which is why they 
were of that generation unrecognized.  Yet eventually their genius was 
recognized and their work is given high honor.

    Perhaps they did what they had to do because material wealth did not 
matter to them, or at least not enough to where they quit what they 
produced because it was self-satisfying.

>Be that as it may, as a professional I must attend to those endeavors--our
>website, hardcopy newsletter and the authoring of books and
>pamphlets--which keep me fighting for the truth while also keeping the
>ghost of hunger and homelessness from my door. 

    You got a 2,000 member direct audience predisposed to buy your stuff 
that you accumulated over a period of time -- yet you are going to throw 
it all away because they did not contribute enough money to you?  Why? 
How does it cost you any more money with a 2,000 member e-mailing list 
than a 1,000 member list, or even just a six-member list?

   Whatever happened to the injunction to remember the lilies of the 
field, how they toil not, neither do they sow, yet King Solomon himself 
was not arrayed so fine?  Or to neither take gold nor silver nor even 
brass in your purses when you go out to proclaim the gospel?  Whatever 
happened to faith that the LORD would provide for that which one truly 

   Your petulance means that you shall be able to provide even less 
for your own needs.

   Now I did not take your e-mail newsletter because I did not find it 
of sufficient worth to even ask for it for free.  Yet some people found 
it worth their time to read.  Intrigued, they ended up buying stuff 
advertised on your WWW page.  And now, like a TalmudVision tele-evangelist 
you wish to proclaim that since not enough was dropped into the 
collection plate that your worldly ministry will come to an end?

>A great deal has happened in the last few days--the monumental failure of
>the militia/fundamentalist/right wing Y2K hoax (put over in a curious
>alliance with the government and the media); the publication of Kim
>Murphy's landmark, frontpage article on revisionism in the LA Times, and
>today, David Irving's opening address at the Lipstadt libel trial in

    You put the blame for the Y2K hoax on the very same people who you 
rely upon to buy your books.  You seem to have a huckster's contempt 
for the mark.  This ill-concealed contempt may be the reason that your 
offering plate is bare.

   And what about your fellow revisionists?  Do they not deserve to 
have the attention and support of your former 2,000 member listserver? 

>Had enough of you shown with your wallets, and not just with the kind of
>empty, laudatory rhetoric I get in E-mail, that you cared for my work,
>then I would be reporting and digesting these and other subjects now.

     If you wish to go on strike until the militia/fundamentalist/right 
wing people you despise decide to fill the collection plate, then I 
would suppose you will have a long, long, long strike ahead of you.

>But I suppose the same foolishness that led so many of you to quake in
>fear when midnight of Jan. 1 struck is also pandemic when it comes to a
>hard-boiled assessment of the critical importance of trained journalists
>to the success of our cause. Such wordsmiths are not a dime a dozen and
>they do not simply fall out of the sky.

     Why is it that this "trained journalist" has the same sneering 
contempt for those who choose to buy an extra case of canned goods or 
an additional brick of .22 ammunition that his fellow "trained journalists" 
in the regular j*wsmedia have?  This shows an inherent contempt for his 
audience common to most "trained journalists."  Is it any wonder that 
his audience will give this "trained journalist" neither money nor 

    I've taken "journalism" classes before.  I've not seen any ability 
to write anything other than the mammon-onanisms common to this 
degenerate lot.  Is it any wonder that the masses (those still able to 
read) have abandoned the platitudes of "trained journalism" for favor of 
the raw gossip, scandal, and unruly rambunctiousness of the Internet 
-- most of them who provide the content who simply would not recognize 
how to be a "trained journalist" or even give a rat's ass if they found 

   All that is required for "journalism" is to give a concise report on 
Who, What, Where, When, How -- and Why.  That and the courage for 
unblushing honesty in doing so.  I have seen untrained people who did not 
finish high school and never took a journalism course who have beat the 
stuffing out of "trained journalists" who owe no allegiance to the truth, 
or reason or anything except the gods of this world.  The best off-hand 
that I can recall is Jim Floyd -- a natural "grab 'em by the nuts" gut-
writer.  I cannot archive enough of his writings concerning the thoughts 
of the common man.  And he doesn't ask for a single penny for people 
distributing via the Internet his Resistance samisdat far and wide. 

    "Trained journalists" huh?   Who needs 'em? 

>>From henceforth I'll restrict my E-mailings to emergencies, notifications
>of my picketing and protest activism, time and location of my speeches,
>ads for my books and other brief bulletins. 

