Shylock's Friend

by Jim Floyd


to Jeff Sessions
fax 202-224-3149

ParaSenator, while you were on the floor of the Senate, this week, a sewing plant worker was sitting at her production machine crying.

ParaThis entire week she continued to sew and cry. She's one of those "working people of Alabama" that you referenced as a so-called beneficiary of your new and improved bankruptcy legislation.

ParaShe didn't want to talk to her fellow workers. She didn't want anything except her son. Her six year old son became ill, last year, and after two days in the hospital, he died.

ParaShe buried her son and bought, on credit, a small head stone to mark the grave. Since then, she had slowly, oh so slowly, allowed time to partially heal her broken heart.

ParaAt least until this past week when she received a notice that her son's tombstone was being repossessed. Then it all rushed back as fresh as yesterday. The pain of her lost child accompanied by the hopelessness of her financial circumstances.

ParaSenator, may I talk to you, just man to man?

ParaAll week, you have presented a lame and infantile defense for/of this stupid change in the bankruptcy laws which will delight the credit card companies and other Shylockian loan sharks and place these "working people of Alabama" virtually in indentured servitude.

ParaYou dumb son of a bitch, you were not elected to furnish surgical instruments to Shylock! He has enough, already!

ParaThe money lenders of this nation can and do get their pound of flesh, effortlessly. They don't need your goddamn help.

ParaThe people who need help are "working people" not the middle man and not the money lender. You want to do something good, you little twerp, go to the student center at U of A, Tuscaloosa, and throw-out those credit card shysters who are beguiling our sons and daughters into a life of debt.

ParaGo to the Cullman, South Plaza, and close down that den of thieves who are charging 452.25% apr. Yes, you read it right!

ParaThey are milking working people whom the banks don't trust.

ParaThe banks are on every corner and their buildings are larger than the Catholic church. Again, they don't need yo damn help.

ParaI'm sending this missive to your opposition, Senator Wellstone. He has read the Merchant of Venice. He knows the danger of America relapsing into the Old World bondage.

ParaWhile we are talking about reading, I know that you can read better than you do on the floor and on the camera. But your reading there is at a six grade level, you embarrass me, you bastard.

ParaIf I'm wrong about your reading skills and you really can't read, then get a staffer to read to you "Bound Over," by John Van Der Zee. This book has many imaginative ways to punish common people who become unable to pay creditors.

ParaDo you really want to eliminate Chapter 7 and replace it with seven years of indentured servitude to the credit card companies?

ParaNo, I don't have a credit card nor do I have a real Senator!

Mr. James Floyd
185 Co. Rd. 254
Cullman, Al. 35057

Parapostscript -- Don't worry, Jeff, the creditor did not lose a penny. Compassionate ladies took-up a collection and paid Shylock to leave the tombstone in place.



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