Mad Dog's Pick of the Pricks of the April 5, 2005 Municipal [S]Elections

Granby Issues


North Ward City Council: Vote against R.L. Arnall. An idiotic and corrupt feeb who has been trying to crawl back into office since being defeated in 1998.

South Ward City Council: Vote for James Tally. Craig Hopper is the incumbent regime criminal who cannot make mayor again. Kay Otiz sounds like a beaner and we don't need any more mexcrement in Granby.

East Newton R-6 Skrule Bored: Vote for me, and only me. There is a choice for three positions, thus three votes. Just vote for me and leave the other positions blank. That way I have a better chance of winning, ha, ha, ha.

The other feebs will vote to raise taxes for increased operating levies and pouring cement and contractor kickbacks so as to build a more expensive brand of roach motel for the spawn of latrino mexcrement. These feebs really are some fucking idiots, i.e., typical ZOGling whigger ass-clown herd animals. They'se own little brains, what little they got, were washed in the gore of the spam, they got 'edjewcated' into all the tenants of ZOGling whiggerdumb to where they can't tell ZOG to take a flying fuck. Instead, they learn to be all ass-kissy-kissy and vote to do as the stuporintendant tells them to. Somebody is really doing the Cause of Sanity a big favor when the little doped-up racially-mixed little bastards in their charge cums to skrule with a gun or bomb or two and proceeds to settle old scores for fucking up their heads worse than meth ever could.

So vote for me -- and especially against R. Scott Whitman -- a typically lying and extraordinarily brutal pig on the Newton County Sheriff's Department. I think the pig shaved his beard, and is off the meth entrapment role for the maintainence of the Doerge-Dope taxation of licensed meth-cookers.

Municipal Judge: Vote for me if you want the current cash-register municipal kort shut down.

Steve White has been Granby municipal judge since 1995, and I've run against him for four out of five elections. Steve White knows full well that the piglice are criminals and liars, but Steve White values getting $285 per month session far more than maintaining the social order and the system of laws and justice which keeps civil warfare at bay. In fact, Steve White will win this [s]election as well, probably be sent off to Iraq again, and another selection of lawyers will be appointed to really squeeze the whigger trash some more for operating funds for the Granby Piglice State. Revised Missouri Statute -- Municipal Courts and Traffic Courts, Section 479.230 has been violated, thus making all proceedings in the Granby municipal kort from June 2003 to March 2005 unlawful for lack of jurisdiction due to no lawful special election in 2003 and no municipal election in 2004. Thus tens of thousands of dollars were illegally and fraudulently collected in defiance of lawful process in front of municipal judges with no lawful jurisdiction as non-elected unlawful appointees.

Of course Steve White, the Granby Piglice Department, Presiding Judge Timothy Perigo, the Granby City Council, the Missouri Attorney General -- all aware of this situation -- and all of them implementing this treasonous fraud upon the general public, none of them scared that they will have to pay with their lives and that of their regime-criminal families for this treason and corruption which in a lawful society would result in their being skinned alive along with their spawn to the 7th [de]generation and four degrees of consanguity.

But what is serious is that the voters of the City of Granby will allow this to happen. Ninety percent of them simply don't deserve to live because of their degenerate and criminal stupidity. Thanks to the wonders of modern civil warfare using biological weaponry, soon enough they won't live to see the New Dark Ages they have created due to their stupidity.

Shitty of Neosho

Neosho R-5 Skrule Bored: Another line of degenerates and fools to vote for. I recommend voting against Ape Paul, another thieving lawyer.

Anne Wells is an especially evil bitch who has collaborated as the guardian ad litem in helping judge Kevin Lee Selby, Doug Baugh, and Cathy Gorham and Pat Stuart steal my four grandchildren and try to railroad me on child molestation charges. This evil bitch should have recused herself, as she has had me falsely arrested before her Diamond municipal kort in Feb. 2004, and threatened to have me unlawfully arrested on Sept. 10, 2003 when she was the appointed unlawful pretender to Steve White's municipal kort. Like Judge Kevin Lee Selby, and all of the Newton County Sheriff's Department, Granby Piglice, and all regime criminals, this evil bitch has figured out that the sole purpose of power is to abuse it for her own use, and that she will never get around to being punished in her own regime korts. She is absolutely right -- for now.