     And you expect to keep 2,000 people on what will become a spamlist 
largely devoid of content?

>I do not do this in a penal spirit. I am not seeking to punish my
>parsimonious E-mail audience. I simply cannot afford to spend my time in
>this forum any longer; minimum remuneration is required and is not
>forthcoming. Therefore I must of necessity discontinue these HOFFMAN
>WIREs, at least in so far as veteran readers have come to know them since
>1998, because they take too much valuable time away from other projects
>that have earned the support of paying readers and listeners.

     Of course you do this in a penal spirit.  It costs nothing to 
distribute your works over e-mail or a listserver.  The things are 
FREE.  You are merely throwing a tantrum because you haven't been 
paid as much as you want and expect to be paid.  

    All of which is fine by me.  There are scholars such as Willie 
Martin who distribute learned discourse on Christian Israeliteism 
on many listservers at a time.  Or survivalist gurus such as Kurt 
Saxon or Frugal Squirrel or the wonderful people on the survivalist 
newsgroups who give away much of their knowledge away freely.  If 
one wants to know more and have it available, then they will sell 
full access to their WWW pages or cut off a CD-ROM for the reciepient 
to print off the sections which are of greater worth.

   Best of all, these people honestly admit that they are in the 
business of selling books or information.  They provide samples to 
whet the appetite for their wares.  They do not throw a tantrum 
against the 99% who take the freebies but rather enjoy the custom of 
the one percent who figured out that it is far better to pay $3 for 
further access to their WWW page or $50 for five big books on a CD-ROM 
than to spend hours and days hunting down the information for 
themselves and photocopying it in a library. 

    I run a WWW page myself.  I have no problem with people downloading 
8 megs of my WWW page or them buying a CD-ROM for $15 with that and 
other stuff on it.  Likewise, David and Katya Lane placed on their 
WWW page their "Focus14" Resistance writings, but for the convenience 
of others they collected them in an anthology and put them out in a 
quality paperback that they sell for $20.  I can imagine that they 
would be pleased if they reached 2,000 people via e-mail to look at 
their books.  But I do not see them whining about how the Resistance 
has a duty to support them.

>You can follow my regular news leads on our website at
>http://www.hoffman-info.com/news.html and my investigative reporting
>appears in our bimonthly hardcopy newsletter, REVISIONIST HISTORY.

>I do not pretend to know what the demise of THE HOFFMAN WIRE portends for
>revisionism. Perhaps it is a harbinger of nothing of consequence. But one
>thing I do know is that too many people identified as right wing or
>revisionist believe that their bank accounts will, in the end, save them.
>Such people do not deserve to win.

    You seem to be complaining quite a bit about your bank account -- or 
the lack of its fullness.

    When it all comes down to it, what has "professional Revisionism" 
accomplished?  I cannot think of anyone who is a true White Nationalist 
or Christian Israelite who is in any way regretful that six million 
ashkenaz-gogsspawn are alleged to have been killed in the mythical 
extermination camps in Germany.  Remember, we are of the same genetic 
background as Custer, Sheridan, Crockett & Boone, and other settlers 
who killed a whole passel of redskins and shoved the placid ones onto 
reservations.  We all know our real racial history and make no apologies 
for necessary savagery necessary to establish White Western Civilization. 
So as a result, going about 'disproving' the lies of the Whigger/Ashkenaz
NWO/ZOG CONstitutional Imperial Establishment is rather low on the 
financial appropriations list.

>I have before me the latest issue of Morris Dees' "Southern Poverty Law
>Center Report," which lists those major donors who, in the month of
>October alone, named  Mr. Dees or his center, as beneficiaries "in their
>wills and other planned gifts" (annuities).  
>In one month alone, seventy-four people showered Dees and his Poverty
>Palace with their largesse, including Eva Friedlander, Cecilia Goldberger,
>George Goldfrank, William Popper, Rev. P.D. McKinney, Samuel Komoroff etc.
> This list of major donors does not include the thousands of small
>contributions Dees' organization received in October.

    So the Whigger/Ashkenaz Establishment is paying off their  
propagandists.  I for one think that it might not be a bad thing if 
you had more Ashkenaz holohoaxers all competing for every penny the 
Whigger/Ashkenaz Establishment got.

    Remember the recent delicious revenge of NBC/ABC/CBS being 
blackmailed by the NAACP to replace (via affirmative action) gliberal 
whiggers with real-live congoids?  The screams of hurt and outrage 
by 'betrayed' establishment gliberal whiggers sacrificed to end 
'racism' certainly was music to my ears.  Let the j*wsmedia be full 
of congoids, latrinos, gooks taking the well-paid positions away 
from gliberal whiggers for all I care.  White gentlefolk have no 
need for looking at khazar propaganda anyway.

