Madonna -- For Jews Only

by Jim Floyd


For Jews Only! :

. . . . . Please, if you are a gentile do not read this. Death or insanity awaits those who dare study these matters.

Madonna -- Just another whore riding on a Beast?

. . . . . Madonna wants to be Esther but Madonna doesn't know Esther from estrogen. She can be 'an' Esther but not 'the' Esther, even to be 'an' Esther she will have to get in line behind such notables as Monica Lewinsky, Golan Cipel, John Hagge, Paul Crouch, and George Bush.

. . . . . Beloved, Madonna has been studying the Kabbalah, at least, a pedestrian version of this mystical garbage, and recently went to Israel to attend a Kabbalah festival. Her presence there has infuriated many radical rabbis who do not want her to be a poster girl for their mystical Torah.

. . . . . As a Scholar of Kabbalah, I say unto you; leave the bitch alone, rebbe. You need Madonna. Kabbalism needs Madonna. Have you forgotten the teachings of the Zohar, or the Kabbalahists of Safed, regarding the significance of Divine sexuality, and the power of human sexual behavior upon the 'heavenly Eros?'

. . . . . Last night you, and rabbis around the planet, had sex with your bucket-butted, ugly wives, hopeful that G-d was watching, and that He would become aroused. You know how important it is for you to try to stimulate the various "visages" of the godhead, especially, on High Holy Days and each Shabbas.

. . . . . Great blue, blazing balls of hell fire, and brimstone, it ain't working! You rebbes keep following those same old, tired, unfruitful, instructions on sexual technique, foreplay, timing, position, and prayer at the moment of ejaculation, and it ain't working! Try something different.

. . . . . We all await Tikkun ha-Olam, that great and wonderful moment in the third Temple, after its sanctification by the blood of the red heifer, when Imma, the Celestial Mother, the Shekhinah, the female part of G-d, comes down and fills the Holy of Hollies, Her divine vagina pulsating.

. . . . . Then comes that moment that we, you, and the entire universe have so yearned for, and so long awaited. Father G-d, the Holy One Blessed Be He, the male part of G-d, Aba, mounts the Shekhinah and G-d has sex with Himself.

. . . . . The rest of the story is, of course, the climax, the Holy Ejaculation where the Divine Semen, (pure fluid energy) flows from Jerusalem, throughout the Cosmos, sprinkles on every J-w and makes all things right.

. . . . . I have had no special revelation concerning this matter, but neither have my counterparts in Israel, Rabbi Yoel Bin Nun, and Rabbi Yuval Sherlo; two loudmouth critics of Madonna. However, must I remind you that "There can be no true worship except it issue from darkness and no true good except it proceed from evil?" And again, "Perfection of all things is attained when good and evil are commingled. for there is no good so perfect as that which issues out of evil."

. . . . . Obviously, Madonna is the personification of the 'evil impulse.' Sexually, she does it all. I'm asking you filthy, sexually uninteresting Rabbis to leave her alone. Perhaps, just maybe, she can turn G-d on; what you been doing ain't turned nobody on!

. . . . . Merry Yom Kippur and a Happy Holy Day

Rebbe Jim
Master Prophet



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