Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt -- Candidate 4 Municipal Judge & Skrule Bored of Edjewcation -- 2003


Why Do I Run When I Know I'll Lose?

Well, first of all, 'winning' one of ZOG's phony [s]elections is NEVER something I intend to do. After all, if I 'won' a [s]election then I would be responsible for trying to fix a broken twig when the entire rotten tree ought to be uprooted root and branch and set afire, something which is inevitable given the insoluble problems that shall ultimately destroy this mighty Evil Empire posing as a representative dem[on]ocracy. I have no intention of praising this satanic System but rather of burying it.

Secondly, by running for pubic office, I am feeding the flock, bolstering the Remnant, setting an example for my audience of the People who matter. This core audience is approximately the 2.5% of the population who are the creators and sustainers of Civilization, and without which absolutely nothing can be done. I preach to them and lead by example, telling them today that their first duty is to themselves and not to a decaying rotten dying degenerate System which is out to destroy them. I seek a core audience of these People, making sure that they are my political base, so that regardless of what ZOG says about myself or does to me, I am always right, even if I were to be wrong.

Thirdly, by running often and making the exact same points, my audience grows past the 2.5% stage to where in Newton County I am the leader of the Resistance Opposition. Right now I have approximately 8-9% of the population, good, bad or indifferent, which knows of and supports my Revolutionary position that the current regime criminals, parasites, and traitors must be absolutely exterminated, and increasingly accepting of the understanding that no Revolution can leave any enemies behind, thus the families of regime criminals must be found guilty of the treasons of the regime criminals and thus exterminated as well, making for a clean sweep. Plus, since the present civil war shall be not only a racial and religious conflict but a social and class war as well, the property of those benefitting from the current criminal regime shall of course be made forfeit to the New Order as well, not that any of the treasonous regime criminals and their satansspawn shall have any use for worldly goods after being sent screaming to hell anyway.

Let's understand reality as it exists on the current battlefield. This is not 1776 -- it's 476. This Revolution is not fought for the purpose of refounding a new nation, a new racial nation-state for the purpose of peaceful governance of a People ready to grow their homeland as in 1776. Rather, this a matter of a multi-racial multi-cultural mighty Evil Empire collapsing and falling in racial, religious, and social conflict in which most of the population shall destroy and be destroyed by its immiscible iron-and-clay parts, as happened with Rome, ofishully in 476 A.D. There are competing factions and Peoples today who plot to destoy the current Order, and their plan is to use the current chaos and destruction to bring about their own Order. My particular Faction is the White Nationalists and my religious affiliation is Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, so that if Christ doesn't return anytime soon my kind shall set up a racial and religious state for the sole benefit of our own kind. A Theocratic Dictatorship, yes! Anarchy, no!

Fourthly, running for political office is actually safer for a Revolutionary like myself than not running. Running for political orifice allows me to say all manner of seditious stuff under color of the First Amendment to the Bill of Goods. It supposedly shows that I am 'peacefool' in my intentions towards the criminal regime and criminal regimeists when in fact I wish to dzerzhinsky every single one of these criminal and treasonous parasites. Plus, like Sheriff Ron Doerge figured out, I'm not just another meth cooker not paying Doerge his cut for cooking 'doerge-dope' whom Doerge and his dogs can murder and get away with it by using his fellow regime criminals in the coronor's and prostituting attorney's orifice. While Doerge or any other ZOGling can arrest me for anything they please, stacking a jury is difficult in a county in which 8-9% of the population votes for myself or my picked Opposition candidates. Yes, any ZOG-jury can be stacked, but such leaves fingerprints. Plus, if I turn up dead dead, everyone both in and outside the Resistance will think that the government, be it Newton County ZOG or FedZOG did it, and while I would not be avenged soon, I am certain I would be avenged thoroughly. The Phineas Priesthood plays rough.

So it is both a duty and a pleasure for me to run for anything which comes along. Something might come up or fall into place courtesy of fate or God's Will. It's like paying the lottery -- you can't 'win' if you don't play -- and given cheap free opportunities to cause trouble I ALWAYS play. I'm not out to win a ZOG orifice -- I'm out to sodomize ZOG. A day without sedition is for me like a day without sunshine.