    I, for one, cannot imagine a more fitting revenge than to be asked 
in the post Civil War 2 Bantustans by the free congoids if I would like 
to help castrate white whigger piglice, lawyers, legistraitors and their 
children so that their flesh will be tender and full of flavorful fat 
for a delicious stewpot of "Creme of Capon-Whigger Soup." 

>It is not hard to understand how Dees' totalitarian fiats have been
>institutionalized in America's schools and news rooms. He has the selfless
>support  of benefactors who--though they are on the wrong side--value
>something more than money. Our side, meanwhile, with its otiose
>chest-thumping about "Aryan spirituality" and "love of the folk," actually
>out-Jews the 'Jews' when it comes to giving even the most meagre support
>to the writers and reporters revisionism so desperately needs.

    If money is what you value, then perhaps you are on the wrong side. 
Either that, or you have not been able to show how revisionism is 
more important to White survival than an additional bushel of bulk 
grain or brick of .22 ammunition.

>The other day someone recommended that I quit revisionism and work
>full-time in advertising (through a sub-contractor, I have for some years
>now been occasionally writing copy for some of the ads you see in
>magazines and newspapers). I told him I can't quit because I am too angry.
>My anger at the state of the world is volcanic, and accumulating money
>while failing to fight the system would drive me crazy. I have to fight. I
>must fight and I do fight with every resource available. By such means I
>sustain my inner self, with or without stipends from right wing and
>revisionist money bags.

    Remember Paul of Tarsus?  He provided for his own support by weaving 
tents.  And look what he accomplished without having to ask for stipends 
or haul out the collection plate every so often.

>So I am not quitting revisionism, with which I have been involved, in one
>capacity or another, since I was a child in 1967. But you have told me, in
>roundabout fashion, that  to you, THE HOFFMAN WIRE is not even worth the
>price of a meal in a nice restaurant, or of a case of beer. 

    Well, your 2,000+ listserver audience has just been told by you 
-- in a roundabout way-- that you want money; at least 10 bucks a head.  
Not getting a guaranteed income of $20,000 per year makes you so 
angry that you have no choice other than to make sure that you don't get 
even six times $10, or sixty dollars.  

   Way to go.  You have now told 2,000 minus six people that they are 
cheaper than khazarian j*w parasites and that they are not going to 
get anymore free issues because you are angry that you have not been 
treated in the style that a "professional journalist" like yourself 
deserves.  That ought to just loosen their purse-strings.

   Very well, then.  So be it.

>I refuse to work for such people, in part because I have trouble
>distinguishing them from my enemies. There is something creepy and
>ignominious about those who run around poking fun at Jewish miserliness,
>while exhibiting a far more virulent--and suicidal--brand of
>Michael A. Hoffman II

    For some reason, I suppose that your 2,000+ ex-audience has the 
same problem distinguishing you from their enemies.  They probably 
find you "creepy and ignominious" and no better than a ashkenaz-gogsspawn 
money-grubber as well.

    Nobody hired you to be a "professional journalist" or a tenured 
revisionist.  If you expect to get rich from your former audience, 
then you have another think coming.  If you wish to cut off your nose 
to spite your face, then I suppose you are taking advantage of free 
auto-rhinoplasty, a speciality for which Khazars usually must pay out 
of the nose if they want to pass for White.

    Get over yourself.  There is no money to be made in being a patriot.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front

>Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated
>Press. He edits Revisionist History newsletter and is the founder and
>president of the Campaign for Radical Truth in History.
>Help Mr. Hoffman obtain a larger audience by sending your generous
>donation of cash, check, money order or Visa or Master Card to: 

    Why?  Mr. Hoffman just alienated what little audience he was able 
to acquire over the years.  I wouldn't advise giving Mr. Hoffman a 
larger and more expensive audience since he didn't take good care of 
the one he had.

>Independent History & Research 
>Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816
>To donate by credit card, mail or fax your name and address, VISA or
>Master Card account number, expiration date and authorized signature as it
>appears on your card, plus the amount you are donating, to the address
>above or by 
>Fax: 208-777-2612
>Purchase Hoffman's extensive revisionist books, tapes and newsletters
>online at: http://www.hoffman-info.com/bookstore.html 
>For a printed catalog of our books and  tapes  send $3 to the postal
>address above.

