My Four Grandchildren


Newton County Sheriff Ron Doerge Threatens To Arrest Me -- But Doesn't, Part 1


On Tuesday, January 14, 2003, I showed up before the Granby City Council to deliver the following speech. See:
Second Phillippic Demanding Firing of Granby Police Chief Jason Burns

Of course the Granby City Council, like the weak-willed treasonous regime-criminals they were, soon enough screetched as to how they did not wish to hear their doom approximately three minutes into my presentation concerning their past criminal activities. Of course knowing these cowardly thieving bastards better than those spawn-of-satan knew themselves, I had deliberately written an 'ofishul' speech in which the more incindary portions at the very end of the 'ofishul speech' on page four would have not been given a chance to be spoken. I would have course judged as to whether these degenerates might have become so terrorized by the prospect of justice that it might have been unwise to have actually spoken to the end of the speech. After all, I have been assaulted twice, once on August 9, 1994 and once on July 25, 1997 by Granby City Kouncil-Kritters and Granby Piglice for saying much less. These assaults and piglice brutality had led to federal snivel-blights lawsuits, three of them, and had cost plenty of time and money for the municipal corporation of Granby Missouri.

I had gotten to Page 2 and covered how upon a previous complaint to the Granby Police Board concerning another police criminal, that they had suborned perjury from one of their fire-pigs concerning how the police criminality was justified without notifying myself as to their off-schedule meeting. One Donna Fullerton, the stupidest criminal but not the most corrupt one, screetched as to how she refused to hear another word of my indictment. The rest of the Kouncil-Kritters refused to let me speak further. Which is why I had put most of my proposed speech on paper and and was rather going into length about past criminality because I was certain that as cowardly degenerate criminals I wouldn't be allowed to further rub the asshole of their calloused consciences with a rhetorical corncob, much less pour on several liters of vitrolic turpentine. Rather, the skirmishes the rest of the evening was as to whether or not they would fire the regime criminal Jason Burns openly or behind secret meetings. I merely pointed out that for all of their pius words that they had gotten some baal-priest to yap at the start of their meeting about "God giving them wisdom and a capacity for righteousness" that in fact, that very same God they pretend to worship has certain drastic remedies for the removal and chastizement of entire non-performing Peoples and their corrupt Satan-inspired leadership.

Of course, as was predictable, these criminals refused to throw their pet pig to the wolf, i.e., myself. After all, my contention was that these regime criminals have hired murderers, thieves, rapists, robbers, and degenerates precisely for their unsavory traits because they wish criminals and brigands with official credentials to terrorize the general population on their behalf, not for any love or concern for those subject to their treasonous misrule.

Therefore, I wished these criminals to know what YHWH says about their conduct and how YHWH punishes regime criminals and traitors. The law of YHWH says that not only does the regime criminal be executed for his crimes, but his children and grandchildren as well. YHWH destroyed Saul's and Ahab's 'bloody houses' absolutely, along with destroying the families of the misbegotten police and baal-priest and lawyer criminals serving these criminal regimes.

In recent years, every Revolution has ended in destroying not only the regime criminal, but in outlawing the regime-criminal's families so that any and all can have revenge against the spawn of traitors and tyrants, making their treason unprofitable. And, of course, forfeiture of the regime-criminal's estates, usually ascertained by means of torture, both as to get as much of the communities' rightful treasure back as possible, and as a means for revenge in its own right. A degenerate and criminal regime is rightfully destroyed absolutely by those victimized by its degeneracies. The new regime must secure its rule by means of terrorizing the ancient regime, and who more deserving of having their blood shed and public torture than the regime which failed due to its inherent criminality and degeneracy?

I have pointed out, previously, in my 'UnCommon Sense' articles, written for a paper newsletter and reprinted in various anthologies, that the father of Revolution is injustice and the mother of Revolution is an ossified degenerate inability to change that which needs be changed. However, as I understood it then, and as some Resistance philosophers misunderstood it today, like Ed Steele, we were/are wrong in that today is not 1776 all over today, but rather Rome 476, when a mighty Evil Empire collapses, bringing the death and destruction not only to regime criminals, but to the masses of asses who made degeneracy the norm in all regimeist relations. It is not enough for the Revolutionary of today to destroy the regime and regime criminals, but rather the vast majority of the human herd animals must be destroyed as well -- and this destruction of Disneyland For Degenerates must be blamed, not on Revolutionary activity, but as the natural decay process which was inevitable and couldn't be avoided by coherent and purposeful action by anyone, regimeist or Revolutionist. The Revolutionist is the only one standing, but Revolution was inevitable, all the Revolutionist did was to step into the power vacuum, exterminating and eliminating the last of the regimeist parasites and predators.