This year I am running for Granby Municipal Judge, like I have every odd year since 1995, except in 2001. I am facing Steve White, who is in the pipeline for Iraq as a member of Missery-ZOG National Guard but who shall win again even if killed by ragheads, along with Granby piglice. Back in 1995, Steve White agreed with me that the current non-[s]elected jewdge, Judy Steiger, was a cash-register rubber-stamping kangaroo-kort bitch. So Steve White got [s]elected by almost all of the inbred-jeds-sucking-up-lead related to the White family back in 1995, and now he is the rubber-stamper for what should be known as the 'police kort.' Steve is rightfully impressed by my legal knowledge of combat law and on occassion sends forth some feeb to ask my advice on how to get out from being screwed by the System. He also reads the legal pleadings I write up for the oppressed who ask me for help -- and kicks it up to Jewdge Perigo in the Circus Kort at Neosho to dismiss. For some reason Steve White actually said he was glad I was running against him after kort was over Feb. 11, 2003. I must admit that I was mightily amused to see him packing a nickel-plated Colts .45 pistol in his briefcase and being driven home by Chief of Piglice Jason Burns, the latest Granby Chief of Piglice I am out to destroy -- for good reason.

It is well understood that if I were to be [s]elected, then jewis-prudence in Granby would be set upon its ear. The word of any citizen would trump the testilying of one or 100 piglice. Beaners getting a ticket for passing through this rathole wouldn't be able to be represented by their greaser lawyer but would have to make an appearance on their own behalf -- and held pending deportation if, like 95% of them, they didn't have a valid green card. I'd charge the Shitty of Granby -- a municipal corpsoration absent any real rights -- kort kosts for anything which didn't pass muster by the CONstitutions of Missery and USSA-ZOG, or the procedure of the Missery [D]Rools of Kort or the intent and spirit of the Revised Statutes of Missery . I've never met a single lawyer or judge on the state or federal level who isn't either a liar or a crook or a fool or all three. The jewdges don't know any 'law,' not that any of them follow it anyway. I'd simply use the law to get most White People an advantage against the criminal regime. I'd videotape proceedings for reference by all parties and give my findings of fact and conclusions of law for my decisions -- something else I've never seen a jewdge at the county and state level do, and which is usually a pack of lies on the Fed-ZOG bench. I'd inform the People about their rights and duties according to the supposed 'law' and let the lawyers for the prostitution do their own work, as it is THEIR ignorance of the law which is no excuse.

Of course, I can promise all of this since I shall not be [s]elected by the ZOGlings, and if [s]elected, would be promptly be impeached by the criminal regime for my efforts.


I am also running for East Newton R-6 Bored of Edjewcation. I am one of four candidates for two positions on the Skrewl Bored, albeit the only Non-Lysenkoist. The skrule district is filling up with niggers and beaners, but is still 90% whigger. There is no skrule bond issue on the ballot this year. I am all in favor of buying a former clinic up for sale and remodeling it for use for some classes, as it is on the same block as the Granby Elementary Skrule, but the [d]ruling incumbents have no intention of anything but the most expensive Taj Mahals of Ignorance to be used for edjewcation. What I would have paid $100,000 for purchase and remodeling, the current skrule bored would impose indebtedness of $3.6 million. All of which goes to show that edjewcation is for whigger ZOGlings and their spawn.

The second reason I have is a grudge. On October 14, 2002 I went before the East Newton Bored of Edjewcation to demand that they fire a skrewl teacher whose malicious and false cumplaints caused my grandchildren to be kidnapped by the Newton County Division of Family Services. Of course they let me bitch for 10 minutes, then as regime criminals are wont to do, gave a whitewash for one of their employees to attempt destroying White families, as such is their job, along with destroying the minds of White children and making them tractable for ZOG propaganda. And of course my proposal to buy inexpensive properties easily convertible to minimal expense for classroom usage, especially for 'special edjewcation' was ignored altogether.

Anyone in this district wishing to vote for me should only vote for me and not use their second choice to [s]elect a ZOGling Lysenkoist.

So this is the extent of my polyticking for these minor orifices.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Resistance Candidate for Municipal Judge & Skrule Bored -- 2003



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