Paul O'Neill & Political Theology

The Miracle of Stupidity 4

by Jim Floyd


Political Theology

Para What in the hell are you doing, Paul O'Neill? You ain't nothing but one of them disgruntled employees. You put me to mind of them postal workers who go berserk and shoot-up their workplace. How dare you question our great and wonderful President.

Para Are you questioning the intellect and integrity of this G-dly man, his advisors, and staff? I want to caution you Mr. O'Neill, if you are directing your venomous attack against those who have the ear of our Leader then we can only conclude that you are a common, garden variety, Anti-Semite.

Para George Bush and this nation are being blessed, with this war, because he has assiduously complied with expert instructions from G-d's chosen people.

Para While some of these people live in Holy Israel many of them have offices right there in Washington. And we are all blessed by their presence. We see and hear them on TV all the time. And I do mean all the time!

Para You can not, must not be allowed to cheapen our President, our Jewo-con friends, and our war.

Para The 'Project for the New American Century' is G-d's project. It is His plan for America. It is the only project that gives purpose and justification for the sacrifice of the blood and bones of our sons and daughters in Iraq. And let us not forget the 'money thing.' Only a man like Bush could run-up so much debt and only a god can pay it back.

Para G-d will bless them that blessth George Bush and He will curse him that curseth George Bush.

Para Do you think that you know more about what is good for America than does Billy Kristol, Gary Schmitt, Charles Krauthammer, Pearl, Wolfowitz et al. These blessed people are always ready and willing to sacrifice our children for the greater good of their high purposes.

Para Secretary O'Neill, your demonic accusations about the timing and planning of this war is not only anti-Semitic but may qualify you as the Anti-Christ.

Para Are you the Anti-Christ or should we look for another?

Para President Bush told us that G-d told him to attack Iraq. Why can't you accept him at his word? Also, we have prophets and prophetesses all over TV and this country and they are saying the same thing. You are not arguing with them, man, you are arguing with G-d!

Para You obviously don't watch the Daystar Jesus Channel. If you had then you would have heard Rev. Kenneth Copeland, a man whom G-d [personally] talks to, every morning, when he said:

"God told me that anybody who is criticizing the President is criticizing Jesus. America and Israel are fighting for Jesus! These protestors are fighting God!!!"
Para Rev. John Hagee, a big man of God, said just this week;
"America is not being run from Washington. It's being run from heaven."
ParaAnd in the opening days of the war, Brother John, said;

"This war was not planned in Washington. It was planned in heaven."

Para I've written this before but it appears that you didn't get the message. This war is about Israel and oil. This war is holy! Israel is holy! Oil is holy! Bush is holy! Take off yo shoes, O'Neill, you are walking on holy ground!

ParaAlong with President George, this is God's man for the hour, saying Shalom.

Bishop James Floyd

Para Note -- Former Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neill's book is 'The Price of Loyalty.' Something told me to tell you to put a pen and pad near the TV and write down the names of those who will crucify O'Neill this weekend.



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