Which is why every real Revolutionist must -- and does -- support Bushy's Iraq Attack. Not because we think that this imperial war can be won, but because a dying Iraq with its last breath and a resurgent Islam will destroy ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) with biological weaponry which shall crack this mighty Evil Empire open like a rotten watermelon. I allow that I have advocated -- and still do -- using biological weaponry against this criminal regime at a time and a place of the Resistance's choosing, confident that the Resistance Active Service Unit cells shall largely spare by not targeting White rural areas. However, it is idiotic for ZOG and ZOG-lemmings to complain that a hard-pressed foreign sovereign nation attacked without a just causus belli by this Beast Power was forced to absolutely destroy as their last dying act of vengeance this mighty Evil Empire. The nations of the world would cheer about the imperial ZOG bully, along with the satanic jews running ZOG, being biowarred back into the Dark Ages. After all, it is not such a far fall for themselves.

So the good news for the regime criminals of Granby and Newton County is not that most of them shall be destroyed separate from those herd animals they exploited, but rather with most of them in a Great Tribulation. The bad news is that they shall belatedly find that YHWH exists, as such are cast into a lake of fire, upon the harvest of both the wheat and the tares, mentioned by Jesus Christ. There is no consolation prize for the evil and degenerate.

However, like most regime criminals, they made a copy of my speech and gave a copy to Ron Doerge. Just like the Mestizo Bandito Chandler said to myself when it was beating me up while handcuffed around 7:15 p.m. July 25, 1997, "You have 'these people' [Granby shitty kouncil-kritters, piglice board, and piglice themselves] terrorized to where they have cried and cannot sleep soundly at night." Then the crazed scared greaser shoved me over a filing cabinent to where, with my hands handcuffed behind my back, I fell belly up and the greaser pig jumped right on me and flopped around. The Mestizo Bandito-pig screamed and acted so scared that I thought the it was gonna piss all over me that night. After pulling out some more of my hair for some reason the schidzoid mamzer uncuffed me and then tried to beat me up some more, so I simply grabbed it by the hair and banged its head against the metal bunk. Then I told the Mestizo Bandito-pig that if something happened to me, the same would happen to his family of mixed-breeds and the shitty kouncil-kritters and their families. Chandler turned as white as a beaner can try and then only tried to punch me in the nuts once more before taking himself and his whigger-pig Kellor outside the holding tank and shutting the barred door. Then Chandler offered me a plastic cup of water and paper towels to wipe the blood from my face, which I refused to do because I intended to preserve the evidence. I then heard Chandler scream over the telephone, "Twenty years of law-enforcement right down the crapper." Right down the crapper indeed. It was the beginning of the end for Chandler.

Ron Doerge is much, much more sanctimoniously clever than Chandler, although their courage and integrity are much the same. Ron Doerge has been sheriff, actual or de facto, for 15 years in Newton County. Before Ron Doerge liked to pretend to myself and others, that he would arrest police criminals, even though his actions stated otherwise. For approximately 3-4 minutes, ending at 2:48 p.m. Tuesday, January 21, 2003, Ron Doerge made it quite clear to me that his #1 priority is protecting himself and his fellow piglice and regime criminals from Revolutionary justice, although Doerge had no more idea of how to deal with me any more than the Chief of Tzar Nicholaus II's 'pharo' piglice knew how to deal with 'Smilin' Felix Dzerhensky. All Doerge could do was to huff and puff and threaten to blow my House down by means of a false arrest.

On Thursday, around 8:00 p.m., my idiotic and self-serving stepdaughter was arrested across the street by Newton County Deputies for allegedly forging a refill of a prescription of painkillers. I don't know if she is guilty or not and don't much care. My grandchildren were not removed from their home by the Division of Family Services (DFS) or whatever it is called now that its name has been changed the past couple of months by the governor of Missouri to con the lemmings that thangs have changed. Thanks to my persistant clamoring that Jason Burns be put into prison and raped by niggers with GAIDS, along with the Granby shitty kouncil-kritters, for letting him perjure himself and kidnap my grandchildren, it is highly doubtful that any other piglice wants to have himself named as the next regime criminal to be dealt with extreme prejudice. I deliberately have nailed shut that misbehavior under color of Revised Statute of Missouri 210.125.

According to law, my stepdaughter is supposed to be arraigned within 24 hours. Instead, as expected, thanks to the Nigger Day HoleyDaze, my stepdaughter wasn't arraigned until Tuesday at 1:15 before Jewdge Stremel's kort. I had written my stepdaughter up a Motion for Release on Own Recognizance and a motion regarding custody of our grandchildren in case my second son-in-law, James Baldwin, in trouble for allegedly kicking his stepson from my stepdaughter's first marriage, was deemed unfit. The custody of all four grandchildren to be granted to my common-law wife, my stepdaughter Amalie Baldwin's mother, Roxie Fausnaught. I was not allowed to visit my stepdaughter, but her husband was, and he delivered to her the motions, telling her to sign them and send them to the kort.