    The catalog is for the real stupid people who are unwilling to 
simply look at the catalog on-line.

    Please put a nickel into the cup for reading the above advertisement.



Hoffman Begs For Seconds

At 11:56 AM 01/13/2000 -0800, Hoffman  wrote:
And now we here from the FBI pimp gallery:

>> From: Martin Lindstedt 
>> Another writer, Harold Covington, 

    Whenever greedy buffoons destroy themselves, they have to blame 
everyone else for being a fed.

    Of course, this merely goes to show the character of some 
"revisionist" holohoaxers -- when in danger or in doubt they lie 
absent any proof.  Hoffman has no evidence that I am a fed except 
the criticism that I placed onto this merchant paytriot.

    In any case, I have no defense against Mr. Hoffman's lies.  I am 
not above suspicion, and I would prefer in fact that anyone from the 
underground who wishes to contact me to not tell me their name and 
to use an anonymous Internet e-mail account, please, in the interests 
of internal security.  Anyone who is sloppy in the area of internal 
security  will be lectured for their laxness in any case.  NOBODY is 
above suspicion.

    I quoted Mr. Covington because Mr. Covington wrote about the 
dangers of becoming a paytriot and expecting money for his duties. 
Mr. Covington confessed to having these feelings, which he admitted 
were inappropriate.  I neither condemn nor praise Mr. Covington. I 
do listen to him upon occassion, and he has not wasted my time for a 
request for money to support his efforts.  Mr. Covington has not 
attacked me, so I am disinclined to attack Mr. Covington.

    I could whine about being khazar-bit by Mr. Hoffman, but it does 
not matter.  As said before, I do not take Mr. Hoffman's former wire 
because I didn't care to be begged to support Mr. Hoffman in the style 
he has grown accustomed to.  Mr. Hoffman destroyed his listserver due 
to his own greedy stupidity.  I find it extremely doubtful that any FBI 
agent made Mr. Hoffman self-destruct.  Mr. Hoffman could acted like 
a White Man ought to act, with his 1993 non-supporters, or his 
detractors disgusted by his worship of materialism -- but to be 
charitable, perhaps Mr. Hoffman lacked the racial or inherent abilities 
to act like a White Gentlemen.  Mr. Hoffman should perhaps blame his 
parents for not giving himself either the racial nor conditioned 
abilities to simulate being a White Man for very long.  Perhaps in 
every holohoaxer either pro or con there is a khazar just waiting to 
crawl like a maggot out of the whitewashed shell.

    In any case, Mr. Hoffman seems determined to burn his bridges to 
the White Nationalist/Christian Israelite Resistance.  Some of us 
will not be a bit sorry to see him try to get back to being a 
"professional journalist" 'working' for the New York Times.  Perhaps 
we will even see Mr. Hoffman on the Jewry Springer Show telling about 
the awful time he had in getting due respect and financial support 
amongst the primitive rural rednecked shade-tree mechanics and other 
of us White savages.  Having no support amongst the Whites, perhaps 
Mr. Hoffman will soon become a devotee of jewdeo-churchianity with 
its full collection plates.

   Below is one of my collegues from the "FBI pimp gallery" who has 
been known to work on pickup trucks under the shade of Southern oak 
trees, the incomparable James Floyd, gut-writer extraordinnare.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front

P.S.  You can continue to destroy your position or you can choose to 
behave yourself before you have absolutely no support in the Resistance. 
You have already alienated with your foolish arrogance and greed quite 
a few people who have no allegiance to or respect for you.  If you keep 
this up, pretty soon you will be limited to your seven supporters and 
that will be it.  You would do well to apologize to your former 
listserver membership that you insulted.  -M.L.


At 07:02 AM 01/12/2000 -0600, you wrote:

    You know Martin, I have believed for a long time that Hoffman
    is nothing but a money patriot. As long as the money comes in he
    will be o-so-patriotic, but when it stops he reverts to what
    he has just done, and whimpers that if people don't send him
    any money that he will just have to quit.

    This makes me mad because I have written books and have sent
    them out over the internet for free and never wimper just like 
    you do also. Sure I put up an add once in a while, as I would
    like to make a little money for books that I "Print" up, but 
    not for what I post on the Internet.

    It is like many of the so-called patriots on shortwave
    radio. They will shout to the four winds how that if the 
    federals ever come after their guns they will have to pry
    them from their cold dead fingers. But I bet you that most
    would throw their guns in the yard and beg for forgiveness
    if the agents came to their house. Sheesh. 



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