Gang of Five

Jim Floyd



From: James Floyd (
Subject: Gang of Five
Date: Sat,  8 May 99 12:12:34 CST6CDT

to:  The Peoples Republic of China

Forty percent of the people living in the occupied territory 
of the continental USA send their heartfelt regrets for the 
barbaric, unconscionable, attack on your Belgrade embassy.

Unfortunately, sixty percent of those living in this country are 
as dumb as dead mules and are childishly innocent of any 
sense of the danger which could result from this lunacy. Nor 
will they ever be conscious of what goes on around them.   

We, the minority of sane people, are willing to assist your 
government in its just demand that those responsible for this 
war crime pay for their uncivilized conduct.

In order to promote trust and good faith between our peoples, 
we are prepared to, immediately, surrender to you the 'gang 
of five' plus one, who have so disgraced us all with their  
'fly-by shootings.'

We are conducive to any action which you may deem necessary 
to arrest Maddy Albright, Sandy Berger, William Cohen, Gen. 
Wesley Kanne Clark, and James Rubin, plus one, Clinton. 

These thugs are representative of an alien, ethnic group who 
have our government 'in their hands' and we are incapable of 
freeing ourselves from their tyrannical grip.

                                            Jim Floyd
                                            185 Co. Rd. 254
                                            Cullman, Al. 35057 



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