Instead, my stepdaughter had to show the motions to the females in her pod (cellblock) and they admired it and wanted me to write them up one to get out on reduced bail or signature (OR - own recognizance) bond. My stupid stepdaughter instead said that she had signed them and mailed them back to myself. And of course Ron Doerge and his piglice interfered with the mail, not allowing a letter mailed Friday to be delivered Saturday from myself telling Amalie the procedure.

Since no signed motions were in the mail, I immediately printed off another four copies of each and went to Stremel's kort. The Deputy Sheriff's piglice claimed that it was "against policy" for these motions to be handled to Amalie so she could sign them. So I did an end run by going to the Clerk of Stremel's kort and asking for the motions to be signed by Defendant during arraignment. Since the kort, by arrangement is always supposed to be open, the clerk agreed. And then, in earshot of Amalie, I explained to the Deputy Sheriff's piglice that Amalie could bring those motions to the attention of jewdge Stremel, sign them, and have them ruled upon.

Amalie was the last one called. Stremel knows me quite well. I ran a non-lawyer for judge against Stremel back in 1998. I have written quite a few briefs detailing what a f*cking idiot, entirely ignorant of their own made-up 'law' Stremel was -- and still is. All the Newton County kort judges, as well as piglice, know me on sight. Stremel saw all those motions in sight.

Stremel went by his procedure, innocent of the ways of by the book. Amalie was informed that she was charged with a Class-D felony involving a controlled substance (painkillers) and thus would need a licensed (looking at me) lawyer. Could she afford one? Amalie said "No." Then Stremel said that she would need to fill out a pubic pretender's form. Amalie said that she had already filled out one in the jail. Then Stremel said that until the pubic pretender had worked on her case, nothing more could be done until a pre-trial conference February 4, 2003.

Amalie stood stunned. I was already planning to have Amalie file a Notice of Appeal and have the Missouri Kort of Appeals rub Stremel's snout in the fact that Amalie had filed two motions, one for release on reduced or no bond, as a pro se defendant which should have been ruled upon, as no pubic pretender had drafted them. Stremel must have figured out that as well because Stremel immediately picked up the bond motion and read it for several minutes. Nobody moved for several minutes. Then Stremel announced that he was reducing bond to $100, without any provision concerning as to whether Amalie was to be in my or her mother's custody.

Amalie's husband's aunt and mother and a young woman I had talked to on Jan. 14th trying to get her to file an anti-white hate crime against Doerge's deputy sow he had hired named Schlessman, who had filed the complaint against Amalie (Schlessman made a White couple get up and leave seated behind prisoners, but allowed Mexcriment wetback beaners to stay seated), all smiled. I announced that I would be around in 45 minutes to post bond for Amalie, for the jailers to get her ready to leave. The aunt wanted to have her mother, James' grandmother, to post bond up to $200. I said that $100 was enough, and that it was our responsibility to bail her out, not James' grandmother. I had gotten this done, these people hadn't.

After hanging around the Neosho/Newton County Public Library for a while, I moved to the Sheriff's office. I didn't have $100, but Roxie did. However, since Amalie wouldn't pay her back, Roxie wanted me to 'ofishully' bail Amalie out, since I am not overtolerant (or any tolerant) of Amalie's slothful and selfish idiotic ways. Amalie would pay me back or else I wouldn't let my car be used for Amalie's business, and Amalie would have to get off her 350-pound fat ass sans painkillers for her ankles and walk until I was paid back in full. I don't have a nice side insofar as Amalie is concerned because of her disobedience, insubordination, stupidity and slothfulness. I was helping Amalie out because my grandchildren wanted their mother home across the street where I live. If Stremel had left her in jail until Feb. 4th, then that would be tough, although that wouldn't keep me from trying to rip Stremel a new asshole in any case.

I went in to bail out Amalie. The woman at the desk said that she was busy. I sat down and waited while Newton County Deputy piglice, some of whom I've sued before and all of whom hate me and are hated by me watched myself.

And then Ron Doerge opened the door and said that he wanted to speak to myself.

Later, my three-to-four minute conversation with Ron Doerge, Sheriff of Newton County, and Second-smartest Politician in Newton County, in which Ronblow tries to take my words out of context, threatens to have me arrested on trumped up charges, and has an overall cow over my Revolutionary intransigence -- all in front of at least four other pigs -- but not the pub[l]ic.

Assigned reading: Ron Doerge and his piglice murder an unlicensed meth cooker.

Ron Doerge lets the Greaser Banditurd of the Granby Piglice State beat me up and get away with it in July 1997.

Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge
Wannabe Libertarian Candidate for Newton County Sheriff -- 1996