Anti-Semites of America, Arise!

by Jim Floyd


(Or one out of four ain't bad) Thanks L.B.

Para Oh, happy day! Sweet joys of this world! CNN, Foxnews, MSNBC, even the Canadian channel, et al. has given much space to hate-mongering, anti-Christ-Jew attacks on Gibson and his movie. These beastly little people branded the movie anti-Semitic after only hearing faint whispers about it. And have not had a good night's sleep since.

Para As Brother Dave once said, "They do not sleep nor do they eat; they just nibble that no-dose and drink that air-wick." And the onslaught continues.

Para But alas and alack, they now say that a full twenty-five percent of America has stood in long lines, paid their money, and seen this anti-Semite production.

Para What does this imply? Is the anti-Semitic brush too wide? Is you is or is you ain't anti, or is the word meaningless?

Para Abe Foxman, come out of hiding, please. Set me straight, Brother Abe. Did your people walk around the theater parking lots and get the tag numbers of these anti-Semite movie goers? Can we talk, Abe? Great blue blazing balls of hell fire, could I use such a list, or what?

Para One out of four Americans said no to the Khazar Jew for the first time in their lives. Even their most trusted Judaizing preachers turned on their Rabbis in favor of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Mel.

Para I see hope. The clouds are parting. There is a fresh, beautiful ray of sunshine breaking through the dark, thunderous sky, maybe, just maybe, if twenty five percent of our people said no to Jewish censoring of their Gospels, maybe they will soon say no to minority Jew control over their government. Well, I can hope, can't I?

Para I am overjoyed that Abe Foxman is hiding in a cave somewhere in up-state New York. Obviously, old Abe never studied the New Testament. The fifth chapter of Acts could have saved Foxman and all his Khazar tribesmen this flood of embarrassment.

Para In Acts 5:34-39, a real Pharisee, Gamaliel, told Foxman and his cronies, what to do, what to say, and how to act. Go read it, Abe, it is my gift to you.

Para Stay tuned folks. I'm working on an article about the Kabbalah, the next temple, and your wife's period.

James 'Gospel Jim' Floyd



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