However, her kind will end up being tortured to death, along with her family when the Revolution comes and she is not exterminated outright in the struggle. Since she has played a part in destroying my family, and given that she has spawn of one sex or another. I look forward to the modernization of the Law of Christian Israelite Warfare in Deuteronomy chapters 20-21. In the old days the male spawn was exterminated, along with the non-virgin females. Under a modernization of YHWH's Law, a Resistance tribunal would make this bitch bite off the testicles of her male spawn, and father, and payback by rape of non-virginal females by niggers and dogs, and the lobotomization or crippling of 'walking wombs' whose only duty would be to bear the babies of a new Revolutionary ruling class.

Idiotic or criminal voters should pay as well. For example, last year, the voters of Cherokee County Kansas elected by a margin of 55% a cowardly murderous pig who, along with three other armed pigs, as Chief of Piglice murdered some man in his bathroom, then put a knife in his hand and claimed 'self-defense.' The proper remedy to this, after torturing and skinning alive all of the piglice spawn for a confession, along with the jewsmedia which allowed them to get away with this printing a retraction using their own pelts and that of their spawn nailed to a bulletin board, is to decide by random means after allowing for alibi, 55% of the whiggers voting for a murderer as sheriff to be given a knife and if they manage to kill four pseudo-piglice they shall be found 'innocent,' but if shot and killed are to be found guilty of acceeding to piglice murder and corruption. Let such be judged as they would judge others, YHWH says.

Thus likewise for the spawn of voters voting for this bitch Anne Wells. If the percentage who voted for this evil bitch don't want to confess, then by lot, select those who will have their spawn's testicles bitten off by theysselfs, and those who are raped to death, and those who will provide for the birth of a new Resistance Master Race. After all, given that 90% of ZOGling whigger herd animals are W.O.W.S. (Wastes of Whigger Skins) then they should be grateful that they accomplished something in how they were made to leave this world they infested.

Neosho Shitty Council: Vote for Persinger. The incumbent had three years to make good and the worthless bastard didn't deliver.

Should the Shitty of Neosho impose a quarter-cent sales tax for the Senior Citizen's Center and Municipal Auditorium? Hell No! The geezers are rightfully voting against skrule taxes for mexcrement and their own stupid little bastards. Let the stupid little bastards vote against the geezers and the incompetent Neosho Shitty Hall's management of their auditorium. A quarter-cent sales tax hits the poor the hardest on what little untaxed money they have left. Let the rich geezers pay more in property taxes.

Should the Shitty of Neosho Add Fluoride to the Stupid Whigger Ass-Clown's Water Supply, Thus Disposing of Industrial Waste and Making the Stupid Neosho Whigger Herd Animals Even More Docile? When it is put like that, even I might think of voting for it. I think Al&Martha Queda should add some dangerous poisons to the Neosho water supply and lessen the number of whigger ass-clowns as well, for that matter.

I think that there should be no 'secret ballot' in such matters -- or any [s]election for that matter. The degeneracy of the current form of dem[on]ocracy is this [d]rule by a majority of whigger ass-clowns not held responsible for their votes for regime criminals, higher taxes, and poisoning their fellow shitizens. If it was up to me, anyone voting for putting poison into somebody elses' water supply should have theysselfs and their spawn forced to drink a quart of sewage upon casting any ballot to put something in others' water or food.

As it is, I don't think the measure will pass. However, there have been those who pubically support this measure, and have paid for ads recommending poisoning. They can be used to dispose of both the excess fluoride and still drink their share of sewage under a new regime.




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